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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Law School Ch. 01

group chicagosslut 2018-09-21

The blonde in your first ever class of law school catches your eye, even from across the room. "Great," you think, "not only am I lusting over a new girl after seeing her for 30 seconds, I'm cockblocking all these guys who actually have a chance with her." "You have sexy hands." With that as a farewell, she strides quickly off in the opposite direction, tan legs effortlessly carrying her away, blonde hair swinging. I'm soaking wet just from thinking all day about you fucking me just like this. You know I love nothing more than the taste of pussy, although lately I've been going a little crazy longing to finally taste it firsthand.

Swingin in Philly

group Literally_Erotic 2018-09-21

His head was resting back on the couch, eyes closed, enjoying the blowjob of a lifetime when Mark stumbled through the door, seeing his beautiful girl on her knees with a strangers cock in her mouth gave him an instant hard on. "Oh, I know how good she is at sucking cock!" he said, as Jess got back on her knees and licked his shaft from the base to the tip and swallowed the length of his meat until she gagged. She reached one hand to Marks cock and gently stroked him while still sucking on Tom. Mark laughed and said 'I love coming to Philly!" She switched to stroking Toms cock while taking all of Mark into her mouth and went down hard on her man.

A Late Night's Work Ch. 3

group Walt W 2018-09-21

As Stan continued to talk, recounting his view of her with two thick cocks filling her pussy as a third filled her hot mouth Jen began to feel a familiar sensation of a spasm beginning deep inside her. Leaning her head back onto his erect cock, Jen, letting the cock so was sucking slip from her lips, said, "I want much more of what we started the other night." The men now assisted her to her feet and arching her back , Jennifer felt Stan's huge, hard cock against her ass and knew this was going to be fun. Increasing their rhythmic motion, Jen soon was sucking the man's entire cock into her hot mouth as she felt his balls bounce against her chin and Stan's dick totally withdraw and re-entered her gaping, dripping pussy.

The Beach at Cap d'Agde

group freddybgood 2018-09-21

Getting used to the idea that in this context there was nothing strange about the scene, I bought myself some suntan lotion, a bottle of water, and a magazine with information about Cap d’Agde, before heading off to the beach, which was just a couple of hundred metres away. OK, I had just arrived, but even so, maybe I should do like everybody else… Putting my small backpack on the ground, I felt a little shy at first, but soon I could feel the rush of pleasure as I stripped off, putting my Tshirt in my bag and pulling down my shorts to expose my cock to the full view of whoever cared to look.

Raven's Sleepover Surprise

group raven2829 2018-09-21

Jackie found her clit and eased her skirt up around her waiste and parted her swollen cunt lips and flicked her tongue rapidly over her new friend's clit, then sucked it hard between her lips as if she was going down on her husbands engorged cock. Gretchen let out a loud moan and then leaned forward and began to lick and suck on Jackie's juicy cunt and flicked her tongue rapidly over her swollen clit. This was more than Sting could bare and he took his cock out of Gretchen's cunt and ordered the girls to kiss each other as he jacked off onto their faces so both could get equal amounts of his thick sweet cum.

Spring Break Education

group bluebaloo 2018-09-21

George and Billy were in the front seats, I was between Chris and Carter in the rear seat. Shortly after we started Chris began giving me little kisses, hugs and quick gropes. He began kissing me and Chris pulled my panties off. Chris had turned me so that he could start licking my pussy and Carter was kissing me and squeezing my tits. I ground my pussy against Chris's mouth and begged Carter to squeeze my tits. Chris and Carter then found their rhythm; both were thrusting at the same time. My orgasm started right after Carters cock slide into my throat. Then both guys starting cumming, Chris from my pussy contraction and Carter from my throat.

On the Beach Ch. 02

group soroborn 2018-09-21

He slid a finger inside her, then used the wet tip to briefly touch her rear opening while he caressed her breasts and nipples with his other hand. She watched his face as she slowly removed her basque, then began to slide her hands over her body, her expression dreamy as she started to touch herself. We moved over to Jo, and I knelt on the sofa and began to kiss her breasts then to suckle her gently, while Tim moved his head between her parted legs and started to use his tongue on her. When her climax had subsided, Tim moved up onto the sofa to hold her, and I leaned my head on her shoulder, my hand resting on her stomach just above her mound.


that evening

group insecret2007 2018-09-21

I had already shaven my cock and balls, so that they would have something clean and smooth to look at, and it would be ready in case they wanted to touch it, or more. They smiled at each other, then at me and one of them said: “I’ll do it.” She softly carressed the tip of my penis, then the shaft, then my smooth balls, and even started fingering my prostate area a bit. The other girl was just watching and started fingering herself a bit, which made it even more exciting for me. As she was masturbating me, she suddenly said: I don’t like men so much, but I love the taste of sperm, and she put my cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking.


