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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Reinventing Rachel Ch. 02

group Conceptionperfection 2018-09-18

"Training starts today," Roger said, while pulling Rachel's butt to the edge of the desk and positioning himself between her legs. Rachel felt the head of Eric's cock gently pulsing in her mouth, and felt him stiffen in delight when she flicked her tongue over his glans. Rachel was licking Eric's scrotum, gently sucking his balls into her mouth, when Roger's efforts between her legs stole her attention. Her whole body tensed when Roger initially buried himself deep inside her, then exploded in orgasmic relief when she felt him beginning to unload his seed. "Lesson three: whores don't get to relax until they've finished pleasing all the clients." She'd abandoned her efforts to bring Eric to orgasm when Roger came inside her.

Fantasy Costume Party

group redkissy 2018-09-18

It was time to start getting ready for the party, I went into the bathroom so I could put on my sexy lingerie without Kyle seeing it, I still wanted it to be a surprise for later. I felt the bed shift again down by my feet this time, I pulled off Jack's cock to look and it was Kyle he had decided it was time to join us. When she got me, all cleaned up she looked up at me with a smile and told me, "Christy you have the sweetest honey I have ever tasted." Jack then looked at her and said he wanted a taste so they started passionately kissing over top of me.

Gang Bang Club

group kinkyCostumes 2018-09-18

I don't know what it was, the store full of pussies and dildo's, the skimpy outfit or the thought of where I was going tonight but my cock started to get hard. Once I got home, my cock was hard the whole drive, I immediately took the bag to the bathroom and prepared for the night. "Who would be there, will they want to fuck me, will I still be able to get hard in public?!" I am getting more aroused and pre cum is beginning to leak out of my cock. Feeling like a nasty boy lying on my back, feet in the air, empty enema bag hanging off the shower head, hard cock in hand I couldn't resist it.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 21

group Silverfox0551 2018-09-18

Terri now looked over at Mike, smiled then lowered her head between Carol's wide spread legs and started licking and sucking on her swollen pussy, licking up all the cum that was leaking from Carol's love nest. Terri continued to lick and suck at Carol's pussy making sure she got every drop of male and female fluid from her pussy while Mike worked his cock in and out of his wife's hot cunt with vigor. Terri's orgasms started first by gasping, "Fuck Me!" several times in a row as Ed grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close to him and Mike reached up and squeezed and pinched her nipples as they continued their assault on her pussy and ass, together.

Meeting Gina Ch. 01

group SimonFide 2018-09-18

I took one of Gina's shapely legs in each hand and folded them up, so that her perfect calves where on my shoulders, and unceremoniously shoved my cock into her wet and ready pussy. As I came, Maria squeezed my balls, and as I withdrew my cock, she jacked it, ensuring that my orgasm was prolonged and that Gina was thoroughly filled with my cum. But as I watched Gina and Maria kiss, swapping cum from mouth to mouth, my cock stirred once again. The girls continued to kiss, their breasts rubbed together, and Maria gripped Gina's pussy, fucking her with her fingers while rubbing her clit with her palm.

Crossdressed Pigslut Takes a Cottage Assault

group THE-HEELS-STAY-ON 2018-09-18

what i like about this fantasy is that it requires no organisation with any other parties beforehand , only i would have to dress my sluttiest , put my male clothing over the top and make sure i was well stocked with class A d**gs , poppers , lube and a small video camera with a very spacious sd card installed.. a few minutes pass , i take the rolled up tenner from my stocking and hoof up a line and as im recovering from the poke in the eye it gives me i hear steps approaching from outside ,i quickly slide the tenner back to safety as my heart thumps like fuck backing out there for a reason , and giving in to nerves doesnt get your ass fucked..

Shower Surprise

group silverroses 2018-09-18

Jack couldn't wait to hop in the shower with a girl or two, that would just be amazing! "It is now, and if you don't get out, I'm coming in there with you!" Jack's dick got hard at the thought, but he stayed cool and collected. Tess caressed Jan's breasts tenderly, gently pinching her hard nipples. Jan pulled her head away from Jack's dick. "Oh Jack, fuck me, please!" Tess screamed and she tugged on his shoulders for him to turn around. He came hard and fast in Tess's mouth, yelling louder and louder as the girls continued to suck. They stopped what they were doing and turned to face the RA who said, "Jack, I told you that the next time you do something like this, you're supposed to tell me so I can videotape it!"

Golf Lessons

group Stephen7Redo 2018-09-18

He was tall, rather good looking and although I don't swing that way, I couldn't help but notice those khaki golf slacks of his showed off a rather athletically tight butt...not to mention that young flat belly. "Yes, I know, sorry...Joan." He said very apologetically as my wife continued to squeeze his hand and smile up at the tall young man. If that's alright Mrs. Johnson, damn I mean Joan?" He looked at my wife again who I immediately caught looking at this young man with what I swear was a mischievous smirk on her pretty face. "Thank you," the young woman said as she pranced off the green by me, "that felt really good, too." As she walked by she smiled and batted her eyes and I swear took a glance at my crotch.


