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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasy Nights

group sophia jane 2018-09-17

I hesitated for a moment, but I felt Colin's hand slide along my back and rest gently on my head, and I understood he was encouraging me to continue because he liked watching me with Nate's cock in my mouth. Over and over, our bodies moved together; Nate moaned beneath me, turning his head so he could watch Colin's cock thrust inside me. "Put a condom on Nate's cock, Jen, and then climb onto his lap facing him," Colin said. My nipple in Nate's mouth, his hand on my clit, his cock in my pussy, and Colin fucking my ass: it was all too much, and I screamed as I climaxed.


Who Needs Popcorn?

group Outlaw 2018-09-17

What you're watching is so arousing, you slip a hand between your legs and rub yourself through your pants. You can feel how wet you are now, and you put your hand inside your pants, feeling yourself and rubbing your moist pussy. She looks down, then rubs her pussy, lifting up her fingers and licking them clean. He stops about a foot away, his hard cock evident through his pants, and leans toward you. You hesitate, looking from the straining cock in his pants to his girlfriend, who is still fucking herself, and nod slightly. As you come back from your orgasm, pussy tingling, you feel his cock slip out of your body.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 18

group bustyalix 2018-09-17

Coach Blue was speaking in fragments; it was hard not to with two beautiful women such as Barbara Biguns and Beth Bust sitting right across from him. Brittany's chest heaved and she breathed heavy from the kiss, causing her big tits to push upwards into the underside of Coach Blue's face. The eager coach quickly looked down and caught a glimpse of the busty blonde's deep cleavage just before burying his face in the tops of her heaving bosoms. Brittany and Brooke looked at each other as Coach Blue continued to have fun between their tits. "Believe it!" Coach Blue said as he pushed his head through their cleavage and broke free from their massive tits.


Mykonos Vacation Pt. 01

group twowords 2018-09-16

"Fuck!" she thought, "that has to be nearly a foot long!" This was truly a cock to fantasise over, and Jane's eyes closed -- only for a second though, in case she missed anything -- and her fingers progressed from a gentle stroking of her lips to an almost frantic in and out motion as she inserted them into her suddenly VERY wet pussy. As he started gently wanking his cock, Jane moaned -- very softly -- she was conscious of the fact she was stood on a hotel terrace with her hand in her pants -- and took an involuntary step closer to the window.


Pool Boy Ch. 20

group BigZeke13 2018-09-16

She started a fucking motion for a couple minutes and then pulled off and guided my cock to her anus and dropped down just hard enough to push my vaginal fluid lathered cock into her bowels before she screamed and stopped. Emma turned her head toward Alexis and said, "You are a bad girl, teasing your mother like that." Alexis blew her an air-kiss and Emma smiled as she pulled forward extracting my cock to the glans. She kissed the swell of Erin's breasts and she moaned hard and wrapped her arms around Alexis' head and pulled her face in hard to her tits. She pulled a second rolled up mat to use as a pillow and she smiled when she noticed my rock hard cock in my hand.


Early Retirement Ch. 05

group Frankly Speaking 2018-09-16

"Sue Ann, you've got to try that and let him just pound the cum into you." Then she lifted off my softening cock and turned around and licked me clean as the boat proceeded at a slower pace. Then the two kissed passionately as Sue Ann moved to them and unzipped Claire's pants pulling them down her legs and then reaching over to unzip Ruth's skirt which fell to the floor. Claire lifted her mouth from Ruth's cunt and moaned, "Spank me, Sue Ann. Do my ass! When he pulled out of her mouth cleaned, she moved to Ruth's ass and started licking it to get the cum. When Mel pulled his cock out of Janie's ass, he let it drop onto Claire's face and she moved her mouth and took him in.


Ethereal Muff; First-time with a couple on a remot

group goldenpalomino 2018-09-16

Energetically throat fucking my wife for the first time, with my hands on the sides of her head, her lips wrapped around my thrusting wet shaft, her bare breasts jiggling in motion with my repeated thrusts, her legs spread wide and dark muff tantalizingly bobbing between them, it is a while before we realize someone is watching us. With her mouth wide open, her ass cheeks flattened on Owen’s groin and chest, his muscular arms pressing her cunt on his cock, and Tanya and I petting and holding her, Jennifer trembles, shouts and clenches Owen’s wet cock with her pussy, cuming in spasms of pleasure.

Laura's Sexual Awakening Ch. 06

group MsErotica1950 2018-09-16

Mike leaned back watching as Tom fucked Laura, his cock getting harder by the second, his excitement was higher tonight then it was last night and he knew this was going to be a unique night for Laura before it was over. Mike was standing next to the bed watching Laura have her first orgasm as Tom brought her to climax with the help of the two women sucking her nipples. Both men were still fast asleep on the big bed, both women undressed then Mary lay down softly next to Mike and Laura next to Tom. They both reached for their cocks and began to slowly stroke them awake.


