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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Happy New Year!

group Mr. Cautious 2018-09-22

Amanda had on a totally black teddy that was a stunning contrast to her snow-white hair while Sherry sported a solid white outfit that made her ebony skin look more delicious. When the women were dressed (or undressed if you prefer) Eleanor told them to leave the room and "go back to the bedrooms in the back of the house like we agreed before". At that the woman on the bed took one black cock out of her mouth, released the other from her pussy and leaned forward so I could see her. With the ice queen asleep at our side, Rick fucked Erika in her ass while I drove my revived cock into her pussy.

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 05

group Turbidus 2018-09-22

Vince's hands and feet slipped and splashed in the blood as he scrambled backward on his ass to get away from the mutilated figure. Chad started to turn but Amy looked at Vince. Vince was not usually a fan of men who shaved but he had to admit Chad looked good with just the small close cropped rectangle above his cock, a lovely uncut cock that was coming back to attention, whether because of Vince's stare or Amy's fingers or both was unknowable, even to Chad. I mean if you moaning 'I want to fuck your tight little ass Amy' counts as talking." She rolled her eyes but Vince doubted Chad could see that.


A Fucking Investment Ch. 14

group Contrasting 2018-09-22

The comments help a lot. I am in town. "Yes?" I managed. "Yes?" I managed. Particularly since I am in town." That made him easy for me to deal with but perhaps I am a special case. We arranged to meet in an hour at The Pale Stallion, a bar and restaurant located in the bottom of The Finest, one of the best hotels in the world. Well, they might since I have a lot but surely they all had money of their own and would be loath to show it. I arrived at the edge of her booth. I slid into the angled booth. I want help to get my son, to help him, to arrange for my son to have sex, and I want it to be special somehow.


Sun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 01

group orie 2018-09-22

Anne Marie told me she was standing by the water when the women came back and they began talking. Sharon told her to behave, but Alice said it's true. "Alice, said Sharon, "I am sure Owen is not interested in your past sex life." Alice asked about me and Anne Marie and we talked about our relationship. They had a million funny kids stories and I told them about my being a naked waiter at a couple CFNM dinner parties, most recently with the one where Trish was my kitchen helper and included Anne Marie, Becky and the other three women who lived in our apartment house. Alice said she can't believe that she and Sharon—especially Sharon—are walking naked on a beach.


Just One of the Girls

group Aussie_Teacher 2018-09-22

His friend quickly agreed and said that if he knew he could get away without his wife knowing, he would gladly fuck her sexy 19-year-old cunt. We dressed and after taking her home I went to my mother-in-laws and tried to act as if nothing had happened, explaining that Jenny had gone shopping and said maybe another time she would accept the offer of a drink. The day after Xmas I was back at work once more and again Jenny came up and told me how sorry she was but once again saying how much she enjoyed it, but also she knew she must never do it again as she still spoke in her sleep and her boyfriend was asking lots of questions.


A Chance Reunion Ch. 02

group LucyCanyon 2018-09-22

Polly lifted Cheryl's skirt to reveal her firm and round ass cheeks, and a glimpse again of her hairless cunt lips now splayed out between the tops of her toned thighs. Exposing that smooth, shaved mound, Polly went back to work, kneeling on the bed between Cheryl's wide spread thighs to lick frantically at her pouting red cunt lips. After a few quiet moments Polly slipped forward and my slowly subsiding cock slid out of her very full cunt, our combined juices starting to leak slowly from her red and well used lips. Sliding the latex knickers down and off her delicate feet, Cheryl stood in her suspender belt, and Polly's fishnet stockings, her own knickers acting as a gag, her firm cheeks red from the spanking her sister had just given her.


Pigtails and Pumpkins

group English Lady 2018-09-22

It's getting worse, Sean's cock is now just in front of Jen's face, he's rubbing his hand up and down it, she's arching her head forward to taste him, her tongue licking out in desperation and Kev's watching and moaning, enjoying the sight, feel and sound of it all. Mmm we're going to play with that butt plug I got you first baby." my husband's voice is ragged and I open my eyes to see him stroking his hardened cock once more. I watch as he strokes himself frenziedly, knowing that he isn't far from orgasm himself, I moan louder, then feel his warm, wet semen slipping down over my fingers and into my wet slit causing my orgasm to linger further, and my eyes to fasten closed once more.

What a MILF!

group ottohauser1977 2018-09-22

"Mother that I'd like to fuck, right?" Stacey clarified, still not grinning. To reinforce her comments, she walked up closer to him, leaned into his left ear and whispered in German, "I would love to suck your freshly used cock, someday, right after you've fucked Katie up the ass." The fact that Stacey spoke fluent German and used it to make such a proposition to Otto ensured that she had sold herself to him. He had long wanted to simply buy the right to fuck a girl whenever he pleased, and this woman had given him the chance at last. As for Otto, he came home to find Katie in flagrante delicto with her brother, Desmond Gallagher. Katie finally came a half hour later, followed by Desmond, and then Otto.

