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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

MVP Perks

group savvyluvr 2018-09-17

With my fingers buried in the pussy of a hot blonde and my dick in the mouth of another girl I just met, I began to look around the bus. It took a little work, but he was able to use the sperm from her pussy for lube and eventually got his cock balls deep into her tight ass. I assumed that meant Austin blew his second load in her ass, which means Ashley had now taken two loads in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and one on her face all from different guys. As I pulled my dick from her pussy, Ashley groaned, looked up from Dru's pussy and back at me with a pout on her face and jizz dripping from her lips.


Strip Hearts Ch. 01

group alternatereality125 2018-09-17

He won't know for a couple of weeks after the presentation on Thursday, but he had worked long and hard for this and was looking forward to the weekend away in his private lodge up in the mountains. Nicole had used the lodge a couple of times previously, and she and her friends had always taken good care of it, but he was looking forward to some quiet time by himself. In fact, Michael had to insist the past two times that Nicole had used the lodge. if Krystle and Jenny were half as attractive as Nicole and Ellie, it might not end up being such a bad idea having company for the weekend at all.

Erica's Story Pt. 04

group philipmitchellstein 2018-09-17

If she concentrated, she could remember how scared she had felt once she'd put her life into Jim and Tina's hands, but it was far easier to recall how turned on she'd been yesterday when she had been filled with Dean's gargantuan penis, or how much of a thrill it was to be surrounded by horny men, all eager to fuck her senseless. With one minute to go Tina left the room, sticking her head through the door one final time to deliver the parting words, "Make sure you fuck them senseless," before pulling the door closed behind her. Lost in the pleasure her body was giving her, Erica began to beg Gary to fuck her harder and harder, her pleading littered with cries for him to slap her backside, to use her dirty pussy, to call her a slut and a whore.


Paradiso Ch. 22

group SlyKink 2018-09-17

Truth be told I was just as turned on by the thought of sucking Grant's sexy prick to full hardness and feeling it slide up my asshole as I was to bury my face between Bella's round, tanned D-cup tits and slide my own cock into her warm snatch. Expert that she was Bella slowed her bouncing up and down on my cock to draw out the moment and rather than ending almost as suddenly as it began the pleasure of the climax slowly ebbed into a warm contentment that spread like a blanket over my whole body. I thought Sara might cum any moment but before she could Bella pulled her face away and adjusted the massage table so that her legs were no longer splayed so far apart.


last wednesday afternoon outdoor sex session

group bobble1973 2018-09-17

the mid 40s guy said thier is another guy thier look waiting for you isaid great signalled him over sucked him so deeply i felt sick and gasped with air on his cock as i was still horney on poppers again another throat fuck so fast hard and gagging i swallowed the lot and caught my breath to be watched by 2 older guys and they came over i spent my afternoon as a cock sucking slut and had the best time ever altogether i had 5 guys great afternoon

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 03

group hardwayone 2018-09-17

Tim stood up and doing so his robe opened briefly allowing Betty and I to get a glance of his nude body before he closed it. "Hello, sorry about the flashing." Tim said as he took Betty's hand "Let's not keep the lady waiting." Tim said as he walked toward the bed, his hard, thick cock leading the way. I watched from the center of the room as Tim got on his knees between Betty's legs and began kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. Tim took Betty's clit between his lips and started sucking it as if it were a cock. I want to feel Tim's thick cock in my mouth and you get my ass." Betty said as she winked at me.


group adel5000 2018-09-17

"Joe Oliver," Mom said, "if you don't start fucking me right this second I'm not going to getting dressed Sheila and I stepped from the alcove just in time to see our mom “I don’t want to take a chance,” said Sheila. “I can’t believe you think it’s okay for me to cheat on my husband,” Sheila replied, “and “You mean you’re the father of Alice Perry’s baby?” Sheila looked at me incredulously. “Eric won’t let you get any rest until your tummy starts bulging like mine,” said Mom. “Here’s your Aunt Sheila, Erica,” said Alice as she placed the baby in my s****r’s “I understand Eric is working on starting a baby inside you,” said Alice, “mother like

Hailey Grace's First Threesome

group fadedblu 2018-09-17

Hailey Grace couldn't remember her legs ever looking them long or her stomach so flat. "All right," Hailey Grace said, "I'll text you tomorrow when I know what time I'll be over." When she closed her eyes, Hailey Grace could still see the picture the couple had sent her. Hailey Grace arched her back as their hands replaced hers on her nipples, plucking and teasing, while her hands stroked up and down her pussy lips, opening her legs wider. The petite lady, Les, straddled her leg, grinding slowly while she lowered her mouth to Hailey Grace's nipple. Hailey Grace gasped and got water in her nose and mouth, shocking her out of her fantasy.

