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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Halloween Evening at Del Ray

group Kaishaku 2018-09-18

The shrimp went marvelously with the Sangiovese and when they tried a few more glasses of wine, Angela and Jacob dressed as "The Men in Black" were sharing a table with Tawny "Marilyn Monroe" and Ralph "Movie Executive". As Angela gently dipped the nipple into her wine and began running her tongue over it, the woman continued, "I'm Altie, by the way." She nodded toward another table and said, "Al Capone's moll." For the first time this evening she felt the full feeling of having a cock inside her, and that sensation accompanied by Tawny's tongue on her clit was driving Angela wild.


Fun With Karen

group The Rackman 2018-09-18

As we entered the pool room I refilled everyone's glasses and then sent Ray back to the bar for a refill and told Ron and Karen to drink up as more were on the way and they're no good warm. Greg then moved his huge black cock toward her now dripping pussy as Ray and I played with her tits with one hand as we released our pants with the other. As I slid my hard cock into her sloppy wet hole Greg looked down at his big black cock dripping with his cum and Karen's pussy juice and said, "Somebody needs to clean this mess up" and with that he pulled Ray off the table and got up on it himself and proceeded to clean his black cock in Karen's pretty little mouth.

J and V Between Scenes

group MeanElf 2018-09-18

He had wanted to run it by me and asked for a special run through, to help with mental preparation for a difficult scene still days away on our schedule, and I smiled to myself as I stroked now thoroughly wet fingers up and down the opening furrow between my lips – we would need to practise that one each day, if he was to get it right. Then we had our hands moving knowingly between each others’ legs, both stroking and coming again and again while we kissed urgently to tenderly for a while, before both of us departed along a nibbling trajectory down the other’s body, ending in a close-clutch of rubbing crotches against the other, our wetness mingling in warmth and electrifying tingles, especially when our swollen clitoris’ touched.


My Frisky Neighbors

group walterio 2018-09-18

To this day I don't know what came over me but I walked up behind Jean, dropped my bathing suit to my ankles and slid my stiff cock into her pussy. The first several ropes of semen shot out of my cock over Jean's body and hit Jane on her bikini covered tits and her abs. Jane dated one guy for awhile and she even let him have her ass but then he got tired of her," Jean shared as she continued to shock me with their promiscuity. I pulled on her shapely hips releasing my hold on her breasts but then Jean grabbed my hands and pushed my arms up next to my head.


Tempting Toby

group TrulyTerrific 2018-09-18

Ten minutes later Toby was, as promised, in the front office and squeezed into the small receptionist's cubical with Erica standing too close and batting her big blue eyes up at him innocently. 'If I was a sweetheart I wouldn't have been thinking of spreading your legs wider and sucking your pussy until you came a few dozen times.' Toby thought to himself as he headed back to the supply room to get a new monitor cable. "Excuse me, Ms. Fis—, uhm, Jayne…I've got you're new printer here for you." Toby pushed open the door and Found Jayne with her leg up on her desk, carefully refastening the garter to her stocking.


The Foursome

group GreenDemonGurlie 2018-09-18

Once inside with the door closed she says, "Fuck his friend is hot, I think we should let him join us." I look at her a moment thinking about what she's just suggested. My friend starts moving in the direction of your bedroom and I come to the living room to get you. I start to moan from the feelings between my thighs and close my eyes for a moment. You run a finger over my clit as you keep fucking me and I hear your friend moan a little. I'm feeling lightheaded, feeling you inside me, fingers on my clit, eating delicious pussy and hearing all the moans, grunts and general sounds of pleasure in the room.

The Dream

group Xcalibur69 2018-09-18

Celine starts moaning like no other, and my wife start to fuck her more rapidly with her finger, I was watching, observing, waiting..., Celine asked my wife to slide 2 fingers, and she do it..., the moaning, was even loader, not of pain, but of pleasure, after a while my wife take off her fingers and make me signal to slide my cock in..., she dedicates to her pussy, and I will dedicate to her ass, I approach my tip to the little hole, that was opening and closing of excitement, one of the times it open, I put my tip in and try to slide it in, it had some resistance, but the tip enter..., the rest was just a little push to enter, Celine gives a big "aaaahhhhhhh", gives me a scare, "did I hurt her?" but she look at me, grab my ass with a hand, and force me to enter all inside her..., my wife, seeing my cock disappear inside her ass, just approach my balls and suck them like crazy, hummm that was so good.


Bikini Carwash

group nikki_2021 2018-09-18

She knew that they were right, but couldn't help but think that if they washed cars in their bikinis she wouldn't be the one guys asked for. "If there's no other cars to wash, stay for sure," Vera replied and stood back from the car a little to shake her breasts at her friends. Erin put down the chamois she'd been drying the car with and moved to the passenger side so that she could see through the window both to the driver and to the view that he had of Vera and Dana. The three girls joined their two friends at the front of the yard where Vera and Dana were busy washing a car each.


