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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Meeting the Neighbors

group xanthiafem 2018-09-20

Several months passed from the time I first saw the magazine and the dildo in Arta and Edi's car. The last working day before Christmas I was returning home from the university when I saw Arta and Edi getting in their car and driving off. I told her the whole story from the first time I saw Arta and Edi's car. Edi was hard before I took his cock in my mouth, and not even a minute later he pulled out and said that he couldn't wait any more and wanted to fuck me. I considered making an excuse to leave right away, but I couldn't back out of this now that Arta and Edi had made my fantasies come true, and promised more.


Shower Time

group jenyes 2018-09-20

Thoughts of a long hot shower followed by a glass of wine take over as you head upstairs. Hanging your towel, you face the glass doors of the shower and freeze. Inside the shower, the woman on her knees runs her hands up and down his legs and butt. Paying no attention to the water splashing her face, she plants kisses on his ass cheeks along with the occasional small bite. His cock wet, wet with her friend more than with the water flowing about them, seeks the warmth and softness of her mouth. With her eyes still upon you, her head twists and she lewdly licks at the butt cheek adjacent to her face. His hand stroking his cock gets your attention.


An Unexpected Visitor

group OneLostSole 2018-09-20

You watch from the cracked kitchen door as I push down the top of her dress and begin caressing her tit, lowering my head to suck on her pebble-hard nipple. Your hands replace hers as she slides down my body and begins licking my pussy, sucking the juices through the thin fabric. As she starts using her mouth and fingers on me again, you hold my foot in front of your face and say, "Whenever you are ready." I let my defenses down and revel the sensation of her tongue darting over my clit, her fingers stroking my pussy while you lick my sole....

Summer Course in Sex Ed Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-09-20

Stella's tongue made long sweeps all the way from Sam's ass, over the flesh and back to the soft wet mushy opening of her pussy to the tingling throbbing clit. Sam held her finger still and felt the inner muscles of Stella's pussy caress it before she returned to lightly tonguing Stella's clitoral area. Sam's body writhed against Stella's but Stella managed to keep her mouth against her lover's pussy and she sucked and tongued her clit until Sam had at least two screaming climaxes. Stella knew her clit was very sensitive after a climax so she slid her tongue back to her lover's pussy and sucked and lapped at her opening again and again.


He Said She Said Ch. 02

group Erlikkhan 2018-09-20

Kim teased the head of my cock with her pussy by rubbing it back and forth and slipping it just inside her opening. I stood and watched Kim rub her pussy fast and furiously with cum dripping down her face. But he went too far when he fucked her tramp daughter Kim. I knew she was a slut because I had seen a slew of boys from school come by when Tammi wasn't around, and the sounds coming from the apartment easily penetrated the walls. I watched the whole scene between John and Kim. My pussy was dripping from watching, but I was not about to give him the pleasure of fucking me after what he did so I decided to get my revenge in another way.


Kara’s Evening In

group YellowTowel 2018-09-20

Lying on the table for a few moments, small waves of pleasure causing her body to shake, Kara though whether her guests would find her more arousing as a result of her orgasm? While stroking off two different men Kara felt the guest on the table position himself behind her and slowly push his hard erection into her wet pussy. Soon the pleasure became too much for the man sharing the table with her and with a loud groan he pulled his dick out of her pussy and ejaculated all over Kara sweet ass. The cum covering her body and the sensation of the cock plunging into her pussy caused pleasure to overwhelm her.

How to Rebound

group MerryPrankster 2018-09-20

A relief to the tension we had all felt back in school, when entangled in various relationships, good friends with all our various significant others, we had been unable to act on the flirtations, only to build them up in stolen moments, illicit contact, of hands and hips, or even better, the times when brazenly we touched with our legitimate partners watching, playing it off as something innocent, thinking we were so clever but fooling no one. Nikki left my cock for the first time in minutes, looking up, her mouth all twisted up, playing the pouty little girl. I pulled Nikki up, hard and close, kissing her deep, exploring that hot little mouth, languishing on her full lips, the lips that had been fastened to my cock just moments ago.


Angel's Work Ch. 05

group slutbunny 2018-09-20

Angel you are a dirty girl, but I like it.” Beth began kissing me were the hair used to be, it felt so smooth and soft and her lips were hot and moist. Now you know me, I love getting both holes filled and the tongues in my pussy and ass had me gasping for breath when the last woman lay down in front of me and wrapped her thighs around my head. I felt Tabby’s lips and tongue began to wrap around John’s cock as it slid in and out of my tight pussy. Tabby must have been feeling left out, as when I looked over I saw Beth on her back having Brads cum eaten out of her pussy by one girl, while Tabby was sat on her face getting a great pussy licking.