Best Man

group williamcatberg 2018-09-22

Amanda reached down and grabbed Brandon's shaft as it was still pounding at her like a piston in an engine, she lubed up her hand with her flowing pussy juice, and then let him go again unimpeded. The sounds of Brandon grunting like a beast as he wildly fucked Amanda from behind, the muffled moaning and slurping of my cock being expertly pleasured, and my own uncontrolled lustful vocalizations were almost too much. She lowered her tits to the bed with her ass raised high in the air like a cat that needed attention.I pushed my cock back inside, but went slowly, not knowing really what to expect. Brandon got dressed, then left to go get married to Michelle with my wife's dried pussy juice all over his cock and in the crack of his ass.

The Neighbor

group Joe Peters 2018-09-22

Lisa wet a couple of fingers and slid them into Dee's pussy and started pumping in and out to a mythical beat that was driving Dee insane again, as she was now screaming at Lisa asking her to push in a couple more and pick up the pace so she could cum. I pushed forward as Lisa told me to shove it in hard and slam up against Dee's ass; she wanted to hear balls slapping on ass flesh; all the while fingering her pussy at a moderate pace. I told Lisa she was a slut and needed to put four fingers in her cunt for not letting me eat Dee's pussy, at which she smiled and jammed them in one at a time while looking down at my cocking working in and out of Dee's cunt.



group Azraela 2018-09-22

I want some of that gorgeous pussy!" Maia somehow smiled around Leroy's dick. Right as Leroy opened his mouth to say something, Maia leaned forward and started sucking his cock again. Working Leroy's cock in and out of her mouth, Sean's in and out of her pussy, and now Will was about to fuck her in the ass. Maia was nearly limp now, sweaty and breathing hard, but as Sean pumped harder, she could feel yet another orgasm building inside of her. With Sean's hot breath on her neck, Will fondling her breasts from behind, not to mention all three cocks ramming into her at once, Maia found herself screaming in ecstacy.

Sexual Nuclear War Ch. 04

group ElizabethLoring 2018-09-22

I was in rare form that day, needing not one, not two, but three different men to satisfy desires left smoldering for several hours. "Sounds like you need a strong staff member who knows how to delve deeply into legal matters. I'd like for you to meet with a judge I know...and let him delve into your legal issue too." the request turned me cold. That was the case that afternoon in an out of the way hotel room, my emotions churning from the night before, tempted beyond expectation without ever having been touched, the source of my enticement coming from my mouth massaging my husband's cock. Two hours later I walked on air as I left the law office after kissing three men good-bye; feeling a bit sore but completely sated.


group Lucien_Al 2018-09-22

“I didn’t have much chance with so many people around, but he did ask if he could have my panties in exchange for a pair of Paula’s, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, I could still feel you cum oozing around between my lips and I told him this, but this seemed to excite him more and he said that would make it even better. We all stood up and Tiffany and Gary led the way, Paula was walking in front of me and stopped to allow me to catch up, her hands took my rock hard cock and started to rub it gently.


Watch and Yearn

group Big Gunz 2018-09-22

Her hand left her breast and joined its partner in between her legs, rhythmically massaging her clit as she marvelled at how utterly turned on she was by watching Roger fuck another woman. Roger marvelled at the double satisfaction of seeing his wife get off watching him fuck another woman combined with his new lover enjoying her own release thanks to his hard working dick. There was no doubt that watching the young woman on the bed reach her own release at the hands (and cock) of her husband was definitely to thank for taking her to new levels of sexual gratification.

Pussy and Dick Heaven (real or fantasy)

group august4th 2018-09-22

Her name is Marla,and she's got her soft ass hand up my blouse cupping one of my breasts, she wants to know how I want MY pussy sucked. Things are pretty heated by now and we are sharing in pussy sucking heaven (oh yeah, there is a pussy sucking heaven, I know, I've been there with this women many times) and the sounds this she makes are enough to lay back and masturbate to (been there and done that too)at this point i'm not sure if the music playing is in my head or real.

BBW Wife Gives ME a Birthday Present

group clgerber 2018-09-21

She looked at me and said, “I really need to get my fat cunt fucked hard.” Julie looked like a real fucking whore as she unzipped guy number one’s fly and took out his dick. Julie reluctantly removed the two giant dildos from her pussy and plopped her huge twat over the guy’s big dick. “Do you like having two dicks shoved up your cunt fatso?” guy number five asked. “Man, your wife sure is a fat nasty slut!” guy number three said to me. “Man you got a big pussy,” said guy number two. She looked at me and said “Do you like watching your fat slut wife get her fat pussy fucked?”