Sex On Boat With Two Friends

group anitabrausa 2018-09-17

I took off my skirt and blouse, they really liked my small bikini. I was sitting down and my friend took off his shorts and called me to suck him. It was a little sweaty but i crawled and start to suck his dick. With no warning, he shot sperm in my mouth which i started to choke. My friend came in front of me and asked if liked it and i said Yes. He put his soft dick in my mouth and i was getting entered from both ends. Slowly his dick got hard and began sucking. His friend stayed wit his sticky dick in my mouth. My friend fucked me very hard for long time while the other guy went to care for the boat.

The More The Merrier

group AlinaX 2018-09-17

I tried to push him away instead, but a hand fastened about my wrist and a new mouth started sucking at my fingers and kissing my palm. A hand grabbed me by the hair and held my head still as the cock started fucking my mouth. Ben's cock was in my hand and I moved to take it in my mouth, but a new cock met my lips, pushing insistently between them. Ten!" - and suddenly Ben's cock was pushing into my mouth, fucking it gently, even as the finger fucked my ass deeper and deeper, finally pushing as deep as it could. I started pushing back against the fingers, enjoying the finger fucking, even as I tried harder to make Ben come in my mouth.

Joe's Friends

group kinkygirl 2018-09-17

Bob kept his hands on my head, gripping me by my pig-tales, giving me just enough movement to suck up and down on his cock, but not enough so I could pull away. I was now a whore who takes money to let any old guy fuck my tight, young pussy. "You want to fuck my little pussy while I show Frank how much I love to suck cock?" "I never took you for being such a nasty little slut", Frank said as I wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking my juices from it. "Keep sucking it, I'm nearly there", said Frank, once more grabbing hold of my pig-tales and forcing his cock between my lips.


Bi Exhibitionism

group jwc10010 2018-09-17

Paul's other hand reached around and grabbed my nuts for the ladies to see and I started fingering my nipple as I stroked his cock. I didn't have to try hard to cum, with my fingers on my nipples and his on my cock and balls, with all the women screaming I shot a long white load right on Tracy's chest. I was a complete slut, looking at the women, watching their eyes behind lusty faces as I stroked my cock, my balls, even played with my ass. Adrianne was shocked, and when I came the second time, it was in a load that covered my hand and my cock in sperm.

Caribbean Adventure

group 2018-09-17

Both my wife, Ann and her s****r Dawn are blondes the others keep eyeing Ann and Dawn, and making each go all over Ann and Dawn. each go all over Ann and Dawn. see how great Dawn looked naked. Ann said, "Tim lets just do what I looked at her and Dawn, and saw that while Ann was Another guy just started mouth fucking her, Ann was fucked twice in the ass although that never Dawn start to "French Kiss' on the guys assholes. taken a dislike to Ann, and a like to Dawn. They had three guys fuck Dawn times guys went over and pissed in her mouth for no interest is that at college Dawn only dates Black


group Randy4Sure 2018-09-17

"I know that's a problem so after the drawing we'll each get her for a couple of hours through today and then starting tomorrow we'll take our regular days." I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I knew that it was in fact the only solution. "My understanding," Stephen said "Is that we can still fuck her when she is pregnant up until she gives birth and then depending on how much she tears a few days or weeks later we can enjoy her again." The men looked at each other and nodded. "If that is the way you're going to be then we might as well get this over with right here and now." Chad looked at the other men and knew that as big as he was he could not take five equally tough men at the same time.


ProfNigma Stories #3: Carousel Nights #5

group FrankSinner 2018-09-17

Freddie slowed down his oral pace as Jade finished, but Sam gripped his hair tight, forcing his face against her shaven pussy, his sandpaper-y tongue covering her sensitive clitoris. Carly obliged Cat's wish by pushing the girl's body onto the bed, slipping her fingers into her panties, pulling them off, and reaching for the chocolate syrup. Carly got her hands dirty as she massaged Cat's chest hungrily licking and biting a bit on one breast as she ran the nipple between her fingers on the other. They would have had to deal with this a bit longer if the door hadn't opened again, this time revealing Jade, Sam, and Freddie, all who looked very fresh out of a shower.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 02

group Lei Feng 2018-09-17

I recall one of the men, seen this morning in a small pair of briefs, and explore his muscular body, and in my fantasy I remove his briefs, and admire his big, long, very hard cock. The novel pleasure in my pussy, my finger on my clit, the rubbing of my nipples on my lover's thighs, and a familiar, and much loved, cock now filling my mouth is too much for me and I come once more, moaning into my lover's erection, as it slips out of my open mouth. I rub my nipples against his thighs, and stroke my clit urgently, and with my pussy and mouth filled with come, and a cock detumescing in my pussy and in my mouth, I come once more, before collapsing against my lover.


