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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 04

group M_Sirk 2018-09-15

When Vanessa was walking down the street in them nothing looked amiss, but when she sat down and spread her legs they opened right up, completely exposing her cunt. She slid forward a little on the couch, her knees parting, and Gordon pulled the hem of her nightie back so he could get a good look, then turned his attention to her breasts, his big hands rubbing and squeezing them through the nightie. Now their hands were all over her, Seb pulling one of her legs over his own so that her pussy was spread open, Gordon tugging at the front of the nightie and freeing her breasts. Gordon and Seb took turns fucking Vanessa on the floor while Tom and me sat watching and wanking ourselves.


The Best Gift Ever!!

group Satisfyable 2018-09-15

Terry climbed on top of her and shoved his cock into her warm sopping wet pussy and pumped as hard as he could in time with Persia's intakes of breath. "Well, now that part's done baby, how about you fuck our little Kayla here into oblivion?" Persia laughed and slid down Kayla's body so that her mouth hovered over Kayla's bare pussy. Persia plunged her middle finger into her pussy as Terry shoved his cock into Kayla's open and waiting mouth. "Oh shit baby, I don't know if I can hold off it's tight as fuck!" Terry said to Persia. Terry's balls slapped against the top of Persia's head as he fucked Kayla's ass hole with increased intensity. "Merry Christmas Persia, Kayla," Terry said his eyes heavy.

Angela, Richard and Me

group maturemancock 2018-09-15

She squealed all through her four after shock orgasms, then I knelt up and unbuttoned my jeans, I noticed Richard had already pulled his down and his cock looked slightly smaller than mine, turning her head she grabbed hold of him and moved sideways and licked him. Five minutes or so later I said “Off” as she moved over and laid on the back seat, pulling her thighs wide open I bent down and licked her, she was soon groaning and bucking again, slipping two fingers back into her, as before, she was coming hard again, I slipped my little finger into her anus and it was at that point she tipped, God did she scream.

Getting Our Friend

group splodger 2018-09-15

Imagine my fingers are inside you instead of roger and that I'm going to stick my other hand into my own cunt while you wank with my help. It was great, but neither could manage seconds so I had to go home and get Steven to fuck me in the arse to finish me off and even then I had to use Roger for a while and he helped me with his tongue. Then we make sure Louise has got some very sexy pants on with a short nightie which she cannot cover her arse with properly and we've spent the time talking to her about what it is like to be shagged by more than one bloke at a time and how much fun it is to be fucked in the arse.

Consequences Ch. 11

group PrevertedMe 2018-09-15

"You want us to face-fuck you with our cocks slut," Frank told her, binding his fingers into her hair. As her orgasm began to fade, her hips started to settle back to the bed, and her hand loosened in Chuck's hair. "Oh man, it's been forever since a bitch swallowed my load," Ken groaned.While she swallowed the last of Frank's cum then continued to suckle on his cock the bed shifted, some of the men changing positions. The multiple sensations made her hips jerk as they pressed her pussy at Chuck's fingers, her aching sex wanting more and more to be filled. She lay there, one cock near to exploding in her mouth, another fucking her pussy, and her hand eagerly jerking off a third.


Annie in the Tropics

group mjar65 2018-09-15

The most important thing was that Mark and Sara were new to us and hopefully ready for the kind of fun Annie and I enjoy the most. Annie took the chance to give Mark's cock a little rub through his pants (she told me later) and he'd acted a little shocked. Annie, turned-on by the warm night air and the prospect of a new cock, quickly stripped off her T-shirt and her pants. Annie helped Sara get into position and before Mark could say anything the two women were bent down over his rock hard tool. I couldn't see much of what they were doing but it seemed like Annie was taking first turn with Mark in her mouth while Sara was playing with his balls.


Country Store Ch. 08

group teachgirl1980 2018-09-15

Tommy and James started to walk past us and Ken grabbed my other hand and pulled me to follow. I held onto Tracy's hand and looked into his deep blue eyes. I thought we only had one angel that was this beautiful, now I am looking at two." He said, moving his eyes back and forth slowly between Tracy and myself. I know you." Joey said and handed the cup to Scott. Joey left and Scott turned to face us, finally letting Tracy go. I felt my ass opening and the big cock in my pussy made it feel like I was totally filled. He was slamming hard into me and I felt hands grab my legs from behind and pull them back.


Deidre Ch. 05

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-15

I spent several minutes lightly sucking the head of his cock, then took one of his testicles into my mouth -- the entire ball, not just a part -- and warmed it with my hot mouth and at the same time slowly jerked him off. I tickled his balls with my tongue, teased his asshole the same way and then sucked his shaft down my throat, letting the overflow of saliva run from my mouth to his lap and then unfortunately, to the couch, soaking the material. And it wasn't long before a long-haired guy was pumping his erection against my ass while cupping my right breast with his hand while we danced to a furious beat.


