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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fairies, Ghosts, and the G-Spot

group Untameable_Guy 2018-09-21

Jami's voice cuts in over the phone, "Yes I know...the spongy area that will grow hard when I flex, but it does not feel any different." I can here the aggravation in her voice. Fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit, making her all wet." I can hear her breathing getting deep again and I know that she has started touching herself. Your hands rubbing those breasts knowing that I am looking at you from behind my faceless mask." I know that I am not going to cum so soon a second time but start to stroke as well. "As I start to curl my two fingers in your pussy I pull up and rub them back and forth against where I know that g-spot is found.


The Party House Ch. 02

group Lady Lay 2018-09-21

I felt the hot stiff cock withdraw from my mouth, as the unidentified man returned to his place above my head and again grabbed my arms, holding them down against the mattress with one hand as he stroked himself with the other. Matt was between my legs, his eyes fixed on mine, my arms trapped above my head, as he moved two curled fingers inside me, his mouth on my clit, sucking and nibbling. I continued moving up and down on Matt’s throbbing cock, faster now, harder, taking Matt in as deep as my hips would allow, knowing Matt wanted to cum as badly as I did…both of us waiting for his command…

Holiday sex 2

group horneybial 2018-09-21

I could not resist a look in, so in i went, and theres Steve balls deep up Sharon on the bed, both naked, Steve slamming into her good style, balls banging her arse, while Sharons big tits are swinging back and forward to his thrusts. Sharon came first, gasping and moaning, then Steve gave an extra hard thrust and his cum shot out into her pussey and over her arse cheeks. So i lay on my back, Sharon straddled my cock facing away from me, and lowered herself down, i lubed her ass-hole with my saliva and some of Steves cum that was still in her pussey, and on the second try my cock-head popped in, followed by my shaft, till i was balls deep.

The French Trip Ch. 02

group JohnnyMax 2018-09-21

Girls, don't just lie there like a block of wood, tell your guys 'that's nice, a little lower', that sort of thing." Davids mouth moved to Penelopes' breast and suckled the nipple, his mouth opened and all could see his tongue roll her nipple into the top of his mouth. Davids mouth was busy on her breast but his hands continued to stroke Penelopes' sides and front. Penelope opened her legs even further, spreading her lips, and David helped her bring her knees up to her chest. David moved up and kissed Penelope gently on the lips. David moved around and spread Penelopes' butt cheeks wide apart and ran his tongue around her anus.


group sgrspc69er 2018-09-21

Right away hand grasped my bare breasts and kneaded them like Silly Putty, mouths clamped over my nipples and inquisitive fingers explored my open pussy. It was the perfect size for me to lie on and my pussy and mouth would be at the right height to accept the cocks of men standing bedside me. Supporting his huge balls in my hand I began sucking while Stewart continue sliding what felt like a foot of rock hard cock in and out of my soaking pussy venturing into unexplored territory. Quickly I felt the warm sensation of Stewart hosing out my pussy with a fresh load of his sperm, adding to the mess Jackson had left in me.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 01

group danzinman 2018-09-21

Plus she is totally a slut, loves to fuck, eat cum, suck cock, lick ass and balls, and even takes a golden shower now and again.” He pushed his wife’s top down revealing one of her tits. He continued, “She has great nipples that she loves having them sucked on, pinched, licked, and best of all, she likes her tits fucked.” With his other hand, he had raised her skirt up revealing her bare and shaven pussy. She walked over to him, turned around lifting her skirt while squatting over his dick saying, “Rub your dick on my ass honey, make me feel your hardness.” The guy took his cock and began to rub it along her crack, he then worked the head of his cock around her cunt hole.

All My Fault

group Quin 2018-09-21

Martha shook her head and repeated that she did not know what to say letting her eyes now dwell on watching Mickey's hand which now turned to let the tips of his fingers play over her nipple which was protruding erect from the thin material; she did not even attempt to protest or struggle. There was great amusement when Mickey made my wife really embarrassed by making her look at the crotches of all the men telling her how she had made them all 'get hard' and he informed her that one of his henchmen, a monster of a man had a 'dong' to match his size.


Camp Happy Landings Ch. 05

group mrpuk2u 2018-09-21

I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come down and have a shower since I could count on getting some hot water." By this time the water had gotten hot and Lisa was standing in the warm stream as it spilled over her shoulders. At the same time, she was saying to her sister, "Oh, yeah, there are few things better than feeling a good man's hands on your body!" She glanced over her shoulder with a grin at me as she said this. I reached over and grabbed a bar of soap from the soap holder and began to rub the soap over Lisa's back, stroking and caressing her back and ass with my hands. Lisa was pumping her soapy hand up and down on my cock as I was stroking her pussy and ass.



group zimabean 2018-09-21

I started to grow boobs and look more like a lady and the boys grew into men and we all turned into horny teens. Rick all of sudden had his cock out and said "I would give anything to see a live girl naked right now!" We all agreed in unison. "Oh man this is incredible, Lizzy you feel so good, you guys are going to have to try this!" Rick said as he started to pick up speed. Wow, I just jizzed inside Lizzy You two need to try this, Lizzy your cunt is amazing." Rick said as he pulled his limp dick from me, the other two guys started to inspect my pussy looking for Ricks load which started to ooze out of me pretty quick.

