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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharon Has Twice The Fun

group Twinflyer 2018-09-16

I said, "Do you wish this was Steve fucking you?" You looked shocked, but I reached down to rub your clit with my hand and before you could say anything you came so hard on me that I was afraid you might faint. When you were able to recover a bit, I smiled and said, "I guess that was a yes!" You didn't have the strength to deny it at this point, in fact you simply started riding me harder and harder until, at the same time I came in you, you let out a loud "Yes!!!!" I wasn't sure if that was an answer to my question or not, but I decided to take it that way.


The Power Exchange

group Kellysed 2018-09-16

One a device hanging from the ceiling that looks like an odd leather swing; you explain that it is, sort of—it's meant for a woman to lie down in, have her hands and feet hoisted up while the man stands between her legs and rocks her back and forth. Stand in the center area, watching a man rock a woman in one of the leather slings, pulling her toward him as she writhes, hands and feet tied to the chains attached to the ceiling. "That's all five." And I'm hearing that buzz; the white-out, everything-else-obliterated orgasm, the shouting, moaning, keening come that intensifies when I open my eyes and see a crowd gathered to watch

Group Games

group HJVento 2018-09-16

Kate looked at her friend, blushed and then giggled, her friend knowing full well that she liked both Sam and Tim and that she would not mind kissing either of them and then turned to Sam and said, "My dare is as follows, I can see all you boys are quite turned on and quite hot under the collar by this little game, and considering Jack has seen me naked at some point in time, Tim gave your dare to us to decide and this is your dare, it is your decision but if you choose this one, all 3 of you have to do the same...


Stacy's First Porno Pt. 02

group jasliz 2018-09-16

I mean if those three guys hear you are coming back they would fight for the gig, from what I've heard," Gina said as they talked about Stacy's options. She saw the wet toy on the bed and then turned to look at the TV which had a paused picture of a close up shot of Tim's monster cock half way in Stacy's ass. Why don't we start out with the guys around the couch watching Gina and Stacy getting friendly with each other, and work from there. Gina moved her hand under Stacy's skirt and found her wet panties and rubbed her folds and pressed on the small mound where her clit was trying to push out.


A whore one night

group hawky999 2018-09-16

I know from observing her in gangbangs held at our home that she's had guy after guy shooting all over her, and on one occasion had spunk literally dripping from her heals, and also know that once guy's see her red bush, they just can't wait to get in her, however prior to her friends conformation only knew of her going with a maximum of 7 guy's at any given time, but clearly the night she had some fun following a drink, was a spunking bonanza inside my gf's cunt.

Learning Curve Ch. 05

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-16

"Patty likes having her tits played with," Terry said, not having moved from his chair which was directly across from the two women. That said Patty squatted over the bidet, and facing Alena, reached back and turned on the water. Alena's first coherent thought while this was going on was that she was still holding the joint, and took another toke from it while her free hand went down to caress Patty's head. Her orgasm hit quickly, and to Alena's surprise, Patty abruptly left off her tonguing, took back the joint, and told her to get ready for Terry.


If At First You Don't Succeed...

group RonRyder 2018-09-16

If he'd been honest, he would have told Jane that the tie that held the dress in place was pulled too tight, giving her a 'prom-like' appearance. "Pat's idea," he said, eyeing Jane. "Maybe our guests aren't interested, Pat," Rick said, his gaze roaming from Jane to Don and back again. "Works for us," Rick and Pat said, in unison. "And you're great at your job, Jane," Pat said, fulsomely. "And don't think I didn't notice," Jane said, after a long pause. He was not in any sense drunk, but had imbibed sufficiently to mull over the pros and cons of suggesting that Jane lighten up some – even that Rick and Pat's 'game' may be healthy for their own relationship.


The Oval Ball

group CanadianLover 2018-09-16

At the same time, the desire that this woman displayed for Charlotte was an immediate turn-on and I silently prayed that an erection was not going to show up just then (since I was wearing a bathing suit!). As soon as he came, he, too, looked at my wife's body with obviously hungry eyes, and this time Charlotte couldn't refrain from blushing, which made Elena smile in an even more wicked way. While these two lovely women climbed the stairs laughing, Elena's arm around Charlotte's waist, I made my way through the house to the backyard. Charlotte's face was reddish and she was looking for eye contact with me, as if she wanted to tell what happened between Elena and her upstairs; At the same time, though, she was mesmerized by Mario's naked body right in front of her.


A Chance Encounter

group deepblue32 2018-09-16

"What are you up to, you naughty little slut?" he looked at me with a wicked glint in his eye and I could feel his cock growing as he pressed up against me. Come on, tell me you want to feel his big, hard cock deep inside your beautiful cunt." You did, creating a valley where I slid my now soaking wet shaft and started sliding back and forth, grunting with pleasure as I felt your soft, warm titflesh surround my cock, watching the head appear at the top of your cleavage. Next to me I noticed Dan was now furiously tugging at his big cock, watching me face-fucking his wife.


