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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

banged by the neighbors

group 2018-09-20

He is a hardworking and an honest man, but that for a slut like me, is not enough – He can`t satisfie my desires and sexual fetishes, so I see him as a good friend, that`s all. Completely crazy, Sonia knelt and began to masturbate her boyfriend. I continued to suck him madly from the hands of Sonia, who was the one who gave me the stick boyfriend, and I nursed the rhythm she suggested. I felt like a bitch in his hands, but was loving and I was ecstatic. Now, can you prove that no step many evenings at home of Sonia and Fernando, but I have had several adventures with other couples, whenever my husband falls asl**p or is in the night shift.

Another Week on the Lake Ch. 04

group Megamuffin 2018-09-20

I squeezed both of Katrina's big tits and she sucked deeper and harder on Jack's cock while Roger began to pump his cock in and out of her ass. I sat back on the bench, slowly stroking the iron-hard length of my cum-covered cock and watching Katrina work her throat as she swallowed spurt after spurt of Jack's cum. Katrina's answer was a muffled groan into Eva's pussy as I spread her ass cheeks wide with my hands and pressed my cock head against the opening of her asshole, still stretched from Roger's enthusiastic work a few minutes ago.


At last, Up North, and Lisa loses her knickers

group 2018-09-20

We arrived at the train station and were met by some old friends, I had been keeping in touch with, over the years since my last stay, you can read about them in my story about myself and my mother, in the sauna, something Karol and Lisa knew about, so both girls were on a high, on the way up. Now my nieces are causing the stir, and when I tried to impose some rules, they both rebelled, first with the shared room, then Lisa went ballistic, and demanded her own room, followed by Karol, so now they are putting them to use, each girl having their own little party, last count I saw Lisa had 5 men in with her, drinking and smoking, and yes you guessed it, cavorting.

Hung Jury Ch. 03

group jallen944 2018-09-20

I can't wait to get myself alone with that beautiful monster of a cock," she said, and rolled her eyes and touched her hand to her chest. "Mm hm," Tanya said, with the end of his cock in her mouth. Tanya smiled, as much as she could with his huge cock stretching her mouth so wide, and moved her head back and forth a little faster. Tanya was so focused on rocking her hips back and forth and the incredible feeling of Ethan's fat cock inside her that it didn't register on her until the stall door opened and the bright light shined in her eyes. Michelle's footsteps echoed off the tiled walls, then the door squeaked and Tanya let her breath out.

Call Girl

group No Panty Girl 2018-09-20

When Tom withdrew his spent cock from within me his wife rushed to clean it off in her mouth. I joined Sam licking and sucking her husband's cock until it was restored to its full glory. "I want to fuck you ass while Sam licks my balls." Tom ordered. Fucking my ass is usually very expensive but the thought of his pretty wife licking his nuts while his cock slid in and out of my dirt chute turned me on. I knew when her husband cum a rived of his sperm would run down my crotch into Sam's waiting mouth. "Lick her clean!" Tom ordered his wife as his cock popped out of my asshole.


Princess Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-09-20

I said to Doug, "Whatever Carrie wants, Carrie gets." I laughed and turned into a long kiss with Emma. As the wedding had approached and we knew that Emma would be back with her family for the rite of passage, Carrie had again urged me to keep her sister sexually satisfied in every way I could. As my cock slowly worked in and out of Emma's pussy, I asked Carrie, "Where'd you ever learn about being airtight?" The latter took some getting used to, but it resulted in Jerry, Doug, and I walking around with hard-ons most of the day, and the women having pussies that were constantly dripping cum because one or another of us couldn't stand the sexual tension everyone created.


Making Love to Lisa

group keacreme 2018-09-20

Our kiss is soft, our lips barely parted, until I feel her tongue touch mine and I let free a moan. She seems to know, reaching down to push away the sheets, sliding my skirt up as her fingers travel along my hip. My hands start a frenzied drawing along her curves, racing down her breast to her waist, pressing into the softness of her hip, circling around to grasp her ass and pull her into me. You groan, and I feel you pull your cock out of me and splatter me across my chest and belly, and I open my eyes to watch her climb up to kiss you, hold you.

Sarah's Story Ch. 02: Job Satisfaction

group SarahsHooters 2018-09-20

Her cunt and arsehole were full of cock and as the camera angle changed, Sarah saw that the woman had a third cock in her mouth. Simultaneously aroused and embarrassed, Sarah began, "Did I really need to see..." but she was struck dumb as the man at the woman's mouth withdrew and coated her upturned face with creamy spunk. Their co-workers, standing behind Adam's chair for a full frontal view of their fucking boss, watched in astonishment as haughty Sarah rode their repellent junior colleague with evident enthusiasm. Thoroughly, she lapped up as much of the cum as she could, using her fingers, as she had seen Melissa do, to push it into her mouth, ingesting more loose chest hairs.

