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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sucker for Mom Chapter 5

group varunpal89 2018-09-19

horny bitch can resist a big cock like this fucker!" the strong towering man growled, still rubbing his cock against Sheila's face. Sheila opened her mouth reluctantly and let the horny man push his the head of the man's bulging hot cock. "I gotta get my cock up this bitch's twat!" the rough muscular man Sheila couldn't see the man's enormously thick cock between her sucked in her breath when she felt the man shove his hard-on all the way her throat grasping at the other man's hard cock, could feel herself Sheila tried to hold her breath when she felt the man's huge cock Sheila suddenly felt a hot shot of cum splatter against the back of her

The Submissive Waitress

group miffy 2018-09-19

As you feel my orgasm beginning to build you alternate between my wet cunt and my tight arse knowing that all I want to do is cum when you do that. You handcuff my wrists to the back of the chair and lean over me ensuring I can feel your hot hard cock against my back, you push my legs apart as far as possible and open the lips of my cunt. I close my eyes beginning to enjoy my wetness against the fabric of the chair and when I open them you are on your knees, Jacks almighty hard-on being slammed into your willing mouth. Jack comes round behind me and I feel his fingers and tongue on my pussy, wiping and licking my juices up to my arse.

Bridesmaid Fun

group WayneGibbous 2018-09-19

Around ten, hubby, John, came up to me and said he was headed home and for me to enjoy the evening any way I want so long as I tell him all about it. There were hands and mouths everywhere, kissing me, feeling me, the front of my dress pulled down, hands all over my boobs, a hand up under my dress with two fingers rubbing my wet pussy, my thong pulled aside as I grasped at the lovely bulges their cocks were making. I had my hands on Justin's and Dale's cocks as Paul began fucking me slow and deep, pushing in at the bottom, then taking little strokes before he pulled back taking his cock right out to the tip, then pressing back in through my labia each time.

The Girls

group 2018-09-19

The men pulled their big hard cocks out of their briefs and as the girls did their bump and grind they were sucking on tits and fingering pussies. The men were eating pussy and finger fucking and sucking on tits as the girls sucked cock from one guy to the next. The dark skinned men had big huge cocks and loved pushing them deep in the girls mouths and throats. Two men were sucking a gals big nipples as the third man was fucking her ass. The prince grabbed Sasha and began to suck and rub her big tits. He had a long thick cock and he filled Sasha's cunt with it before he began to fuck her hard.

The Games People Play Ch. 02

group tonyl65 2018-09-19

Just thinking of you holding Tom's cock in your hand makes me want to cum." Jo kissed his chest before she turned, dropped her pants, and flashed him her gorgeous ass. "Come on Tom let's go hit the hot water and watch the skiers fall on their asses." Now suck my tit!" Jo pushed Tom's mouth against her hard nipple and held his head until she felt his mouth open up and seal itself against her skin. Tom felt a hand wrap around the shaft of his cock, holding it still, as Jo worked her pussy onto his member. Mike reached around Tom's ass and pulled the fucking duo into him nearly lifting them out of the water.


Pictures for Marie Ch. 02

group xlandsg 2018-09-19

Fiona still has your hair pulled tight at the back of your head and she leans in close as you bob up and down on my cock, "Yeah, suck it you little bitch. I am lost in the wild abandon of the fuck as I feel your probing fingers enter me; I tense up and slam my cock into Fiona hard. She pulls you off of her tit by your hair and says, "Get down there bitch, take his fucking load like the little cum-rag you are." I stagger back from Fiona's outstretched legs and you sit up on your knees on the table, dripping cum and looking down at your girlfriend for approval.

Nan Lesson 2

group OneWhoKnows 2018-09-19

Paul said, "I'm going to help you both relax, before we get started." He mixed a double shot screwdriver for Nan, and a single shot one for Susie, being careful to hand the right drink to each of them. Paul whispered, "Nan, I'm going to slowly put my cock in your pussy now. Everyone was tired enough that they could have just gone to sleep, but Paul thought that if this was a one night only thing, he wanted to fuck Nan one more time! Susie was kissing her deep and long, making it hard for Nan to get her breath. Nan gathered her thoughts, "Susie, thank you for waking the sleeping, sex starved girl in me last weekend, and for letting Paul be my first.

Since My Wife's Sis Moved to Town Ch. 02

group gamemanx 2018-09-19

While working on Pam's holes I hear you moaning and sneak a peek just in time to see Paul's friend Jim pull his dick out and start jacking off on your face, rope after rope splattered your beautiful face. Pam said, " I want all 3 of you at once, of course!" She then stood up from the lounger and said, "Paul lie down on your back, Rusty, you got my ass lubed up, so you fuck my ass and Jim I want that big dick of yours in my mouth for now." She was bouncing up and down on Paul and managing to take my dick in her ass and still keep sucking on Jim. Pam was starting to pant and moan, faster and faster, and the 3 of us tried to keep up.

