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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A daughter's Homecumming. Part 3

group timbo101 2018-09-20

First of all I had been having dreams and then fantasies about my father's thick cock, imagining it fucking me, thinking of what it would taste like in my mouth, wondering if he wanted to fuck his sexy little daughter as much as I wanted him to. "Come on darling, dinner's almost ready, and your dad can't wait to see what his sexy little daughter is going to wear for us." "God, what a sexy slut my own mum looks, those clothes just cry out "fuck me now", I thought, but then of course I realised my clothes said exactly the same, and that of course was exactly what I wanted - to be my dad, with my mum watching, or even joining in!"

Lottery Price Pt. 03

group Worldandmore 2018-09-19

"Everything I have on is new," Jane said and continue, "I bought that last time when I went shopping with Rosie. I felt like all my blood went down to my dick that was hard and just wants to fuck sisters. Rosie chose a black 25cm long dildo with very realistic skin felt like surface, a remote controlled butterfly and a big set of anal toys. I looked back and she was laying on her back while Jane just puts a black condom on that big dildo and started to push it in her tight pussy. Jane was playing with Rosie's pussy and fucked her with a dildo. Rosie finished first but Jane continues to push the dildo into her pussy.

Hotel Fun!!

group watche08 2018-09-19


Penny's Surprise Ch. 02

group Linda Jean 2018-09-19

I prayed again to let God know how much I loved him helping me in my time of need "Oh thank you God, Thank you" Some where between my praying to God in my mind I heard myself shout out. "YES, YES, OH IT FEELS GOOD, FASTER, HARDER, YES, OH GOD, OH GOD, IT'S GOOD, HARDER, HARDER" I felt like God was taking my body and some how by using this man's thing was giving me pleasure. "Well Penny, It would seem you loved every inch of old Buds cock, now, turn around" I did not move, I sort of heard him, I was lost in this glow I just laid there basking in the pleasure that was still in my body.

Discovering Bi Sex in Zanzibar Ch. 01

group sexplorerNY 2018-09-19

"It looks like Joe is enjoying himself, Jon," said Sandy as she reached out and squeezed my now obvious erection through my shorts. "Ya, I think Jon is enjoying this as much as you are, Joe. Why don't you see for yourself?" As she said this, Sandy grabbed my hand and slowly by determinedly placed it over Jon's crotch, pressing my hand into his hard cock. Sandy took my cock in her hand, leaned forward and lightly licked the tip, a trail of my precum extending between her tongue and my cock for a second as she pulled away. Jon and Sandy joined me on the bed and began kissing directly over me, sharing my cum right in front of me.

Public Spirited Ch. 02

group Red Hugh 2018-09-19

I'm not on the pill so you can only come inside Kate's pussy but you can come inside either of our mouths and I want to tell you now that once you are all clean and nice to taste I will suck your lovely cock until you come. Michele asked Paul if he would like to look at her pussy while Kate washed him? The plan was for Michele to have Paul put his cock in her and officially become his first while he would, hopefully withdraw and come in Kate's pussy thus they would share his firsts. Michele remained on her back and gently fingered herself while letting Paul watch as Kate set about getting his cock good and hard.

David in Bangkok 2001

group 2018-09-19

Mi Ling took hold of his erection gently in her small hands, caressing up and down concentrating on the engorged helmet, and then she started lightly licking her tongue up and down his length until the little drops of pre-cum appeared out of the slit at the end of his penis. David's tongue went as deep inside her dripping vaginal opening as he could reach and he started licking her as quickly as possible until Mi Ling exploded with a tremendous scream as her orgasm overwhelmed her. David withdrew from Su Lin and dropped quickly between Kim Su's thighs and finger fucked her until she was dripping with her fluids then he pushed his penis deep inside her spreading her opening wide with the size of his erection.


group querico44 2018-09-19

He bobbed on it several times then took it all the way into his hot mouth and started to sucking my cock. I want you to shoot your load in my mouth." He began rapidly stroking on my throbbing cock squeezing more precum out then shoved my cock back in his mouth sucking me hard. David's cock was so hard as I began stroking him slowly, I could feel it pulsing in my hand and I wanted to feel it in my mouth. I tasted the first drops of his precum on my tongue and concentrated on sucking the mushroom like head as I stroked my hand on his shaft. I put my mouth on his big cock head and sucked up his cum as I stroked him some more.