Annie's Sex Diary 03

group fannyanny 2018-09-20

There were four couples and us and a man whose partner had recently left him so technically he was only allowed to watch but I had a funny feeling that wouldn't happen. His hand was on one breast already and had a small blissful smile on his face as he watched the two girls start to play with each other. But slowly his hand began to stop moving and looking up at his face I could see it was fixated on the threesome across the room. I glanced over and saw the happy man beckon while he kissed one girl and the other sucked at his cock, her mouth slowly moving up and down its length.

My fantasy starts with us being at a party

group Sexiting 2018-09-20

A few hours later I went to the toilet to powder my nose, where I met a stunning girl, about my age, who was sexy yet had great taste and an amazing figure (tits but without a boob job!) we got chatting, within 10 minutes we knew everything about each other and clicked very much together, I could tell from her body language that she was hot too and wanted to feel even hotter. Marco gently eased himself into my rear as he did that I could feel both of them starting to grind me in unison, my whole body tingling with extasy, the pleasure showing on my face and the moaning that came from my mouth was confirming the unconditional joy I was having, I really didn’t want it to end and cherished every movement, throb and moment they were giving me, the whole thing was absolutely perfect.

Arcade Matchmaker

group brcrbf 2018-09-20

Nice enough guy and a pretty good looking daddy, but he was mainly interested in ogling what I was jacking, my almost exactly 8 inch dick. He is the good-looking younger guy in the red shirt who came in just before you.” I was up for this, so to speak, so we buttoned up and left my booth in search of this third party. I sucked on that nice, hard dick, going all the way down to his trimmed pubes. He liked that so I turned him around to lick his ass and then lathered him up with a lot of spit before finger fucking him. Then he turned around again and asked me to slap his ass with my hard dick.

Cum Bucket Night

group RobynG 2018-09-20

Tiffany said the exchange in the alley with the guys only made the professor hotter. "Well, yea, but...well, you know, I like a romantic evening with candles and kissing and hugging and holding and, well, yes, sucking on a guy. I've done this three times, made a lot of money, and nobody knows I am involved except the one guy, the girl who got me into this, and now you." There's no guarantee of a tip, but I haven't left the frat house without one," said Tiffany, who admitted to having participated in three of these extravaganzas. A good looking guy got out and walked over to Tiffany's side of the car.


Room 169 Vol. 01

group like2getiton 2018-09-20

Just then she disengaged from my rocket and with a wipe of her hand across her mouth she said, "Lets continue this inside." I don't remember grabbing any luggage I just ran to the door following Sams beautiful ass bouncing ahead of me. She gagged just a little so she backed up again but wanted more so she pressed down all the way once more and then slid up and sucked hard on the head again while she stroked the shaft. "Wow," said Rob and he lifted her up on the bed and pulled off her bra and gently sucked her tits and nipples. He devoured her every inch and began pressing his fingers into her anus gently as he kissed and sucked her wet pussy.

Drinking and Gagging

group 2018-09-20

Chelsea had set her drink down by Robert before she started to dance again; he picked it up, pushed his swim trunks off and poured some rum and coke on his dick. She just smiled eyeing all the hard dicks, and wiggled her ass as she pushed her bikini bottoms to the boat deck, revealing her puffy bald pussy and went back to Robert and started to suck him off again. Pulling his dick out, Greg looked down and smiled, “Quick hand me her glass!” Robert handed it to him and Greg was quick enough to catch his thick cum as it flowed like a river from her stretched pussy. “Here Chelsea, want another drink?” and handed the glass of rum and coke and his cum to the slut.

Beebe and Petey Ch. 06

group Valendon 2018-09-20

"Hey Chad," said Dene, her chest still heaving as the gently stroked my back, "when you're up to moving again, how about doing for Kath what you did for me after we fucked. I released Chad and turned to hug Dene as we continued the kiss, swapping hot cum back and forth, and stroked each other backs. "Well, it's probably time to pack up and bug out," Chad said, "If the weather gets too rough for the ferry we might get stranded out here till it blows over." So, reluctantly, we kept our clothes on, threw our gear in the Bug and headed back toward the ferry and home.


Road Trip

group EroticWolfie 2018-09-20

"But Laaaaance!" I hear Alexa's sweet voice filling the room, again, at the same time of feeling her hand softly wrap around my arm. My eyes glance at her body, the crop top she's wearing is accentuating her breasts in an incredibly sexy way, and the skirt looks really short in a sitting position. "I dare you to kiss the cheek of whoever you like the best." The girls look at me for a second before they burst into laughter. Alexa is sitting in the middle of her friends, so Giselle has to lean over her to reach Rose. I'm changing!" Giselle says, and I quickly put my hand back onto her mouth as I noticed her eyes rolling.



group stubnib 2018-09-20

Scott, myself, and too other guys at work, Pat and Jim were headed to Atlanta to catch a Georgia Tech/Alabama football game. Scott flopped back on his bed and I positioned the redhead for some doggy fucking. Seeing that I was passed out on the bed, Scott tried to get into Pat and Jim's room through the connecting door but those guys didn't unlock their door. In no time, the red head sucked Pat into her mouth and gave him the same excellent blowjob that I experienced earlier in the evening. The redhead was sucking Jim at the time and didn't move her mouth back to Pat fast enough.

