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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Promotion

group MountainLaurel 2018-09-18

Claire sat by the phone looking at Fred's card, thinking of the events of last weekend. First kissing, and then licking the outer cunt lips, Ruth deftly spread Claire's pussy open and began to softly lap the inner lips and clitoris. Claire was now lost in a world of lust; Ruth giving head while Fred took care of her upper body. When Claire's orgasm subsided, Ruth and Fred moved like a well-rehearsed machine. Without a word, Ruth got up off the floor and moved to the bed while Fred positioned himself between Claire's legs. Claire had never gone down on another woman, but she knew what she liked and figured that would work on Ruth.


On the Beach Ch. 11

group Turbidus 2018-09-18

"I don't feel like you're cheating on me," Ben starts but Meg hits in the chest again. They seem like a couple of kids playing at being grown up, though I know from the rental agreement that Meg is only a few years younger than me. I think it's Ben but Meg's voice is low and throaty. I imagined you were watching and I wanted you to know I could make love, I could fuck a woman as well as any man." Meg, you're afraid that Ben doesn't love you anymore, or at least doesn't feel the passion he once had for you anymore. Muriel moves her hand from Meg's face, rests it atop her waist as she dips her head.


Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 04

group Justtoold 2018-09-18

Al came into work a few days after Amy and April had set the date and told me that since the two girls had made arrangements for the second party that Amy was almost insatiable in the bedroom. Joe then piped up and said to both girls, "You two look pretty hot dressed like that, you should model those sexy bikinis again. April then giggled like little schoolgirl and added, "Amy and I are serious about this, and we would be happy to model our bikinis for you guys if you agreed to that." With the orgy/gangbangs happening, we soon found that although April and Amy only wanted them once a month, that their sexual appetite in between the parties was a lot higher than it had been before.


At the Theatre Ch. 02

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2018-09-18

In the bathroom, Sophie ran a quantity of warm water into the large tub, so that when Robert and I were seated facing each other, legs intertwined, the water just came halfway to the opening of my cunt. Robert had not intention of passing up his chance at Sophie, and soon his cock was pistoning in and out of her cunt, each forward stroke pushing Sophie's face and tongue hard into my pussy. You may try it as soon as you have finished where you are, but do not return thereafter." With that thought, Sophie turned her attention to my own ass, licking all around the rim and then up to my clitoris in long strokes, before penetrating my rectum easily with a finger slick with my juices.


Kelly's Adventures Ch. 03

group auraazura 2018-09-18

All in good time." Michael smiled as he looked out the window and watched Kelly drive away. "Here ya go, you glass was empty again," Michael said handing Adam another mixed drink. Adam took the drink out of Michael's hand and replied, "Sure, sounds great." "Oh, Adam, it looks like someone wants to come out and see the world," Kelly smiled at him. "Mmm, yeah, that's nice," she purred, then she moved down between his legs and took him into her mouth. "Mmm, you're a big boy aren't you," she said then began sucking Michael off faster. Just as Michael came in her mouth Adam began convulsing with his and Kelly peaked with his last plunge.

the gang

group 2018-09-18

Jae then rammed his nine inch cock in her mouth and pushed it all the way and held it while she gagged. Next Jim came to her with his larger cock and began to fuck her mouth, slapping her sore tits and telling her to suck him hard. Jae told them to gag her as he was going to fuck her pussy hard. For thirty minutes he fucked her hole with every inch of his cock as his two friends now were sucking and chewing her tits again. He loved seeing the asses he fucked stretched to the limits for his huge cock.

Traci's Diary: Week 01

group eroslit 2018-09-18

To the delight of Stefan and Petra, the man gave them a glass of water, which they shared and quickly emptied. He yelled something in his native tongue to an unseen person outside the window and a moment later a young man entered the cabin through the front door, closing it behind him. The man kissed Petra forcefully, then sucked her large breasts until the nipples rose involuntarily. Petra had no time to rest before the younger man was on the bed next to her. Petra was pushed nearly against the wall as he thrust his cock into her from behind, spilling his cum into her pussy and down her thighs. The girl's firm, round breasts dripped as she watched the man enter the Jacuzzi and squeeze between all the legs around him.


The Duck Hunters Ch. 02

group writer64 2018-09-18

I really had a thing for Kevin and we had connected rather well, but I also liked Mike too, so it was really great to be in the company of two sexy, good-looking guys. Kevin was driving and told me that he wanted me to suck his cock on the way. We got to the camp, and Kevin took my hand and told me we needed some time alone. I climaxed two more times before Jeff finally came, pulling out just as Mike had done and shooting his load on my ass. Now every fall when the weather turns cold, and see the those out-of-state license plates on trucks at the High Chap, I can only smile and remember the great time I had with Kevin and the guys.

