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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Busted Ch. 02

group psymonkros 2018-09-16

Allie got a big towel and patted Eve's bottom dry, then positioned her with her legs apart on the edge of the seat. Both women got back into the tub, and Allie and I positioned Eve bending over with her hands on the side, and her legs slightly spread apart. We gently scrubbed Eve's glistening body, squeezing her dangling tits (I still can't get enough of that!), and more than once I found Allie's hand either already where I wanted to go, or hers met mine already there. Allie and Eve towelled me dry, then ran the shaver all over me, even my arms, legs and hands.

Great trip to the ABS

group Queerfc 2018-09-16

I was lifted up and bent over so I could suck the glory hole cock as the other started sliding in my ass.My young lover was a master ass fucker, filling my fuck hole deep and leaving it in for a bit, then slowly sliding out not letting his cock head cumm out...then back in deep, making me wiggle my ass like a dirty slut, wanting, needing more, harder, faster, all the while slurping on the cock thru the hole.

The Network Ch. 01

group JackieH2 2018-09-16

"And they're still fully clothed," she thought, moving her right hand the fraction needed to touch the front of David's trousers, registering his stiffness immediately, taking pleasure in it, holding him lightly through the cloth, squeezing a little, letting him know she wanted him happy too, even though this first part of the evening was really for her ... Gary slipped his hands under the tops of her thighs and eased her down the bed just far enough to bring her bottom to its edge; eased her legs apart; lifted them slightly until she felt David and Mark take over there, each supporting one of her thighs, lifting and separating, opening her, spreading her, spreading her wide, supporting her like stirrups, revealing her fully.


Happy Birthday

group jade butterfly 2018-09-16

Nails tracing along the length of his erection through his shorts, stopping to tease, pinch, caress his cock head. Watched as she returned to his cock, taking him in slowly, unrolling the condom as he went in deeper into her mouth. She watched as the two women straddled his chest, facing each other started to kiss and caress each other's bodies. She playfully teased him with her pussy, right up to his lips, then back away, rubbing her pendulous breasts, raking her nipples across his chest. She told him how good she was going to make him feel as she caressed his cock, fingers sliding, twisting over the glans. The sucking of his cock, the insistent probing of his ass, the sounds of climax – setting his mind's eye on fire.

A Sinfully Delectable 'Lunch'

group PussyCat 2018-09-16

I could see how turned on you were as I grabbed onto your moist and still rock hard cock, and began stroking it with my hand and squeezing your balls just the way you like, wishing I could reach it with my mouth and suck on it, taste you on my lips. Soon I felt not one, but two tongues aggressively licking and probing my pussy as you joined Meg. I was going wild...your cock slid into my waiting mouth like it belonged there, and I began to suck away. I heard you moaning a bit as I noticed Meg was sucking on your cock now, her fingers were rubbing my clit, and your tongue was gently teasing my ass.

Fucked at a Rock and Roll Orgy

group Strangesub 2018-09-16

"That make you hard?" probed the old guy, reaching over to my side of the truck, placing his hand on my crotch and giving my stiff cock a squeeze. We spent a pleasant night together, they in their tent, me in my sleeping bag, and after catching up on old times and getting high with them, I left in the afternoon for the North shore of the Lake where Bill was working at a casino. The two girls were all over him, both of them licking his cock, one sucking on his balls, the other taking his half stiff meat into her mouth and working up and down its glistening shaft.


An Email Affair Ch. 3

group JennistoyandWahoos1 2018-09-16

I haven't had quiet lovemaking in a long time and it turned me on so much feeling you move over and inside of me and trying not to wake Wendy. You rolled off of me, went back to the middle of the bed, circled your arm around me, kissed my forehead and slipped off to sleep. I watched you sleep and smiled to myself. Wendy's hair was tossled and you were smiling softly in your sleep. You settled down behind me on my long stool wrapping your arms around my waist watching the hypnotic clay. We heard Wendy stumbling about and soon her head appeared in the doorway. I watched you go into the cab and as it drove away you looked out the back window and waved.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse Ch. 06

group stonearc691 2018-09-16

Kate is also looking at the bikes, and Andreas is standing back, letting us have the moment to admire at the shop's treasures. Turning to look at Andreas, who is still standing by the door, apparently feeling proud at his shop's hidden gems, I ask him about the rent for these special bikes. I get more familiar with the Ducati, and the feeling of exiting a corner and turning on the throttle and knowing how forcefully the bike will pull on my hands is exciting. I have perfect sight of Kate's beautiful butt in those leather pants as she moves on the bike, but I have to remind myself not to fixate on her curves so as not to forget the curves that matter more just now, the ones on the road.