group Madelyn 2018-09-21

The other's hands massaged their way down from her shoulders, his fingertips making small, languid circles on her chest. His eyes were lock on hers as she took him deep within, and he watched the passion flare as the other's hands continued to guide her very willing body up and down. With each beat, he goes lower and lower, the heat and friction of his cock making its way into the cleft below the small of her back, then nestling between her taut buttocks. The other steps forward, placing the head of his cock in the cleft of the first man's anus, then expertly works it inside the opening.

The Venus Club Ch. 01

group nvioxos 2018-09-21

With his cock hard like this, Bob reached 7 inches and was promoted to the "Respectable Size" league in my eyes. Two naked girls were lying on it, their pussies stuffed by two dressed guys with their protruding cocks out of their pants. He was in the girl's pussy fucking her slowly, dipping his fingers in her juices and making her lick them. The man slapped her left cheek and thrust himself inside her very violently a few times making her arch her body again, then he pulled out and said, "She is yours for now. The old man teased the girl's clit with his fingers and she gasped for air, moaning with pleasure, having two men at her service.

Laura and Two African Businessmen

group fantasyboy 2018-09-21

Laura went upstairs and undressed and sat on the bed and pulled up her black seemed stockings and then got her 5 inch high heel shoes and put them on. Alex was very hard now and his hand went down between Laura's legs and was amazed at how wet she felt. Kwame was now fucking Laura's mouth, although he loved the feel of her sucking him he couldn't keep still and was soon pushing his his cock in and out of her mouth and getting nearer and nearer to cumming. Just as Kwame pulled out she felt Manny easing his big cock inside her wet pussy and started pounding away at her.


Ricky's Ultimate Fantasy

group Zachs_dreams 2018-09-21

Jen begins to kiss her way up Ricky's cock so I let him out of my mouth so she can taste him. I worked my way back up to Jen's mouth and pull Ricky's cock out of it so I can kiss her again, but I need Ricky's tongue. I can feel my pussy muscles lock onto Ricky's familiar cock and I can hear Jen moaning as Ricky's tongue is coaxing an orgasm out of her. I don't swallow all of it so I can share it with Jen. She sits up and we lock in another embrace as I slide my tongue covered with Ricky's cum into her mouth.

Jenny Plays Away Pt. 02

group Woody Woodwood 2018-09-21

As I sucked him I slowly moved around so that I was laying the opposite way in the bed to him, and then I swung my leg over his body and lowered my now wet pussy into his face and he went to work on me with his lips and tongue. I could feel him twitching beneath me, and knew it wouldn't be long before he filled me with his cum, so I brought my other hand to my pussy and massaged my clit as I rode his cock and squeezed his balls, and then with one last hard push down on his cock I felt his cock spasm inside me as he began to shoot his load into my pussy, and my pussy tightened around his cock as my second orgasm of the morning ripped through my body.

Double Trouble Ch. 03

group The_Unicorn 2018-09-21

John didn't know what it was because he had his eyes closed as he kissed Angela and he was concentrating on the feeling of her nails scraping the denim over his hardening dick. As Angela slowly began bobbing her head on his cock, John put his hands under Robin's arms and pulled her to him. Angela's mouth on his cock felt like heaven but Robin looked like heaven standing naked beside the couch. John felt Angela lift her head off his dick to watch what was happening, but her fist continued to stroke his hard cock. As she kissed him back, John lifted Angela's tank top and slipped his hands inside, covering her small tits.



group skipthepitch 2018-09-21

The woman was was still working on my breasts, and now her hands went lower, and she slipped two fingers into my hot wet pussy, as with her other hand, she guided the man's raging cock into me from behind. He raised my legs, and spread them enter my hot wet cunt in one swift stroke again...and began the most exciting fuck I've ever had. He pumped..It seemed to go on forever, the rhythm...and finally I could feel his balls tighten as he got ready to shoot his my surprise I discovered that I had my fingers in the woman's cunt and she was moaning uncontrollably as her body shuddered and shook in a second orgasm.

Cuckold in Milwaukee visits his wife's therap

group toothmedic 2018-09-21

I love the fact that his dick is so small, it gives me a chance to fuck someone whenever I want." Judy said I was so filled with cum this morning and I still need to cum." The doctor said, "you know you can always do what you want in here." Judy just smiled and pulled off her skirt and top and sat down cross legged and started rubbing her bald mound. The doctor looked and started laughing and then said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh, but I have never seen an adult penis that small." I couldn't believe it but this just made Judy start to play faster.