Taking Two Virgins

group HoneyGold 2018-09-15

"Please kiss," I instructed, bringing their heads close together, watching their lips part, their tongues playing, their bodies moving closer. Guiding her to the bed, I slid one finger inside her tight pussy while Masud stripped, squeezing and stroking his thick dark cock. I watched his balls slam up against its shaft as I gently licked his wife, biting his lower lip and pulling violently with his hand. the tip of his dick was red and plump as he fucked his hand, watching me lick his wife's pussy into moaning pleasure. With his cock buried in his wife, I slid the vibrator slowly into his ass, spreading his firm, plump cheeks with my hand, and he gasped, as in pain.

A Dreamy Threesome

group Mhaile 2018-09-15

“Uh, okay...” He tentatively places a hand on the bed, leans over and gives Maddy a kiss on the cheek with his Latino lips. I want to see a nice lips-on-lips kiss, and a little tongue.” I give Carlos the thumbs-up sign. You want me to watch Carlos fuck you, don’t you?” I kiss her before she can answer. “First, I want to watch Carlos fuck your pussy with his tongue.” If Carlos ever wondered what Maddy’s pussy looked like, he now knows, because there is nothing hidden from his view. She gently suckles my sack into her mouth, then lets out a muffled moan as Carlos nudges his large knob between her pussy lips.


group jeninflorida 2018-09-15

I'm not sure if Gary would get upset if he knew, but some of my girl friends enjoy teasing the men and I don't want that to stop. "Oh I just love being on a big strong man." I reached over and felt Gary, oh yes he was rock hard. "Honey, I think Steve wants to fuck my little pussy. "Oh god, I want to have that in me." Gary turned his head to watch me stroke his friend's hard thick cock. Steve followed my lead; I know that Gary wanted to see his cock in me. "Oh god, I'm going to fuck that hot pussy." Gary mounted me, kissed me hard as his cock penetrated me.

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 09

group Joseki Ko 2018-09-15

Mark introduced Brandi as his baby sitter and she was looking for a new boyfriend. Mark became a steady fixture over at Dave’s and he got to see a lot of Brandi in that time. While Dave was using his time on the computer to play an online game, Brandi came out of the bedroom in a see-through pink negligee. I found this out one night when Mark and Brandi came over while Dave was at work. So here I am having a great blow-job and I’m looking her husband in the eye trying to keep a straight face, When I finally came I think the erotic tension release alone made it a fantastic experience.

When I said, Yes

group Apple_of_Eden 2018-09-15

And no one in their right mind, or at least no one who knew me, would have ever thought that I would find myself in a situation like the one I found myself in shortly after talking with Brian. The ones that usually start over a glass of wine and end sometime around two or three o'clock in the morning." I took a few seconds and looked at my closest friends, my support system, my family, before I continued. Then I peered into his eyes, smiled, and said in a deeply sexy voice, "Hey little boy, do you want some candy?" and I waited.


Introduction to black 3

group kellyblack25 2018-09-15

Anyawya they bought us all a few drinks by which time we were all to d***k to worry about much when Calvin one of the blackguys the other was Rob took me onto the dance floor for a dance,If you could call me that.He took me to the darkest corner where he started snogging me and put my hand on his large erection, Unbeknown to me 4 other friends of his had joinedou group and we all went back to his flat to carry on the party with myself and my 2 work mates getting laid long and hard into the following day by all the black guys. One of my friends even licked my pussy while I swallowed even more cum from the never endng supply that was on offer .

Hot Wife at the Bar

group dakota_style_1975 2018-09-15

My wife grabbed a napkin and snuck it under the table to clean his hot cum off of her hand, a look of satisfaction on her pretty face. My wife, naughty girl that she is, leaned forward in her chair and started rubbing my crotch with her foot, as if to say "My cock, I cannot believe you let another touch it!" After this guy came, she took her mouth off of my shaft and grabbed Michelle's cock from me and started sucking her. The third guy pulled his cock out, and came around to where my wife was sucking Michelle off. Michelle continued grinding her asshole down on my cock and stroking herself, started shooting her load onto my wife's face.

Have You Ever? Ch. 03

group StallionKinge 2018-09-15

He glistened wet, and I got to thinking about another shoot, maybe on a black cyclorama this time, with only dark models, all in baby oil, with kicker lights only. I stroked Jeff's back and buttocks, which brought a grunt of approval from deep in Susan's tits, and then reached between his legs for his package. Sammee was behind her, kissing her shoulders and lips when Susan turned her head back, but now she reached for me. I thought: "let's give them a show!" I began to withdraw from Cher's wet cunt, ever so slowly, and then thrust in again, which brought a moan from my partner.

