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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

It Could be a Foursome

group cmt 2018-11-29

We get to my apartment, and I ask if he would like to come in for coffee, he says, “That would be great, thank you.” Once inside, I make coffee and take it into the living room where Mark is waiting. I grab his head pushing his mouth against my breast, I spread my legs as his hand slide up my thigh. I am so turned on, my hips start moving as I grab his hand and try to shove him in deeper.  I can tell he is just about ready to fill my mouth when he grabs my head and starts moving faster shoving his throbbing cock down my throat.

Wife looses a bet

group woreout 2018-11-29

I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? I said first of all it was two guys by the pool and yes I want you to give your pussy away again. I said I wanted one last kiss before your mouth starts tasting lick cock. Well the guys all started arriving and each one gave my wife a kiss on the cheek and commented on her outfit. Without going into a stroke by stroke description of the evening I just say every guy there sank his cock into my wife's pussy before they left.

Something More

group IncandescentAngel 2018-11-29

At least three times a week, Josh slipped his cock into my tight little pussy. Licking and sucking my dark nipples, he squeezed them tight as I reached down to guide his aching cock into my soaking wet little cunt. Ethan’s lips found my neck as Josh finally began to press his cock into my ass. Josh shoved his cock into my ass, then pulled out for Ethan to fuck my cunt. Josh’s hand stroked slowly over his half-hard cock as he explained, “you have to clean up the mess, little slut.” Instead of licking their cocks like they expected, I laid back on the bed and spread my legs, giving them a great view of their cum dripping out of my gaping holes.

Scream for Joy: Part IV

group scarlet 2018-11-29

My orgasm slowly starts to dissipate and my legs slowly unclamp from around Chris head while Lauren moves up to kiss me, making me taste my syrupy cum on her smooth wet lips. Chris gets harder inside me as he watches Laurens enjoying Craig's tongue, her chest moving violently as her head is thrown back, her nails trying to dig into the marble before her moans echo around us. “Omg I’m repeating yesterday” I stand there, mouth wide open looking at Chris and Craig before pressing my naked body against Craig “No need to waste time then” I think.

Massage Therapy

group NicandNicey 2018-11-29

With nothing but politeness, your masseuse asks, "Would you would like your breasts massaged or would you would prefer not to be touched there?" My masseuse, in turn, asks softly, "Would you like your penis included in the massage?" As she continues to stroke my cock, your masseuse asks, "Would you like a genital massage as well?" As he massages you, you continue to watch me being stroked luxuriously by the woman tending to me. I think I notice a trace of reluctance when her hands stop oiling her breasts. She returns to my side, bends over, and begins to massage me with her well oiled breasts. Your eyes are feeding your pussy with as much arousal as his hands.

Road Trip with Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-11-29

She was so turned on by sucking the biggest cock of her life, getting her feet massaged, feeling a hard on rubbing her chest and having her pussy rubbed, and then cumming, that her jeans were literally soaked. While Larry and Mike were leaning over the seat, slack-jawed, watching Kelly suck me off while Patrick was fucking the hell out of her, Scott had been sitting back and working his own business. She laid on her back, put one foot on the floor and the other on his shoulder, looked up at Mike and said: “Fuck me with that thing, I want to feel it in me.” Mike got his shorts off again, started stroking his cock and moved around into position.

OHGirl and Velvet: Gangbang Girls

group ohgirl1 2018-11-29

Cum splashed across my face and two large streams hit my open mouth as another of the 28 men, who were performing in my newest Japanese Gangbang and Bukakke film, covered me with their jizz. I kept my legs spread as more men slid between them to stuff my wet cunt and I came again as I felt a blast of jizz hit the side of my face while a well hung, uncut Japanese actor slammed my asshole with his prick. Japan bukakke film producers came up with millions of ways to let large groups of men fuck you and cover you with cum. During my month and a half long working tour, I had kept track of my numbers and during the 23 gangbang films, two cam shows and my various e****t jobs, I had fucked 1,142 different men.

Truth or Dare

group 0ralL0v3r12345 2018-11-29

They were all in stages of undress; Cassy was only wearing a sexy little thong, Dylan was completely naked, Sterling had only some boxers on, Rachel had her bra and panties left. "All right, Dylan,"Sandy said, sending the tall, muscular man a sultry smile, "truth or dare?" They were about to start the game again, when Cassy attacked Dylan, she bobbed her head on his dick, sucking with everything she had, and he fell back on the floor with a loud curse.  Rachel bent her head and sucked on Sandy's tits, causing Sandy to thrash on Sterling's dick.  Dylan furiously licked at Rachel's clit, spurred on by Cassy's mouth working on his dick while she played with herself. Then Sandy started bucking wildly on Sterling and he came.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 29 -- Unmasked

group LastWife 2018-11-29

But it is Marta's failed suicide attempt, occurring in late adolescence, when a normal teenager, as Marta probably had been, would be very near the cusp of reasonably full emotional development, that took the sudden and overwhelming emotional abuse that she had suffered, left her with her first rate intellect intact, burned out any belief in an afterlife, and triggered a conviction to spend the rest of her life adhering to a mysterious evolving code of honor of her own design, while combating something, some aspect, source, or cause of the abuse that made her capable of extreme violence against herself or others as readily as she would eat a sandwich.