Ms. Marca Ch. 09

group Ms. Marca 2018-09-17

I had to do some shopping for a trip that we were taking soon and went to the big mall to up grade my wardrobe as my husband calls it, the guy does like for me to look good at all times. "That fucken nymph whore, she thinks she is so hot with her big tits and god those beautiful long legs and damn I would lick shit off her ass just to see where it came from, if she let me!" A few time they would talk about working out, he went to one of the big gyms and did power lifting and look like a mass of muscles and god he had a build all over as she laughs to her self.

Three Friends - An MFM Experience

group kezza6969 2018-09-17

I sunk my face into her gash, sucking her love bud into my mouth, nibbling at it with my teeth, strumming it with my tongue, feeling her body slowly but surely respond. Over the top of her snatch I could see Roger locked in a tight embrace with Tina, their mouths still entwined, her hands caressing his hard cock. When the stress had built to a throbbing ache Tina moved her mouth to Roger, to repeat the cock suck on him, maintaining my interest and body heat with her hand. Slowly and carefully he began to gently but firmly penetrate his cock into Tina’s tight snatch, first his knob touching my shaft, then the length of his hardness inching along mine, making his way into her.

Molly, Won't You Join Us?

group johnnieblue44 2018-09-17

On this particular Thursday evening, Cheryl had asked me to come to her house around seven-thirty, with the understanding that her other two roommates wouldn't be home until around eleven, and our plan was to fuck in every nook and cranny of the house for a few hours, with unfettered access to things like the hot tub, the kitchen counter, the outside patio deck, etc. Cheryl masturbated us both at the same time, one cock and one pussy in her hands, and proffered the gracious invitation, looking up at Molly's flushed face. I'd never had a woman use this particular technique before, and certainly when I was fucking another woman's ass, and my cum exploded from me in a fervent gush, and on the second load, I released my dick from Cheryl's tight anal grip and spurted my seed over Molly's eyelids, lips, and neck.


Sudective 3 Some

group Silentwhore 2018-09-17

Becca could feel the tendrils of desire start to build again as she stared at Courtney's pretty face buried between her legs, and oh the sensations of her wicked little mouth on her cunt. Courtney licked her way up Becca's body, nibbling lightly on her stomach and pausing to give each nipple a long stroke with her little pink tongue. Courtney and Becca continued kissing and rubbing their bodies together, as Matt fingered and licked both of their cunts. Becca raised herself and smiled devilishly at Courtney, who was sitting at the end of the couch languidly with her legs spread wide open and her pink little pussy was dripping wet.

Audrey & Judy & Pete Pt. 01

group 3Pete 2018-09-17

Pete could feel the throbbing contractions of her cunt with his mouth, and he slid his hands under her big tits, squeezing hard to heighten her pleasure. Pete and Judy took over Audrey's care from Jim who turned to the task of obtaining a big settlement from Exxon and their insurer. Then Judy slid down and took Audrey's right breast in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. Judy moved between Audrey's legs, keeping one hand massaging her heaving breasts and the other gripping her smooth lovely ass while she began to devour that swollen cunt. Audrey's legs enveloped Judy's head, pulling her mouth tightly against her throbbing pussy.


Bus Ride

group blondehoney5670 2018-09-17

He then stood up and slid his cock into my pussy, I yelled " fuck me you son of a bitch and fuck me hard." This time I screamed when I blew my nut causing the dick in my mouth to blow its load deep into my throat. Then I heard the drivers voice say, "nobody has fun on my bus without me and my wife is riding and wants to have fun also.." I got up and started to refuse and he yelled at the guys, " hold the little cunt down." I began to panic and his wife began to stroke my breast and kiss my neck.

Sperm Robber Susie

group KCUM 2018-09-17

I was working hard one day, head down, hard to believe I know, but I'd got a little problem by the tail, and you know how it goes. I looked up and Susie was smiling at me in that beguiling way that I came to know well. I read somewhere that a high sperm diet will improve a girl's breast size and you can see mine are rather small." Susie said very practically. "Look," she continued, "I really want to try this thing to make them bigger, would you mind ever so much if I took all your sperm like that every day?" I was suspicious that I wasn't the only guy contributing to Susie's sperm diet.

Island Fever Ch. 05

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-17

I knew of the group well before it went big-time national seven years ago." Lindsay paused, then asked, "What type of music do you listen to?" When I originally accepted Lindsay's application to come to the island, I did not know that she was still a virgin. I had already overheard Lindsay say to Trish, Amy and Camille (with the help of the voyeur room) that she was, in no way, looking to settle down. We saw Dad l-lying on the s-s-sofa." Lindsay shook her head and added, "I thought he was sleeping, but then Alison noticed that his eyes were wide open. Lindsay sighed before admitting, "My religious side wants me to save myself for my wedding night, whenever that day comes.