The Fall of James Ch. 2

group Angel.Boi 2018-09-19

As the man kept fucking James, the whole bed moving with every powerful thrust, the other boys quickly shot their loads all over James’ face, and then moving so others could do the same, splattering him with even more of their cum. The endurance of the man fucking him was incredible, three sets of men cummed on his face before he heard the man start grunting, then the man gripped harder and thrust his cock all the way into James’ ass, unleashing burst after burst of his thick cum deep inside… and as he did James moaned, out the sudden release inside him, the feeling of being used, the whole situation finally caught up with him and he had a shattering orgasm, Cumming all over the pillows beneath him.

Admitting My Secret Ch. 02

group bi_hengst 2018-09-19

The other three guys shifted down so my hands could still touch their hard cocks and the guy with the drooling six inch dick rubbed his meat across my waiting lips. "Yes master, I want it bad," I groaned as the guy continued to tease me by rubbing the slick head of his cock against my waiting asshole. Julie continued to tape the gangbang as I lay on my back in the well lit dungeon of my new master with a cock in my ass, one in each hand and another in my mouth. I moaned around six inches of hot throbbing cock as another beautiful dick relentlessly fucked my ass.

Married Not Dead

group DaddysGrl 2018-09-19

She knew Leo. He and his wife Christy had been to their house several times and was quite good friends with her husband. I think it would help you in the long run make a good decision about your relationship with Stan." Leo pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. "I'm not sure if that is a good idea Leo. I would really like to collect my thoughts first before I see Stan." Sally still had Leo's cock inside of her pussy and Stan came up behind Sally and slid his cock, which was still wet from Christy pussy juices inside of his wife's ass. Sally leaned down and slipped her tongue into Leo's mouth massaging his with hers tasting Christy's juices.

Returning Home to Hedo

group mrgump 2018-09-19

I don't know how many times I walked up to the hot tub to find you sitting on John's lap playing with his hair, or Rob sneaking up behind you fondling your chest. His hands casually roam your body while you dare Kriss to kiss Jen. After they kiss you stand and move to Aaron planting yourself firmly onto his lap. Lowering yourself onto his lap you feel the tip of is beautiful cock touch your lips, you do everything you can to slide him inside your wanting pussy but you can't make it happen without being completely obvious. For several minutes I watch on, slowly stroking my own cock as you and Anna caress each others bodies and softly kiss.

Chris Jones: Pledgemaster Ch. 02

group PhoenixLord 2018-09-19

Two guys were selected from the group, Adam and Nick, to be put on all fours as the rest of us grouped around them, putting our dicks in range of their asses and mouths to be sucked and fucked, all the while switching between kissing and touching our fellows, to stealing glimpses of the three girls who had moved into a three way triangular pussy licking position. Around eight minutes into our circle blowjob, Adam and Nick were replaced with Anthony and Ox, then about eight minutes after that, I had a turn with Jeff, all the while our girls had moved from sucking each other's pussies to sitting back, Natalie in the middle, Kelly on her left and Zoe on her right, with their legs spread and rubbing each other's clits and tits, while kissing each other.

Sharing a Moment

group JoeDreamer 2018-09-19

"Dinner was a delicious Tony, thank you," Becky said with a pronounced English accent. "We could have some fun with him, Becky," Jasmine said with grin. Jasmine was smiling and Becky laughing as they came out. Jasmine and I looked at each other and quickly joined Becky. Becky and Jasmine changed in their room and took turns using the bathroom. "Goodnight Tony," Jasmine said as she stood and gave me a hug. Of course, the sheep quickly turned into images of Becky and Jasmine in my imagination. "Tony, I haven't sucked a cock in a long time," Jasmine hinted between moans. Jasmine went back to licking Becky's ass while I used my tongue on her clit.


Sorority Gangbang Pt. 03

group SexyDaemon 2018-09-19

The girl instantly smacks my ass, hard, and says, "Keep moving, slut." I continue to crawl across the floor, when the girl pushes the plug in deeper. I writhe in pleasure as the girl with the jelly starts to stick more and more into my mouth. The pleasure starts to become so intense, with my dick and ass vibrating. The girls take the plug out of my ass, and one starts to finger me, rubbing my prostate. The sound rod keeps me from getting an erection, but I can feel the pressure from my prostate starting to build. I begin moaning with pleasure, feeling the vibrations run from my prostate to the tip of my dick.

Camilla Ch. 103

group MawrGorshin 2018-09-19

Three young men--grade twelve students about to graduate from a nearby high school--were also waiting nearby for Camilla, since they were as fascinated with Eros' hot 'Goth-looking' mom as he was. "We tried to terrorize Pierce and Michael, but like your dad, they got too powerful, with strong psychic barriers," added Camilla's first ass-fucker. This second trio of men all came in her mouth, pussy, and ass, and she again hoped to absorb their psychic power. "When the Vancouver punks fought Williams, Burgess, and your other gang-banger teachers, the punches they exchanged passed their blood on to each other in their cuts and bruises," that familiar voice said, from the man who'd fucked her ass.


