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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jeremy's Fantasy

group AmberLace 2018-09-16

I noticed Donna enter the club and that's when I told Jeremy that I wanted to get some air and would be right back. Donna leaned inward and kissed Jeremy on the cheek, making sure her body was hard-pressed against him. Once the shirt was removed, I began to kiss and lick his left nipple and Donna licked the one on the right. Jeremy could hear and feel Donna beginning to climax as he continued to lick and tongue fuck her. As Jeremy was fucking Donna and eating my pussy, we both moved in closer and shared another fiery kiss. I got on my hands and knees and climbed above Donna and began to kiss her inner thighs and then moved towards her pussy.

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 4

group imornery81 2018-09-16

Jane was lying on her belly panting, “Oh my God, Oh my God.” Thomas’ rapidly softening cock slipped out of Jane’s pussy and having spent more than just his load in my buxom wife, he pitched forward across her thigh and to the side of her before rolling onto his back chuckling quietly. In light of the fact that I was trying like hell to make my needy meat package last as long as I could, her coaxing and teasing did not help a damn… but God was it fucking hot when she slid her fingers down and started rubbing her clit as I banged my cock harder and harder deep into her!


group antoncole 2018-09-16

It was hard for me to judge, being the only male aboard who was regularly getting sex, but I thought I could feel all the guys on the ship getting more and more pent-up and sexually frustrated as the weeks went on with no young females around except Karen, who was so modest in her dress and demeanor as to give them little to look at. She lifted up her finger right in front of her face and stared at it in the dim light for a long moment, tongue slightly hanging out of her mouth, seemingly unaware of me or anyone else or anything in the world except that drop on the end of her finger. Suddenly, she leaned her head forward and took the whole wet finger tip in her mouth, and closed her lips around it, with a little scared look.


Return of Mrs. Aiyer Ch. 03

group funky2003man 2018-09-16

While we were having drinks, Mrs. Aiyer body heat aroused me & I start taking advantage by touching her hand from under the table and seeing no protest or reaction from her, I slowly begin to gently squeeze her thighs. I had the chance and as soon Sudha closed the door I got up & pulled Mrs. Aiyer & hugged her very tightly and kissed her full on her lips, pressing her boobs within my palms She never resisted. Mrs. Aiyer kissed Sudha on lips & said, “I don’t want you do anything that you don’t want”. As she continued to finger fuck Sudha, Mrs. Aiyer moved up & biting by ear lobe whispered in my ear, “Enjoy her darling, give her the same pleasure that you given me”.


Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 07

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-16

"Do you, Jeremy Michael [Last Name], offer yourself wholly and joyfully, and do you choose Scarlett as the person with whom you will share your life, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, loving what you know of her, and trusting what you do not know yet?" "Do you, Scarlett Ingrid [Last Name], offer yourself wholly and joyfully, and do you choose Jeremy as the person with whom you will share your life, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, loving what you know of him, and trusting what you do not know yet?"


Mandy's Night Out

group writermike 2018-09-16

Jennifer started kissing her way up to Mandy's breasts first giving her belly button a thorough working over then sliding up to the rock hard thumb sized nipple Dave wasn't feeding on and softly began nibbling and suckling while Kathy was passionately kissing her open mouth and sliding down to the soft hollow of her throat. Mandy felt an intense pleasure growing inside, and around her pussy when she suddenly arched and heaved against the women's bodies Mandy's womb began to spasm, she started fanning her legs wildly and moaning loudly as Jennifer sucked at the soft hollow of her neck, she trembled uncontrollably as one long orgasm washed through her, causing Mandy's vaginal muscles to constrict pulling the toy from Jennifer's fingers, and push it out covering it with a flow of glistening creamy juices that Kathy started hungrily lapping up.


Sonia's Weekend Break Ch. 01

group Dokhian 2018-09-16

Fiona really knew how to make it difficult for me and she must trust Tony a lot knowing that if it were any other guy, I would probably fuck him 10 times before reaching London. Eventually I was on the bus and sitting down waiting for the thing to pull off towards London and nearer to the love of my life; Tony (I can't believe I just said that). I gave my thanks to Tom, which he said were not needed as he had had the best bus journey of his life (whether he'd need a neck brace or not was another thing) and I hailed a taxi to finally arrive at Fiona's and Tony's house.


Humiliated by Friends

group fun4all6969 2018-09-16

Sarah let me off of Jimmy's cock and told me I was a good cocksucker and Jenny had Terra and Mandy show us their tits as my little cock grew hard again. Terra and Mandy looked at us and mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." Jenny told us that she has always wanted to see two guys fucking and that we better agree or the new video tape would be shown to everyone at the school. Jenny and Sarah decided to throw a party for all of their girlfriends before summer was over and somehow Terra, Mandy, Jimmy and I were invited. Jimmy was then forced to suck my little cock and it wasn't long I came all over Mandy's small tits and Jimmy licked it up.