Beg for Mercy 2nd Attempt at Record

group ruffredmuff 2018-09-21

I came close but just couldn't hold out for the remaining 3 minutes needed to beat the record. At 12 minutes her body went limp, she had passed out and they carried her from the bed to a sofa where she could rest in peace while a couple of girls tried to revive her. The guy that was pounding my pussy lost his load and pulled out just in time to cover my belly in hot cum. Damn, someone was pulling on the clothespins and sending shivers from my nipples right down to my pussy. Now I was feeling hot cum spurt into my pussy as the guy lost his load before he could pull out. The clock was at 18 minutes, I knew there was no way I could break a record tonight.

A Frat Party With My Daughter Ch. 2

group billyt98366 2018-09-21

With my tongue, on the under side of his cock, I felt the first pulses of seamen moving up his erection as I locked my mouth in place to receive his load of life giving sperm. When they were both in the room Mark introduced me to Joe, whom I had danced with on my first visit, and Bob; while I lay there naked and still aroused from my resent encounter with Mark, with the last of his fresh semen in my mouth. For the first time I now had all three major openings in my body filled with young energetic sperm fill cocks and I knew from the very first movements I was going to enjoy their attention. Seconds later Joe deposited his sperm deep inside my ass as Mark came in my mouth.

Alan, Julie, and me. MMF, bi

group svtcab 2018-09-21

They came out of the bathroom and Alan told Julie to get on her back on the bed and told me to grab a dildo. I turned her back over onto her back, grabbed a different dildo, and went to work on her with my mouth, while Alan had her start sucking his cock again. I got on my knees and took Alan's cock in my mouth, and used my wet lips, tongue, and hands to work it over. I swallowed what he deposited and turned to Julie and said, “He just came in my mouth.” I moved up to her head and presented my hand covered with cum.

Menage at Aunt Aud's

group BRB 2018-09-21

My aunt not being one to waist a good hard-on, as I found out the week before, leaned over and licked the pre come off me as she looked Diane right in the eye. I didn t hesitate I climbed between her legs and slid into her pussy ,she was so wet the sheet was soaked beneath her.Di was startled by the voice,she saw me move and followed suit but she placed her pussy on Aud s mouth we were looking at each other again she leaned to me and we kissed as we humped Audrey s body.Diane had one hand on my neck the other reached to where my cock was ramming into Auds pussy.


How to Stop Smoking Ch. 08

group Jim McKay 2018-09-21

We passed the afternoon watching a little football and making side bets until it came time for John to go get Joy. He borrowed the car again saying that he'd be sure to fill the tank before he returned. Well, this went on for awhile and finally the drinks got to Joy. She sat down on the couch and looked like she was ready to pass out. After sucking Joy's pussy as long as she could hold her breath, Ann came back to the surface. As Joy's cunt settled down on my cock, Ann moved over to get in a little foreplay. Both Ann and Joy got in a little extra sucking on my now flaccid cock as they reached it.

Never Expected It

group morpheus316 2018-09-21

As time went on, Lindsay got pregnant and Lyle got a new girlfriend named Bess. Right about the same time, I lay down between the two of them across the bed so I was upside down in relation to them and was lightly stroking both Sammi and Lindsay's thighs. When they got back, Roland handed Sammi a condom which she put on my cock. I lay back and enjoyed as Sammi the sex goddess rode me, her pussy clutching my cock and her tits bouncing with every stroke. Eventually we collapsed on the bed, me on top of her, cock still fucking her pussy hard and deep.

Class Learns New Lessons

group Hollow_Eyes 2018-09-21

The hip tight formal dress skirts or the tight khaki pants she wears, allows her male students to look at her, leaving little to the imagination regarding her body shape and size. "I am having trouble with a question, ma'am." He pointed out the question and Miss Nella leaned in closer to read, not noticing her breasts slightly rubbing against his shoulder as she silently lipped the question. Looking down at while reading, Annabelle noticed she forgot to button her blouse back up before lunch was over and looked up at her class with wide eyes and a mouth going dry fast.


Innocence Lost Ch. 08

group ShaneFull 2018-09-21

"You know we don't have much time!" Harry said as he stood up and starts to undress, "You better get your head between those legs and taste that sweet cunt," he told Rob and went next to Tammy with his already hard cock on hand. Tammy tried her best to lick and suck Harry's cock till she felt Rob's lips against her excited wet cunt. Tammy watches and admired the muscular body of Rob (reminds her of her brother Josh) and its hard cock almost as big as Harry and it looks much bigger when he positioned himself on the chaise with his cock completely exposed and sticking up like a pole.