London Holiday

group petercee 2018-09-16

One thing about a swingers club people don't waste time on flirting and such niceties once the door was closed Anne was the center of attention and it wasn't long before the guys cocks were hard and her cunt was lubricated by one of the guys saliva as his tongue was buried to the hilt the other guy was having his cock lubricated by her mouth. Though surprised by the sudden turn of events I was soon enjoying his thick cock in my mouth working hard to take as much as I could, I could already taste the pre-cum on my taste buds, I knew it wouldn't be too long before he shot his load.

Fondest Wish Ch. 09

group velvetpie 2018-09-16

Donovan pulled her closer as she arched into his arms, swirling his tongue around the pink nipple until it hardened into a berry, then moved across to the other. Her head swimming with pleasure, Kara got onto her hands and knees, moaning as Donovan moved beneath her and sank his tongue into her waiting hole and Amalie began to lick her ass cheeks. He groaned as her pussy muscles squeezed him and he reached down and took her ass cheeks into his hands, helping her move astride him and she came minutes later, gasping into Amalie's mouth. Kara gasped as Amalie went down on her, rubbing the tip of her nose against her super-sensitive clit and tonguing her clasping hole at the same time.


Slut Lessons Ch. 03

group AhMyGoddess 2018-09-16

She spread Renee's pussy and started licking it, sucking up Renee's juices and the Big Guy's cum. Ginny was fucking her hole with her hot tongue and her fingers were circling Renee's clit. Ginny laid her head on Renee's tummy and the Big Guy just kept fucking Ginny's pussy. The girl moaned and screamed into Renee's soft tummy and the Big Guy grunted and moaned as he pounded her pussy. Renee walked quietly into the room and over to the bed and looked down at the girl's pussy. She moved, taking the clit in her mouth, pushing fingers up into the cunt, just like Ginny had done to her own pussy.

A Hot Tub Encounter...

group FireAngel 2018-09-16

He pushed just the head in and I felt Mike jerk in my mouth so I pulled away and began to stroke his cock rhythmically. I looked at Mike and said, "I think your girlfriend needs a good pussy licking and I am just the one to give it to her." I felt Jason jerk inside me as I moved over and grabbed Lisa around the waist. He in turn was getting harder just watching me get fucked hard by Mike, who was making all sorts of noise, groaning and cursing under his breath, telling me how good it felt to be inside me, how tight and hot I was.

Chance Encounter

group beaverhunter76 2018-09-16

"But I insist on repaying your kindness." I couldn't turn to look at Tami when she said this, but when I glanced in my rear view mirror Amy had a wicked smile. Since she wasn't wearing her seatbelt, Amy leaned forward, her head right beside mine and with her right hand pointed. Since I had just cummed a few minutes ago, there wasn't as much this time, but Samantha knew how to use her pussy to milk my cock. Tami would go on about how Amy was such a great dancer, and from the way she looked in those very tight blue jeans, I could imagine. Things became even better when Tami got Amy to sleep over at her place, so I'm thinking "fun time".


Female Perversions for something different.

group 2018-09-15

I swallowed hard, I could feel my face redden, I had to endure and audience, now two fucking men were going to make sure I coupled and fucked, and as I took a deep breath I heard my German friend say, 'Don't be embarrassed when it makes you cum, it's perfectly normal', then she was gone, no doubt into the viewing gallery to watch me perform, and as the door closed behind me, one man tore my covering from me, his eyes were all over my naked body, 'Open you legs', he ordered, and as I spread myself, he started to run an Aniseed creme deep into my pussy and ass.

Standard Cruise Package?

group Leland48 2018-09-15

As your tongue went into my mouth your pussy started sliding onto my already rock hard cock. My hands were moving up and down your legs and thighs as my tongue started producing deep sexy moans from you. You said oh, and went back to Gill took his cock in your hand and gently kissed the tip. I licked her clit for quite a while Gill was licking your pussy and you and Tina were kissing deeply and playing with each other’s tits. After some time you said you wanted some of Tina’s pussy while getting fucked by Gill’s huge cock. Tina’s legs spread wide before you as Gill got behind you and guided his dick into your wanting pussy.


A Canadian Cum Loving Encounter

group Brittni4u 2018-09-15

When Patrick pulled his hand away a second time, he brought his sticky, slimy fingers to his own mouth and sucked them clean. Karla was a little stunned from my lip kiss but quickly began to loosen up when she replied, "It is also nice to meet you. I was squirming with excitement as Patrick had moved his fingers to my nipples while Karla's hand was slowly creeping up my inner thigh from under the water. I was now leaning against Karla's nice breasts when Patrick put his hands beneath the warm water and started massaging my feet. When finished with my feet, Patrick ran his hands up to my pussy while it was now Karla's turn to play with my nipples.


