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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Threesome

group jd_curan 2018-09-17

But then, in the midst of our conversation, perhaps frustrated by how timid and indecisive I’m sure I was (I was only half listening to them anyway, caught up as I was in a vigorous “am I really going to do this?” debate inside my own head) he decided it was time to move things along... I wasn’t going to last long at that rate, my cock was so sloppy wet, my excitement peaking as I watched them fuck. Because, no sooner had I sat down, he was on his feet, his long, wet cock in her gasping mouth, chasing my cum with a load of his own, which she swallowed down eagerly...

Hotel Frolics

group Lovepotion69 2018-09-17

Although I know Anna has told me her friends and her have seen each other naked numerous times, I can’t help wondering how they’ll react to her shaved pussy. I watch Frida hand Anna the small bottle. The image of Anna on the bed, legs spread before her friends, and with a hand working her pussy is too much for a man who hasn’t been laid in months. Sara and Frida move a bit to the sides and I get a clearer view of Anna’s hand frantically working her pussy. “We had no idea Anna shaved,” Frida suddenly says. “Tom shaves,” Anna suddenly says, raising her eyebrows while looking her innocent best.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 15

group Andyhm 2018-09-17

"Yep, Fi and Steve are on their way up, we left them checking in, as someone I know couldn't wait to see you." Pete said. Angie looked around the room and said, "Ok I think we can leave Andy and Pete to deal with the paperwork while the rest of us go shopping, we'll see you back at the hotel later this afternoon." The girls said their goodbyes and they left with Steve in tow. I promised Ros I'd look after your money and that what I'm doing, and I'm going to carry on doing." He fell silent and the tense expression on his face relaxed and his eyes turned to the view from the full length windows in his office.


I always ring twice

group BlueCollarFunk 2018-09-17

The feeling had me in utter ecstasy as I felt what had to be the biggest load ever ejaculated encircling my dick inside this beautiful man ass I was enjoying. As the b*****r between my legs suddenly and without much fanfare shoves his dick in my ass, Jim starts to squirt the contents of his well-used ass all over my face and in my mouth and needless to say, I am having the time of my life. Without missing a beat he pulls out of my ass, takes my trapped leg from one of his b*****rs who in turn just shoves his dick straight into my ass with no hesitation and I let out a whelp, muffled by Jim's ass still firmly planted on my face.

Ending a Threesome

group Egmont Grigor 2018-09-17

Della and Daisy were casual friends and eventually found that Mick Johns was dating both of them and both knew what young women and men tended to do when dating (smile). Mick had arranged to date Della one evening and that afternoon he was walking Boss the family dog and passing Daisy's home she called him in for a cool drink. Della and Mick were eating after a movie when Daisy entered the restaurant, spotted them and came over and said, "Hello guys. Dallas would come through the door and she'd yell, "God, you look aroused – let's go somewhere and attend to that." In contrast Daisy would enter and with a smile say, "Give me the keys darling, you are unsafe to get behind the wheel" and he'd say when they got home could they fuck and she'd click her tongue and say if he promised to keep awake she'd think about it.

Double Date

group ck3891 2018-09-17

Emmy wasn't in too bad a shape, crouched over in a corner of the sheet, but Mel had to bend backwards to get her feet on green, and her left hand on red. I'd rather it wasn't each other's arse, please," she clarified, "and Mel, our right foot green and left hand on a leg." "Ooh, right: boys, left hand moves frontward, please, and left foot yellow," Emmy said brightly and euphemistically, "Mel, left hand blue and right" I said he was stronger than me—I'm stronger than I look, but I doubt I could've deadlifted either girl—and she buttressed her arms, hands above his knees, as her red hair flowed to the floor and she took Andrew's cock into her mouth.


Birthday Wish

group IowaGuy95 2018-09-17

This is your present for turning 18." One of the men started to kiss her neck as the other started to take off her shorts, and Luke came up and took her shirt off, leaving her in her pink bra and panties. As her bra hit the ground, Luke went onto his knees and started to suck on her already hard nipples, looking up at Lisa. Luke and the two men looked at each other and smiled, as Luke put Lisa on all fours and got under her. Lisa had tears streaming down her face from the pain, but she was moaning with pleasure as all three men moaned louder than ever, and came inside of her.

Trying anal

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-09-17

When he was feeling no pain, Mari snuggled up next to him and in a soft voice, asked him, “Ricky, can we watch a dirty movie?” Rick, loosened up with tequila, quickly agreed. Mari snuggled back next to him and asked, “Ricky, would you slip your hands in my panties while we watch the movie?” Rick looked at Mari, puzzled. “Would you like to re-enact this movie with me?” Ricky looked at Mari and shyly replied while his hands continued their massage of Mari’s pussy, “Mari, I’ve never done any of that dirty stuff. Rick let out a loud hollar, “Mari, you nasty girl…get down on your hands and knees just like in the movie.” Rick quickly unzipped his pants and was soon nude as well.