Ama Laga

group cream pie boy 2018-09-18

Quickly Leo, who stood beside Sophia, stepped over to her and covered her mouth with his hand while still maintaining the chant. She looked up at him and saw his eyes glazed with want, then took it into her mouth with a single gulp, grabbing his ass to push it in further. They lay in a pile on the floor, drifting off to sleep, and Justine watched as Sophia lifted the cup high, drank deep of it, and then passed the remainder to Leo. She lay down close to Justine and kissed her with semen-coated lips.

We Go to the Porn Theater

group 2018-09-18

As he rubbed his cock inside his shorts a bit more, I slid my hand inside my wife’s blouse and began playing with her right tit as he intently watched. The two males who were playing with her legs continued for the moment, although the guy seated next to her moved his hand to her ass, then down her ass crack, easily finding her pussy. As the man pulled his cock out, pulled his pants up and left the row, a handsome black male moved closer as I held Cheryl to my cock, her head still bouncing up and down on my prick. She adjusted her ass a bit, and the black male reached forward, roughly cupping and groping Cheryl’s tits as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy.

The Festival Ch. 05

group deepblue32 2018-09-18

My final image had been of my girlfriend Amy started to lick my cum mingled with Kate's girl cum from the breasts of the French eighteen year old, Keira. I thought back to the image of my cock sliding slowly into Keira's tight pussy, while the two other girls knelt either side of the teenager, licking and sucking her full firm tits. Kate could obviously tell I wasn't far off from cumming, so she said I'd have to wait a minute before the next one began. The next one soon took its place, but I decided that I wasn't going to let them do all the teasing, so I moved my lips away from it.


Wild Oats - Reunion

group twistedgraygoat 2018-09-18

John's wife had not been able to attend so I freshened up in his hotel room and we had warm-up sex for old times sake in the shower before going to the party. I remember one slow dance where the skirt of my shift was at my waist and my partner's hands were on my bare cheeks while the hard lump in his pants was pressed into my naked groin. I was soon totally exposed and another set of hands and lips began exploring my naked breasts. I had a man at my mouth with kisses that were driving me wild, hands and mouths on my breasts and a tongue on my clit.

Do My Husband

group libidinal 2018-09-18

So I've told him how much it would turn me on to watch a stud do him like that, you know, to see a guy with a real cock -- a nice, big one -- bust Donny's asshole wide open. Next, Mike watched the screen as he saw me squeeze some lubricating jelly into Donny's crack, after which I took my time fingering his lubed asshole before working on him back there with a vibrator, then a hand-held dildo. I was wearing the strap-on under a pair of tight, worn jeans and I knew the bulge was very pronounced, just as Mike's had been so pronounced when he got himself a big hardon the time I showed him that tape.


Peep Show

group AllThingsGood 2018-09-18

He wasn't even sure what day of the week it was anymore, until Kevin, his work buddy, asked if he wanted to go check out the strip club for "Halloween Whorer" night. But just knowing that the week was behind him, Shane felt a sudden surge of energy fill his body as he thought about Kevin's suggestion, like a flickering fluorescent light warming up to a full glow and steady hum. She moved one of her gloved hands over her mound and spread her pussy lips open with her fingers, revealing her pink bud as she bent her knees and raised her ass off the floor of the stage just enough to give the patrons in the club a better view.


Toy Store 69

group sandoula 2018-09-18

A door opened and the two young men, one blonde and one dark haired, walk over to the woman. Her body quivers as the dark haired man's tongue closes in on her inner thighs. Her lips quiver, anticipating his touch, his warm breath, and she feels his rough tongue sliding over her nether regions. Then she shut her eyes tightly and felt the blonde girl's tongue slice between her hot wet lips like a warm knife through butter. Cindy laid back on the pool deck, her body shuddering, her legs and arms like jelly, her pussy still in spasms.

The Weekend

group Dr. Bull 2018-09-18

As Beth's head rose she saw the other girl; she sat up quick taking a deep breath as if to scream when Cindy kissed her hard on the lips. Ed kept moving his hips as Beth half-heartedly tried to get away from the girl's kiss, her hands skillfully teasing Beth's breasts working their way down to her love triangle. Beth relaxed pressing her breast's into Cindy's, Ed picked the smaller girl up setting her on his chest then slid her onto his face. Our bodies were still shaking when we heard the applause, on the ridge, sitting, drinking beer, were Ed, Beth, and Cindy the tables had been turned on us and we were caught naked, and our clothes scattered along the trail as we came to the beach.

