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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Study

group zimabean 2018-09-18

She was pointing out all the hot women at this party when I said "Tia, you have the most amazing pussy I have ever cum in." To whihc she replied "You think so? We looked at each pussy, upclose and from afar, and awarded Tia first place for appearence and presentation, then Sara, Jill and Tina were tied for third. So Marty took Tia and I took Jill and we fucked them till we came filling each cunt with warm jizz. She was so turned on having watched me fuck those other women, she wanted to smell my cock and feel it inside her with Marty's load still swiming around.

South Carolina for the Summer Ch. 05

group jallen944 2018-09-18

A few strands of his black hair draped down over his eyes, and he smiled at her briefly before turning away and walking with his buddy down the hall. Amy, too stunned to speak, watched Pam walk the short distance across the mall to the secluded corner where the two guys stood. Pam closed her eyes, tilted her head, and opened her mouth. "It's going to be cool," Tom said, snapping open a beer can. He sat in the chair and pulled off his boots, which made a loud thump when they hit the floor, and Pam laughed. On the sofa, Tom sat with his head back, his eyes closed, and his mouth open, moaning. Pam smiled and dropped her head to kiss Jake.


group The Rackman 2018-09-18

As Ray engages George in conversation I suggest to Judy that she is not holding her arm exactly right to get the best throw and without waiting to be invited slide up behind her and reach around with my right hand and take hold of her right forearm and lift it up to show her what I mean. As George got up and moved toward the bar I placed my left arm on Judy's shoulder and dropped my right hand to her right leg as I turned toward her to make small talk. As Ray reached for Judy's other hand to pull to his crotch he told George the lady was obviously having a good time and wanted to stay and that George could either sit down and be quiet or go ahead and leave.

Pleasure Cruise Ch. 03

group Many Feathers 2018-09-18

As she did, she slipped her hand down, forcing me to withdraw slightly as she grasped my cum covered prick, Darlene's girlish fluids clinging to it, though she purposely ensured that the head of my cock at least remained inside my wife's slick juicy pussy. This time I wasn't as sure, but I slapped her, felt the sting in my own hand, felt Darlene jump a little, though to my amazement, she didn't complain, or quit sucking Madeline's clit. But even I had to admit to the wickedly decadent position she was in, seeing Madeline leaning over, sucking my wife's cunt while I stood there fingering her ass.


Seduction in Six Chapters

group wolfmoon418 2018-09-18

Back behind you again, you hear my voice as I lean into your ear and tell you how much I want to let my tongue travel down your neck, over your hard nipples, and to your pussy to taste you. "She tastes delicious," you hear me say to the woman who is fingering you, and she begins to kiss her way up the insides of your thighs so she can taste your pussy while her partner is fucking your mouth. I continue to fuck her and you feel her lift her head and moan as my cock, deep in her pussy, pushes her over the edge for a quick little orgasm.

In Black and White Ch. 01

group WifeWatchman 2018-09-18

So I called him about this, and as soon as I mentioned Jaime Silver, he said you like hearing about weird shit like this, and he told me to come see you, and he'd work it so I didn't have to worry about you." "Cindy," I asked, "if you were going to rig that high school game, and in favor of County High, how would you do it?" "If Silver is in Town," Cindy replied, "then I'm going to be working with my Vice Lieutenant to see if we can get some leads on him. I know that his team was going to really ratchet up the Sharples and Ferrell talk with a couple of weeks to go in the Election, start leaking some stuff about Lewis's SBI being corrupt and unpopular.


Blue Dragon Sex Club Ch. 3

group Praxus 2018-09-18

Tamara and her boyfriend Eric, Dana and her lover Curtis, and occasional invited guests enjoyed finding new sexual games to play. Although Dana was her friend and Sarah had met Curtis several times before, it was Tamara who took charge. "Hey, it's not everyday I get to make it with a pretty thing like you," answered Tamara as she embraced Sarah and kissed her, first on the cheek, then on the lips, then opened mouthed with extra tongue. Tamara gave a lot of attention to Sarah's tits, sucking and licking her large dark nipples. Reaching for the back of her head, Tamara brought Sarah's face to hers and gave her a long, deep, wet kiss.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 05

group JimBob44 2018-09-18

"No, but if you pull up a chair, it will be," Paul smiled and Cindy Jensen glared at the little midget, Pam, as the girl gasped at Paul's comment. "I made my dress, when Mr. Jake and I went to the Sweetheart Dance, oh God, has it already been twenty years?" Bobbi said. "Yeah, Cindy and Candy aren't going to Ballard's either," Bobbi said and shooed Pam out of the kitchen. "Want some coffee?" Ray asked and Cathy smiled as he fixed her a cup, just the way she liked it, too sweet. There were always cars that needed to be worked on, there where the occasional customer that wandered onto the lot, and from time to time, Cindy, Candy, and Pam would come out to the lot to keep him company.


Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 06

group FinalStand 2018-09-18

In my dreams my mind wandered over all kinds of improbable events but became focused on a fantasy where Rio, Barbie Lynn, and Leigh were looking down on me and smiling and I was sure sex would ensue. Before I could do much more than prop myself up on my elbows, and bury my face into Barbie Lynn's chest, Leigh had a hand underneath my light blanket, on top of my shorts, and caressing my throbbing member (I was having a good dream). Barbie Lynn pulled away from me, moving around the head of the sofa and exposing me to the sight of Rio balancing on my chest and stripping off her shirt.


Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 05

group T@nman 2018-09-18

Anne licked the cum off her other hand then she leaned forward and cleaned one of D’s breasts and nipples with her tongue. D released Anne and squatted down to pick up her towel, which she had dropped when she hugged Ken. D stood and took Anne’s hand. He looked up at me, “If D can eat Anne’s pussy then I can eat my buddy’s dick.” He slipped the cockhead between his lips and began to slowly suck my rapidly hardening cock into his mouth. Anne kissed him on the cheek and it looked like she was holding his cock. As my hard cock slipped out from between Ken’s lips, Anne touched the shaft with the tip of her tongue.


Keeping the Interest of My New FWB

group MiaDolce 2018-09-18

As soon as Mia gets outside a million thoughts start running through her head; part of her is shocked that she had the courage to just show up at Tom's place and do what she did. Just as Tom was about to ask how he could help her, the woman turns around like she is going to walk away. Once Tom came back to his senses he suddenly realized that standing in front of him is Mia and the woman who knocked on his door. Tom reaches out to touch Stasia's ass but Mia slaps it before his hand makes contact. She walks over to where Tom is kneeling, his cock is no longer in Mia mouth and he is starting to lose his erection.


group stephiel1 2018-09-18

Other times, she would run her fingers inside herself and wish that she was getting pounded by the boyfriend, his hard cock running in and out of her tight pussy and his balls slapping against her ass. Taking these actions as encouragement, Marsha leaned in and started sucking the neighbor's nipple. Marsha was sucking so feverishly on her neighbor's nipple that she didn't notice the boyfriend pull out and position himself behind Marsha's own wet pussy. He plunged his cock in deeper, running his hands over her back and guiding her head down her neighbor's body to the waiting wet pussy. The neighbor came over and sat on her face, and Marsha had no choice but to lick vigorously on the clit and suck the juices into her mouth.

Allie and the Callgirl

group InnocentPhoebe 2018-09-18

Taylor took her cock in his hand and started to jerk him. As I wanked him, Taylor started sucking on the head of his cock. I started to work the guy's cock in and out of my mouth. I watched this guy's tongue darting into Taylor's hungry little pussy. I was dripping and after having this guy's big cock in my mouth and I really wanted to feel him inside me. I loved watching the cute faces Taylor made as he pounded her tight pussy. We kept on kissing and I stroked Taylor's clit as the John pounded her relentlessly. "I want to fuck that hot little arse of yours." He told me. Taylor started to finger me while I got fucked.

Carpi Diem

group random87 2018-09-18

I continued the fun with my dildo for a further five minutes before I could feel myself start to climax. "I thought it would be cool if I got to know my co-workers better, but I seem to have offended you so I apologise and it will not happen again." As soon as the words were out of my mouth Stephen began to laugh. He slowly moved the straps off my shoulder and kissed my neck, he pulled my long mahogany hair down. Jen moved her pussy over my face, I could she was already dripping wet so I decided to put my fingers inside her. "Stephen," I breathed, "Fuck me." Stephen moved up and slowly played with the lips of my pussy with his huge cock.


group wildehafer 2018-09-18

"I, I," she stuttered slightly, "I got home and the door was locked and I forgot my key, and mom and dad weren't home and then it started to rain and I had a really big fight with my boyfriend and I was cold and, and I just didn't know what to do!" Her voice reached a high pitch as she finished and then sobbed and buried her face into his chest. Her imagination went wild as her mind's eye saw him taking one of his recent girlfriends one her hands and knees, his cock plunging deep in her backside. Jeff hung onto Jenni's quivering thighs as her legs spread even wider and her hands tried to pull him face first into her pulsing sex.


Q& A

group Penny4ivor 2018-09-18

I have masturbated in toilets for example and I can pee in squirts whilst I come (we women can multitask!) but I have never peed during an orgasm in my life. It is a natural phenomenon for me personally; sometimes it is drops others it does come out quite a long way down my thigh and I can easily wet sheets when I masturbate or have vaginal sex. I work and play hard, my sexuality likes relaxing and learning about things I could never have imagined exciting people. I have found wonderfully long series of orgasms through chatting to men I would probably never meet in everyday life and I am very open to people of all ages.