Dancing With a Twist

group mdiver 2018-09-17

Ed and Paula danced a few times and I couldn't help but notice she wasn't very good. One day as I was nearing the end of my treatments and certainly not looking like the June he was used to dancing with, he called and asked if he could come over. Many times after a slow dance I could feel his erection when he pulled me close making my pussy wet and my nipples hard. Paula took my hand, placed my two wet fingers into her mouth and licked her juices from each. I moved beside Paula as Ed knelt between her legs and pushed his cock hard and fast deep inside.


Gettin' Lucky in Vegas

group fabfivefreddy 2018-09-17

Heads he wins, tails you lose, is that it?" All three of them smiled, Drew seeing James just take all of this in stride, like he was cool with Kristen's taking her shirt off around a strange guy. Then, Kristen broke the kiss, said him she needed him in her mouth again, Drew felt his cock responding, hardening, so he popped up to his knees and put it in her face. James looked up from between her legs and told her he's going to fuck her right now, ready or not, so she let Drew slide out of her mouth and twisted around to get on her hands and knees, James mounting her from behind. James rode her for a good few minutes, Kristen taking Drew out of her mouth now and then to stroke him, her breath coming in throaty gasps.


Lake Story Pt. 01

group Louisvillebiguy 2018-09-17

Katy leaned forward and in between her heavy breathing, she kissed me square on the lips, looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you so much." With that she bounced up, ran past Amber and Alex, giving Amber a high five as she did and vanished into the bath room. And then a moment happened that I had been wanting to happen for a long time, Amber was in my lap, facing away and Katy was doing the same to Alex, both girls twirled their heads around and kissed each of us in a passionate, lustful kiss.


Bisexual Swing Time

group danielblue 2018-09-17

One was raven haired and sophisticated in her little black dress, the other blonde and beautiful in just a pair of cut off shorts and a tank top. Jayne stood behind Cindy, gently stroking her belly, as they watched their husbands turn into complete and utter fuck nuts, so hot for male ass and cock they could hardly contain themselves. Carl was stroking his thick cock and sighing with pleasure as Tom's tongue bit deep into his spice hole. After what seemed like the longest time Jayne guided Cindy's hand to her mound and the blonde expertly fingered the raven haired beauty until she writhed in pleasure. Tom's hungry tongue was nibbling on his right nipple as he gently fucked in and out of Carl's juicy hole.

Discovery Ch. 11

group D H LAW 2018-09-17

Jen answered quickly, "Yes." everyone but Tim, Betty and I, looked a little shocked but didn't know what to say, so Mary moved on. Mary thought for a minute and said, "I dare you to try to get Tim's whole cock in your mouth." Mary said, "I dare you to kiss........Wanda and Jen's boobs for one minute each." Jen didn't wait before turning to Betty, she also didn't give her a choice, she said I dare you to fuck Alex while you eat Mary. Once she was satisfied that Wanda was getting a good fucking from her brother, Jen knelt down and took James's cock into her mouth. James fucked Betty's ass while Wanda ate her pussy again and she sucked my cock.


The Forbidden Fruit Vol. 01 Bk. 01

group Gvasko 2018-09-17

Not knowing what to say and ready to leave now, as she was sure Big T was just the doorman trying to impress her, Ivy reached for her wrap in Simone's hand and said "Well, the doorman said it was okay, but I guess I will be going now." These types of clubs never did much for Ivy, she considered them as places for the upper class to hide away from the "real" people. Simone moved around Big T and stepped behind Ivy. She leaned down over her shoulder without saying a word and kissed Ivy on her lips very lightly as if she was inviting her to dance.


I Love This Beach!

group oldhippie1949 2018-09-17

Plus the facts that I can walk him anytime I want as long as I pick up after him (the town has plastic doggie-bag dispensers in the parking area), that it's close to where I live and that during the week, it is usually empty, makes this beach ideal. Emily took the joint from John and sat up. The deck was big enough to host a good-sized party and it wrapped around the side of the house where it joined a long screened-in porch filled with potted plants. We all cleared the table but Emily pushed us back outside with a tray of pot, rolling papers and an old water pipe which John filled with Sauvignon Blanc. "Here Emily, you work on this while I work on this." I took John's cock into my hand.