Naughty at School Ch. 02

group ECHoney 2018-09-19

I grabbed the younger mans cock and started sucking and jerking him off. Older Janitor "No I don't want you to suck my cock." Vicki "Mind if I ask why you didn't want me to suck your cock for you?" Older Janitor "I'm not into having someone watch me while I'm getting me cock sucked." Older Janitor as he rubbed his crotch staring at my ass "I don't want you to suck my cock. He would fuck me hard then hold his cock deep inside me and grind it there and I would squeeze my pussy down tight onto him. Vicki "Oh yes Daddy fuck your little girl good I want it so bad."

It Was A Nice Party Ch. 03

group Teachgirl_Menderman 2018-09-19

I was laying between them in their king sized bed with Elaine's tanned back facing me and Richard's hand resting on my hip inches away from my well satisfied pussy. Putting on a thick fluffy terry robe I headed off to the kitchen to start making some breakfast as I was sure Richard and Elaine would be feeling as famished as I felt now, and also that we would be needing plenty of energy for the rest of the day!!!! As I placed down her coffee I felt her left hand touch the back of my right knee and run slowly up my leg. I felt her pull out of my pussy slowly and then touch my clit with her wet finger.


Fun In The Woods

group Matt&Suz 2018-09-19

Matthew asked Suzanne if she would remove her top and shorts, and she quickly did. He was bent over fingering her wet pussy and nibbling on her throbbing clit, when he felt her warm mouth engulf the head of his cock. Suzanne slipped out of her soaking wet panties and just lay there looking into his eyes. Matthew was startled and looked at Suzanne, but she was calm and just waived at the photographer. She looked the photographer in the eyes, smiled, and dropped to her knees to kiss the head of his hard penis. Matthew just rubbed her back as she began to take the man's cock deeper into her mouth. Suzanne looked at Matthew with frustration in her eyes.

The Houseboat Incident Ch. 05

group heatherheathen 2018-09-18

Leaning forward she placed her elbow on my stomach and starting rubbing my clit in unison with Tommy's finger fucking. Both of their eyes mesmerized on my pussy, Kali was smiling and Tommy's face was serious, Kali looked up for a quick moment making eye contact with me right before my mouth burst open moaning as my head slammed back my eyes clamped shut. My tongue entered Kali's wet slit I fucked her with my tongue a few times forcing her to moan before I slid my tongue upwards parting her engorged pussy lips. Kali sat up suddenly letting out a loud moan as she fell back she grabbed my hair pulling my face harder into her pussy.

A Great College Memory

group Dylan800B 2018-09-18

When the hands were taken from my eyes, I could begin to make out the forms of Robyn, and what now appeared to be her roommate Alison. Robyn leaned back and Alison positioned herself in between her legs, and began to kiss slowly up her thighs, working her way toward my girlfriends newly shaved pussy. They laid me down on their bed, and Robyn proceeded to climb aboard my cock and begin slowly riding me, while Alison placed her also recently shaved pussy a few inches from my lips, and facing Robyn, began to kiss her, while they towered above me.

Week Alone With Old Man Pt. 3

group bigdong6969 2018-09-18

After a few minutes of this, Diane stood up and took off her pants and panties and got back down on her knees and continued to suck me and tit fuck me. Henry then got behind her and started fucking her from behind as she sucked my cock. After I made her cum afew time by licking her pussy, she asked to watch Henry and I play for abit. It wasn't long before Henry crawled over my face as he slid his cock into Diane's pussy and started fucking her. She then fell off my and laid back down on the bed as Henry buried his face in her pussy to eat out my hot load of cum!

The Visitor Ch. 04

group phillyinjun 2018-09-18

Nombi knelt beside Thulani, kissing her breasts, and then pulled at Mark's hand, his fingers glistening with cum. She then gently pushed the back of his head, and with a sharp breath, he felt Ngwane's cock enter his mouth, hot and slick with Nombi's juices. He felt Nombi fall away gently to his side, and he almost choked at the sight of the two women looking at him - Thulani, eyes heavily lidded with lust, was lying on the mat and watching him suck Ngwane's cock. With a quickness that surprised himself, Mark grabbed Ngwane's cock at the base, and held it tightly as he scrambled over to Thulani, positioning himself over her mouth, his own cock, hard and throbbing with pleasure inviting her tongue.

Staff Night out part 1

group 2018-09-18

There were a crowd of people waiting for taxi's near the entrance, she was stood a little way off looking amazing.She was wearing a strapless black dress, the main reasion her tits had been on show so often. I was exploring her pussy now and god was she wet!I slipped my hand inbetween her legs and stroked her pussy lips, enjoying her moan in my ear as I sucked her other nipple.She was rubbing me furiously now and I didn't think I'd last long like that.'Stand up,' she said as I did so my cock came out of my pants one guy was on her tits, one was working on her cunt and one was getting a hand job.She had a free hand so I decieded to fill it, I went over and guided her hand to my cock.