The Lawn Rangers Ch. 13

group texaswade 2018-09-16

"I can't believe that John has fucked your ass with that big dick!" she said. "Claudia, grab the lube from the backpack and get my ass ready," I said before continuing to suck the big beautiful dick in front of me. I continued to suck John's dick but also felt myself wiggle my ass to make it easier for the dildo to make its way into my asshole. Claudia continued to lube my ass up with the dildo for several minutes -- working it in and out, stretching me out for my lover's big dick. Claudia handed me the lube and I spread it all around John's big dick. Claudia had been standing directly in front of me watching John's big dick bury itself into me.


The swimming hole

group Natemiller 2018-09-16

Tommy reached down and pinched her big nipples a little stroking harder and faster, more precum came oozing out and Cindy licked it up but this time she took his whole cock in her mouth. Cindy was moaning and telling Tommy "Right there, God that is so good, you're filling my tight cunt up with that big cock." Tommy kept fucking her hard with his face burried in Amber's tits. Shortly after the girls said they had to go but Cindy looked at Tommy with his big cock swinging and said "I'm pretty sure we'll be swimming here tomorrow afternoon again." She winked at him and started walking away.

Coveting Ch. 10

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-16

The gathering was being held at the Garibaldi's home that night, and Vince and Margie, along with Danny and Tessa were greeted warmly by their hostess, Nina Garibaldi, and ushered into the main living room where the others were waiting. "Oh, all right, Ben. Start off however the fuck you want too," Lambert walked over to the corner of the room and sat down. The final woman they saw was Elaine, with her short brown hair and pert, perky breasts, which like Nina's had no need of a bra. Although Tessa was also willing, she was a beat to slow, and so Margie, queen of the Sybian in her own domain, was now to be the first woman other than Nina to test the pleasure swing.


A Beautiful Sight

group JaxsonCurry 2018-09-16

"Look!" Leigh interrupted, and as Lacey's eyes followed her s****r's line of sight, her mouth dropped open in surprise. Lacey began rubbing Leigh's butt, kneading it in her hands, and then reached between her s****r's legs and rubbed her crotch. As Leigh sucked on me, I began licking a little harder and faster on Lacey, and she began humping at my face, her butt cheeks flexing, so I grabbed her cheeks, kneading on them as I thrust my tongue inside her. Daddy knows how to really make me cum!" Leigh let go of my erection and shoved her vagina against my mouth, so I really began to eat her out as she shivered and gasped.


group fukkerguy 2018-09-16

I fucked her mouth, now my cock was in n out her wet n hot mouth and i enjoyed that beautiful bridal’s mouth she also enjoyed and sucked my cock like a cone ice cream ummm it was amazing after some time she looked at me and said ” shah g mairay mummy dabaoo naa” I hold her mummy( large firm breast) and they were tooooo hard i took her nipples and ….she screemed with joy alllaaahh…don’t cry zeenat u know every one is listening….oooh sorry yar plz turn on the music system cause i like to cry.Zeenat said and she told me to fuck her, she laid on her back with her legs in the air under her bridal lehngaa she was wearing panties and she took off that quickly..

Babe Watch Ch. 02

group danwoodsversion1 2018-09-16

She had sort auburn hair with blonde highlights, honey eyes, high cheekbones and a pouty mouth that looked like it enjoyed pussy as much as cock. I'm Jennifer," Her tone of voice said she was ready for me to fuck her in every hole, "We were wondering if we could climb up into the station and watch the sunset with you later," Lisa said coyly, She looked at Jennifer and I got the feeling they'd already done each other. Come up whenever you like," I replied, Memories of penetrating Lisa's pussy meshed with the thought of dicking Jennifer at the same time. As I lay on the floor, my cock deflating, Lisa and Jennifer were sucking face big time!


Photo Shoot Fantasy Becomes Reality

group njangelmouth1 2018-09-16

After numerous times and very wet nipples I took my clit between my thumb and forefinger and massaged it into a very round, very sensitive ball. With more juice than I knew what to do with I put 3 fingers into my pussy and pumped while massaging my clit with the other hand. The camera clicked for what seemed a hundred times and when I opened my eyes there were four male models around the bed, each one more built than the next. The photographer said it was the best MILF session they had EVER had and the picture of me being anally cocked with one guy eating me and the 2 others in my mouth would be on the cover of the magazine.


The Journey Ch. 05

group Lanthir 2018-09-16

Suzy kept stroking the base, and Sandy was holding my dick just below the tip as the first of my cum spurted out. Each time she sucked, her lips went a little further over my dick, until they slipped over the crown, and she had the entire tip in her mouth. "Each time I cum, it kind of takes the pressure off, but I can tell you this – if my dick is able to get hard again, then it's able to squirt again too." The two of them smiled at me, and then Sandy hungrily swallowed my dick deep into her mouth and began to suck. My dick was throbbing powerfully in Suzy's mouth, and I could feel my balls were pulled tight against the base.


