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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The First of Many Ch. 08

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-29

I had noticed that Ree seemed to be paying particular attention to the couple who were swimming in the pool, and sort of hanging out near the deep end, so when she said, "Baby, why don't we hit the pool for a little bit and do some laps?" I wasn't terribly surprised. Casually turning to look over my shoulder, I could see Ree and Joy were now very close to each other, each holding on to the end of the pool with one hand, their other hand beneath the water. Suddenly, Joy leaned into Ree and gave her a kiss on the lips, and looking over towards Stan and I, asked if we'd like to come back to their room for a while and if we're interested, they had some smoke to share.

Bisexual Black Cops

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

I don't know where this girl learned to suck dick but she was pretty damn good. Hilda sucked my cock and balls like no one has before. I let him suck my dick and later rewarded him by shoving my cock up his ass for a few nights. Man, the feeling of a woman's tight ass around my dick felt so good, I almost shot off right away. Hilda pressed her big butt against me and I began thrusting into her, shoving my dick deep into her asshole. Hilda whispered some sweet words in German to me as she fucked my ass with her dildo. He sucked my dick in the men's bathroom and I repaid him for the fucking he gave me the other day by burying my dick up his fantastic Latin ass.


group AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-29

Darren enjoyed several minutes of probing by Clare's moist, warm tongue before sending her off to get ready with a slap on the ass and a warning to be sure that there was no sign of any hair below shoulder level. The arrangement had been agreed at the snooker club when Darren had been drinking and was boasting that Clare had his dick in her mouth or her tongue up his ass so often that she would always know him even if she couldn't see. Instead of letting Susan work her mouth and tongue on him any more, the guy took hold of her head and f***ed his prick full length into her throat. Darren imagined his prick in Susan's perfect ass as Clare licked him clean and he gave way to number two.

How My Plan of Tricking My Wife Backfired!

group tcg 2018-11-29

"C'mon honey, aren't you even the slightest bit curious of what it would be like to fuck another man?" Jason asked his wife Christine. Christine finally emerged from the bathroom and climbed on the bed and resumed sucking Jason's cock. Brandon removed his cock from Christine's pussy and placed a finger in her ass. Tyler withdrew his head and Brandon went around to the side of the bed near Christine's head and pulled it toward his cock. Brandon kept fucking her pussy and reached his had down to Christine's ass and inserted his middle finger. "I am going to cum too" Brandon said as he climbed out from under Christine and took his place beside Tyler.

Big Girls Have Tight Assholes

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

Watching Elisa and Lydia wrestle was a lot of fun and got my cock hard as hell. The big black woman spread my ass cheeks and began fingering my ass while I thrust my cock into her girlfriend's booty hole. Elisa slid her fingers into my asshole and sucked my cock at the same time. Elisa slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass and Lydia got her pussy off my face. While I fucked Elisa in the ass, I saw Lydia strapping on the dildo. I thrust my cock into the forbidden depths of Elisa's asshole while Lydia rammed the dildo down her throat. I fucked Elisa's asshole, loving the feel of the big black woman's asshole around my cock.

The Snow Queen

group Annie_S 2018-11-29

Nadine turned her head and saw her friend eyeing up an African guy across the bar. Nadine saw her friend walk determinedly towards the guy, who was dressed up as a black knight. Just great, she thought, as she ordered another kir royal and watched from a distance, how her used-to-be-lesbian friend lured the guy in. 'Do you think your friend minds if I watch, too?' He stepped closer and as if he was trying to hide behind Nadine, he glanced over her shoulder. When she looked again, Katja was facing the wall, both of her hands high up, resting against the bricks of the wall, her pussy stretched obscenely by the giant sword of her knight.

We Met On A Plane - Part 5

group Billfrank1955 2018-11-29

“Okay,” Joan said, “all day long all I could think about was rubbing on you and getting your cock inside me. I saw Maddy spreading her soaking lips and finger her clit over the sight of Joan's busy hand. I moved one hand under Joan's leg and slowly inserted a finger in her dripping pussy. Maddy’s hands rose off the bed, but instead of going to her breasts, she reached behind Joan and pulled her down until their nipples touched. The instructions said to let the dildo set overnight before using it, so Joan set it on the night table and took matters into her own hands. Maddy gave me a passionate kiss as Joan took the locks off the door.

A Day at the Lake

group Fun512play 2018-11-29

As your apply the tanning lotion, you watch as your friend's slippery hands glide across her body caressing the glistening oil into her thighs, her belly and up her chest. Your friend removes her bottoms as well as you kiss each other deeply, your tongues exploring each other, your breasts pressing together as your slippery bodies draw close together. You slide up into the bow of the boat and push her head hard into your pussy as you grind against her mouth. They begin stroking their stiff cocks as they watch you two sexy girls getting off. Soon you're both bouncing and grinding side by side on our cocks, both of your tits bouncing, glistening with sweat in the bright sun.