More Gay Sex

group 2018-09-17

I again went to the gay pick up down at the woods near my home wanting a hard cock inside me rather than a dildo I drove down and saw a few cars parked at the verge close by. He pushed his cock deep inside and fucked me slowly, the other guy was obviously pretty excited as he was wanking furiously and the head of his cock was soaked with pre-cum, on seeing this I asked him to move round so I could suck his cock. Then in what seemed to be one movement he slipped his cock out of my ass whipped the condom off and let out a groan as he shot his load over my cock and stomach to top up my cum covered skin.

Halloween Party with Anna

group 2018-09-17

John, Tony and Matt stood back as Neil stood in front of my wife grabbing her head with both hands and fucked her mouth. I couldn’t hear what it was but Neil stepped away and Anna stood up smiling as she took the lace at the bottom of her dress in her hand. As my wife tensed from the obvious pleasure she was feeling, John quickly pulled down her panties and Anna stepped out of them leaving her in just heels and fish-net stockings. Matt roughly turned my wife and bent over the bed, she began giggling like a little school girl but the giggles quickly turned to moans of pleasure as Matt rammed his cock into her pussy. Tony, Matt and Neil got dressed and gave Anna a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

BBW Whore for Old Cock Ch. 02

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-17

I answered my own question when the old fuck grabbed me by my hair and forced my mouth down on his cock, and I took it all the way down like a true whore. That must have really turned him on, because he threw me over on my stomach, and grabbed me and pulled my ass up and rammed his hard cock into my dripping wet fuck hole. They all took turns fucking my holes, until they were ready to cum, and they jumped up and pushed me to my knees and stroked their cocks above my face, and my open mouth and each dropped a hot load on my face and in my mouth.

Sara's Undoing

group Onyx03 2018-09-17

I rolled my eyes at her hoping she'd notice and maybe back off even a little but Tina stuck to her guns. I try pulling the skimpy little thing Tina calls a dress up in the front and down in the back with no success. 'Tina was right, my ass does look hot in her little dress,' I think to myself aloud. I then notice several men and women standing around chatting, drinking cocktails, many of whom I'd assume were other invitees, but I still looked through the faces for a clue as to who the person that calls this mansion home. I hope you all enjoy the party." Lost in my thoughts I'm left mindlessly shaking hands with Chris who'd now become concerned with my vacantness.


Gangbanged by bus staff

group 2018-09-17

Hey Bhima tereko aur koi nahi mila chatne ko, sala pakhandi kahin ka” Helper reacted immediately and said “hey mujhe bewakhub mat banao, tum mujhe khud bola tha ki nahi, abi Guddu bhaiya ke samne rang badal raha hai, tum budha sach sach bolo nahi to koi dharmik varmik cd me dalne wala nehi hu.” Ritika was listing to this and feeling very awkward but pretending to be slept. Guddu inserted his tongue inside her hot pussy and started licking her. Genesh again said “thik hai mein kisiko nehin bataunga, lekin mujhe bi tum ko khus karna padega.” After listing this Ritika lifted her head and stared at Ganesh. Guddu licked her one leg fully till the pussy and Bhima did the same on the other.

Glory Daze Ch. 02

group Eagle1 2018-09-17

"I don't give a good god damn what you pansy asses do on your own time, but you better listen to me when I tell you I won't take any shit this year!" Coach shouted in his usual blunt manner, deciding to take this moment to let us know, yet again, his opinion on the subject of sex, and the relationship between men and women in general, when it came to his football team, "Don't fuck with me. Fortunately, I must've been working the special spot inside Brenda, because she started to cum again, and I felt her convulsions on my cock at the same time I watch the white liquid pour out down my shaft.


On the Line

group cybaby78 2018-09-17

Mark placed his hands on Karen's head as she sucked and licked up and down on his big cock. I moved Mark over and let him guide his big swollen cock through the lips of Karen's wet pussy. Mark placed his hands on Karen's hips and as he drove deep in her pussy he pulled her back against him his big balls slapping against her ass made the sound of meat on meat. Mark kept a steady driving action plunging his big swollen cock hard into Karen's hot pussy. He moved between my legs I held his big swollen cock, throbbing from the fucking he had given Karen and I guided it between my waiting hot pussy lips.

Beaver Hunt

group blondehoney5670 2018-09-17

George reached down taking my long hair gently into his hands and then grabbing my head pushing his cock deep into my mouth, I could feel him touching my tonsils, I wanted every inch of this man! Suzie continued to lick and suck my clit and then stuck her tongue deep into my hole fucking me with it hard, I felt myself starting to loose control as I exploded, sweet warm cum came pouring out of my pussy and into her mouth. I felt George stiffen and take in a deep breath, just then he let out a huge moan and pulled his cock away from my mouth just as his cock started spraying cum onto my tits, I grabbed his cock and forced it into my mouth sucking each drop and savoring his wonderful taste.