Dentist by kitten72

group Acebottom 2018-09-21

I start to lick the big wet head which is oosing precum and assistant the long thick shaft. Your hands gets busy with 4 titts to touch,lick and suck nipples on.Mine are huge G-cup with pink nipples and assistant has C-up and big nipples.We like the feeling of your hands, fingers, mouth and tounge on our boobs. My assistent and I share another deep wet kiss kiss and then we tell you to stop.Your mouth is going to be occupied by another thing to suck and lick. I sit on you a little while and then lay down on the floor on my back raising and separating my legs telling my assistant to clean my pussy from all cum.

Laurie Ch. 3

group wolfpack-leader 2018-09-21

It isn't that hard," replied Daniel, and Laurie could detect a note of exasperation in his voice, which only served to confirm her fears that he was planning on doing something stupid like climbing onto the truck's cab and seeing if he could help the driver before an ambulance or a police car arrived. Daniel watched by himself as the cop looked into the side of the truck, and then turned back to the paramedics and shook his head slowly. As Laurie sucked on one of her nipples, Daniel moved his hand around to the front of Amber, and began to undo her shorts. Laurie quickly moved in between Amber's legs, and began to eat her pussy, returning the favour, and wanting to taste her and Daniel's combined juices.

If I Knew Then... Ch. 10

group MVPrimetime 2018-09-21

That time it had all started because shy Mike (virgin with no confidence around girls) got talking to Tara because met in the queue for the loo, thrown together by mutual calls of nature that ended up with them both in the bathroom semi naked and drunk. And Mike talked a bit with Tara, and a bit with Lizzie, who interrupted, and then with a girl called Diane who wanted to talk about synthesisers, and then with Stevie about music in general and getting the band a gig, and then with other guys about their bands. My memory of this party had me leaving early, partly because I wanted to escape the attentions of Liz. So that time just after Mike had encountered Tara in the loo, I had dragged him away.


The Black Corvette

group dirtydaydreams 2018-09-21

Tina pulled back from Scott and reached down, cradling the large heavy balls that hung beneath his cock in one hand and guiding Amber's face onto his meat with the other. He held her cheeks apart and gazed appreciatively at the tight little shaven clamshell pussy and the little purple-brown pucker of Amber's ass before running his tongue from her clit to her asshole and then back in one fluid motion. Scott stood back, jerking his cock, and watched the two women pleasure each other before kneeling behind Tina and bringing his shaft to Amber's mouth. Scott went back and forth between the two willing holes, making Amber taste his cock, wet with Tina's pussy and his precum.

Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 09

group timewarp69 2018-09-21

Anyway, Cheryl said she'll send her right up to start unpacking and asked if Brandon could help move some of her things real quick. "Look, it's only two nights, then she'll have a place to stay." Cheryl started yelling "Shelley..Shelley!" Just then, Brandon turned around to see what looked to be a vision of total purity. Brandon went to work and Shelley said she was going to check out the gym across the street and maybe check out the neighborhood. Brandon spent the whole day fantasizing about what he would like to do to this girl tonight and sharing every small detail with Cheryl afterwards. He got right behind her and started to finger her wet cunt as he was kissing and licking at her tight back door.

Housewife Liberated Ch. 4

group intriguess 2018-09-21

She smiled she didn't know who to fuck first, her incredible hard husband's cock that was dripping with cum or Keith's clean cut cock that also deserved to be fucked. "It was hard not to," Keith countered he watched trail of cum flowing from her cunt to his cock as she pulled away. She moved over to her husband's lap and slowly fit his cock into her cum filled cunt, facing Keith letting him see her guide her husband's cock inside of her. Then she pulled away, knowing her husband still hadn't cum his cock now covered in mix of herself and Keith. He felt his cock spurting off again as he watched her cum again and again from Keith's fucking.


group dresbach 2018-09-21

When I met and fell in love with Shannon, knowing that she was the person I wanted to marry, I felt it necessary to tell her about my nature and about my past. I was half-way into wondering which of our male friends would let me go down on him in front of Shannon, when my cooler, more logical head finally kicked into gear. Before we get too deep into talking about the who's, how's, and when's, maybe we should find out if you really want to watch uninhibited gay porn, especially with me as the star." Now, I was embarrassed, and said in a mocking fashion, "Shut up!" After she finished laughing at my expense, I continued, "Take your time watching this stuff, and be honest with yourself.