Last Voyage of The Henrietta Bone

group Mysteria27 2018-09-16

"Surrender ye goods 'n save ye faith cap'n oh cap'n 'o th' Spanish navy." The pirate captain, called out when broadside of the much larger ship. She hoped she could stowaway on the pirate ship and when they went to their next port she'd leave and start her new life. Almost as if a ghost ship, with a spillage of blood, the crew too busy battling to notice her, in her frighten cold skin. He looked at Lola surprised and not sure how she had gotten on his ship. With that, the crew barged into the room and saw Lola on the floor with the captain's dick down her throat.

NudeStewardess Masturbastes for men

group oddtastes 2018-09-16

Some of my favorite acted out fantasies are; masturbating for six German soccer players in a private summer garden by the Main River in Frankfurt - Masturbating in a hammock outdoors at night by Tiki Torch light at a Belize resort for my two pilots - Performing for those same two pilots in an open area in the woods just up from the beach next to our resort, one of my most intimate and interactive experiences - Stripping naked and fingering to orgasm on stage at Scores Gentlemans Club on Amateur Night in Tampa, Florida. For the next ten minutes, my pilots were like little boys studying the female anatomy for the first time having an entire conversation about what they were seeing - and from what I was feeling and hearing, they saw everything as my lips were being pulled in different ways and fingers were spreading open my vagina.

The Double Team Ch. 01: Origins

group asdfman 2018-09-16

As best friends do, Cole had gone in great detail explaining to Frank all of the perfections that Jenny had and always detailed her ass. Jenny and Frank continued to discuss Tyler's large cock and how great it feels for a woman to have that kind of girth pulsating inside of you. Frank and Cole continued their joking back and forth about Jenny while they worked out their favourite muscle group (shoulders and chest). Well, maybe double teaming Jenny it isn't such a bad idea then if we're both getting hard thinking about it?" Frank thought out loud. Cole, while watching this, much to the surprise of Frank, had taken his dick out of his pants and was clearly loving this double sucking action.


Hot Wives Investment Club Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2018-09-16

Present were Martin Nash, Diana Torres, Theo Washington, Teddy Parker, Lorena Rose, Claire Michaels, Myron Milton, "Goth Girl Mary" Mahoney, J.R. Barnes from the Crime Lab, and Chief Griswold. "Okay, what did we get done this morning?" Cindy asked, as I perused officer reports of the Investment Club members' statements the night before. "Commander," Cindy Ross said to me, a bit of a gleam in her eye, "are you going to work your niece-in-law over and get that for us?" "We've been checking out every member of the 'Hot Wives' Investment Club." I knew she said that on purpose to tweak the Chief, but he pretended not to take notice. "Although it's thin," said Teddy Parker, "there was another murder involving Lightsource Industries, where Mrs. Donolan worked.


Ally teaches Eve to suck cock and fuck.

group fotisampini 2018-09-16

"But we won't do that now, because moisturiser tastes terrible!" As Eve continued to hold John's cock, Ally lowered her head to it and enveloped the tip in her mouth, sucking and licking at it with her tongue. "Ok then, so you need to make him cum." She gave Eve some advice on how to get John's cock to shoot its load and then sat back and watched as Eve worked her mouth up and down his cock, her hand pumping his shaft at the same time. "God yes," Ally panted, then said more loudly, "Stop John, I think Ally needs to feel what its like to have a stiff cock in her pussy." John ceased sliding his penis in and out long enough to ask Eve if she really wanted it.

Sex School Ch. 02

group Skibum 2018-09-16

Carolyn sucked her husband’s cock back into her mouth, demonstrating her ability to suck it deeply into throat, as she swallowed it down to the red fabric that encased his balls. Reluctantly, Ben gave her turgid little clit a last loving lick and returned his attention to the group of students, who were themselves in a high state of sexual arousal from the erotic demonstration they had been witnessing. We are breathing hard, her nipples are fully erect, as is my cock , and we are both producing lubricating fluid from our sex organs." A large drop of precum was visible at the tiny opening in the tip of Ben’s throbbing hard-on, and Carolyn’s splayed open cunt was pungent with the clean smell of an aroused and healthy woman.

Sis Helps Out With My Promotion

group TopGun115 2018-09-16

Joan turned to me, "Stuart, I think you know why we asked you and Karen to stay, Bill and I, well...we have a close, intimate circle of friends and we were hoping you two would want to join that circle" she reached out and took hold of my hand. " looks as if you two have got to know each other, have you enjoyed our little party Stuart?" Bill asked, "Very much Bill, thank you for inviting me" Joan had now slid up close to me and held my hand as it rested in her lap.


Semi-Formal Foursome - By Her

group nerdy_thirties_cpl 2018-09-16

Fall of our sophomore year Liz and Mike met at the same party where Chris and I met, and we had all been dating ever since. Chris didn't seem to want crazy sex, usually if he got me off alone from going down on me, he would fuck me until I came a second time, and then fill me up with his seed. I wanted to be fucked hard and doggy style, but I didn't want to get over the covers with Liz and Mike in the room. I knew I was being loud, but I didn't realize how loud until after I finished and saw that Liz and Mike quit fucking to watch me.