My Fist Orgy...or was it??

group handiman1980 2018-09-16

While Jose was lubing up his cock and my ass I grabbed the guy closet to my head and took his cock in my mouth. I started to yell at almost the top of my lungs that I was going to cum and the Jose who was the one jacking me off angled my cock towards my face and as Miguel continued to pound my ass and prostate, I shot my load all up my chest and face. Like Jose before him, this man fucked me hard for a couple of minutes and he too came deep in my ass. Surprisingly enough the man with his cock in my mouth laid down on his stomach almost suffocating me and began fucking my face even harder.

Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 05

group GabbyBX 2018-09-16

From my handbag I took out the indispensable little bottle of baby oil and placed it on the bedside table then pulled back the bedcover (you never know who has done what on hotel bedcovers), slipped off my pants and panties, and held out an inviting hand for Deborah to join me on the cool white sheets. How sensitive were her breasts -- mostly around the upper half; her nipples -- yes, she liked to have them sucked; her tummy, so lean and smooth -- my stroking made her purr; the crease between body and thigh -- a steady rubbing that stretched her skin was getting to her; that area of lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone -- that really caused her hips to rise.


Never Enough Ch. 14

group Sweetcheekss 2018-09-16

When they were ready, I went through the video’s scenario with Amber and Chris making sure they understood how it was going to be shot. Amber was standing at the bottom of the stairs with Chris right behind her pulling her in close to him. Chris pulled Amber up from her kneeling position just enough to push her back on the stair steps. Chris ravenously worked over Amber’s hot pussy till she was writhing her ass. I said “next” into the headset mike but neither Chris or Amber were paying attention. Chris immediately slammed his cock into Amber’s pussy, fucking her hard and fast. David let me catch my breath before he pulled me close, kissing me hard and passionately.


Take Out

group chickmagnet 2018-09-16

Since I feel that I have a good few minutes until she arrives I reach under the table and put my hand under your skirt, slipping two fingers into you and pumping them back and forth lightly while rubbing the clit with my thumb. she can clearly see what you are doing and since we are sitting in a booth in the back where it is very difficult to see from anywhere else in the restaurant(which you chose the seat for this very reason) you give the waitress a little wink and bend down in the booth and take my cock in your mouth sucking lightly. When Monique lets my cock out of her mouth, you take it into yours sucking it hard.

Stacy's Surprise

group erossmantic 2018-09-16

Beyond the drinks, we mostly just love catching up at the end of a long week, especially if Stacy's weekend plans involve being alone with Tony and his legendary sex. I knew what Stacy meant, and was glad for the relationship and confidence she shared with Tony. Stacy's words swirled around my head like the ice in my glass: "don't go and do anything I wouldn't." Ironically, the one thing she wouldn't do is the one thing I now want most, and I want it from the one person she said I couldn't get. "Sounds good to me," she answered, "then I'll take those shorts." Stacy and Tony made love the rest of the evening, fueled by the passion of my proposal.


Tucker's Studio Ch. 21

group riverboy 2018-09-16

"But it's a real offer, from the guy who owns the place." She let Kimmie watch Mitch and his awesome cock a little more. I don't know about the havin' my mother there thing, or the fuckin' cameras and all that, but yeah...I'm fuckin doin' it," Kimmie said, her eyes still glued to Mitch's sweaty body as his big cock drove an average looking girl to the orgasm of her life. He still had his Shack Shakers t-shirt on, but Brandi liked seeing him that way, naked from the waist down, big cock pointing upward, with a wild look in his eyes. "This is like fuckin' heaven," Brandi said as she watched him approach.


Bisexual Orgy Ch. 2

group Bram Speer 2018-09-16

An image flashed through Lou's head: Mr. Ellis - that fat ugly slob - fucking Willa, pumping his fat prick in her, while Mrs. Ellis licked Vickie's cunt, her fat lips and jowls buried between Vickie's thighs. It was a real orgy; dozens of people were engaged in sundry sexual acts; men were licking cunts, women were sucking cocks. Lou pumped his peter in the attractive sandy-haired woman's cunt, frigging her hard and fast as he watched fat ugly Mrs. Ellis screw Vickie... As the two men screwed him, Lou watched his wife being fucked by Jay. His friend pumped his big dick in Willa, frigging her good and hard.

the conversion of Beth part 3 of 3

group Jerry04 2018-09-16

What Beth didn't know but, everyone else did, is that Leroy and Tyrone were the boyfriends of Cheryl and Becky and had been asked to come to the club and try to pick up on Beth. Soon all three were naked and kissing, the men were touching her everywhere , grabbing her breasts fingering her cunt Leroy even stood and said to her "Big, Black,Cock like this"? She put the clothes on she had borrowed from Becky and came out to Marys kitchen where everyone else was sitting having coffe including Leroy and Tyrone.Beth was offered a chair which she took, a little confused about the night before.