The Adventures of Juggs (2011 02)

group brian358 2018-09-18

"There's a six month waiting list to eat here, even if it wasn't Valentine's Day," Tony tore his eyes away from Jenny for a few moments to admire the wonderfully decorated room. As it's Valentine's Day, I wanted to treat my wonderful boyfriend, Tony." She looked down at her staggeringly huge bust and thought of her kind and sweet boyfriend trapped within, unable to breathe and - just as importantly - unable to hear. "Can someone get me a glass or something?" Jenny asked, desperately, looking around her for something to store the guy's cum in. Jenny finally let her mouth slide off the guy's cock and was just about to swallow down the heavenly juice when she noticed the wine glass on the table.


Word of Mouth...

group sleepystudent 2018-09-18

I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs hoping that this wouldn't be super awkward, I wasn't looking for a girlfriend and I felt bad for this girl. She licked her lips and looked me in the eyes as she slid down onto her knees and taking my dick into her mouth. She whispered in my ear "Don't think you're getting out of here without giving me that big dick." She reached around and slid a finger in my mouth so I could taste the juices that were running down her leg. Nikki began biting my ear and moaning me into my ear "Mmmmm, fuck her baby." I could feel Kimmy heating up, practically screaming. I laid in bed as Kimmy got dressed, kissed Nikki on her cheek and made her way out.

Park Service Returns

group amatyourserviceII 2018-09-18

Cindy, Beth, Wendy, Elaine and Deb...and my wife. Mike stripped and my wife started to make out with him kissing and all sorts of body touch, she turned to face me and I could tell Mike's hard cock was riding between her ass cheeks. There I was helplessly watching Mike's cock slide in and out of my wife, my wife lowered herself and I took the hint to lick her clit, she was in orgasm heaven, I could smell sex right in my face, pussy juice and male scent. Beth was next, she spread her pregnant legs over me and lowered to my waiting tongue and incidentally she smeared Mike's cum all over her pussy trying to get settled in.

Party Happenings

group Un4givon2 2018-09-18

I loved the way his baggy jeans clung to his hips and the room it left for Frank's seven inch cock. We would be at a bar with his friends enjoying ourselves when things would get rowdy and Frank would whisper in my ear that so and so was looking up my skirt or that he saw me talking to Ms. so and so, and if I was hot for her. Frank and I thought it would be a good idea to have a small gathering to play cards, listen to music, and just party. My hands fell away as images of Kyle pounding my pussy flashed through my head. Didn't you like Kyle's large cock in your tight pussy?

Kelsey's World Ch. 18

group riverboy 2018-09-18

Richie seemed like a nice, safe boy to maybe have a friends-with-benefits thing with. Watching Abby's face was too much for Richie — he lifted her off his red-hot cock, grabbed it in his fist and blew like a geyser. "What does that mean?" Abby asked, lifting her head to look Richie in the eye. Richie had a vision of Austin's huge cock cleaving Abby's small body in half, and he wondered if she'd become a screamer like Charity. Think how far in her throat that must be!" She and Richie sat and watched, leaning against the wall next to Abby's bed. I couldn't be more different looking than her," Abby said, as her eyes drifted back to the laptop monitor.


Three Times Thankful

group LastBengalsFan 2018-09-18

Christa and I weren't tired yet, so we changed into a couple of my husband's t-shirts, removed the rest of our clothes except for our panties (I noticed she was wearing a thong like me) and sat down in front of the T.V. I'm very proud of the way I look, with a medium build and medium sized perky breasts, and have long, curly dark brown hair that goes past my shoulders. I couldn't help it, the sensation of Christa biting and sucking my throbbing nipples and my husband pounding his rock hard cock into my soft, sopping pussy caused me to violently come again.

Maid Gang Bang

group girlloverrekha 2018-09-18

Things were going Pretty Smooth until I realized 1 of my Friends Rakesh was missing when I went to find out what he was up to I realized that he was not in the loo and neither was he on the Balcony the only place I had not seen was in Chayyas room and when I went in there I saw something that gave me a Big Shock and a lot of Fun. I felt it was all done but I guess Chayya wanted more and she then pulled their Cocks up, bent real low and started to Suck their Testicles one by one and licked and kissed their Rectums.

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears's Secrets

group 2018-09-18

Britney moaned softly as Jamie kneaded the lovely boob and her other hand caressed her s****rs face. Jamie let out soft moans at Brit's touch, as she reached down and played a bit rougher with Britney's jiggling tits. Britney went back to showing love to Jamie Lynn's belly, lathering it up with soap as she stood behind her and kissed her neck. Sliding a finger inside of her, Jamie went back and forth licking Britney's asshole and her pussy. Jamie was relentless, sliding a third finger in her and sucking on her pussy harder, wanting so bad to return the favor to her big s****r. Britney being the big s****r helped Jamie out of the shower not wanting her pregnant sibling to fall on the slick floor.

