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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Diphallus Ch. 03

group Tarbut 2018-09-19

"No, dear, we won't just drink it!" Dvora said while Noga was removing her shirt and sucking her right breast, while applying the pump to the left nipple. Dvora and Noga kneeled down, put his glandes into their mouths, licked them while massaging his penile shafts; Gad too kneeled somewhat, and the women realized that he was just trying to rub his thighs against their breasts and nipples. Dvora said, "The choice is up to you; the other will please herself by looking at the other." Noga replied, "Your favorite sexual fantasy is to have a couple of lovers suckling your breasts while making love, isn't it?

The Client Meeting

group candi_hotte 2018-09-19

Candi backed up a little and wiggled her ass, signaling to Bill that her cunt was aching for his dick.With that invitation, Bill slid his cock into her pussy and, after a few false starts, he and Alan got the rhythm down so that as Alan's cock left her mouth, Bill was impaling her snatch. After a few minutes of enjoying just part of his big penis, Candi slid her tight vagina all the way down his pleasure shaft as her ass finally met his groin and their skin touched for the first time since he entered her. Candi pushed her hips back with every stroke to meet the full thrust of Alan's cock and, the instant he reached around and touched her clit, she came hard again.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

group Softly 2018-09-19

That night, in the wee small hours, while still at flight level 3 8 0, sixty minutes out from O'Hare, Diane said. Diane took a job working for Wolzenburg Fine Gems, a wholesaler company located right here in Lake Forest. After the last meeting, but before dinner, George asked Diane to come to his room. Diane was pleased to note at dinner that the three men that she was to entertain were all attractive; guys who kept in shape, as executives are want to do. In this case, George Wolzenburg has blackmailed Susan, Grace, and I to perform sex acts with strange men, who are clients of the company." Susan looked at her husband.


The Photo Shoot

group ADirtyRottenScoundrel 2018-09-19

She was picture perfect with my cock in her pussy and her hands spreading her ass, showing her waiting hole. Bree took my cock from her mouth and went down between Jamie's legs. Jamie was screaming out and I watched as her legs clamped around Bree's head and her hands squeezed her tits. Bree lifted off Jamie's pussy and looked back to watch me fuck her. I slid my cock into her mouth for her to lick and suck the taste of Bree's pussy off me. Jamie lifted her head, not wanting to wait another second and took Bree's pussy in her mouth. She opened her mouth and dragged her tongue up from Jamie's ass to her clit, collecting the dripping cum from her pussy.


Fondest Wish Ch. 02

group velvetpie 2018-09-19

As her tongue lazily traced the rim, Donovan knelt at Kara's feet and ran his hands up her legs, enjoying the feel of her solid, warm flesh beneath the thin material of her skirt. Donovan leaned up and gave the bud a hard suck, causing Amalie to gasp and languidly sucked on one of Kara's fingers before returning to his job of removing her shirt. Just as she reached the edge, Amalie nodded to her man and her hand curved, three fingers slipping effortlessly into Kara's cunt while Donovan's thick finger completely buried itself in her ass hole. Her legs quivered and gave way and Donovan gently lowered her onto his girlfriend's body, watching with a wry smile as Amalie claimed her mouth, her fingers still moving inside Kara's pulsing cunt.


Swinging for Beginners

group Whitesocks 2018-09-19

I laughed and said, "If God was going to strike down anyone for masturbating there wouldn't be any men left alive, and now I know that girls can also do it there wouldn't be any humans left at all." "Okay let's use the whole damn packet; so where do I put them?" She reached for my cock and squeezed it gently and said in a worried tone, "How long will it stay hard like that?" Then she said, "My mini is really wet and I'd like to touch myself but I can't do both things at the same time. When guys masturbate we imagine a sexy situation like touching a girl's tits or something.


Giving Yourself

group pahwhubby 2018-09-19

I don't think you should mention it to Kevin." Patricia is the love of my life, and while she looks like a real California babe, her Chinese heritage shows through in some of the oddest ways. This was a little more touchy...I didn't want Kevin to think I was snooping, but I did need to find Patricia. Don't want to tear this sweet piece." Patricia had switched back to her mewing noise and was rocking her hips, eager to get that beautiful black cock in her. Darryl was thrusting faster now, and Kevin's cum was being forced from Patricia's pussy, making a frothy lube for that huge cock. Take him all in." Lisa took Kevin's now engorged cock and gently pulled him to Patricia's mouth.


Over Developed by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-09-19

"Come now ladies," Roni admonished, "let's get on with it!" With their heads hung down the women slowly began taking off their skirt, dresses, and slacks before sliding panties down and over their hips. Mary's protruded a good inch past her gaping lips, but she was no match for a cute little red head who had a clit that must have been two inches long! Mary was close to having her second cum in a matter of only several minutes, but she certainly wasn't alone as the rest of the class paired off and began taking turns feeding on each others overly developed clits!

