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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

We Swank It Up with Pamela

group Boxlicker101 2018-09-20

Her pussy was squirming on the bed and I could see and smell the fragrant juices waiting for me so I kissed and licked my way down Pamela's soft, womanly belly until I reached her mons. Again, I was relishing Pamela's delicious, and fragrant pussy so much that I made sure that I licked everything my tongue could reach, slowly and many times over. While I moved my tongue from one inner lip to the other, thrusting under these very sensitive places, Pamela was moaning and whimpering and begging me to suck her clit. Now hold on, and let's do this a little different." Pamela squeezed my hips and ass with her legs and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, holding her body entirely off the bed with my cock imbedded in her pussy.


Ravenswood Sluts Ch. 03

group TLMorgan 2018-09-20

Frank's hands roamed all over her body, manly her huge ponderous tits and big soft ass while Brie zealously sucked his enormous cock and fondled his balls. With the combination of her pussy engulfing his cock, his hands buried in massive slabs of wobbly tit flesh and her large ass pushing against his groin, Frank felt his orgasm nearing it's peak. Frank groaned, as he enjoyed Vanessa working his cock with her mouth and the sight of Brie's clean-shaved pussy. Make Brie cum all over your face," Vanessa moaned between sucking mouthfuls of his cock. Frank groaned as he felt Vanessa plopped her huge plump tits up on his thighs and buried his enormous cock in between them as she continued to wetly gobble him down.


Teasing Twins.

group mujamacc 2018-09-20

I have been told that I give better oral sex than any man alive." As Emma and I looked at each other in shock, he continued with, "I would love to lick and suck your 2 little sweet virgin pussies."  Wow!  We had never heard anything like this in our life. Emma and I thought it over alright, but we were not about to meet some strange old man alone in any motel.  We liked the idea of him sucking our vaginas, and were also curious of seeing his big black dick, but not alone in any motel.  When we saw him the next evening, we told him of a woods behind the housing development, and that Emma was not sure, but I wanted to try it.  He said that he would bring the blankets and see us at 7 pm. 

Great Day Off

group titwank 2018-09-20

I saw her looking at my wet hair and open robe, I could feel my cock starting to stir underneath my towel and I knew if I wasn't careful I would be stood on the doorstep with my dick poking out. The post woman was still stroking my cock as she noticed Maria climbing her ladder outside the kitchen window. I looked up and saw Maria had quietly let herself in through the backdoor, she put her finger to her lips to indicate I should not let the post woman know she was watching. The post woman straightened up with a look of disbelief on her face and Maria pounced and kissed her firmly forcing her tongue inside her mouth.

Bella Goes for Broke

group BrettJ 2018-09-20

She had let him fuck that ass several times and although not her favorite thing to do, he liked it, so it was okay with Bella. "Oh God Lorena, you lucky, lucky slut, he knows what he's doing, you're so lucky to have a guy like this who can fuck you this way!" Bella moaned as the thick cock moved in and out of her cunt. Both Tina and Lorena were watching Martin being visually captivated by the sight of his young girlfriend being fucked by the two virile men. Blaine and Herman got dressed, gave Bella a final kiss goodbye and left without saying anything to Martin.

Care To Join Us?

group eroslit 2018-09-20

Paul guessed that Teresa and Steve were probably five or six years younger than he and Jill. While Paul was surveying Teresa, Jill was busy using her imagination to fill in the rest of the body hidden under Steve's Hawaiian shirt. At the moment, Paul's head rested on the top of Jill's right breast, her arm wrapped securely around his shoulder. Steve didn't wait until dinner to ask the other couple to join he and Teresa in their cabin after the evening's entertainment in the ship's theater. An offer to join us tonight for the best sex you've ever had." Theresa's hand touched Paul's ass just as the rest of her body brushed against him. Paul quickly moved his hand from under Teresa's skirt and looked tentatively toward Steve and Jill.


Taken Home For The Night

group silvertree97 2018-09-20

You slowly slide two fingers in while you continue to eat and I moan slightly but try to act like nothing's happening. "Yes Sir." I walk to the shower and he follows and watches me. "Clean..." You then shove your cock into my cunt and fuck me quickly, dumping a load into me. I begin sucking the bikers cock again while you stroke in and out of my ass. You lean against the wall again and watch as your mates all take turns to fuck my mouth, ass and cunt. You then walk over and whisper in my ear "Now you little slut I'm gonna fuck your ass dry." I get onto my hands and knees and you start pushing your cock into my ass without any lube.

Girls Get Together Reunion

group lady-royals 2018-09-20

To my right, Lisa and her guy were both watching, but she was pumping his cock hard now with her hand and he was finger-fucking her and rubbing her clit with his thumb. To my left was Sue underneath a big guy named Tom, her legs high in the air as he fucked her pussy hard. Luckily her guy didn't need to be told and he got behind her, feeding his cock right up her pussy, fucking her so hard hat she ended up with her head right in the action, her face just inches from Bernadette's cunt. Within moments I was on the edge, fucking my pussy hard with my fingers, Ellen and I rubbing one another's clits and the guys straining as they stroked their hard members.