Life With s*s

group 2018-09-18

Just when the girls were starting to plan their trip to Virginia Beach, mom and dad had a meeting with Stephanie to tell her that they really didn't want her to go that far, besides with plane tickets it was going to be really expensive. Steph said "they talked about the time they were at the pool and I was naked and wanted to know if I'd be their naked servant at the hotel, in the rooms and do stuff for them like fix their bath or wash them or jerk off for them, or you know, stuff that they wanted to do or see." I was beet red, I know, but I said sure, as long as there was no pain.

Cherish the Inner Slut

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-09-18

The gate to the pool area opened easily; its oiled hinges barely made a sound as Cherish slipped through and let it close swiftly on its own. The bar had closed earlier, she knew this because her friends had wanted to play pool, but had come back up bitching and moaning that the staff had shut it down because no one had been in there for hours and it was a waste of time and money. One man still stood behind it, this time nursing what to Cherish looked like a beer; the other leaned against the wall of the bar's interior.


Sunday Lunch

group knobbieknobbs 2018-09-18

Nicole said that Lisa was a great cook, and Phil could also try the sun-bed that gave the girls perpetual tans. They sat for a little while in silence, then Nicole said to Phil, "Give me a minute to finish Lisa's hair and I'll show you where the sun-bed is, OK." Nicole finished with Lisa's hair, and turned to Phil, "So do you want to see the sun-bed then?" "Which film would you like to watch," he said as he stood up, "I've built up quite a collection of the last few years, you should look thro..." His words were cut off as he turned to face Lisa by her tongue as it forced its way into his mouth.


Party Pleasures

group Celtic_Heart 2018-09-18

Carl removed his mouth from Steph's pussy and seconds later she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her entrance. Carl moved in front and Steph wasted no time in copying Mel. Two cocks, one at each end, slid in and out of her willing mouth and cunt. Her body shaking violently as she came, she sucked hard on Carl's cock as, with alternating thrusts, Mike and Tim rammed theirs into her arse and cunt. Mel licked and sucked Rob's cock, Steve's thrusts forcing more of it into her mouth. After a few moments Carl, Mike and Tim, who had been wanking furiously as they watched Mel in action with Rob and Steve, released their loads.

My Best Friends

group creamypeaches4u 2018-09-18

When I took Brian's cock into my mouth he leaned back and closed his eyes. He was hard so I began to suck his cock in earnest and he laid back his head and closed his eyes. Mark was shoving his huge cock deeper and deeper into my pussy, while Brian held onto my head as he Mark looked on and then closed his eyes as he pulled me down on his cock and shoved deeper into my pussy one last time before coming himself. Finally I made a move and caressed Mark's cock with one hand and Brian's with my other. My pussy began to constrict on Mark's cock and he shouted he was going to cum real quick.

A bitch gets breed

group 2018-09-18

Steph started to stick pillows under Kandi stomach Steph didn’t hesitate to put Boo on Kandi I got out from didn’t let Kandi know I was informed on her secret plan. Boo got off her after only a minute or so and Steph said Steph explained how a dog fucks a girl and ties with feels good well a dog enjoys breeding cause the orgasm Stephanie put his cock in Kandi hot wet and abused cunt. had been knotted that night, but this time Boo didn’t Stephanie got Boo to turn around so that Kandi and he Steph was sweet and said, "Relax and enjoy." She started Kandi passed out with a dog tied to her pussy.

A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 04

group Rave303 2018-09-18

I know these stories seem to keep starting off on Tuesday, but it's the day I always go to have lunch with my wealthy friend Robert. Jacqueline then picked up her phone and dialed the operator to tell her she's taking off to lunch and to take messages for Robert. Jacqueline told me it was nice to get out of the office for lunch as she's used to just working out and later eating at her desk. Our drinks came and we just chatted about usual stuff like work, fun things in our lives, Robert, etc. I left Jacqui to her work as I walked into Robert's office and closed the door behind me.


Used and Abused

group nikkigreen 2018-09-18

My arms and legs are handcuffed to the bed, I am completely naked, my legs are spread wide open, my pussy is still sloppy and engorged from being used most of the night by I don't know how many men, and I have dried cum all over my body and in my hair. I cum hard on the cock inside me, and yet, he continues to plunge into my sloppy and dripping cunt. I am in the perfect position for a cock to fuck me from behind, and I am pretty sure my ass is going to have a dick in it soon, and a moment later it does.