Fulfilling Mandy's Fantasy

group reohoko 2018-09-20

“I know, but you still want to, right Mandy?” Dana asked leaning in close, her silky red lips drew Amanda’s eyes, and she stared at them for a moment before answering. As Dana’s fingers played softly over the wetness that soaked Amanda’s lips, she licked up her thighs and slowly teased the tender skin between her thighs and her mound. Tickling over her shaven lips the fingers didn’t look for entrance, they just teased, and Amanda tried desperately to thrust her hips out to press them into her. Amanda was kissing her back, her tongue exploring Dana’s mouth and bringing about little tremor’s that told Dana the next part was going to be explosive.


What Linzi Wants Ch. 1

group NiteWriter 2018-09-20

Christine and I were splashing around in the water getting wet, just having a good time, when we almost bumped into this cute young girl. In fact before Linzi left, Christine invited her to our beach house later in the evening. She's a little scared, but she wants it." Christine continued saying that she was going to try getting her relaxed and loosened up a bit. Christine had her hand between Linzi's legs and was feeling her up pretty good. I don't know what they talked about during the evening, but Linzi sure looked like a willing partner. I'm standing there saying to my self, "Fuck, look at this." And at the same time, I expected Linzi to resist by pushing Christine away.

Fat Tuesday Flirt Ch. 03

group Jake Marlow 2018-09-20

It had been a month since Katy came home to find four of her husband's friends, guys he played baseball with on an amateur team, playing poker in their living room. Every time Brian went to a game, or spent time with his friends, Katy was frightened that her husband was going to come home and tell her what a slut she was and that he was leaving. "I know when we were kids you liked the attention and you were with your fair share of guys before Brian, but you must be hitting your sexual peak, because it didn't make you do crazy things back then." "Thing is, Katy, I noticed you that first day at the meeting, but I knew you wanted me to notice you, so I stayed cool."


A Barman's Dream

group fannyanny 2018-09-20

With a click of his fingers they moved towards him and while the brown haired began kissing him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth to play with his the other, a gorgeous shimmering auburn headed girl who had looked the more seductive with her longer skirt pulled her hair away from her face as she knelt between his legs. His hand cupped the brown haired girl's heavy breast and then played with her erect nipple while his hips moved upwards, further into the cock sucking girl's mouth. Bruce leant across and returned to kissing the girl and playing with her breasts while she withered under the man and woman's attentions especially so as the auburn girl's tongue slipped between her wet sex lips.

Date Night

group dirtycupcake 2018-09-20

I slid my hands down the stranger's back, down to his ass, and gave a little squeeze, never taking my gaze away from Matt. He released his grip on my neck and moved his mouth to replace his hand, licking and nibbling as he worked his way down my chest. Matt's hands were lightly gripping the sides of my head, and he fucked my mouth slowly, enjoying each thrust like it was the first. Just as I thought I would come, Matt pulled his face away and kissed my thighs again. "Lexi likes a good tonguing from a hot woman," Matt said. Matt stopped touching himself and slid behind Lexi, taking her breasts in his hands.


Farmyard Activites

group BigDave1340 2018-09-20

Tanya and Jan sat on the sofa, looking at old photographs whilst Steve took me on a tour of his handiwork. By the time I had reached picture fifteen, Jan had slowly stripped naked, laid across a bail of straw and raised her legs above her head, exposing her pink lips, moist with her juices – no, wait a minute, on closer inspection, it was semen. We arrived thinking the place would be full of couples; as it turned out, it was a stag party, so, not wanting to leave Jan on her own, she hung out with us, just like one of the lads, only, she couldn’t hold her beer and got absolutely plastered.


Brandmilf in a Three-way?

group BrandyMilf 2018-09-20

She went over and started kissing him' he was moaning and groaning, I could tell he was getting close to cumming, I reached up and grabbed her hand and she left him and came down to help me stroke, it was kind of awkward with two hands on it, he was loving it however, she than started licking and sucking on his balls, and reached up and guided my head towards his cock, so I leaned down and was flicking the tip of his cock while she continued to suck on his balls, this poor guy was moaning and groaning so loud I was a little worried my neighbors would hear him.