What I did last Summer

group belinda_1977 2018-09-20

Before I had time to think about it, James reached down and unzipped my short skirt and pulled it down around my ankles, leaving me standing there in just a pair of little black panties. I managed to get the cock out of my mouth and turned my head to the guys behind me, to ask that if they were going to fuck me, would they please use a condom. One of the guys grabbed my hand and pulled it away and I felt a searing pain as my sphincter opened and the bottle was shoved deep up my rectum. I tried to pull away but my head was held still as several of the guys took turns to urinate in my mouth and all over my face and hair.

Our FFM Threesome

group mw4w_wisc 2018-09-20

I reached out and caressed the breasts of both women, my wife in my left hand and Sandy in my right. "I think you're going to like it," my wife said, "He's an incredible lover." With that, the decision had been made: I was going to fuck Sandy first. My wife guided my cock to the entrance of Sandy's hairy pussy. I began to pound Sandy's pussy like a fiend, no longer pausing to touch the vibrator to her clit. Eventually, Sandy began moving down my wife's body, kissing her breasts and stomach on the way down. My wife reached out and grabbed Sandy's hand, drawing it to my cock. Sandy again followed my wife's directions and four hands began working me to orgasm.


group LaJan 2018-09-20

The boys shifted and one began licking Beverly's cunt while the other moved to the top of the bed and brought his large & hard cock to Bev's lips. He licked her cunt before lying down and pushing his big cock completely into Bev. I was looking into her eyes as he entered her and she gasped at the size and her eyes closed for a moment, but she gave no sign that she wanted it to stop. He came for almost one full minute and I was dying to see what Beverly's crotch looked like but the other boy mounted her as soon as his friend was completely out and he shoved his short but thick cock through Beverly's lips and deep inside her, too.

Hello Slut Fans!. It's Michelle!

group hotrod1969 2018-09-20

I asked Sean for a pillow to go under my neck and with my head tilted back he stuck his dick down my throat and gave me a pretty good face fuck. Danny was pumping away nicely at my pussy but I wanted to taste more cum so I asked him to fuck my mouth while Sean has another try at eating me. Danny took his place at my head and started fucking my mouth with his pussy soaked dick. I was working my cunt on Danny's cock as Sean fucked my ass quite nicely. Danny got behind me and drove is cock back up my ass and fucked me really hard for another minute before he shot a bid load.

Ladyboy DP for Thai Wife

group sanpeesua 2018-09-20

Now you can call me dick-brain if you wish, but dick has never had reason to complain from lack of a delicious sweet and sour Thai pussy in Chiang Mai. Well, at least not until recently when Cindy, the heavenly Ladyboy, came into our lives... Before I could resist, the big ladyboy's bareback cock, taking advantage of the wetness of Noi's female sleeve from our combined love juices, slipped firmly in alongside my manhood into her tiny pussy. My little Noi was Thai after all and she simply adored having a big cock pound her tight pussy. Bending over now, she kissed me hard on the lips as she came and I could feel the Ladyboy's spunk pumping out of Noi's fully stuffed sleeve and pouring down my legs onto the wet bed sheets.

The Letter Ch. 02

group Abelard7 2018-09-20

Inside the house, Amelia asked if I had had a good trip, did I need the bathroom, was I tired, would I like a cup of tea? Amelia told me to leave my luggage in the hall, and led me into a huge sitting room, one side of which was all glass, through which could be seen a large patio with illuminated swimming pool, the lights of the town twinkled away to the right. Amelia applied more gel to my hole and then guided Steve's cock back inside me, this time entering without resistance from my newly tamed sphincter. Emma resumed her position behind me and carried on licking, this time alternating between the shaft of Jean-Luc's cock as it emerged, wet with my juice, the stretched lips of my cunt, and the rosebud of my anus.


Tim Gets His Wish

group TybeeSnoop 2018-09-20

He offered me a drink and in our short conversation, suggested I get naked like I did the night I massaged Liz when all three of us were in the nude and it turned into a fuckfest. With a couple of fingers in her, Tim enjoyed Liz's first orgasm as she lunged against his hand; grabbed onto me, ground her nipples against mine and let out a stifled scream while kissing me. I watched him reach a climax and as I hoped, he rolled off Liz. I don't know if she came while he was in her, but when I took his place, it didn't take long for her let out a scream as she pulled me deeper in her.

Advising 101

group collegegurl72 2018-09-20

As the young guy kept fucking my mouth with his, the professor walked behind me and started to fondle my breasts, my nipples getting bigger by the second to the point of being uncomfortable. I had one huge cock in my mouth, another in my hand and I was getting hand-fucked and trying hard not to come myself, for fear of biting the prof's dick, and not in a pleasant way. Behind me, the prof was pulling at his own cock and came before I had a chance to attend to him again, but the way he was rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy at the same time was very hot and I came about the same time he did.