First Time

group CorsetLvr 2018-09-16

It came when a couple we had been friends with for years, Tom and Nancy, admitted over drinks one evening two weeks ago that they had been in the lifestyle for several years. As the evening wore on, they said that it was clear that we had some interest in swinging and that if, after discussing what we had heard, we wished to explore it further, to let them know and they would help us meet some other couples in the lifestyle. Bill and I went off to discuss the invitation and it was clear that he was as excited as I was about this opportunity to "get into the swing of things." We quickly headed back to join Tom and Nancy and confessed that we would love to join them.


The Business Meeting

group FairMaiden 2018-09-16

From his position on the sofa Anthony watched the new girl as she kissed the top of Laras thighs and pulled her legs up so that they were slightly spread and her sparkling wet pussy was revealed. As she removed her fingers and placed them in Anthonys mouth she sucked on the girls delicate clit and raised her ass in the air, desperate to feel his cock deep within her. The girl raised her head slightly while moving her hips to Laras tongue fuck and looked intently at Anthony, his face contorting as he fought against his need to cum. He reached under his cock, brushing his taut balls on the way and rubbed the girls clit in rhythm to Laras fingers as he pumped away at her ass.

Three's Company

group Rhon1768 2018-09-16

Well, the husband contacted me a couple of days later and explained that the wife was interested in having an interlude with my sister, as I expected, however, I was surprised when he told me that he was very attracted to me, and was going to convince his wife that I would be the more appropriate partner, IF I wanted to go ahead with it all. Her panties were wet with her juices, and while I continued to tongue fuck her nipples, I slipped one hand inside the leg of her underwear and slowly felt my way up her slit till my finger found her swelling clit. I pushed my middle finger deep inside her now dripping pussy, and slowly fucked her with it while I continued to suck and lick her clit.

The Threesome

group spawn8508 2018-09-16

My girl began to kiss me passionately as our friend began to lick and suck on my rock hard cock. I sat up and began to lick and suck on our friends nipples while rubbing the back of my girl's head. My girl asked if I wanted to taste our friend, so I moved and got into position so that we both were licking her pussy. As she rode me, our friend moved into position so that she was sitting on my face, so I could lick her pussy and she could kiss and suck on my girl's boobs while she rode me! Our friend began to ride my cock while my girl kissed and nibbled on my neck and nipples.

Monica's Art Class Ch. 01-02

group GriffyD_Boy 2018-09-16

Monica smiled as she remembered the look of disappointment on his face when she explained that she would only be using life models for advanced classes and not beginning classes involving students such as himself. Both women had similar looking shoulder length hair, with Angel's being light brown while Ellie's was the darkest shade of black Monica had ever seen. "I knew it had been two years that I've been holding these classes," Monica said, trying to remember the exact date that they started, "but I didn't realize that the anniversary was so close." "He amazes me too," Monica said as she turned her head to look at Angel. "I didn't mean that Monica should pose again next week," Angel said, shaking her head.


Cabin Boy At Home

group hard169 2018-09-16

Tim and I were talking the next day and he told me that Tina was horny as hell when he got home and they fucked all night long. Tim wanted a nice hard dick for lunch and started to suck me dry. We sent the kids over to my house to play and the three of us started to make a small talk when Tim asked if anyone wanted to play poker. Tina was shocked when Tim obeyed me and came over and started to suck my throbbing cock. She took the strap-on and put it on and started to get Tim to suck her as I fucked his ass. Tina and Tim got into a 69 and I started to fuck....


The Dream Vacation Ch. 02

group greggmis 2018-09-16

The Bra quickly followed and there stood my beautiful naked aggressively helping Allen unbutton his shirt as I felt Jamie's hands push me into the room pulling my shirt off and working on my pants. I took great enjoyment looking down at Allen's hardening cock as my wife began to stroke it and soon lowered her head down to take him into her mouth. I leaned forward to whisper into Susan's ear "Jamie is going to fuck my ass while I fuck your ass and you ride Allen." She gasped and closed her eyes clearly turned on my the idea and we all slowed and allowed Jamie to climb up behind me and press her life-like strap-on cock into my ass.


f****y Ties

group DickLover59 2018-09-16

But Dexter and he prayed together about it very diligently; and one day, after a very long, and quite intense session of prayer together, Robert experienced a 'break through', as Dexter called it---and after that, Robert felt that special and wonderful peace of God settle over his heart and mind; and ever since then, Robert has been absolutely, and TOTALLY devoted to Dexter." She turned and looked me in the face; and she smiled. My wife and I looked up, and there was Dexter, surrounded by his amazing harem (of which we were now also a part of), and he said: "Bless you both, and may God keep you both in perpetual peace and happiness!"