Sitting for my Mom's Friend

group abigfan 2018-09-19

I looked over at Cassie and she said, "Donny, come play with us." Nicky said she had never seen a b**s dick before and she wanted to touch mine. While I was doing this, Cassie and Alexa got into a 69 and started licking each other's pussies. I went back into Cassie's room, and all 3 girls were laying on their backs, legs spread and they were fingering each other pussies, just laughing and having fun. We took turns washing each other, and I got on my knees, licking each of their very wet pussies. She got on her knees next to me and whispered, "I just want to taste it one more time." She pulled my underwear off and took my dick in her mouth, sucking and licking it.

Long Way Home

group moodyman 2018-09-19

A bare smirk crossed John's face as he said, "That does sound tempting, but I just got back from Seattle and I'd really like to get home and relax." Some of those girls look like...." John let his mind drift as Fred talked about the relative merits of women in their early twenties he'd seen twirling on poles. Bonnie opened the door and smiled at John who was turned in profile, looking down her street. Bonnie got up and grabbed John's hand, pulling him to the floor. A third of the dancers left the floor, leaving John and Bonnie and about 20 other couples of all combinations still dancing.


Bi Friends: The Devon Horse Show

group 99PercentStraight 2018-09-19

Then Donny pulled his pulsing dick up and popped it into his mouth, sucked his cheeks in and made it clear he was swallowing as Eric twitched and started to uncoil his spine. I recovered and wanted to switch the focus from me and keep things rolling, so I told Sam and Eric to 69, but they said they did it all the time together at school, so Marc and Bennet stepped up to the plate. I watched Bennet and Marc really work their balls with both hands, then play with the other guy's balls while they still sucked their targets, then switched dicks for the big finish.

The Fishing Trip Ch. 01

group marleywasone 2018-09-19

Christy swings around takes my cock in her hand and licks it like an ice cream cone tasting her pussy all over my cock. She pushes her ass back and lets my tongue enter her pussy and her body convulses with pleasure as I eat her pussy swallowing her cum as it runs out of her cunt. When she feels me start to slow down she pulls off my spurting cock spins around crabs it and starts sucking it getting the last few spurts and presses her soaking wet cum filled pussy on my face. That is the closest I can come to sucking my own cock," I say as I lick some cum still running out of her pussy.

Jill. Rides Cowgirl Style

group Justtoold 2018-09-19

I gave up trying to play with her tits and even as firm as they were, they were actually jiggling like jelly as her body vibrated from her pounding of my member as her pussy was devouring my cock about every half second. She then proceeded to slowly raise and lower her whole body to fuck me again, using every inch of my hard cock and went from her prior frantic pace to a much slower pace like she had done earlier when she had just been teasing me. Jill was looking right into my eyes like she wanted to see how much I was enjoying the action her body was giving me She even asked me if I was enjoying myself, And when I told her that I indeed was, she told me to hang on because she was really going to give me something to think about.


FFM Plus - The Club Night

group mwm69writer 2018-09-19

I handed over the drinks and returned to my seat while Rachael stood up and offered her hand to Poppy and said in a suggestive manner "Little girls' room?" And they both trotted off in that direction. The next couple of minutes felt like hours as we waited for Rachael and Poppy to return, made worse when Jan quietly confessed that her pussy was wet. "I've found the perfect room too." said Rachael "It's just down the hallway on the right." She turned, offering hands to Poppy and Jan. With one hand I slipped the material away from Jan's other breast and lent forward to take Rachael's hand and I placed that on the newly revealed nipple.


A Day At Work, Then The Cabin!

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-09-19

Larry started to ramble on about some home issues that he didn’t know how to handle and then he spoke up about his wife. Without saying a word Larry reached up and grabbed my cock with one hand and moved his mouth to my bulging cock head. I could tell that Larry liked it by the way his hips moved and the moans coming from his lips. “Oh fuck Ben, you act like you’ve sucked cock before. I thought I had done something wrong when I felt Larry push my head off of his cock. I looked down and saw for the first time that Larry was spitting out of his cock a huge amount of cum.


Double Stuffed Ch. 2

group oddone 2018-09-19

I knew it wouldn't take long for Beth to get fired up again and, sure enough, after about 2 or 3 minutes I saw her back away from him, push him on his back, and came up to straddle his legs positioning her cunt at the head of his cock. Mary started to play with Beth's flopping tits, and Tonya reached her hand between Eric and Beth and started to rub Beth's clit. Mary, eager to get in on the action, came over and knelt over Beth's head facing Tonya, moved her ass down and started to grind her cunt against Beth's face.