My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 03

group Dirtynerdychick47 2018-09-17

My boyfriend said he'd invited Pete over to hang and play video games as usual but decided to stay in just boxers just to make sure things were already relaxed. Pete was biting his lip and looking at my boyfriend's cock when suddenly leaned forward and looked like he was going to suck my boyfriend's cock but when he got close enough that my boyfriend could feel his breath on his head Pete stopped, hesitated for a second then spit on his cock letting it mix with the cum and stroked him faster. My boyfriend told me later that Pete got really aggressive after he saw the video and wants things to go further with us all.

A Birthday to Remember

group ghostman1 2018-09-17

Now I guess it is time for me to return the favor." With that Nicole slipped off her robe and stepped into the bath letting Angela see her totally nude, from her voluptuous breasts, down her flat stomach and to her mound of pubic hair hiding her pussy. "You can't tease me like that," I said, almost out of breath, "telling me that your pussy quivered when you saw Nicole naked, especially with you standing there in that little T-shirt with your nipples poking out." Baths are so good for the mind and the body." Then, looking at Angela's wet shirt, Nicole asked "what have you been up to while I have been in here?"


Ladies Club Ch. 06

group jehoram 2018-09-17

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd come home to find Maria sucking some naked guy to orgasm on our bed, but now that the guy turned out to be Bret, I'd just smile and undress, knowing that I'd be next. I clambered on the bed and entered that tight little pussy, and I swear I could feel Bret's cock moving inside her ass as I pumped her cunt. The last time Maria asked me something like this was before my first visit to the Ladies Club, and it turned out to be a cum-shooting contest! Anne said simply, "I want Bret." So I let her go, and she positioned her cunt over his rod and lowered herself on to it.

It's All Because Of Mia

group riverboy 2018-09-17

So last night was New Years Eve. This dry spell of dating has stretched on and on, so I went out with some work friends, the pathetic, no love-life loser ones like me. So, another Friday, another night of dancing with Mia. Same club, different guys, although I saw my skinny one with another, younger girl. The memory of being with Mike is still fresh, and with Mia picking up guys TWICE the last times we went clubbing, I'm feeling nervous. I don't want to wear my usual stuff though, I'd feel like a dweeb next to Mia if she looks hot. But like Mia said, "Why shouldn't good sex make us happy?" Yes. It's true really, isn't it?


Accidental Hazing Ch. 02

group EuphoricCinder 2018-09-17

"Yeah let's say I didn't believe you if Suzie asks." Kelvin said as he went over to stand next to Jason. "Yeah, they even greeted her without swallowing." Jason laughed at the memory of the two young girls trying to speak with their mouths full of his cum. "My parents raised me right I guess." Jason said nervously, as the two sat down, he still didn't know what this girl wanted from him. "So what you're saying is for the next three years you want me to fuck the freshman who rush your sorority." Jason said. I uh gotta go." Jason said as he pulled up his pants and quickly followed Kim out the door.


That Old Black Magic

group pandsal 2018-09-17

The rest of us - Vee, me and Ntombe's five wives - faced him from the opposite side of a long table set with expensive porcelain and crystal. That is why I was able to look on with equanimity when Ntombe announced - in French this time - that for a finale he would take Vee. My wife was not given any choice but it would not have mattered. Vee began to match Ntombe's grunts with ecstatic wordless cries, quietly at first but growing increasingly louder and uncontrolled. As Vee lifted her body to absorb Ntombe's final thrusts, the woman tightened her grip on my penis and matched the others' momentum.

Joel and Carrie Ch. 05

group JoeDreamer 2018-09-17

"Good point!" Brian laughed in surrender as Robbie walked up and joined us. I think Carrie initially insisted that they come to some parties with us because she knew how close I was to them, but later they seemed to fit in of their own accord. Sometimes I missed those lunches where Robbie, Tina and I sat alone and just hung out quietly, but Carrie was right. "Hey, I have another idea," I said, thinking of my conversion with Brian earlier in the day. "Brian Longo?" Carrie asked with a frown. I left Brian and Tara to themselves for the next ten minutes while I waited for Carrie to arrive. "No," Carrie said, looking the girl up and down and smiling.


Wife's Sexting Gangbang

group WereIT 2018-09-17

They were obviously taking turns on her because another couple of minutes went by and another pic comes in of the third guy with his huge cock sitting on top of her belly stopping at her belly button. Then another pic came in of the third guy stroking his huge cock with the message ‘where do you want me to cum?’ I answered; ‘I dare you to cum all over her pussy’. I started stroking my cock and realized how amazing it felt since it had been pumping precum down the shaft for what seemed like hours as I tried not to entice myself to cum, just waiting for the right moment. A video text came in as the third guy pulls out of Jessica’s pussy slightly as he started to cum.