Beach Time Means Sex

group Ping 2018-11-29

I grabbed his hard, fat cock, trying my best to wrap my fingers around its girth, and rubbed its purple head along Daria's smooth slit. Daria's moans turned into light yelping as the boy hard fucked her, as he had when he first started. When I told them I was about to cum, poor Daria took the brunt of his thrusts as he nearly fucked her arms and legs out of their sockets, pounding her into orgasmic submission. He had not yet cum and as he gripped my hips, I felt Daria's fingers spread my lips as his cock began to split me open. As that amazing head opened me wide, I felt Daria's hand against my mound, preventing anymore teen monster cock from entering. 

Holidays at the Farm Part 3

group frogprince 2018-11-29

After she caught us together naked, she kissed me on the lips, probed my mouth with her tongue and grabbed my ass tightly with her hands. "If Ken and you don’t mind, I would like to watch Sarah's mom, Ken and you have an orgy fucking, sucking and licking. I sure would like to see mom and Elaine going at it with Ken," Sarah’s dad said excitedly. Elaine had a look on her face that was surprise, as Sarah's mom fingered her pussy. I put my hand down on Sarah’s mom’s pussy and shoved my cock in her ass, all the way in on one hard fast ram. My cock was rock hard and Elaine pushed juice out of her pussy lips.

Educating Brittany Chapter 4

group SeanR83 2018-11-29

As the girls made out I lay forward over their kissing heads and slammed my cock into Brittany’s tight hole. I Pulled my cock out just as the orgasm overtook her, she pushed Alisa away, bringing her knees up to her chest and groaning. I could feel her body start to shake so I told Brittany to finger Alisa’s pussy roughly. I pulled Alisa as close to me as possible, our bodies pressed to one another as my cock moved in and out of her ass as fast as possible. The girls kissed passionately, both groaning into each other’s mouth as my cock slid easily in and out of that tight ass. Brittany, in turn, pushed me away and I pulled my cock from her ass.

Black Cuckolding Reigns Supreme

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

"Fuck me, big daddy, let's show Darnell the punk how a real man handles a woman," I squealed to Ray Lebrun, who laughed and then thrust into me, burying his dick deep inside my already wet cunt. "Darnell, get your ass over here and lick Ray Lebrun's cum out of my pussy like a good cuckold," I said as harshly as I could, snapping my fingers for emphasis. "Darnell, you can stop now, you've been such a good cuckold I've got a reward for you," I said, and a smiling Darnell looked up, his mouth still wet from my pussy juices and Ray's cum. I fingered my cunt and watched as Ray stroked the back of Darnell's head while the young brother sucked his dick.

he was not expecting this

group kinkitten 2018-11-29

Jeff's eyes were wide as he saw that I was literally fondling his wife, my hand rubbing her pubic bone slowly. Jeff needed nothing more, he got up and was quickly sitting next to me pulling her hand to his lap. My hands immediately went to her hair- drawing her closer to me, while Jeff was pushing his big cock into her tight slit. I was immediately pushed on my back; before I knew it Jeff was entering me while his beautiful wife's pussy was hovering over my mouth. We both got closer to him and started licking his cock, our tongues meeting over his shaft, our hands massaging his balls and thighs.

Unexpected Foursome

group baranbrat 2018-11-29

I pulled out of Darlene's mouth, she moaned in protest, but I wanted Kathy sucking on my cock. Kathy's long hair floated on the surface of the water as she sucked on Cathy's tits. Cathy invited Darlene and Kathy into the bedroom telling them I had brought her a commercial hair dryer and they all went in., leaving me alone in the living room, but not for long. Cathy got down on her knees and spread Darlene's legs and put them on the dryer chair legs and began kissing her knees and moved up to her inner thighs and when she got to Darlene's pussy, Darlene pulled Cathy's towel off her head and dug her fingers into Cathy's wet locks and moaned.


First Huge Cock Suck Chapter 1

group sej5994 2018-11-29

He stopped kissing me and looked me deeply in the eyes and said "Now don't you think you should have helped me cum too sweetie." I was like in a dream as the three of them surrounded me and lead/pushed me to a room at the back end of the hallway. One of the guys was stroking it as it headed for my mouth and he said "look it here and nice big one for you boy, see if you can suck this one all the way down you throat". In a short matter of time here I was sucking a huge uncut cock and stroking two others with both hands.

Black On Black Pegging Rules!

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

I simply love fucking young Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Like a lot of young Black men living in North America, Saul thinks mature Black women are easy. I smack his hairy Black man's ass as I thrust the dildo deeper into his asshole. I want him to know what it's like to get fucked in the ass by a woman. I think a website featuring Black women dominating Black men sexually by slamming dildos up their butts would be a hot commodity in the world of online interracial porn today. I'm the kind of Black woman who gets all hot and bothered just thinking about a Black man with a fine ass.

