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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sally and Jenny foursome

group trindriver121 2018-09-21

Jenny’s hand began stroking my erection, then I felt a mouth on the head of my cock, as Sally crossed the room to the two of us. Her hips were grinding down on my lap, her body was sliding up and down at a quicker pace, then as she let out a loud moan, and gasped that she was cumming, I felt an explosion in my balls, hot cum began pumping from my cock, filling Jenny’s hot tight pussy. Together we all climbed into the large walk in shower, we took turns soaping and washing each other’s bodies in the hot water, when we were all fully rinsed off, Jenny turned off the water, then both her and Sally, kneeled in front of me, an began to lick the length of my cock.

Wagner Park Ch. 04: Panties

group charlessmythe 2018-09-21

He liked me to do it slow, so I started off by kissing and nibbling his belly and working my way down as I slowly inch or two at a time pulled his shorts down. Dwayne loves getting his cock sucked and he always tastes good so I licked his thick shaft up and down and all around, not stopping there and not forgetting the head. Kneeling between his legs I leaned down and started licking the head of his cock, sticking my hot little tongue in his pee-hole. But as I started move my hand up and down, he reached down and placed his hand firmly on the back of my head and like I was a novice said, "No, no...use your mouth.

Christmas at the B&B

group carrie-on 2018-09-21

It is the day before Christmas Eve and I am looking forward to our holiday visit with Taylor and Sonny. "You look beautiful when you blush, but so you won't be embarrassed, " Taylor said as she pulled off her sweater, "I will wear only my undies for dinner too. He shuddered and Taylor said "Carrie, I think he loves having two mouths on his big dick, sucking him off. I felt hands on my tits and opened my eyes to see Jim and Sonny on either side of the table stroking their cocks while pulling my nipples. Taylor's hands were joined by Sonny's and Jim's as they moved to pull my slacks down.


Party Play

group Sxy_shorty03 2018-09-21

Before we had time to think of a dare, Lacy blurted out "You have to stroke your cock for us." Devin made no statements as he turned away not wanted to see it as James took his thick member in his hand and slowly stroked the length of his cock while looking back and forth into Lacy's eyes, then mine. As I began tracing circles around the head of his cock with my tongue, I lowered my ass over Lacy's face and her soft tongue found the slit between my legs. After all his cum had dripped from my pussy, Lacy crawled out from under me and kneed beside me as I rested on my knees, stroking both cocks, James's still rock hard and nearing orgasm and Devin's as it went ever limp.


Teacher's Day Off at the Beach

group Friskee_cpl 2018-09-21

I reached out to my left and took hold of Jono's hard cock and pulled him closer as well. I pulled on Mick and James's cocks as Kurt rested his knob against my sopping pussy. "Cum over me." I said and he quickly pulled his cock out of my pussy and with a few pumps of his hand he shot an immense load of hot cum all over my stomach and up onto my tits. I swallowed what was in my mouth and looked around to see Jono standing holding his cock as Mick took his place. "Let's change positions big boy." I said to him as I held his cock in my hand.


Life Begins At Forty Something

group Thomas Drablézien 2018-09-21

Lips brushed across mine and a woman's voice whispered "Merci chéri, délicieux." Jenny gave my hand a little tug, I stood slightly shakily, and again we felt our way, many hands touching, stoking us as we passed out of that dark, steam filled room. I found my self turned, embracing, kissing Angeline, Anna behind me her arms around my waist, one of her hands on my cock squeezing, stroking, her other massaging my balls, her large breasts pressed against my back. Anna moved to him taking his cock deep in her mouth, sucking him slowly, sensuously, Her bottom was lifted out of the water, her legs slightly spread and her pussy presented.


Peggy Sanford's Favorite Team

group amofiga 2018-09-21

He was very much turned on by her love of having sex with groups of black men and had loved some of the pictures on her page that showed her, legs wide, feet high with some black man's huge cock buried balls deep into her hungry cunt hole. Peggy turned her back to the other guys but made sure to bend over a little and give them a good shot of her ass and her pussy peaking out between her legs before she dropped to her knees in front of Billy. It wasn't long before Jimmy crawled up on his knees and stuck his hard black man took in to her mouth at almost the instant that Floyd came up behind her and stuck his dick into her sopping cunt.


London Swinging

group naughtycple 2018-09-21

While we were all watching, another guy pushed past us all, he entered the room and dropped his trousers and pants and he started wanking his cock until he was very hard. We watched as the husband looked on excitedly while this stranger fucked his wife and at the same time she was sucking the guy on the bed. The guy just pulled out and got dressed, he then pushed past us all watching from the door, the guys wife still continued to give the guy on the bed oral, at no time did she turn around or look to see who had just fucked her.

