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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Orgy of Delight

group DanielleX 2018-11-28

“You really know how to look after your friends, Judy,” said Suzanne, sexily. “We’re going to suck your lovely cock, one at a time,” said Suzanne, with a look of glee on her face. As Sally got her turn, Suzanne stood up and joined Judy, giving the young guy a lingering kiss. Judy and the other women were getting more and more turned on and wanted to round on Matt and use him, once Sally had had her share. Judy and the others wasted no time in gathering on the sofa, running their hands over Matt’s body, stroking his cock and his legs. Suzanne pulled Matt to his feet and pulled his head towards her, standing on tip toes, she kissed him deeply, holding his cock between two fingers.

What my wife did with a coworker

group woreout 2018-11-28

My wife has met over thirty guys for ( dinner ) and it always ends up with her having sex and coming home with a creamypie for me to eat. My wife said her pussy was already wet and after looking over all that black meat her clit was throbbing. They all stood and each one dropped their pants to expose thick black hard cocks. Lifting her skirt she took her panties down and bent over and placed her hands on her knees. I said I just ate a black guys cum? She said no you just ate five loads , each one from the most beautiful black cock. She also said her naked wet pussy was starting to leak on the vinyl seat .

Sisterhood of Sin -- 7 -- The Cunt Whisperer

group LastWife 2018-11-28

Then my shrink calls and explains that it might take some rehabbing effort to integrate this young woman into the sisterhood, she'll want to see her professionally to clear her for working with children. But I think about plans that I've discussed with Mr. Fuscia and, while Dan and Chelsea relax and get to know each other after dinner, I excuse myself to our home office to take care of some business. The nature of our jobs ensured that I would get home from work before Dan, and Chelsea wouldn't have to do anything more than smile at me to make me want her when we were alone together.


group DBarclay 2018-11-28

That night we went to bed, I lay there still thinking about it all, I leaned over, grabbed Paul’s cock and started wanking him, hoping to stir him into action, but no, he came quickly in my hand, rolled over and went to sleep leaving me to satisfy myself. I kept my knees demurely together until his hand slid up the dress and found my wetness and I opened wide for him as he started to lick my inner thigh working up to my attention seeking clit, as his tongue came into contact with it, an orgasm hit; my legs circled his neck and pulled him in tighter. I sat up,   continuing to rock slowly on Franks cock and looked around both Paul and Dan were watching us with their hand on their flaccid cocks trying to get them up again.

The Operative Case File: 03

group SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-28

As I seized a nice seven-and-a-half-incher in both hands, I leaned slightly to one side so my mouth could consume a somewhat smaller cock, easily the whole shaft and both balls, tenting my lower lip with potent obscenity. I came up from the roll on one knee, instantly grabbing two dicks and jamming them between my tits, then I pinned my huge mams into place with my elbows as I snagged another two cocks, stuffing one than the other beneath the weight of each big boob. The motion popped the dicks between both sets of lips free, my final oral suck and kegal setting them both off; they shot wads so forcefully up and down my body the two streams of cum connected in a messy burst, my tits catching some of the huge load.

The Double Date That Didn't End - Ch 7

group KennethPierce 2018-11-28

As her massage moved lower down my body, Tracy scooted herself back, and I felt the hot, gushing wetness of her cunt lips as they brushed across my lower back, over the curve of my ass, and finally came to a stop resting on my leg. The full, healthy buttocks in my hands were every bit as smooth and curvy as the rest of Tracy’s body, and I absolutely loved the way she moaned as my fingers pressed against her skin and kneaded the tension from those sore muscles. My limp body gave a final jolt as Connor withdrew his fingers from me, and off to the side I watched in amusement as Shane knelt down beside Tracy and gently caressed her shuddering, post-orgasmic body.

Poor Petra! (1)

group fegirboh 2018-11-28

Paul’s hand has drifted to my thigh (cue wistful look from Danny) and he’s telling me for the umpteenth time what a beautiful girl I am, how much he’d love to get to know me better bla bla. It’s mainly for my man Paul’s benefit (who’s loving it cos he knows he’s gonna be fucking me later) but Danny, well he doesn’t know yet that he’ll be fucking me too, he still thinks he’s got to fuck doggy little Petra, and so he’s kinda suffering because of what I’m doing. Petra looks sharply across at me, but it’s cool, Danny’s mouth is out of my ear and it just looks like I’m giggling the way girls sometimes do, at nothing in particular.

Dressing Daddy Ch. 04

group slitlicker69 2018-11-28

As she fondled our daughter’s butt, Becky’s hand slipped down between Janet’s thighs so she could play wither her mommy’s pussy as she licked out her face. But the urgings of my wife and daughter, the pleasant feel of Dale’s mouth and tongue on my cock, the sexy liquid sounds of Becky’s friends playing with each other on the couch—and the intoxicating smell of a room full of hot, wet pussy made me say what I thought I’d never say in my life. All the other five girls, too horny, and too fried to sit any longer, piled on to the four of us, kissing, licking, sucking, and fondling everyone and everything they could get their hands, mouths, and tongues on.