Melissa Takes Two

group DarkSide 2018-11-29

I unconsciously wrapped my hand around it and started to pull on my cock watching her all the time. I looked at Greg and saw that he too was pumping his cock with his hand. I grasped her hips so that I could pull myself into her while Melissa was helping me out by pushing her arse back against me with every thrust of my cock. Melissa, had almost immediately turned around and urging Greg to fuck her hard. I could feel Greg fucking her hard from the other end of the sofa and I wished I could have lasted that long. Melissa finally lifted her head from my cock and started to gasp loudly.

Blurring The Lines

group castlequeen 2018-11-29

The trip is smooth in Jean and Marie's capable SUV, and the scenery is gorgeous and I have to stop and take pictures a few times, and of course at one stop, the inevitable snowball fight starts as Mark and I find ourselves overmatched by the wily native and her longtime Canadian husband. I begin sucking on her clit as hard as I can and she starts to buck a bit, and I know her orgasm isn't far off, especially as she confessed that fingering herself while giving head always results in a huge climax, so I figure having her pussy eaten so intensely while taking a cock in her beautiful mouth should be good for a solid screamer!

On my way to Paris, Part II

group Asiacat91 2018-11-29

The double orgasm I just experienced in the lavatory (one from my boss after he shot his load deep into me, followed almost immediately by the one from the flight attendant who licked me clean) should have been sufficient to make me sleepy. Even without the guiding hands of some other guys I knew what to do and obediently opened my mouth to lick his salty drops. But whenever I opened my mouth there would be either a dirty cock to clean, or one of the guys would scoop a bit cum from my belly and let me lick it. Many hands turned my cum covered body around and when I opened my eyes, I saw a huge naked man coming through the door.

Big Black Man On Campus

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

Stephen Voleur, a big and tall young black man I met in my Business Management class. Stephen was always hanging out with the jocks, that cabale of athletes who descended upon Bayden State College like the gods of Mount Olympus. I sat next to Samantha Villiers, a six-foot-tall, lean and athletic yet delightfully big-bottomed young black woman from the Isle of Dominica whom I had a crush on. And to add insult to injury, Samantha was grinning like an idiot whenever Stephen opened his stupid mouth and made a joke in class. Samantha licked Stephen's big balls while Malinda sucked on his dick head. When they were done sucking him off, Stephen grabbed Samantha and put the tall and beautiful black woman on her hands and knees.


Bisexual Male Erotica

group Samuelx 2018-11-29

I found myself wondering if tall, handsome and hard-working Thomas Anderson was more like me that I previously realized. If I'm not listening to some homophobic comments, then I've got to fend off amorous women like sergeant Susan Manchester. The fucking and sucking went on for another half hour before Albert came and pulled out of me. I sucked Albert's thick cock while fucking Rachel's pussy. I knew exactly how she felt, since I had felt the awesome power of Albert's big dick inside me not long ago. I'm not ready to come out as a bisexual man yet but I'm definitely not going to let them stop me from living my life any way I damn well choose to!


Alex's Houseboat Surprise

group DeliciousAlex 2018-11-28

“Now, get over here and ride my dick.” I throw my leg over Cameron, straddling him, and he shoves his massive cock in my sopping wet pussy in one quick, hard thrust. I open my mouth expectantly, and Hunter quickly fills it with his amazing hard cock. At almost the same time, I feel the dick in my cunt explode, splashing my velvet walls with hot cream - and the cock in my ass slides out as the new guy sprays my back with rope after rope of steaming hot cum. “You know I like to look in your eyes while I fuck your tight little ass,” he says, getting a good rhythm going.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 01

group sahebji 2018-11-28

'Yes sir, we are on our way' Mr. Swami said replacing the receiver, 'come Randhir let us go. He called three ladies and said, 'Randhir meet Mrs. Meera, Mrs. Neha and Mrs. Abida. One afternoon at lunchtime Meera said, 'Randhir you must be sick of eating the unhygienic rubbish the street vendors sell. One afternoon at lunch Meera said, 'Randhir I hear you are looking for a new place to stay'. Then as I lit a cigarette Meera said, 'Thank you Randhir I have not enjoyed a fuck so much in a long time'. Because of my hard work I have been promoted with a big raise, a lovely apartment and have got a choot to fuck'. 'Randhir did you like the room Meera showed you yesterday?' Neha asked.


A Proud Black Master

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

When she's not dominating men and women as only a strong Black woman can, Mistress Ebony is a Law student at the University of Montreal. Next, Mistress Mary knelt before me and sucked my long and thick Black cock while Mistress Ebony took out her strap-on dildo. Getting fucked by a sexy Black woman while a chubby White chick sucked my dick. And I did this by pounding my hard Black dick deep into Mistress Mary's cunt while silently provoking Mistress Ebony. I gripped Mistress Mary's wide hips and spanked her fat White booty while slamming my dick up her asshole. I fucked Mistress Mary's ass hard, making the fat White chick scream.