Restrained Surprise

group Phils08 2018-09-16

You look at her, biting the corner of your lip ever so slightly, "Go ahead." She smiles and takes a deep breath. You slide a hand down my corset and begin squeezing my nipple, hard, the way you know I like it. At the same time, I turn my head and watch you pulling your pants down, letting your cock spring free. You place a hand on the back of my head and slowly guide your cock in and out of my mouth, my lips tightly wrapped around you. She tries to continue to kiss me, but is quickly overcome with the sensation of your cock deep inside of her, a sensation I know very well.

Jealousy Ruins a Threesome

group Navielskyy 2018-09-16

While the unnamed thick siren unleased her watery climax all over Jazmine's face and my drenched sheets, I delivered massive strokes into Jazmine's gooey center; reaching nine inches into the rear of Jazmine's exposed pink canal as her ass spread for my eager entry. Jazmine spread her friend's lovely big brown ass apart to assist me in creating a clear path for me to align my powerful erection with the snug opening of her flooded gateway. As I rapidly caused my pelvic regions to slap against her wobbly ass, Jazmine pushed her friend away from their shared kiss.

Linda's Web of Seduction #3

group trisexual69lvbbc 2018-09-16

"She's got a good pussy, huh?" Kathy asked with a seductive smile and reaching over to rub Linda;s thigh, kind of moving her dress up just enough to make you want to see more. "Yeah, she said you like to eat pussy a lot," Kathy confessed, her other hand now between her own thighs and sliding up towards her cunt. As I walked over to them Kathy told me to take my clothes off first, said she wanted me naked first and chuckle when she saw I was already hard. As I began to eat her and finger bang her, I noticed Linda was sitting thighs open, stroking her juicy pink pussy with a glass dildo.

Share and Share Alike

group stya 2018-09-16

Adam moved up and began to tongue fuck my mouth so I deeply replied, David's hands were parting my legs and touching my constantly moistening pussy, this was the first time I got in on the act, I reached down to undo Adam's jeans and release his already hard cock, it had precum already ooozin on the tip. Adam sat there watching my tits jiggle as I was fucked, he asked me to caress them like he did for me earlier, so I closed my eyes and held my breasts, I reached down and got some of my wetness and caressed my nipples with it, keeping the glistening and hard David was watching too, and started to moan, I know what that means...

My First Bi Threesome

group bi_nicole21 2018-09-16

When Becky leaned forward and started licking the shaft from base to tip, I slipped a second finger into my dripping pussy, grinding my aching cunt against my hand. Becky gripped Zach's massive tool with both hands, like a baseball bat, stroking it up and down, and I couldn't believe my eyes when it seems to grow even hard and thicker. Before long, even though I didn't notice, if either of the two had looked in my direction, they could have seen me with my fingers fucking my dripping cunt, watching Becky suck Zach's huge penis. I sucked Zach's giant cock up and down, our eyes meeting as I slobbered all over his tool, feeling Becky rub my excited body, feeling my firm tits and tight stomach, her hands sneaking down between my legs.

Intermission in the Rear Balcony

group jjsharshaw 2018-09-16

Suddenly Dr. Thomason exclaimed to the crowd in the lobby and to his wife, "I have to have you NOW Marie!" And with that exclamation he took his wife by the shoulders, spun her around so her face pressed the marble wall and unzipped her black cocktail dress. The Music Hall's PR Director, Amanda Clark, happened to look up into the far reaches of the hall, the rear balcony, from her position in the wings and noticed it was completely empty. Anne ran her hand through her sweat-wet hair and then stubbed the smoke on the floor and took the proffered cock.

Mr. Flowers Ch. 01

group DonCervantes 2018-09-16

Amy wasn't sure why Lizzie was always saying things like that. "Finish 1984, ya," said Lizzie, "Come on Amy, we're gonna be late to gym." "Yeah, that doesn't excite you you crazy girl?" Lizzie said, shaking her breasts in Amy's face. "You always look great, Lizzie," Amy said, sounding almost bored. Lizzie talked about how she loved this show, the boys' pecs as they leaned over, a peek of their abs as they wiped their foreheads, and maybe even a small bulge from their shorts, but these boys just didn't do anything for Amy. She didn't get any spark, nothing like the electricity she felt when she even just made eye contact with Mr. Flowers.


A Fantasy Cum True

group jeremy99 2018-09-16

I got down on the floor and began to kiss my wife's thighs leading to her pussy as she started to stroke "S's" husband. I stopped fucking my wife and pulled them both to their knees and placed my rock hard cock in between them and told them to suck, they took turns taking me into their mouths and at one point they were kissing around my shaft. I started kissing her from the neck down this time and stopped at her breasts to lick ans suck her nipples, gently biting each and pulling it into my mouth. I left her breasts and continued my kissing until i got to her pubic bone and began to lick my way down through her trimmed pubic hair parting her outer lips and sliding my tongue into her pussy as far as I could.