The Good Neighbor Ch. 05

group Jenny6969 2018-09-21

After a flurry of short notice preparations, Ron Evans was ready to host his daughter Mary's graduation party at the lake house. Better not to ask, though Ron. They got in the truck and swung around the block to pick up Helen and Jenny. In addition to Ron and Helen, there were Chris and Shelly (Janey's parents), Todd and Cindy (Julie's parents), Sarah Johnson (Brett and Susan's older sister) and her friend Roy. Since they were all friends, and the kids were having their own fun outside, the conversation was less inhibited than it might have otherwise been, especially with the beer and wine flowing freely.


Double Barrel

group Von Hauffen 2018-09-21

They broke up because he caught Cindy coming on to some guy at a party, and she basically made him feel like shit when she said she needed more than just him. I bet you have just been dying to see what it's like to fuck a nasty girl for change, haven't you?" She rolled her eyes when she said dying and squeezed me much harder, making me jump. "I'm going to MAKE my little slut come so hard ....." As I said those words she let her eyes roll back into her head and she arched into me again. I wanted to call her my slut again, tell her to come in my mouth for me, but I couldn't tear myself away from that sweet, tangy little pussy.


Party Card Game

group CeasarBoobage 2018-09-21

We can have a few more drinks, and we can just go home in the morning without having to worry about driving drunk or coming back for our car in the morning." Smiling devilishly, I said in a lower voice "Besides, things could 'interesting' for us, if you know what I mean." When I said we were, he paused for a minute then said "Look, this is kind of weird, but we were wondering of you wanted to play some cards with us. My sticks will only last a few more hands with you card sharks." He paused while everyone got a good laugh, but looked a bit more serious.


Princess treatment part 2

group steveholt 2018-09-21

Janet led Jason and I to the bedroom to continue her princess treatment and told us to bend over the edge of the bed so she could she could eat our asses.She went back and forth to Jasons ass and then my ass sticking her toungue in and out as she jerked our dicks and slapped and squeezed our asses.She pulled us off the bed and started stroking both dicks while she kissed us.Then she told us to lie down on the bed side by side and then she layed down between us she turned on some porn on the television it was a woman being double penetrated by two men who had both their dicks in her pussy.


group stew05 2018-09-21

He's never home until after 9:00." I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, "Well I can't just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours." I sighed and asked, "Okay, where do you live?" Tiffany replied, 蕍C Mudhank Road." Tonya replied, "The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so." I replied, "You must take that walk quite often?" Tonya glared at me and asked, "What difference does it make to you?" I explained, "You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking." She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, "It's nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?" Tiffany replied, "It's not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long." I told them, "Not to mention those awesome tans.

The New Monogamy

group Synthetic Touch 2018-09-21

Definitely turned on by all the sexual energy in the air but repressing it, Angela suggested that we go into the kitchen with the other couple once the man in the corner dropped his pants and began receiving a hand-job. Soon Rob couldn't hold it any longer and with a load grunt he came, pulling out he walked across the room and disposed of the condom and walked to his wife in the corner, when he pulled out Angela rolled over to me kissing me and messaging my genitals told me that it was my turn. The next morning I awoke to see all four of us in a mound of naked flesh; bodies entangled with Laura's hand on my genitals, Angela's head against my chest her arm around my waist and Rob spooned with her from behind.

A Welcome Visit Ch. 02

group twiceashard 2018-09-21

Liz then stopped sucking leaned up and started jacking me off, holding my cock down towards Ally who was still working on me. “Oh shit don’t stop fucking me, oh yeah bang my pussy,” screamed Liz. Ally was even louder “Shove that cock in my slit! I started to pull the dildo out because previous attempts to do both didn’t work because she is very tight, but Liz stopped me “Don’t you dare, fuck my ass now!” “Uh, dear,” Ally said gasping for breath, “I’m a slut, try having a cock in your ass and cunt while you’re giving a blowjob….oh yeah, Jack fuck her harder I’m gonna cum.”

Jenny Ch. 02

group Mikro 2018-09-21

Jenny gasped out loud, she leaned her head back and enjoyed the sensations running through her body, smiling she looked at him, totally out of control now, his hand moved between her legs and as his finger penetrated her she pulled his head up and kissed him passionately. She felt the mask being removed and her head was pulled up by the hair, "Oh god John your doing it I'm coming...." and then she looked in the mirror, "Ohh fuck no....Jake, no you gotta stop get off me, oh no no no no." It was too late her orgasm was spilling over beyond control.