Daughter's Host Dad's Poker Game

group 2018-09-18

I slid my chair back from the table and Carol moved in front of me and as she sat down on my lap with her back to me, she flipped her skirt up like Diane had done and I saw her well-tanned ass that framed a milky white design left by her bikini. It was the first hand I had won since getting lap dance earlier and by that time, I didn’t look upon Carol as my daughter but as a sexy young lady who was about to reveal her tits to 6 horny d***k men. Just before they left the room, Diane turned and told the guys that the next game would be here in 4 weeks and if they wanted more of what happened tonight to bring lots of money.

Best Anniversary Ever

group pleasant_nightmares 2018-09-18

Then the girl was forcing in between our knees with her slim hips, shoving my drink aside with her elbow as she transposed herself between us and the bar, biting Rosie's lip, kissing her neck, trailing teeth over the white mounds of her breasts, then tearing at the laces of her corset. Her warm hands wrapped around my girth, gripping me slowly and firmly as the Rosie began to come, her juices dripping down the strangers' face, onto my cock to provide lubrication for that slow, hard stroking. The stranger sat back in my lap, no longer pounding, but taking my cock all the way to the balls, pulling Rosie's face into her pussy.

USA Mein Hindi Wife Ka Group Sex

group RAJAYASIR 2018-09-18

She started asking some of her other friends, and some of or relatives, but they were either too busy or lived too far away to come to our house and sit in Shilpa's studio very often. "Yes yes." Shilpa said politely, "In fact you are an ideal subject for a portrait with your unconventional looks." I thought of calling up Shilpa, but the police in our city had become very strict in fining drivers who talk on the phone while driving, so I decided to just send her a short SMS instead - "cmng home fr lnch 2day". Balram uncle immediately took his hands off Shilpa's chest and walked away, or should I say ran, towards the gate.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 40

group wolfdragon76 2018-09-18

The Russian accent was so think I could barely understand him, but his confusion as he saw Scarlett between us gave me a moment to look him over. You may want to have one of your men contact detective Sanpori and tell him you have a suspect in custody that attacked Alonso Frame, as I believe this is related to the case he's investigating. There was an attempt on my life about a month ago, and I believe this attack is related to that incident." I paused for a moment as the lieutenant turned and yelled for one of his men to contact the detective. The girls saw him come around the corner and Mandy pulled me back as Scarlett stepped forward, disarmed him, and then disabled him when he kept trying to attack her."


Delilah's Special Weekend Ch. 01

group DeeAnne 2018-09-18

Now that the boys were pretty much on their own, Karen was trying to make some decisions, and so she called Delilah and asked if she could come spend a long weekend for some girl talk. Delilah had brought in wine, some extra goodies, and even made some pretty strong Jell-O shots, something she and Karen used to love back in their “younger” days. He knew Delilah and Karen were a lot more than just “close friends”, and he figured, knowing the two of them, a little bit more than girl talk would go on this weekend while he was away. Delilah pulled Karen’s panties aside and Karen opened herself to what was coming; what she needed.



group RedVixon 2018-09-18

I didn't want to cum yet so I laid down besides her and she took my cock in her mouth, licked and sucked and stroked it. "Yes baby, cum all over me, give me all you got!" I picked her up and brought her so she was riding me and she rode me like a champ, grinded her pussy against me and I came all inside her pussy and it felt like it wasn't going to stop. I moved my face on her pussy back and forth and told her I was going to cum, wasn't sure if she wanted me to but she grabbed my ass and brought me even closer.


The Rental

group submama79 2018-09-18

Now I had no idea what the fuck any of that meant or how the hell he expected me to get cock out with no hands, but when the first guy stood in front of me, I went to work and did as I was told. Several times I looked over and saw her with cock in her mouth and hands but I never did see anyone fuck her or cum on her, that was obviously just for me. I was hoping he would free me and let me clean up, but instead he just told me he would see me at 7, turned out the light and left me laying there on the living room floor wrist bound to ankles and covered in cum.

Football with Jill and John

group jcguild 2018-09-18

By the time of her mentioning John's name in bed however, I must admit I had been fantasizing more about having another guy involved as opposed to a girl, as I suspected she had too. Jill asked if the other person involved was a girl or guy to which John chuckled a bit and explained the other person was a girl and was also a former girlfriend. I had begun tickling her breasts with my hands when I had to stop and chuckle a bit after Jill said to no one in particular, "I'm probably not gonna be able to walk that well after you guys get done with me tonight, huh?".