Is That You, Sarah? Ch. 03

group SlipLuvver 2018-09-19

"You could always come round to my flat for one, I live fairly close," said Kevin, looking at Paula. He couldn't see her in the phone box due to a bus shelter which had been erected in his view so did not know what she actually looked like or what age group she was in. "Alright then, you've twisted my arm, I just need to radio in to the station to let them know I'm taking a break," said the Traffic Warden. Paula went through into the kitchen to make the coffee, leaving Kevin and Tracey in the lounge. "Just that it's a shame that a nice slender body like yours has to be wrapped up in such a frumpy looking uniform!" said Kevin without thinking.


The Babysitter

group regalsub 2018-09-19

Miss Jenny and Brent let me have gum and a candy cane!" Cat's son, a 5-year-old reason for grey hair, seemed to not breathe through his speech. "I know, honey." Setting her bags on the counter, Cat pushed her curly hair out of her eyes and smiled slightly at Jenny, her babysitter, who sat at the kitchen table. "How did you know you wanted to be submissive?" Jenny seemed a little hesitant to ask this question, leading Cat to the conclusion that Jenny felt turned on by the concept of submitting. And he calls me-" Jenny watched Cat lean even closer- "names like bitch or cunt or slut.


My Best Bed Buddy

group MoonlightGoddess 2018-09-19

I knew that I was also a friend who would put a little bit of crushed sleeping pills in her food and tea to help her to relax. When I thought she was almost asleep, I got on the bed with her and started to slowly undress her. He laid on his back as I sat on his face and spread my legs so my cum would drip into his waiting mouth. When his tongue entered me, I looked at Lisa on the bed. At last, I reached his hard, wet cock that could not wait for me any longer. I knew he was going to explode and fill me with his cum soon by the look on his face.

College friends.....true story!

group kwitoil 2018-09-19

Kathy asked what the hurry was, and said I should come in for a night cap. After a few minutes, she looked back over her shoulder and asked her husband if she could suck my cock. James came over and took the camera from me, and sat on the sofa filming us. She and I laid on the floor as James got up to get us all another beer. Kathy then downed the last part of her beer very quickly, and stood up in front of me and James. James looked at me and told me to get ready for a long, sex filled evening. After a few minutes of this, Kathy stood up and told James to lay on his back.


group Brockleigh 2018-09-19

"You know," I said with a soft grin, "I think I'll take you up on that." With that, Roxanne headed back to her cabin and left me on the porch to enjoy the rest of my beer. Every now and then I'd look over at Roxanne's gorgeous features, remembering what Scott had said about her and felt a little stirring of arousal. "I know," she said, "look..." I turned my gaze back to Scott and saw him smiling again, squeezing his member through his pants, his head cocked slightly and in obvious enjoyment of the scene before him. "He likes to watch," Roxanne continued, "It's alright, Brock." With that, she turned her head and nibbled on my ear, making me moan a little again.


Ginger Slut Sophie

group vegas719 2018-09-19

As I continued to kiss Jon with mark still fingering my pussy which was so wet it was unbelievable, someone took my hold of my hand and moved it, it was placed on the outside of some trousers and I could instantly feel a nice hard bulge. As I got home I went upstairs James was asl**p in bed, I took a quick shower to clean myself up and climbed into bed, James stirred turn over asked if I had enjoyed myself, I said yes baby I had a great night, gave him a kiss and rolled over with a smile on my face remembering just how good the night had been, and how now I had a taste for cock I wanted more and more, I knew where I was going to get the next large cock.

Out for a run part 12

group 2018-09-19

Out I went, it continued to rain hard, but it felt great on my body – the mud under my feet, and rain running down my hair, dripping off my nose, I got maybe 100 feet up the trail and turned to see if I could still see my car, it was gone, blocked out by the rain, I went up the trail further and was having a wonderful time playing in the rain. As I approached the parking area I was pretty muddy, but it was than that I saw the park ranger shinning a light into my car, before I had a chance to duck for cover, the light was shinned up at me – standing there butt ass naked, a 51 year old women in all her glory – muddy legs and butt, hairy old pussy, and rain running off my 36 D breasts.