Beck Part 2

group mrsmalls1234 2018-09-21

Next thing I know mom has her legs spread sitting on couch while a skinny lady in her 50’s with small empty tits and long pointy nipples licking her pussy. I am not sure who was next but they wasted no time at all, his tip slapped my clit before sliding in my cum filled pussy. I was a little surprised but loved I was being fucked by a new dick full of cum. By this time every one was fucking someone else as dad was eating my cum filled pussy. It felt great having a dick in my mouth he got so hard before pumping cum down my throat.

Could That Have Been Her?

group wantsomefun1951 2018-09-21

At breakfast, I suggested to the kids that we take the day off because of the heat, but they all said they wanted to work (probably afraid of losing brownie-points), so off we went. Liz was standing close enough to me that I knew my cock was going to come up to touch her tight little belly in a few seconds. I had made the decision earlier in the day that I wanted to fuck Liz at some point, but I had thought I would wait until we were back home to try to make it happen. "I was lying on my mattress, touching myself, remembering playing with your cock earlier today, and I just had to have you," Liz said, and then she took my cock deep into her mouth again.


Pushover Ch. 06

group svenjolly 2018-09-21

Her eagerness relaxed those concerns a great deal, and Rick had to admit laying back on the padded floor, Daisy and Marie have a cock sucking contest on top of him, was one of the nicer experiences of his life. "Mm, I can't wait for this cock to plow my tight little asshole," Marie said into the camera as Daisy rubbed him against her butt. "Oh fuck, look at that," Daisy said, cupping Marie's pussy in her hand, rubbing her clit as her hips began to pump up and down. I feel like we were just part of something out of Ocean's 11," Sally said as she handed out envelopes to Marie, Daisy, and Rick.


Cheer Leading

group FelicityWaters73 2018-09-21

I was dumped onto the bed, and Lori sat on my legs, tickling me, while Kim and Nancy began tying my hands to the headboard. Kim looked right at me and her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin. Kim leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nancy sucked my clit, humming as she did. Kim let me, then began to fuck my mouth with her long tongue. Kim soaked my face, then Lori climbed on while Nancy began licking me. Nancy was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Lori's dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face.

Beach Blanket Party

group CheriSM 2018-09-21

She went to work quickly flicking her tongue across my clit as she placed several fingers inside my wet pussy. Rachel began to buck and moan and I knew she was about to come so I slid my tongue down and dove it deep into her pussy while she drenched my face. With one hand he continued to stroke Rachel and with the other he grabbed one of my tits and started to pinch my nipple. Rachel said that she wanted a taste of cock too, so we took turns sucking him. Rachel and I were facing each other and we took the opportunity to finger each others tits while we had the benefit of having our pussies worked at the same time.

My Amazing Asian Sexperience

group Jack_Love 2018-09-21

Shocked, but without hesitation, I undid my pants and slowly fed my hard ten-inch cock through the wall and into Strawberry's office and the group of giggling girls. Whichever girl it was began fucking me with her pussy from behind, working her ass back and forth along my dick up against the wall. The speed of her fucking increased, until I finally felt her cum on my dick through the wall, her pussy spasming and gushing all over my dick, the slut moaning in orgasm on the other side, the other girls giggling and shrieking quietly. I pulled out of her shit-hole and slid my cock back up her cunt and began fucking her hard, fast and deep.

My wife and the babysitters

group grinch 2018-09-21

Sam pressed her mouth against Molly's chest, going from Molly gently pushed Sam down onto the bed and spread was Sam's day to babysit and Molly found her in the Molly said off camera Carin fucked Sam with a strap-on Carin went into the den, expecting Molly and was Carin eating Molly's succulent pussy. had fucked the young Molly and here was Carin cleaning "Molly and I already checked," Carin said seeming to "It's all right, Sam. Steve found Molly watching our With that, Molly moved to Sam and began to resume clothes-Molly began to suck on Sam's small breasts. got to Sam's slit before Carin did and began to nuzzle During one of the breaks Carin surprised Molly and Sam-

Memories and Possibilities Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-09-21

Matt and I became interviewers of our old friend, feeding Jonathan details and facts about our past together as well as asking a thousand questions. I lay in bed next to Matt thinking about the chaos of the past couple of hours that Jonathan had been with us, the torment he had gone through to find himself, and the physical pain to crash and go through recovery only to have much of it redone a couple of years later to make it all right. Jonathan again approached me missionary style, and drove into me, although this time he kneeled above me so that we could all watch his cock slowly going into my pussy – and Matt and I most certainly watched.