Sharing a Room Ch. 07

group pjhale121 2018-09-17

Sure, there are the things you would expect – erect nipples, dilated eyes and shallow panting breaths – but there are also signs I have come to recognize from my intimate moments with my lover – like the way the muscles in her abdomen tighten, the cute flush at the tips of her ears and the almost feline stiffness in her spine that betray intensely erotic feelings coursing through her. On the bed, Lisa has begun teasing Ron by straddling his head; her heated pussy only inches from his face, letting her scent engulf him and deepen his longing to taste her.



group VinsanityOrElse 2018-09-17

I moaned loudly as I felt Vic's hot mouth on my nipple, sucking and nibbling. Feeling Vic grind between my legs, hitting my hard clit perfectly, God I just needed something big inside my tight little pussy. As soon as my wet tongue touched Vic's head, I felt Vince's tongue on my gaping pussy. "Oh...oh...mmm," I cried as I felt his thick cock pressing into my tight pussy, the ripples of his condom catching in all the right places. I moaned louder each time he buried his perfect cock in my tight pussy, feeling his balls slap my clit. As he squeezed my ass, I felt his finger teasing my asshole, spreading the wetness from my pussy across my puckering hole.


group workmate 2018-09-17

I saw his balls touch her chin, and then just as I thought my wife would gag, she suddenly she released him and began to flick his cock with her tongue. She sucked on his knob and shaft like there was no tomorrow, and he looked so happy and horny and just plain fucking turned on that I began to feel left out. I felt Terry almost melting against me, our sweat running between us, before he turned slightly and suddenly began to flick my nipples with his tongue. I pounded at my wife’s cunt and his cock, and suddenly felt the amazing heat as his spunk flooded all round me, bursting deep within Lauren.

The Apartment Ch. 01

group krmcm 2018-09-17

After finding Orlando with another girl in his bed, Alex left the house without taking anything, walked a little on the streets in the rain, then took a cab and came to my apartment. What Alex said, made Pantelis start groaning and shaking. When Pantelis collapsed onto the floor exhausted, I took over right where he left off, wasting no time to ram her gaping pussy with my own member. Fucking such a beautiful girl after a period without sex, which lasted more than a year and the highly erotic situation that night made me extremely aroused and it did not took long for me to ejaculate my jism in her pussy. Pantelis grasped her buttocks hard as he rode her and my hands held her face as my cock sank deeper and deeper into her mouth with every thrust.

Atonement! P

group SmedleyLeftwich 2018-09-17

Getting a look at the girly's face and hair she observed, "Wow, you have been busy," she leaned close to her face and added, "Let me get that for you." Meg proceeded to kiss and lick off the thicker areas of cum that had settled or been shot there. Meg caught her husband's eye and blew out through pursed lips then mouthed, "Wow." He finally released his hold on girly's large breasts and used his hands to point to where he was filling the pussy with his penis. She looked across to her husband who nodded, so she brought the penis in her hand to her rear, past her firm pout of an ass and up to her pussy from the back.



group per_vertec 2018-09-17

I was playing hooky from work so I thought I would head on over to the FuckMart to pass the time. "Enjoy shopping at FuckMart," smiled the girl who's tit I was just twisting. This girl was an athlete and it showed the way she worked my cock. A pair of teenaged girls were giggling and whispering to each other when my big cock came into view. You could tell from the way she spoke that she didn't have the biggest IQ in the land - like most of the girls at FuckMart. I grabbed my FuckMart girl and tossed her face first onto one of the forks. I got behind her doggy style and inserted my fuck tool into the FuckMart tool girl in a second.

polly's birthday surprise

group mickyr11 2018-09-17

Two minutes later, she felt more hand's grabbing at her body, this was Ed and Chris, xhamster members, the guy's who set Polly task to do, she doesn't diss-obey, so I knew they would be good for the weekend party. I pull my cock so many time's watching submissive girl's gangbanged hard by guy's who love doing it. With the dildo, cock in mouth and arse and one in your hand, your pussy just started flowing with cum, Daniel pulled the dildo out and started smacking her pussy lips. Lol Polly loved every minute of it, my cock just wanted to explode after watching her creampied up the butt and fanny, she also swallowed two loads.

Asian Wife Satisfied By 7 Guys

group spicecpl 2018-09-17

Guys, it seems, love being dominant and aggressive in bed with petite, submissive slutty woman, and it gets even hotter when you fuck another man's wife, when all are agree. She wasted no time in taking each man deep in her mouth and soon, George was on top of her, fucking her tits and when he started humping her chest faster and faster, Lynn looked up and demanded he shoot his load in her mouth. George then arched up, toward Lynn's head and shoved his cock in her mouth and as she grabbed the base and cupped his balls, he pumped a few times and we knew he was cumming.


CvsN 11: A New Addition

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-09-17

I got home late, trying to do a little extra to empty my plate before the next week's travel, and upon entering the house, I was shocked to have Robin run up and give me a full body hug and kiss before I'd hardly cleared the threshold. And we've got an early day tomorrow, with the bank, and lining things up for the addition work, and gosh, I don't know, it seems like a hundred different things need to be done." While I spoke Debbie was removing her clothes. With Debbie curled up beside me, her hands caressing me, and little kisses tap-dancing across my shoulders, chest and neck, I felt a new weight shifting on the bed and I half-opened my eyes to see the equally gorgeous Beth lowering herself onto my waiting pillar.