Green Eyes Paralysis Ch. 04

group dannes87 2018-09-19

Craig continued peeling Jamie's shirt off until it ended up on the floor, and he lifted her skirt up to expose swollen, moist pussy lips. Grinning, Jamie slid onto the dining table, opened her legs enough, spread her pussy lips with two fingers, momentarily rubbed her clit with another finger, and gave the twins an inviting look. Christian spread Jamie's pussy with two fingers, exposing her clit and moist opening. Craig felt Jamie's breathing labor even more and become quicker as she neared her orgasm because of Christian's assault on her clit. Bracing herself on the table with one hand, Jamie reached over and pulled down Craig's boxer briefs, revealing his erection. Christian assaulted Jamie's clit as Craig silenced her with his lips and tongue.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 91

group SteveWallace 2018-09-19

They want two million dollars in small bills delivered at five this afternoon at Pirate's Point, and of course they don't want the police involved. Cindy and I each picked up our bags of money, hefted them with difficulty onto into our arms, and started to trudge back towards the parking lot where only our Jeep stood. Of course, we were also wired for sound, so Captain Huston and Lucas along with a bevy of other police knew exactly what was going on at the scene by what we'd said. As he picked up the bag and started to move with his companion towards the boat, I said a little poem in a loud voice so Cindy could hear me:


The Cleaners

group hseclnr 2018-09-19

Graziella motioned for Fernando to kneel in front of me, which he did, and immediately took the full length of my cock in his mouth (It occurred to me that he had done this before, maybe a few time?). "I have made this worth it for you?" I thrust my assent into her as hard as I could a few times, with a smile on my face, and then rested a moment, moving just gently as the warmth and flowing wetness of her surrounded my very happy cock. We have had times where they start the day as above, we shower and I go to work, and when they are done cleaning, she will come out to my office and suck me off, or ask me to do her against the desk.

Leaving the Navy

group Scorpio44 2018-09-19

As I got comfortable I thought about the odds that Janice would be knocking on my truck in an hour or so. When I heard Janice telling Katy about what you said I got wet. When Donna calmed down a little she pulled the pillow away and took my cock in her mouth. When I put my hands on her head she said, "I've got to go back to my campsite. As I walked back to my truck I looked at Donna and she still had her arms open as I drove off, waving. As soon as dinner was on the plates Mark said, "Tell us a story, Mr Nick." Both Moms and Jim got busy cleaning up and then getting all the little one's ready for bed.


Sister's Gang: Bang Show

group Rock.......... 2018-09-19

I love fucking almost as mush as having my cock suck by you, Ram told. Pahle sanjay bed par let gaya phir meri bahan us ke ooper baith gayee aur uska Lund apni Choot ke anhar le liya. Phir bhi maine apna Lund ka topa uski Choot ke ched par rakh diya aur thoda sa andar ko push karne ki koshish ki. Isliye maine apni bahan ko thoda thoda dard dene ki bajay ek hi bar me par karne ki sochi aur uski kamar ko apne dono hathon se pakad kar ek hi bar zor ka jhtka diya aur apna pura Lund Sangeeta ki Choot me dal diya. Maine aur sanjay takriban 5 minute tak ushi position me rahe taki Sangeeta apne ko adjust kar le.


group nighttimestories 2018-09-19

She held my head between her hands, looked me square in the eyes, and said, "Fuck me Tony. Leslie then suddenly let loose of my cock with her mouth and turned her head. She was moaning on Sean's cock as Rick continued his tongue-lashing of her pussy. Leslie then turned again and sucked Rod's fat cock into her mouth. He got on his knees and began massaging her clit as Rick's cock fucked her pussy. Leslie let Jim's cock fall from her mouth and moaned, "Oh Fuck!" Sean got under Leslie and began sucking on her nipples as they swung below her body. Paul got on his knees next to me and Leslie switched to suck his cock.


Fancy Dress (Fuck) Party..

group naughtydarksecret 2018-09-19

i locked the door and Sue was stood there cum soaked pussy and ass, i told her to get on the desk as i got my 6 inch cock out and fucked her stretched black hole, it felt so good fucking it full of cum, i pulled mine out and cum on her pubes, i made my way down on her and i licked her pussy lips i could taste the lads on her it was so good, Sue held my hair and pulled me towards her so i was face planted right into her pussy i was cleaning her up good.


swinger couple used an asian prostitute for a 3som

group asiaNaughty 2018-09-19

My hubby was kissing her deep, sometime looking at me in the eyes while his tongue was in the mouth of this girl, his hard dick touched by her, his hand grabbing her boobs.. Then she go down and start to suck him… After few seconds my hubby asked me to join them: he love to get a two heads blowjob, and specially see me kissing another girl and sucking his dick same time, mixing both tongues around his hard dick… I was just next to them and as the hooker put my husband dick in her mouth going up and down in her throat, my husband was looking at me, his eyes full his love and excitement.

Private Party

group salukidawg 2018-09-19

As she continued to work on me, James pulled out his own hard cock and began to masturbate. At this new sensation, Renee's eyes flew open and she pulled her head up to see what was happening. I quickly grabbed both sides of Renee's head before she could release me and pulled her mouth back fully onto me. Sensing what was then happening, Renee moaned around my cock as James pushed into her from the rear. She started getting into a steady rhythm then: pushing herself forward onto my cock, and then backward onto James, who really grabbed her hips then in order to hang on and keep up.