Weekend getayay

group pickohio 2018-09-19

All I saw were her legs bouncing in the air and her tits bouncing...he held her arms over her head while he fucked her and said now she belonged to him for the night and without a condom on he's going to cum wherever he pleased and said his first load is going in her pussy....I almost came when he said that...and my wife couldn't speak...all she was doing was moaning and cumming...beteween the fucking and the alcohol she was helpless in any decision The best part was when he flipped her over wan he took her from behind holding her down driving his cock in her pussy...watching the covers slip off as they fucked as he drove it into her and seeing him cum in her again made my morning....They got up, he got dressed and left and she got into bed with me and we fucked a few times more.

Can't Live Without That Swing

group CattySwinger 2018-09-19

"Baby, you know I love your cock, and your body..." I breathed as my hands gripped the wall, nails digging into the paint. I really want to taste a girl while you watch." I could feel his pace quicken as the door shook from our bodies slamming against the wall. When I was finished being fucked with my face buried in her snatch, she said she wanted to taste a juice covered cock. My husband removed himself from my cunt quickly and slid his slick member inside Eve's waiting mouth. When he couldn't take any more sucking without exploding, he pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down on her back, sliding his saliva covered penis inside her aching cavern.


Experiences of a soldiers slut.

group emma76 2018-09-19

He was called Jonathan I placed my hand over the flies of his sexy jeans and could feel his manhood start to get big as I carrassed him. I sucked on his balls like the dirty English slut I am then licked and kissed his sexy arse getting my tongue right in as I've never known a guy who don't love that. The big guy pulverised me just the way I like till the bed felt like it would break from the f***e of his fucking and the noises I made were bl**dy stupid. His friends had bodies as muscular and magnificent as Jonathan's so soon after I'd introduced myself by showing the guys how much I enjoyed sucking cocks I had three magnificent IDF soldiers pulverising me from behind and from in front.


group jkjkram 2018-09-19

I sucked her nipples for about a minute, then climbed in front of her and started fucking her pussy with my hardened dick. I squeezed her ass and pulled her into me, making sure to get my dick as far inside her as possible. I looked back at my grandmother and said that I was sl**ping in the same room my aunt was in. My aunt started rubbing her pussy through her pants as my grandmother took my dick and massaged it. My aunt laid on her back and my grandmother started eating her daughter's pussy. My aunt fondled her tits with one hand and held my grandmother's head down on her pussy with the other.

Ride Home Turns Into More Ch. 02

group alexander200386 2018-09-19

Whilst I was doing this she sat herself up against the headboard which meant for me to lick her I would have to dip my head down to the mattress which would leave my ass up in the air totally open for Dave to attack. I knew I could take Dave but it had been a while so when I felt the lube trickle down my crack and his head start to push at my hole it was a bit of a struggle. Now here I am with Dave easing his big cock into my ass and my tongue as far up shays pussy as I could reach from this angle. "Quickly, get on all fours on the bed Alex." In full submissive mode I jumped up an assumed the position whilst Shay got a better view.


group Nomean_feet 2018-09-19

She felt her tongue trace it's way down and over the lace of her underwear, tantalisingly close to her pussy, she felt it flicker briefly over her quivering lips before Kate continued down, trailing her tongue, now thick with wetness and saliva down the inside of her right leg towards the ground. 'She can suck my cock too, but you've gotta suck the rest on your own.' Jenny kept her eyes locked on Mike as she opened her mouth and ran her tongue expertly around the head of his cock, Kate leaned in and joined, the girls resumed their passionate kiss, only this time with the additional benefit of a cock between their mouths.


Mary's Introduction Ch. 02

group MistressMerry 2018-09-19

"Steve, take over her clit for me." He bent down and placed his mouth over her clit and Roger took over sucking and massaging both of her breasts. "I know," I said looking into Alisha's sad eyes, "but our friendship had just started a couple of months before that. He pulled back and smiled at me, "Alisha and Steve know this already, but Mary," began Roger, "I've been attracted to you for some time now. "It's alright Love, I'll do that," said Alisha as she started to massage Roger's balls. When Steve started to slowing insert his hard cock into my pussy, I let go with a loud moan that sent vibrations through Roger's cock.

Ibiza Summer Fun Ch. 01

group tigerstory 2018-09-19

Tori walked up to the bar (topless of course) to get another round of beers and Kim straddled my loins and lay on me, her large breasts pressing into my chest as she kissed my lips in more of a quick peck kind of way. Tori's hands were now pulling Kim's head into her pussy as she started to encourage her friend to make her come. Tori reached under and started to play with my balls and also Kim's clit as we continued to increase our rhythm. Tori started to look a little embarrassed but Kim said "What the hell, we're in Ibiza!