One Thing Leads to Another: The Head Shop

group Magical_felix 2018-11-29

Christine took a quick glance out through the beaded curtain and saw that Mike was showing Maria a bong. "Talk about bongs 'n' shit, obviously, and tell him about the free grinder," Mike said as he pushed Maria out the door. You don't think you can take us both on at the same time?" Justin said as he guided his dick back into Christine's mouth. "Goddamn girl hold up, you're gonna make me cum," Justin said as he pulled Christine off his dick. Mike slipped right into Christine's cunt and they both fucked her for several minutes before they all started feeling the urge to cum. You ready to earn that bong yet?" Mike said as he gently moved his dick up Christine's tiny snug hole.

Happy birthday, Trent!

group Cinner 2018-11-29

"Promise me that you're going to behave yourself Trent" Elinor warned the next evening as she straddled her husband's legs, pinning him to the bed, and giving him a lazy hand job. In a room full of beautiful, scantily clad women many of the men ogled Elinor openly and Trent felt a great pride when, ever the gracious hostess, she ignored their stares as she worked the room along with her army of waiters. Trent wanted desperately to meet Elinor's eye, to reassure her, and to receive her assurances, that the events of the evening wouldn't change things for them. She has said that you are poly-amorous and in need of a little spice in your life," she said turning slightly toward Elinor; "and as you know, I am Jelly Rolle."


Spring Break

group Tomjones88 2018-11-29

Picture this in slow-motion: this naked chick, tits flopping against her chest, head cocked backwards with her mouth and eyes open with the expression you have when you’re not sure what will happen when you slide down this free-fall on a roller-coaster but you know it’s fun (I know she looked like this because my head was propped against her shoulder so I could looked at her face from the side while her shoulder bone flexed in to my chin and I considered sucking on her cheek that had a scar that must have made Adrienne insecure in miniature every time she was intimate with a guy, except for times like now when she was reaching the most intense part of said intimacy, and I instead enjoyed the expression I was bringing to her face and branded it in my memory), bouncing up and down on my lap as my cock and fingers slide out of her and I push myself forward on the bed just enough so that I shoot off on to Adrienne’s tits and I hit her face and her head jerks down and a pleasure cry morphs in to a cry of alarm.

Holidays at the Farm Part 4

group frogprince 2018-11-29

Sarah’s mom walked over to Elaine lifted up her chin and planted a deep wet kiss right on her lips. While she was upstairs, Sarah's mom and Elaine started kissing on the couch. Sarah's mom and Elaine kissed each other on the lips, cheeks, eyes, ears and neck. "Oh Elaine, you have beautiful tits," Sarah's mom said with a mouth full of nipple. Sarah's mom forced Elaine onto her back and quickly moved between her legs to her pussy. Sarah's mom moved her mouth onto Elaine’s clit biting and kissing it. Sarah's mom moved her hips sideways, swaying to the tingling touches of Elaine’s lips. "Now lay down I want to suck your cock back to hard then ride you like my mom did in this bed."

Orgy in the bar

group Xanthe 2018-11-29

"Your coming out with us lot tonite, were going to that new bar in town to let our hair down" she said, "and I'm not going to take no for an answer" she boomed as she turned to leave. I was taking a sip of my archers and lemonade when I heard a voice behind me say "you look stunning tonite, can I buy you a drink" I turned and came face to face with the tall dark stranger from the corner. By this time the drink had gone to my head slightly and I was starting to feel a little sexual. I was having the time of my life, being cock fucking in my mouth, a cock up my pussy and my clit was being sucked like hell.


When they came home

group LeaAnn 2018-11-29

I stood Greg up and pulled off my shirt, grabbing his cock stroking him with one hand and cupping his balls with the other the per cum came fast. Greg hit the couch and Scott stood me up, pulled off my shorts, and pushed me over to the couch between Mark and Andy. We all had our turns, after a break to clean up a bit it started all over again with me on top of that thick black cock, Scott pumping my ass Greg and Mark taking turns spraying my throat It was truly the fuck of my life.

Ebony And Ivory Lesbian Athletes

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

Helene Schanke stood naked before Wanda Williams, eyes downcast before the tall black woman who defeated her at tennis, the whitest sport in the world. The black Amazon known as Wanda Williams fucked Helene Schanke for a long time, and delighted in making the white woman squeal. One of the worst defeats of Wanda Williams career was at the hands of Shiri Wilbur, the tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed white Amazon from Serbia. One of the reasons why Shiri worked so hard at being a great tennis player was because she wanted to be the first white female player in professional tennis history to fuck both of the Williams sisters, Shamika and Wanda.