Summer of '96

group roomfor1more 2018-09-16

Anyhow getting back to how Yvette's meeting Jim led to a memorable sexual adventure, as spring became warmer the time she spent taking walks became longer. It was just after the Memorial Day weekend, at the end of May; Yvette started regularly tanning outside in the community area of the apartment wearing her size pink size 10 bikini with spaghetti straps that showed off her breasts. I wish that I could." With the more recent conversations, Yvette went from telling me it was not going to happened to wanting to go to his apartment to fuck him but at the last moment deciding not to act on her impulses.


The Post Game Activities

group patdown 2018-09-16

Then as Ashley took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking me off Dan eased the fat head of his foot long into her pussy. Damn I thought, this girl is super hot, as Ashley didn't miss a beat, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked more of my cock down her throat while Dan, with a firm grip on her hips, pumped his big dick into her from behind. Pulling his girlfriend's butt close to his body Dan shot his load buried to the balls in Ashley's pussy with a look of sheer pleasure on his face. Ashley began rocking and or rolling that fine tight strong body perched on her muscular arms as I pumped my cock into her pussy and she slid her lips up and down on her husband's long tool.

Clea's Surprise

group RainbowDays 2018-09-16

He felt his body bucking, heard the moans of, "Oh fuck," just before Josh pushed back, taking Damien's finger deeper into him. Josh groaned out, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" as his body began to tremble, encouraging Damien to finger him hard and fast as he took his cock deep. Clea smiled at him as he moved up the bed to join them, her hand stroking his cock as he pulled Josh in to a deep kiss, letting him taste his cum on Damien's tongue. Josh plunged himself deep into Clea, the feel of her wrapped so tightly around his cock making him crazy with need as he relaxed, hissing and crying out as Damien slowly slid his big cock into his virgin ass.

Neighborhood weirdo pt.2

group badboy4320 2018-09-16

Saturday evening rolled around, and paul and david noticed me reeling through the center grassy area between rows of mobile homes with two jack bottles, one empty, one full. Paul starts laughing because now david is my problem because I got him d***k and he had to leave. Kevin explained that these pictures were just insurance to make sure david made good on the theft. Dave started sputtering about paying for the weed he stold, but kevin told him it was too late for all that and started taking off his pants and pretending to jack off while flipping through the pictures. I told him i came to check out his bullshit story, maybe score some weed, and get sucked and fucked by a hot older guy.

A Very Sexy Night In

group dirtyfantasies 2018-09-16

Once the night's festivities had been cut short, Jack and Lauren had walked home to their house close by in the town centre whilst the others had made different plans. "How the game differs slightly though is that players also have to complete certain tasks when landing on squares that gradually increase in difficulty." At this point Jack got up and motioned to put the box back on the cupboard. As Kirsty continued to take her challenge, exchanging kisses with Lauren, Mark and Flo Jack could barely pay any attention, finding it hard to believe how turned on he was from the evenings activities.


k** Next Door

group hondo1906 2018-09-16

master bedroom and saw the beautiful, hot and sexy Beth white woman and fill her with their hot virile black Leroy quickly got up on the bed with Beth and hooking Beth moaned her sexy white hips pushing up toward the shoving his black cock into her needing hot white large black teenage cock that was sawing back and forth against blacks, Her white pussy was so tight, so hot cock into her white married pussy time and time again. inside Beth’s milking married white pussy, Leroy began black teenage cock up into her well lubricated married hard, that she loved having his big black cock fucking Each of the 5 young teenage blacks fucked the beautiful, sexy married white Beth in her husband and

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVIII

group Victor2K 2018-09-16

Randy was the best friend of my boyfriend Hiram. Hiram, my man, was kissing Randy like he kissed me! And of course, Hiram and Randy had a makeout session while I sucked their rods like a dame has to. Soon, I got my boy licking my pussy on all fours while Randy went behind him and started to fuck his ass! It was amazingly nasty seeing Hiram being at that position and how he seemed to like Randy’s cock fucking him deep and hard. But I also wanted to get my boy inside me, so we got into a ‘train’, with Randy still assbanging Hiram while whe had himself inside my pussy.


group rodma 2018-09-16

Brad started to move in and out making Tanya moan, she could feel her pussy stretching she cried with pleasure, as they kissed Tanya begged for her nipples to be sucked, pulling her t shirt up Brad sucked hard making her cry even louder, Brad was now sliding his cock in full length as his balls slapped her arse, all of a sudden they heard Jenny “oh so you’re getting the goods you dirty bitch” laughing like mad “oh god Jen he is fucking awesome never been fucked so good” as a orgasm ripped through her body Tanya begged for more and more, Tanya gasped as she said she was Cumming with a final groan Brad cum in her pussy, pumping it full pulling out Brad could see what he had just left in Tanya, she run her finger along her crack and sucked her finger clean, “mmmmm fresh man cream just what I needed and extra big load as well” now you was right never been so wet, Jenny looked and said “well I hope you’re not going to keep that to yourself you greedy cow.