A Sailing Story Ch. 02

group Clive523 2018-09-15

He came back and handed me the oil and I lubricated the handle and I looked whether or not I should also do the seat stem while I was here, 'Oh why not!' I said to myself and squirted some on the stem. I asked him what he liked and he said he wanted it fast and hard all the time including when he came and just afterwards, then let go and let his cock relax. Without any warning Sheila turned towards me and pulled her wet weather gear apart and lifted up her T shirt, showing me at close hand the firmt pert pair of tits I had viewed from the deck hatch.


Kristina Ch. 02

group cumduck 2018-09-15

Leroy's cock went rock hard, she looked more beautiful in real life then her photo, Kristina's nipples went hard and protruded through her blouse as she saw his eyes drift down the length of her body to rest at her thighs drinking in the view she felt really uncomfortable, when he asked her to step into the guard room to sign the book, while he phoned to let Mr Ahmed know that she was here.



group beltman70 2018-09-15

I couldn't remember what Elsie looked like....only her name...but she sent the letter on stationary belonging to the Dawson Real Estate Company. In the next few weeks I got letters from all the rest of the high school cheerleading squad, plus a letter from the Class President and a couple of my old teachers. I knew for sure when I got a letter from a school friend, one of my real friends, and he included a clipping from the newspaper stating that there would be an exclusive concert by Bobby Wise and the Malcontents at the upcoming tenth year reunion. I let her lick me until it grew a little painful and when I finally pulled back, she looked at me with deeply loving, worshipful eyes.



group Mackie2006 2018-09-15

She would hang around the local gas station, the only one in town, and if one of the motorists happened to ask her if she wanted to go for a ride the answer was always OK. Local gossip had it that several of the businessmen who had guilty consciences got together and set her up in a rented apartment furnished with hand me down things and paid a local guy to marry her. Despite the fact that Sandy was never known to turn anybody down when they wanted to fuck her, she would probably draw the line at the guy she eventually married. Like any new mother, Sandy was justly proud of her baby, and asked me to guess how old she was.


Friendly Football for Three

group jmanteau 2018-09-15

Your hands found their way inside my bra and while you massaged the bare skin, my arousal escalated and I did'nt care that I was standing in the foyer of a strange condo, locked to your mouth, gripped by my hair and displaying my scant panties barely covering my ass. Your free hand grabs an ass cheek and pulls it away from the other while the second, strange mouth has new access to my most private areas. You smirked at John - some old college rivalry revealed in that look but as the game broke into commercial you broke open my shirt and sucked my left tit into your mouth.


Deposit My Wad

group danmeaks 2018-09-15

As he reached over, he saw that Tawni moved forward in her chair, and spread her legs open giving Bobby a clear view of her crotch. I'll just act like I'm doing paperwork." Tawni reached down between her legs and spread her pussy open for Bobby. Bobby worked Tawni's clit a little harder circling it vigorously with his tongue while fingering her pussy with his index finger. The two girls leaned over to look under the desk and saw Bobby between Tawni's legs. I'm sure that they don't even think twice about a guy looking up their skirt, being strippers and all, thought Bobby as he used the sleeve of his shirt to dry his mouth.


Naughty New Neighbors: Ass Training

group mab7991 2018-09-15

Summary: Rick begins Chrissie's ass training with a little help from sex shop sales girl Zoey Noticing her name tag and taking nice guys advice, Rick replied, "Yes Zoey, I have a young lady with a virgin ass, who is willing to give it up, but needs a little training first," his cheeks slightly blushing. "Well I'd suggest a medium size plug, for her to wear all morning and then one just slightly smaller than your penis to wear in the afternoon until you get home and do her," Zoey got a little flush when she noticed Rick was staring at her breasts as well as a bit wetter down below.


Table for Three

group jmanteau 2018-09-15

We even took the steps down into the living room where Jon led a dramatic turn out for me to land in your arms. You pulled me close to you, kissed me and pushed my hair away while you held my face. Your fingers dipped inside me manipulating my weeping pussy to open and receive Jon's cock. My ass was practically in your face and you took it in your hands helping me to impale myself on Jon's erection. A finger replaced your tongue and my efforts to sit on Jon's cock slowed while you manipulated the opening stimulating the area and relaxing me by switching from tongue to fingers and back again. "Easy, sweetheart, I need to pull away." Jon whispered first and his flaccid cock spilled out.