The Other World Ch. 02

group WifeWatchman 2018-09-15

Bettina continued: "This footage, taken by Police Captain Cindy Ross, shows Sergeant Bowser of the K-9 Corps, owned by Commander Donald Troy, alerting the Officers and guiding them to where little Marie Saint was found in a drainage ditch. After it was over, Bettina said: "The ensuing Police investigation led them to the nearby home of Jerry and Linda Saint, where a considerable quantity of drugs were found. "The good news," said the Child Protective Services official, "is that Edward and Stephanie Steele had applied to foster a few months ago, and they'd contacted CPS about taking in the little girl." Cindy was very happy to hear that, and when the Steeles came to the Hospital, Cindy introduced them and said they were going to take care of Marie.


My Girls-Sue Ann & Sandy Ch. 02

group NickyFaulkes 2018-09-15

While the following story can stand alone, you might enjoy it more if you read My Girl-Sue Ann and My Girl-Sandy first. Sue Ann's got some vacation time coming, I want her to spend it with you." Sandy arched her back and moaned as Sue Ann worked on her cunt. I knew Sandy was multi-orgasmic, but it was fun to watch her at Sue Ann's mercy. While Sandy ground her pussy in Sue Ann's face, I pounded into her cunt. Never one to leave a girl unsatisfied I had Sue Ann straddle Sandy's face. As Sue Ann lowered her pussy to Sandy's mouth, I shoved my cock back home. Sue Ann and Sandy both got louder and louder, shouting and calling to me.

Fridays with Fallon Ch. 02

group Hollow_Symphony 2018-09-15

By the time the band was on their last song, Corin and Fallon were flirting heavily and making out, much to the delight of every man at the bar. "Oh, I'm Corin," she said, coming to where Jarek and Fallon were sitting. Fallon, Corin, and the band stayed back stage for another hour drinking and having fun. When he was finished Corin, giggle, looked Fallon up and down smiling, then turned to Jarek and nodded. Jarek came up behind Fallon and began sucking on her neck, while he reached around in front of her to undo Corin's pants. Fallon reached around Corin's waist and began playing with her clit as she fucked away.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 27

group SteveWallace 2018-09-15

After a long silence and some maneuvering as we came about to more or less follow the other boat, Marcia said, "So, if I wanted to participate in your sexy sessions, all I need to do is show up?" I chuckled further because Marcia, Lucas, and many of the others were in some way benefitting from my bank account – at least the company account, but they were working for what they earned. Marcia said in a husky tone, "Your suit is in the way for what I want to do." I spread my legs so that Lucas had an unobstructed view of my hot little pussy and even the entrance to my vag where I wanted him to plant his cock and then show me his stuff.


Jane, Living and Loving Ch. 02

group shadow89andmore 2018-09-15

The phone rang in my new apartment on Sydney's northern beaches and my moving man announced to me that his helper had gotten drunk the night before and would not be able to work this morning. I became the Head Bookkeeper for the New South Wales state franchise, a huge job for one so young but Colin had great faith in me after my successes in Brisbane. By this time, Colin was running the national franchise and I was not only the Head Bookkeeper but I was running a small real estate rental agency on the north side of Sydney myself. It was a little raunchy, I knew, to be wearing when entertaining a couple of young men but I was feeling good and I didn't mind giving them a bit of a show after their work today.


Jemma's Fantasy

group dogs_of_phwoar 2018-09-15

It was no surprise that George, good-looking and well-liked though he was, chose to hang around with Nick on a Friday night. "I know how to make things good for the lady." As the clock neared nine, the time Jemma had said she would arrive, Dan started to look around for her. As the night progressed, more drinks were had, and a couple of the girls drifted away, lost to the toilet queues, or a little too much alcohol; or just meeting with friends. Jemma leaned forward to listen to one of her friends and the dress shifted, giving George and Nick a full view straight down her front.


The Party Ch. 2

group kallih2 2018-09-15

"Oh yes..." She said in a steamy bedroom voice, "and more." As she finished whispering I felt her hands begin caressing my body. But this felt good, and Sammy picked up on it and soon she had slipped one finger into my ass! Usually I'm a moaner but right now all I wanted to do was scream, again Sammy showed how attentive of a lover she was and kissed me harder to muffle the sounds of my ecstasy. She grabbed my hair and held my head in place as her body tensed, "Oh God!" She said breathlessly and as her body relaxed I felt her hot juices run down my hand and finger.