August, Hot and Steamy

group rob99202 2018-09-18

On the drive back to town, Tucker couldn't get Georgia out of his mind, how incredibly sexy she looked, long blond hair streaming over her naked skin, her body damp and panties translucent from the water. Tammy could feel and taste Tucker's cum in Georgia's mouth, moving her tongue inside Georgia's like she were licking her clean. The two lovers lay soaked in August sweat, while Tammy looked down upon Georgia, stroking her hair; she then looked at Tucker, eyes traveling over his masculine body, eyes on his cock, she licked her lips. Tammy slid down Georgia's body, hard nipples slipping over her skin, her lips passing over Tucker's stomach.

Fucking Woody

group KINKYGRL75 2018-09-18

So I replied, “ Yes, Jimmy, I fantasize about Woody all the time, matter of a fact, I think about all three of us.” I prayed that he would not be mad or offended. I grinned as I looked up at him, and I said, “ Gee, honey I want you to fill my ass full of your dick!” He did not have to think about that one very long! I was so happy, here I was a couple of years down the road getting what I wanted, both my husband and the man I have fantasized about a million times or more. Jimmy pushed himself inside of me, and Woody started slowly bouncing me up and down on his cock.

Opportunity Knocks Dance Club

group katsilvry 2018-09-18

Christian draws back from kissing Kat and stares intently at Nina, giving her a knowing look. Kat suckles Nina's brown nipples while Christian trails his mouth down Nina's body, kissing here and there followed by hot breath. Nina lies back with her eyes closed, her breath heavy and deep quickens, and she turns her head back and forth as she begins to let loose little soft sounds of pleasure. Nina turns to Kat and gently kisses her neck, murmuring, "My sweet," then looking in her eyes, she begins to softly encircle Kat's lips with her own. Nina nudges Kat, who awakes just in time to see Christian looking over at them with lust in his eyes and his hand on his hard cock.

Bastille Day Ch. 11

group leBonhomme 2018-09-18

She was holding his stiff cock, and it looked like he had his hand under her ass with his fingers on her pussy. She wanted my stream all over her body and face before she guided it in her mouth, finishing with my cock in it, licking and sucking for a moment, as she looked up at me with smiling eyes. If it had taken more than a minute or two before we saw their good mutual orgasm, we might have started thinking about doing more ourselves; Anna's hand was between her thighs, playing with my cock and balls, and I was fondling her breasts, her nipples responding better than my cock was.


Dreams May Cum True

group rockbohunk 2018-09-18

Kristine reached back and massaged Rick's hard cock through his pants as he continued to explore her warm body with the ice cube. With a drink in each hand, Kristine was helpless as Rick raised her robe and quickly pulled down her panties until they fell to the floor around her ankles. Coming to the realization that they were definitely not alone, Kristine delivered Ryan's margarita and sat back down carefully on the couch and quickly covered up her lap with a near by blanket. Ryan watched intensely as Kristine ran her fingers over her lips, pulling her labia wide apart for him. She took Rick in her mouth and sucked hard as Ryan continued to fuck her soaked pussy.

Japanese Tourists

group Magna12 2018-09-18

This little exchange gave me a closer look at his wife, and she was careful not to make eye contact with me. Hiroshi spoke in Japanese to his wife, and she took quick looks at my crotch. Once again I looked at Hiroshi and made the hand signal about my cock size. I motioned for Hiroshi to sit in the chair and for him to fuck Miko as she sat on his cock. Sometimes I would withdraw my cock entirely, and good old Hiroshi was there to keep stroking my shaft as it enjoyed a little fresh air. Even little Hiroshi had gotten off a few times during the night, and I had a suspicion that Miko would get fucked again in the privacy of their own room.

My First Gloryhole Experience

group anamikasexybitch 2018-09-18

You like having some little slut sucking on this big, fat fucking dick?” I had pulled him out and was sliding him between my tits. He was fucking good and I started to wonder how much better it would be if I invited him into the room with me but just as I was about to another cock slid through the hole on the oposite side of the booth. This guy was so big and long that I was able to lick the pre-cum from his cock as he fucked my tits. Play with your wet fucking whore cunt!” again my tits were bouncing as he fucked my mouth and I finger fucked my cum filled pussy.

More Than a Threesome

group Arcadian1768 2018-09-18

That's right; I always envisioned the third to be another female, which is why it was all the more surprising that Brenda and I were making plans for this Friday night, getting my sister to watch the kids overnight, and go out and bar hop, and search for that one person who would rock our world. When a couple of guys came to the table and challenged a game, I assumed Brenda would join me on the sideline and watch as her new friends tried to defend their table, but one of them instead sat at the table with me. After another couple of seconds, my mouth left his dick and I waited to see what I really never thought I'd ever witness: my beloved wife fucking another guy right in front of me.