Natural Woman Pt. 01

group kdwest 2018-09-20

Two hands began to pull down the bodice of her black cocktail dress (Bless you, Lea, a bridesmaid's dress I might actually wear again — if it survives the night) revealing her breasts to searching fingers, and two other hands began to pull up the skirt, and Jessie didn't know which hands belonged to who — didn't know, didn't care — but as a mouth closed around a nipple and fingers found and traced the weeping length of her pussy, Jessie screamed, and a flare of terrifying heat pulsed through her, and in spite of herself, in spite of how fucking good she felt, she pushed the two boys away.


Traveling Team Ch. 15

group foibles44 2018-09-20

Jack and Bethany watched as Ariana's hand dipped below the hem of her shirt and appeared to glide ever so gently across her pussy lips, mimicking the actions in her story. "So, I got up and went over and knelt right between Ray's legs," Ariana resumed her story, making the same movement, crawling onto the bed toward Jack's cock. "Ray said he wanted to see me closer, meaning my soaking pussy, and asked me to straddle his chest while he leaned back on the sofa," she demonstrated, having Jack place his head on a pillow while she placed her pussy within inches of his face.


A Whole New Experience Ch. 02

group budsrus 2018-09-20

Ami and I had met three or four times since she had come to my house confessing her feelings towards me and showing me what a woman's tongue felt like. I could feel the excitement and fear in my stomach as a hand started massaging my pussy thru my lace panties. While I decided to try to regain my composure and rejoin my husband, Ami had noticed the bulge in James' pants from watching me cum. I took him into my mouth and sucked on his cock like never before with thoughts of Ami going thru my mind. He started fucking my ass with his thumb as his dick replaced the finger in my twat and fucked me like I was a paid whore.


Julia's Fantasy

group olduvai 2018-09-20

But then you feel his hot breath, he hands pushing your legs further apart, and you know he is kneeling between your legs. And then suddenly, his hot, wet tongue is sliding against the curve of your cheek as he holds you open. Your body stiffens, arches suddenly, and you gasp around the cock thrusting in your mouth. And then, on a down stroke, you feel the head slip between your lips instead. Your pussy is a hot, wet glove that slips tightly around him, accepting his long, powerful strokes. He has lost the capacity to tease, to think; he, too, has finally succumbed to the power of your body, your wet, gaping cunt.

The Amberdown Chronicles Pt. 02

group BarracudaSwordfish 2018-09-20

They took their drinks through to the room where Gina had first laid eyes on 'him' - one Michael Anderson, a giant of an African American, who had become a lover and treasured friend over the last few months. Gina looked up in shock from her work as the door opened, but as she saw Mel leaning on the doorpost with a look of longing in her eyes, something told her that this may be the culmination of a very long-standing fantasy. Gina had often told Mel of her prowess when her mouth was intimately involved with genital parts, and whilst her friend had no real reason to doubt her, she now got an object lesson in just how to work on a cock.


We Were Moving

group Dimetrius 2018-09-20

I turned away from her and stood in front of one of the side mirrors as I removed my tee shirt, flip-flops, and slipped my jeans down off my legs, all the time trying to maintain a degree of modesty, difficult in a three mirrored changing room. My eyes were wide as I watched Oakley's hands pushing my legs apart and pull my hips to the edge of the bench. I had to walk through the living room to get to the back yard and the path to my house, and heard the voice of Albert saying, 'Have a good time with Oakley? My head was light, my hands and legs were slightly trembling as we continued to talk, until he leaned in to me, gently directing my chin to his face and kissed me.


Black man controlls white wives

group whitewhores 2018-09-20

As Tra'mon stood, then finally departed with the beautiful white woman following behind, everyone's eyes opened wide. Did she know that the black man she was seeing was going out with another white woman, seemingly for the night? yes, it was the same car, and with the same pretty brown-haired white woman who had picked up the brash Tra'mon around 9 the night before. The black stud emerged from the glass door with a small, white towel around his neck and in a pair of the skimpiest leopard-print bikini underwear. All of us watched as the small group of two white women and the younger black man made their way around the pool.

Flights of Fancy Ch. 01

group Puss_in_Kinky_Boots 2018-09-20

Bonnie relaxed and let Brenda search around inside her pussy, her fingers bending and twisting. Maybe it was because of the fact that it was a sex toy Bonnie had secreted away inside her, or the fact that she was an attractive fit and tanned young woman, or maybe because Bonnie was now spread out on the table, her arms splayed, moaning as she rubbed the ball up and down her pussy. He knew he had probably cum to quickly and felt embarrassed that he hadn't been a more accomplished lover, and as he dropped her off at her departure gate just in time for her to get on her flight, he couldn't look Bonnie in the eye.

