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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Pepper: Part, the First

group grylion 2018-09-15

I was very happy for Pepper, since she was so deliriously happy, but Peter tended to rub me the wrong way; I wasn't sure he would make a good mate for my best friend. "I am not going to tell Pepper about how you can't keep your small dick in your pants, for now," I told him with better self control, "however, if I EVER even get an inkling that you are cheating on her, again, I am sure my testimony about you fucking Laura at my wedding, will go a long way in a divorce trial toward Pepper getting rid of you and taking you to the cleaners." The irony of my last words made me chuckle adding, "and right now, you really NEED the cleaners."


Good Neighbors Ch. 2

group agent74 2018-09-15

Ginny and Robert concentrated more on oral sex tonight, and kept the pace a lot slower than the time before. "Well Crystal ", I started, "you're gonna have to look for yourself" And I held her hand and motioned in the darkness to the neighbors house. Ginny had her legs up tight to her chest and Robert was giving her long licks between what looked like his index finger working it's way in and out of her pussy. "I've seen them walk around naked very often.....and once ", Her voice lowered even more, "I watched Ginny suck Robert till he came in her mouth".

The Poker Slave

group Billyboy35 2018-09-15

As you were setting the beer down in front of Harry, John ran his fingers up your pussy, then held them up for us to see the wetness. You must have been aroused by all the attention and the erotic sight of 5 guys sitting and walking around with their cocks hanging out, because I noticed your hand creeping down toward your pussy. Tom licked your pussy, I sucked on one tit, Dick sucked on the other, while Harry had his cock in your mouth. Tom stuck his cock in your mouth and started fucking it deeply, while you were stroking Dick and Harry with your hands.

Renting a Room Ch. 02

group SierraSprite 2018-09-15

I was hard and horny and ready to take her again, right against the kitchen counter, when Sharon slammed me from the back and said, "I hope you are apologizing. Valerie kissed me and said, "We are just waiting for YOUR hot water to heat. To more laughs, Maggie announced she was needed as house mother for a few days. Maggie looked up and said, "Scott, don't be a dunce. I had a sinking feeling that grandaughters of Maggie's close friend from her university days were about to be new tenants, despite the possible bedroom crunch. Maggie came up and said, "You must need a shower after traipsing around all day. "It's about time." She yanked painfully, "It is like the girls said, this needs constant practice."


Home for Thanksgiving

group 2018-09-15

I finally got a hold of 3 of their best girl friends and gave them each a strapon dildo to wear when they came in the door. It was funny to see the look on their faces when they opened the door and there stood the 3 girls with only strapon's on. They even threw the old man a bone once in a while and allowed one or more of the girls to do a bit of sucking on this old pecker. At one point one of the girls was fucking my ass with her strapon, I was sucking on another girls strapon and Judith was giving me one of the best BJ's she ever has given this old fart.

Rainy Day Distraction - The Sequel

group Dawn_Summers 2018-09-15

“Mmm,” it felt good and Tara hardly noticed Buffy’s hand running over her cheek, smiling at Willow all the while. Tara was nervous because she had lost to Willow and she wasn’t sure what she had in mind, and the fact that Faith had lost to Buffy, was obvious. Tara wasn’t sure if that made her feel better or worse, but when they came out; Faith had a pleased look on her face, and Willow looked a sickly white. Faith watched Willow’s hands trace Tara’s body, slowly going over every inch and letting Tara know exactly who was in charge of her body. Plus, I’m sure Buffy won’t mind helping,” Faith gave a small smile, but realized Willow wasn’t k**ding.

A curious adventure in a pub

group 2018-09-15

walking through to the bar seemed to last an age with men staring at me eyes all on me, at this point i feel a warm sensation on my left arse cheek "alright there sweet cheeks" it was a man who looked in his forties with a chiseld jaw and an unbutton shirt showing a small amount of curly chest hair, "yeah thanks im new" i said with a sound of worry and resentment in my voice.