The Sex Rehab Diaries: Kylie's Confession

group Dancing_Doll 2018-11-29

I took a long sip from the bottle of water I was drinking, and splashed a little on my tanned upper chest, soaking my bikini top, and getting a cheer from the guys who were in the hot tub or leaning against the railing, totally transfixed on me. “You like being our little slut, don’t you,” Greg groaned into my ear, keeping up the steady rhythm of fucking my ass. Fuck, I want all of you to wreck my little pussy and take turns fucking my ass.” I said it for all their benefit, as I eyed the room, my eyes glazed and half open, watching the other six guys stroking their cocks with anticipation.

Dream Erotica

group bronte27 2018-11-29

I saw a beautiful dark haired naked woman walk out of the shadowsand climbed on top of the large steel table my chair was on and she stared into my eyes. She pressed her lips to mine and I tried to turn my head away but a naked handsome man stepped out of the shadows and grabbed hold of the back of my head to stop it from turning. Another naked man and woman stepped out of the dark shadows of the room and took chair from the table. The second dark haired woman came to me as well and together they kissed my face, lips, neck, collarbone, breasts, nipples, stomach, and my pussy.


group LeatherGirl 2018-11-29

I’m grabbed by my hair, and my mouth is pushed onto our final guest’s hard cock. The release I feel as he enters me is intense and immediate, I’m cumming on his hard cock, moaning, begging for more. I lower myself onto his waiting cock, revelling in the feeling of him filling me once more, whilst another hard prick is pushed against my waiting ass. I’m dizzy, enjoying the sensation of my husband in my pussy whilst his friend penetrates my tight rear. My ass is burning as our friend rams himself hard inside me, hardly hearing my gasps and screams as pleasure meets pain, yanking on my hair, pulling me so that my back arches and my hard nipples are pushed out in front of me.

If You Never Try, You'll Never Know

group StillUndecided 2018-11-29

We danced with our hosts, drank with our hosts and eventually as the bartenders and waiters began to look tired of our energy and constant movement (they had begun sitting and slouching all over the place) we finally decided, and by we I mean of course Jemma and Martin decided, that it was a good time to retire to their room. Whilst we waited for the elevator to come down, Martin steered me off to one side and stood to my right hand side (observant man, I can’t stand having people to my left) and Jemma took Jake off too, placing her hand, I noticed, upon his crotch and giving a gentle squeeze I assume as he rose a few centimetres taller momentarily.

Her Quiet Day at the Beach

group sammy365 2018-11-29

She begins to suck, the feeling of a stranger's dick in her mouth is driving her wild. With one dick in her mouth she can feel the other mans tougue on the top of her ass and he begins to lick downward. She can feel the come drip down her asshole and pussy and the sensation is wild. She looks up and ask the other to come in her mouth, and starts sucking harder. She can feel him swell in her mouth as he comes. She can’t take it all and looks up at him, the come is just dripping out her mouth, and she can still the warm cum on her ass.

A Photoshoot Goes Very Well

group kornslayer1 2018-11-29

One Saturday night, I had another photo shoot happening, and it was with my two favorite lovely ladies to work with: Rita and Anna. I think you need some for your personal collection," Anna said as Rita took off her bra too. "Here's another photo finish, John, make sure you get my good side," Rita said. Then Anna backed away a little bit, and Rita took my cock into her mouth. Rita was watching Anna suck on my cock as if there was no tomorrow, so she got a little idea. Rita made sure to get Anna's good side, and then about five minutes later, she put the camera down. "Hey, Anna, I think it's time to take John for a ride," Rita said.

Wish of Jeanie

group RejectReality 2018-11-29

When Joe broke away from the tongue-wrangling kiss, Jeanie got her first good look at both of them. After a few hard sucks, Jeanie let her lips slide back to the head, looking up into his eyes. “Oh, that feels so good,” Jeanie said as she watched Joe devouring her pussy. “Oh yeah, suck it,” Joe breathed as he twined the fingers of one hand into her hair, and squeezed her breasts with the other. Jeanie lost control, barely able to lick and kiss the tip of Joe’s cock as her cries of pleasure grew louder, and longer. Jeanie fulfilled her earlier fantasy, taking Todd’s throbbing cock while Joe pounded her pussy. When she finally caught her breath, Jeanie looked up into Joe’s eyes and said, “Do it.

Muslim Bisexuality: Numb

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

The last thing the Muslim world needs is for the Europeans, the Americans, the Hindus, the African Christians, the Jews and the Atheists to unite against us. Glaring at me the way a cat looks at a feisty little mouse that will soon be lunch, she tells me that I've allowed myself to be brainwashed by the West's propaganda, that I'm not a true Muslim. As a bisexual Black British man and a good Muslim, I want to marry a good woman and become a good husband and father. Malik and I shared a secret, beyond being educated Muslim men of African descent living in London. A gay or bisexual Black man who engages in sex with other men while dating women.