Sexy Man Fantasy Part 5 - Morning Wood

group MrFun79 2018-09-21

His cock thick and almost fully hard again, his head rubbing the inside of the sheets. His lips pressed to mine and I was hard, probably not a drop of cum left but still turned on… He held my cock in his hand, gently stroking me as his eyes grew heavy. He moaned with his eyes closed as I kissed my way down to with juicy manhood. I opened my eyes to see the wife filling herself with my hard cock. That hard donkey dick was just begging to be ridden…” She said as she bounced on me. She moaned and bounced hard on my pole as she pushed herself to another climax.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 27

group bustyalix 2018-09-21

As Coach Blue walked inside he saw Nina cease in her movements and turn to look at him, and as he shut the door and walked around her behind his desk he saw that she was wearing the black skirt she often wore. "God, look amazing!" Coach Blue said, still lost in his lust for the busty brunette. "You can talk to me, Coach Blue." Nina said, leaning over his desk so that her face was staring up at him...her rack obscured from his view by the desk itself. "Yeah, I suppose so." Nina said, thinking back to how she'd been acting to her mom, to Gretchen, to Coach Blue...


The Proposition

group bad_hobbit 2018-09-21

And you're not telling me that the thought of cuddling a sweet young thing like Luisa doesn't turn you on?" I looked at her face. As if that wasn't enough, I had a mental image of doing to Luisa just what I was currently doing to Beth, looking down at the black girl's tight little arsehole winking at me as I plundered the luscious, wet hole immediately beneath it. How do you think it will feel having a girl's pussy lips rubbing over your clit?" I could see Beth getting quite worked up over the idea of new sensations. I want to watch you fuck her face." Beth's mouth is rather small, and as I said, my cock is on the thick side.


Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 02

group westerntiger 2018-09-21

As the set continued, Angel every once in a while would look at him and nod towards Eve. At the end of the 6th song, Eve moved to the edge of the stage right in front of him and lifted the hem of her dress just enough for him to see that she had no underwear on. "I believe you have met each other, but I don't think you have seen this, Eve." Angel said has she unzipped a surprised Dylan's jeans, and pulled out his quickly growing cock. Angel bent down and began to whisper in his ear to "fuck her and fuck her hard." Dylan pulled his hips back until just the head of his cock was still inside Eve's pulsating pussy: he paused a moment and then speared into her cunt full strength.

accept it. cuckold. double

group pussyhealer 2018-09-21

I said yes, and while we were getting dressed T asked what we are going to do that night and if we'd be intrested in playing some cards. I asked A to leave but she said she wants me to satisfy her there because she enjoied last night alot and she wants to know that I can fuck better that R and she is horny. While I was doing my best, she looked at me and told me to do better, she just had both guys fuck her pussy in the same time. She looked at me and asked"how come a guy that took a dildo in his ass from his mistress, liked the cum from this pussy before now backs down?

Training Rebecca Ch. 3

group Tony King 2018-09-21

"Tell you what, if you do cum in your knickers I bet all the blokes will love it, you can take them off and go round the room wiping them on there faces." "Oh Fred, you really are a dirty old man, I love it." She threw her arms round me and kissed me hard, her tongue fencing with my tonsils, "I'll give them the best strip show they've ever seen and afterwards ........." Her hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed, a big sexy smile on her face and lust in her baby blue eyes. Becky stood at the front door in full view of the main road kissing each one goodnight, ensuring they got a last feel of her tits or cunt and sometimes grabbing there limp cock attempting to encourage just one more fuck from it.

Threes Company, Four's A Crowd

group JMlitero 2018-09-21

Kara left Sofia and Jake and strolled over to Ted. She sat down on his lap and took an energy drink out of his messenger bag. "Sorry babe, I'm coming," Kara slipped off of Ted and waltzed over to Sofia where they pulled off their dresses and began kissing again. Ted got comfortable in his seat grinning as Kara unclipped Sofia's bra and kissed down her friend's chest until she was nearly at her breasts. "Shall I show you how he likes it?" Kara took hold of Jake's hand and hinted for Ted to sit down on the bed. With Kara's hand rubbing him, Jake moved his mouth onto Ted's cock.

Just One of The Guys?

group LeaRN57 2018-09-21

She pushed more fingers into my pussy and began to rapidly fuck my cunt hard and furious. I sat up and began to lick my juices off her fingers and hand, then moved to lick all my juices from her mouth and lips, which caused the surrounding men to cheer again. As I said before I'm not gay or bi, and I so much prefer cock to pussy and I had to say to the dancer, "I'm sorry honey, but I have to have a hard cock to suck and fuck" and she replied "no problem, baby, I want some of that too." She then called out "hey, I need some of those cocks too".