Games Ch. 2

group Quiet_Cool 2018-09-21

"Stop," she said, pulling Holly's head away from her with a sudden force that caused the girl to let out a whimper, more of surprise than anything I was sure. Jill reached over to her and took her by one strap of her bra and led her over to me, not letting go until the girl was sitting back on her heels again in front of me, my cock only about a foot from her face. I looked down at the girl, who held her lips around my cock for a few seconds after I'd finished, then, pulling her lips away, forced the semen out of her mouth with her tongue, letting it run down her chin and drip onto her chest and bra.


The Entertainer Ch. 02

group dr_luvs_shaving 2018-09-21

As a moan was heard, she leaned forward and with one hand spread the glistening cunt lips apart. As Joyce pushed harder Nancy spread her legs farther and started rubbing her clit with a finger. Crawling out from under the table, she stood up with a mixture of cunt juice and semen on her face and tits, looking at the guests she smiled and said "Finished!". Looking at the guest sitting around her, Joyce smiled and began to descend until she felt the tip of what looked to be an eight inch cock, touch her. Nancy's finger then started to press against Joyce's anus and as the pressure increased it slowly slipped in.


Liz is Willing: New Friends

group lizshusband 2018-09-21

Liz had used her amazing pussy muscles to milk the cum from my cock as I told her the details of how I fucked Kara's beautiful body and came in her hot, little cunt. Liz's spread her pussy wide open when she told me that "in the limo, Steven was telling her she was a whore and that his friends were going to love fucking her very talented cunt." Liz said that she "danced and modeled on the table completely nude, fingering her pussy as she looked at each guy then at the TV with the sex video of a women in a gangbang." She said that "Steven told his friends that LIz loved fucking and was a nymphomaniac with an amazing pussy."

The Telephone guys

group maturemancock 2018-09-21

Dave grabbed hold of her and getting her up onto all fours he plunged into her from behind, shagging her at speed and making her moan all the more, then Alex came round to where Dave was and pointed at Donna, He pulled out, laid on the bed and had her ride him on top, she was bucking as he was sucking her massive 44DD tits that were swinging in his face. As she ejeculated her juices over Alex's cock he quickly pulled out of donna's pussy, she grabbed hold of him and wanked him off over her tits, when his cock was empty she kissed it, then kissed Dave's then they got dressed and were on their way.

Beached Blond Cock Tease

group 2018-09-21

This beach does have families there and k**s so during the day I'm very subtle, and PG-13, but as the suns starts so fall down to the water line on the horizon, and the families pack up, I find myself way too worked up to keep it at that rating. I stand facing the picnic area where the men lingering around are drinking, arch my head back so my tits are pressed out so far the fabric looks as if it's about to tear, then turn around, place my hands up over my head against the wall, head stretched back so water falls on my face, and stick my ass out so far that the string seems to dissapear in my ass.

Laura & Hardy meet Abby & Costello

group RonCabo 2018-09-21

One reason the Hardys were always so uneasy about going to parties, particularly with a new group of people, was because Laura was actually a couple of inches taller than Norman. After the coworkers greeted one another, Laura said, "Abby, this is my husband, Norman, you've heard me talk so much about." But Laurel—" he pointed to Laura as he said this "—was tall, and Hardy was short." He gestured to Norman, then Abby. Speechless, Laura and Hardy and Abby and Costello stood there sipping their drinks, when Frank started chuckling. Thinking their hosts were just in front of them, Laura and Norman were surprised that Abby and Frank were already home when they arrived.


Coupling Coworkers Ch. 03

group thick7in1972 2018-09-21

This time my wife picked first and got Tom. To add to the sexual tension already in the room, my wife went over to him on the couch and jumped on his lap and pressed her cute little tits right into his face. Rachel drew second and originally picked Aaron, but since it was her husband, she picked again and got Kevin and she too followed the lead of my wife and jumped on his lap with her tits right at eye level. The girls were excited because it meant the guys were going to lose their shirts, and Christy quickly got mine off.


A Fantasy Comes Alive in Vermont Ch. 02

group jimnrider 2018-09-20

Sandy licked up and down the underside of his cock for a couple of minutes, playing with his head with her hand, while still jerking off Sean with her other hand. Then she quickly turned toward Sean, squeezed her lips tightly against the head of his cock, and slowly and tightly took him in her mouth. Sean sat on the edge of the coffee table, and watched Sandy slowly lower herself toward Bill's cock. I was a little farther away now but I could see Sean's cock moving in and out of Sandy's now wet and dripping pussy and Bill's cock in her mouth. "So," Sandy said as she reached for Sean's and Bill's cocks again, "Are you ready to cum?"