Thirsty for Ethiopian Girls

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

"Excuse me please, ma'am, are you Ethiopian?" I asked the tall, slender yet curvy, raven-haired and brown-skinned young woman standing behind the counter at the little shop located inside Lincoln Gardens Station in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario. I watched him, admiring his cute ass, and I was kind of surprised when a tall, curvaceous young Asian woman walked up to him, and kissed him on the lips. "Hello Yuriko," Dillon said, and he kissed the young Asian woman passionately, and even gave her big ass a firm slap. "Hello Jean-Patrick, I'm Yuriko, Dillon here has told me a lot about you," Yuriko said, and the young woman smiled slyly, like someone privy to a great secret.

Fun with Janice

group marna69 2018-11-28

You ready for us?" I groaned as Coke's hand did a long stroke across my pussy lips, right there in the lobby. Coke kneeled in front of her, put both hands under her rump, and lifted her pussy up and against his hard cock. Holding her ass with just one hand, Coke guided his cockhead to her swollen lips, dragging it up and down her entrance until she started humping toward him in a state of wild, sexual abandon. "Coke," Janice asked, "Marna's ass needs attention. Gradually, Coke began guiding my head up and down the top of his cock, so I was seesawed back and forth between him and Janice. Eventually Coke slowed down and left his sticky hand on her pussy, cupping it as Janice came back to earth.

Black on Black Pegging: Threesome

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

I've always felt attracted to Theresa's best friend Nicolas Mack, a handsome gay Black man originally from the island of Jamaica. Nicolas is a corrections officer in the City of Toronto and he's out and proud as a gay Black man. Theresa held Nicolas butt cheeks wide open as I slid my cock into his ass. Fucking a masculine gay Black stud like Nicolas while my wife watched us. I fucked Nicolas with gusto, loving the feel of his ass around my dick. Theresa smiled wickedly and told me she wanted to look into my eyes while fucking me in the ass with her strap-on dildo. I'm not a weak man, folks, but I felt like Theresa's dildo was splitting my ass in two.


American love to our Canadian guy

group cindy_4u 2018-11-28

As soon as the song got over, Amy whispered into Albert's ear...'so what hotel are you taking us girls to?' Albert turned around to answer but I grabbed his cock this time which was hard like a rock. So I got up, pulled my thong down and went doggy style on the bed next to Amy and asked Albert to fuck me. Amy pulled her thong away too and went into doggy style next to me and asked Albert to fuck us both. No sooner had Albert pulled his limp cock out of my ass, Amy came hard. I pulled away and Amy went down on her knees as Albert stroked his cock and exploded his cum all over her face and mouth.

My Honeymoon With The Co-eds

group todream65 2018-11-28

I embraced my topless bride and kissed her mouth hungrily as my hands groped the back of her skirt, working my fingers inside to her naked butt, while pulling the skirt down at the same time, until it slid to the floor. I turned and watched April soothe her friend's pussy as Andrea reached around and brushed her April's hair back with her fingers, then began to pull her top upward to her head. My cock hardened as I sat on the floor behind April, and slid my hand over her bare butt, feeling within its crack as her anus contracted from the touch, until my fingers found the lower entrance to her pussy. I stood at the end of the sofa looking at April's tight pussy as Andrea opened it with her fingers and began to lick her friend's pussy.

One Lust Filled Night-Part15

group gubica 2018-11-28

All I know is I felt my body explode in waves of spasms, one after another, as my juices finally flowed over David's cock. Next, I heard Becky scream right before I tasted her as her pussy tightened on my tongue, and I tasted her nectar as it flowed into my mouth. The three of us came long and hard until I felt extra weight on my body as David collapsed on top of me, his cock still buried inside of me. Becky opened the door and we went inside to surprise David in the shower. He looked up at us and we smiled at him as we turned around and bent over, spreading our legs wide open to give him enough room to wash our pussies.

Manly Maiden Voyage

group eroticeli 2018-11-28

I use my hands, my fingers, my lips, tongue, even carefully slide the edges of my teeth against your swollen head and shaft. After a few minutes of fucking you with his fingers, he has us pause long enough to slide his cock in with yours, stretching my pussy wider than she's ever been before! I'm practically jumping on the bed before my head falls back, my hair sliding down James' chest, and I let loose an ear splitting howl of pure unadulterated pleasure. Then I suck my fingers and slide them into your tight ass before taking both your balls into my mouth at the same time! You slide between them and slowly, gently guide your thick cock inside my tight eager little ass.

I had an urge that needed satisfying - Part 2

group Joanna86 2018-11-28

The lads took us by the waist moving us up the bed a little, before the two of us opened our legs invitingly, hearts pounding in anticipation, hearing Emma moaning behind us as she continued to pound on and off Robin's cock. Though I'd moved to be sat cross legged, my hips were bucking furiously on Sean's fingers as my juices trickled steadily onto the bed, my pussy was contracting harder and harder and as I looked down at his cock, I was surprised to see how much pre-cum was oozing out. Eventually I lifted off him, our cum oozing onto the increasingly stained sheets and as I kneeled on the bed I saw Robin on top of Issabella, pumping hard and fast, Emma and David sat watching them, his cock glistening, the aftermath of having sex.