Lust On The Beach

group trojanman 2018-09-20

His name was Peter, hers was Rusty (from the red hair, I would guess). "Okay guys, I'm glad to see you so happy", she said, "and I'm going to show you how happy I am to see those cocks of yours standing stiff". "Just never you mind, Peter", she said "You guys just turn around and stand hip-to-hip, with legs open. "Okay guys, get those cocks up and shoot your loads for Rusty", she commanded. After shooting our loads in the sand, neither Peter nor I was finished with Rusty. Peter then said, "Okay Gregg, get it any way you want...and don't be shy, she loves to get a man's natural meat inside...going bareback is fine".

The BBW Chronicles Ch. 05

group soflabbwlvr 2018-09-20

The lower level of the guest room, which was on the second floor of the building, consisted of a sitting area, a bar, and an open bathroom featuring a large, red, two-person, heart-shaped bathtub. "I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of all my friends, Mike," Veronica said. "Well, Mike, do you accept my offer of peace?" Veronica asked, looking at Jaleesa. "What exactly is the relationship between the two of you?" I asked, looking first at Veronica and then to Jaleesa. I started thinking of all the ways that I would violate Jaleesa's young body if she were to give herself to me in the same manner that she had already given herself to Veronica.


Sex with best friends part 2

group jdowney1 2018-09-20

She slowly runs her hand up and down her body feeling her breast and down her panties rubbing her pussy as memory deep throats my cock. I then pull memory up and lay her on her back I remove her pants the rest of the way along with her panties to reveal her soaking wet shaved pussy. I then move to put my cock in Whitney's face she begins to suck it and deep throat it like memory was earlier. With Whitney still on my face memory slowly removed my cock and leaned back. Whitney leaned forward and lick the cum off my cock and from memory's pussy.

Linda's Swinger Cruise

group Johnsexlife 2018-09-20

Linda had a hard time taking it all but she soon stretched out to accommodate him and seemed to be coming cautiously as she kept screaming "fuck me faster, fuck me deeper, fill my cunt with your black cum" The other couple did not join in but just watched at first but soon joined in with the husband inserting his penis into Linda's eager mouth as his wife being eaten by the black girl. This went on for hours as Linda just kept coming from the big black cock as she sucked the other man off until her came in her mouth just as the black man filled my wife with hot semen.

Side by Side

group NakedHiker 2018-09-20

I pulled my head back, barely touching Erin's clit with my tongue, so Pete could get a good shot. I think what I like about it is that I can look at her face while fucking, or kiss her, or lick her breasts. Pete was fingering Erin's breast while I did this, so I went one step further and took a light lick of Lisa's nipple. It was wonderful to have my dick in Erin's pussy and to be licking Lisa's nipple. Pete lowered his head and licked Lisa's other nipple. Pete reached his head over and started licking Erin's nipple just like I had been licking Lisa's. At one point, Erin was licking me again, and Pete was fingering her pussy.

Jessie Porn Story Part 2

group agamemnon9483 2018-09-20

"I know how you can make it up to me." said Jessie slowly starting to undress. "This is what I call the 69 position because I am going to suck your cock, while you lick my pussy." said Jessie. She started pumping his cock inside her mouth, while Luke licked her cunt like never before. Jessie hopped up onto his cock, and started riding him as hard and as fast as she could moaning at the top of her lungs. (most likely from complaints) Luke and Ravi seemed to have the some type of connection because at the same time they yelled "I'm cumming!" Thats when Jessie said, "Yes, cum inside me boys yes please!" They cummed inside her hard, and she was very pleased.

Hoping to Threepeat

group wilsuccox 2018-09-20

Without going into detail I said that it was pretty interesting, but I truly was torn as to if I'd do it again (actually that was a bit of a lie, I did continue to have fantasies about sucking another man's cock to completion, although I hadn't acted on then). Jim fucked my face and Lizza moved her wet cunt over my hard cock. I got on my hands and knees, my head down on the bed, my ass up inviting Jim. Lizza took his cock in hand and guided him into my ass. My was rock hard pointing down at the bed and swinging in time to each plunge of Jim's cock into my ass.

Stripper Story Part 2

group 2018-09-20

You take the soap from him and begin washing his chest, rubbing your hands over his pecs and down his arms as you feel him flex them. You run your hands across his abs and feel his ripped stomach and let a hand graze across his cock which is beginning to get longer and thicker. You start moving your hand faster, fucking his ass with your fingers and you slide your other hand around to grab his cock which is now rock hard again. You cum so hard you see stars and he holds his cock inside you, as he lets your body drop just enough so you feel his big cock all the way in.