Cuckold son

group buggiez 2018-09-20

Tom just laughed, “Get me another will ya’, buddy?” And pulled himself out of the water to sit at the pools edge with his legs and cock dangling. mother stared at his naked body and said “I guess you’re not cold.” Tom laughed, patted his cock and said, “I’m getting hotter by the minute.” mother stared at his swinging meat for a few seconds before rolling her eyes and swimming to the far side of the pool. Mother frequently raised her head from Tom’s hard-on to gasp and moan, “Yes. Oh, Yes!” James suddenly arched forward and then relaxed. “Just like old times, eh buddy?” I looked at him with open anger and said, “Screw you, buddy.” He just laughed and kissed mother hard on the mouth, she responded.

Husband's Fantasy - Pt 1

group london_lad 2018-09-20

My wife and I looked at each other and grinned as if to say, "That was a little more information than we expected." Kathy jokingly said, "Scoot over here; at least I can give you a hug." Keeping the blanket pulled close to her chest with one arm, she leaned over with her left arm and hugged him saying, "You have your whole life ahead of you stud-man, just stop trying so hard." As he finally got his act together and, having thrown back the shot, he walked in front of my wife not knowing what the hell he was doing, and she just glanced at me for a brief second, took a deep breath, and rather reluctantly and slowly reached up and put her hand on his cock.

Tara's Bayou - Level 2 – Evil Dong

group REDnMIST 2018-09-20

The last time I fucked a bloke, I tell ya, he acted like he didn’t know what nipples were or where he could find my pussy. When that game ended, I tell ya I was breathing so hard and juices was dripping from between my legs and gathering on the floor! I saw women licking each other pussies in such a way I began to drip. The music heightened, my legs were spread wide and tasting and licking traveled from top to bottom at the same time and met my pussy. Oh my god he has this very long body laying on this huge bed that looked almost too short for him.

Sue: A Writer With Class

group niceclit4u 2018-09-20

Peter started it all when he told his Cathy to kiss Sue all the way down, she started kissing me on the lips then on the chin working her tongue down and around my neck, then nibbled on my ear lobes forcing her tongue to gently slide into my ear, mmm, this was making me quiver, she then started kissing my breast, licking the nipple gently, sucking it and running her tongue around the hardness of the nipple, she slowly slid her tongue down my stomach, kissing it softly, she told me to spread my legs, and she moan with exxtacy while she licked and was sucking my clit and running her tongue inside my hot cunt I moaned loudly as I squeezed my breast ,

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-09-20

She laid back against the pillows and spread her legs letting her fingers slide under her panties and I watched as she played under the fabric pulling a finger out every so often licking and lightly sucking on it never taking her eyes off my meat. She just gazed at it telling me how much she loved looking at cocks and how she liked watching me play with mine. "You like?" She said lightly rubbing her long fingers over her mound and down between her thighs spreading her pussy lips very slightly. He said, if you liked kissing me, after I had sucked on his cock, then you might like licking my new shaved pussy after he had filled it.

Friends Reunited

group Abelard7 2018-09-20

I found it hard to concentrate on my work that afternoon, My mind was filled with memories of hot lesbian sex all those years ago. Just before the end of Summer term, Letty was summoned by the head of the art department. His idea of a session was to start with dinner and wine, then progress to his bed where he would suck and fuck me repeatedly until I begged him to come, often in my mouth and afterwards we would sleep until morning. "Max knows what I want." Replied Letty. There was a discreet buzz and Letty pushed the door open, leading the way into a large room set out as an art gallery. We went up to the next floor, this time Letty opened the door with a key.


Riding the Train

group Agnol 2018-09-20

Liz looked up and saw that Mary had taken over on the other man's cock and was stroking it slowly as the pair watched her and Mark. Liz looked up and the roguish student just stared down at her with heavy lidded eyes as Mary pushed the crown of his stiff cock between her lips. "Okay," Mary said into the phone and then she placed it on the seat just beneath Liz's face where Rick's cock was noisily sliding between her lips. "He says you have to take it all in your mouth," Mary said in her ear while her fingers entwined in Liz's hair and she began to push down on every stroke of Mark's cock into her mouth.


Threesome Fun

group backslash15 2018-09-20

I come home to you horny as hell but tonight you are going to take start to see an erection forming even before you slide your hand down You lean in again and tell me to start to jerk off. tip as I start to wrap my hand around it. the bed and slide your panties and bra all the way off. going, yo have not told me I may stop yet. face and spin you over on the bed and start spanking you. are you need to suck me off tell I cum in your mouth. start fucking your mouth hard and fast. minuet catching your breath and feeling the hot cum drip out of your