Somali Swingers Do Exist

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

At a meeting of the local swingers, Abdullah Tariq and his wife Mina Connors-Tariq met Duncan Jameson, a tall, slim White guy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. The pretty Irish-Canadian redhead with the freckles and emerald eyes sucked on Jameson's thick White cock while her Somali-Canadian husband watched, stroking his big Black dick as they went at it in front of him. Hearing his wife Laila moan as she got fucked by Abdullah's big Black dick spurred Duncan Jameson to action. As Mina got on top of Abdullah, who kissed her and caressed her tits before sliding his dick into her pussy, the Somali stud thought of Laila, the Arab MILF.

The best night in a hostel

group sexxxyandiknowit 2018-11-28

Jessie moaned again as Sam brought her hand up to Jessie’s other breast and softly massaged it, still sucking on her other nipple. Krista was so caught up in Madison that she hadn’t noticed that Jason had pulled out his enormous cock until he sidled up behind Jessie, who was still kneeling between Sam’s legs, softly rubbing her clit. Jessie shut her mouth and let Jason pull her panties down, watching him while still rubbing Sam’s wet clit with her thumb. Jessie moaned with pleasure, whether from Krista’s mouth on her nipple or because Jason and just shoved his fingers into her hole. “And now,” Sam smiled “Now, I can play with the girl who watched.” Krista reached around and finally undid Sam’s lace bra.

Little Minx Ch. 10

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Josh got to watch as the long black snake slowly disappeared into his girlfriend's body, noticing just how erotic it was to see the dark meat against her pink pussy. Bridget screamed as she started to cum, balls slapping directly on her clit, the huge dick in her pussy, nipples being pulled and suckled beneath her, and the erotic feel of meat in her mouth. Josh and Vince pulled out and Bridget practically collapsed on top of Doug, who immediately stopped sucking her nipples and positioned her so that she started sinking onto his huge dick, easily the biggest of all the guys present.

The Stalker - Part 6

group CumGirl 2018-11-28

I watch as the amber liquid gurgles down the bottle neck, between Robert’s pursed lips and into his undeserving mouth; my eyes skitter sideways to take in Jonathon looking enquiringly at me, before dropping down to rest on the semi-erect flesh that Robert is slowly but persistently massaging between thumb and fingers. I feel fingers in my hair pulling me upward, leading me, guiding me, directing me, my mouth parting, teeth hidden, tongue resting passively in the soft warm cave of my mouth, breathing through my nose, trying to avoid the smell as I feel the partly swollen helmet of his cock pressing at my lips.

Five Nights Ch. 04

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-28

“M-mm, I feel his cock pressing on my ass, I’m so fucking hot, fuck, your balls feel so nice.” Mike started pulling her robe off her shoulders, kissing them as he went. She panted and grunted around his shaft as I fucked her, watching her orgasm build, feeling her pussy clench on my dick, and then her body froze; her mouth opened wide and Mike’s cock slipped out as a wail emerged from her, howling her orgasm to us. Fucking pull out, shit, switch, I want to taste my cum on your cock, fucking switch,” she muttered, and as we moved, she got up on her hands and knees, and Mike was behind her, and entered her doggy style and her mouth opened.

The Open Door Part Two

group Cyndy 2018-11-28

I turned my head to look back to see all four guys touching me, with Roger using the vibe in my ass and Jake using the one on my clit. I knew I was going to cum, a cock in my mouth, a vibe in my ass, one in my pussy, and my husband probably watching. My hips kept grinding while my orgasm subsided, and with the cock out of my mouth I put my head back down on the pillow while the guys slowed down with the vibes. My ass was getting a furious pounding, and before I started on Jake’s cock, I turned my head to check up on Jimmy.

Anita and a fantasy fulfilled

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

I closed my eyes and wondered how I got myself into this as a painful moan escaped from my lips followed by other and another, but then I felt I was having a full orgasm with that huge black snake shoved deep in my anus. Opening my eyes again I noticed a beautiful woman walking around me with a camera and several people watching me get ass fucked by this huge black man. The next guy took his turn again in my asshole and this continued for at least during four or five hours, until ten or twelve men had fucked me and came inside my anus, while I enjoyed several knee shaking orgasms.

How Did I Get Here? - Part 2

group QuartetHouse 2018-11-28

Justine told Kat that her boyfriend had zero sex drive, and she hoped that the hot new red outfit would finally get him hard enough to want to fuck her intensely. An hour after Kat and Justine met, Kat was in Justine’s bed, hungrily licking the first pussy of her life, as Justine eager wrapped her long legs around Kat’s neck. Justine started telling Kat that dressing all sexy for her boyfriend still wasn’t getting him turned on, and her male-female love life was still miserable, even while the female-female sex between Justine and Kat was getting ever hotter and steamier. The waitress stopped one of the bus boys, kissed him, and told him Kat had asked her if she likes to suck cock.