Tegan's Starlet Blog

group Satyr413 2018-09-15

Cody came over, cradled my chin in his hand, kissed me, pulled off my teddy, then left the room, left the other guy to push me back as he dipped me from the front. I didn't mind third-wheel status, when I didn't have anybody, because Dane and Jamie didn't do a lotta PDA around me and we all hugged up on each other like silly, little kids. He didn't have to, because I knew Dane worked out, and all that, but he lifted me up off the couch and began to bounce me high up his cock and plunge me to its base, without losing control of me, or hurting his back or arms.

A Kinkier Workout Option 02

group Azuldrgon 2018-09-15

She was so concerned with Rick's dick in her mouth that she neglected to feel the other guy's presence near her legs until the fabric covering her naked pussy was moved. Shawn had to pull his dick out of her mouth quickly as Rick's fucking caused Sonia to scream out loud. Rick continued to finger her ass while Shawn moved to the spot on the bed where Sonia could take his dick back into her mouth. Shawn grabbed Sonia by her head and pushed her back on his dick while Rick slid in a little more. Sonia's head was then pushed back on Shawn's dick where he shot forth a load inside her mouth.


Fantasy Comes True Ch. 2

group sonhcouple 2018-09-15

Tasha remembered that she had been really turned on, and had started kissing Stephanie hard, feeling her body, tasting her pussy, making passionate love to me, and feeling my dick stroking inside her and finally tasting my cum. They started to feel and caress each other, hands stroking everywhere, over their pert breasts, and the already enlarged nipples, down to their thighs, tight asses, and finally between each other’s legs. After throwing the covers off the bed, Tasha leaned into Stephanie's spread legs and slowly licked her inner thighs. "I'm cuming," Stephanie cried as she looked back at us, and as Tasha quickly sucked in her clit, Stephanie threw her head back, her nipples hard and she collapsed from the strength of her orgasm.

Roommates Go Further

group sexy_mama_09 2018-09-15

Jordan came up with an idea, Let's go do this on Tanya's bed. Suddenly James looked up, Jordan's hand was wrapped around his dick. Each of them wrapped Tanya's panties over the other's dick and jerked up and down. Before James could say a word, Jordan's mouth was over his cock. Slowly he'd rock back and forth, the tip of his dick touching Jordan's throat. She was riding James while Jordan stood in front of her and got his first blow job of the night. The touch of James tongue was enough to send Jordan over the edge. He was filling her with cum while James lapped her clit til she came.

Single Again Ch. 14

group WhatIKnow 2018-09-15

Tiffany turned around right then and gave me a huge kiss, pressing her perfect body against mine. "No, but she's really hot." It wasn't the first time Tiffany had done something like that. Tiffany stepped out of the hot tub and walked right up to Mandy. Tiffany turned and looked at Mandy as she stepped naked into the hot tub. I also knew she liked to be told what to do and Tiffany was giving her exactly what she wanted. Mandy watched Tiffany walk out of the tub. With the bubbles from the jets, it was difficult to tell what was going on, but I suspected that Tiffany was playing with Mandy beneath the water.


The Visitor

group JohnGault 2018-09-15

At times if was hard to even feel but as it passed over the nipples there was contact and he knew as it headed toward his cock. He felt her hair hit his chest first as she leaned forward to suck his nipple. She continued to play with herself and stroke his cock as he sucked her nipple bringing her to orgasm. He moaned with pleasure as she sucked his cock and finger fucked his ass. She removed the finger from his ass and moved up to his nipples and began to suck. As the girl lay there he could feel their touch and felt as if they were rubbing each other and themselves as they caressed him.

The RIDE Program

group Timaaahhh 2018-09-15

now… did anyone do this to you tonight?” She gasped as his leather gloved hand pulled her panties to the side and in the same motion, slide a smooth finger between her swollen wet pussy lips onto her clit, which had been throbbing since she left her husbands protection to be questioned. He felt the sudden urge to do the same, pumping his cock into his wifes mouth as she took turns sucking him then the cop then him again who being young couldn’t hold off for long grunted like a wild boar as his wife took his huge blast down her throat,,, not the first time, unbeknownst to her husband who suddenly wondered if cop fucking her intended to do the same.

Swinging Square Ch. 02

group simaddict 2018-09-15

"Michael is always the hopeless romantic, Ashley," Kelsey said to me, "but it does sound like fun." We had become such good friends with Michael and Kelsey, even in the short time we've known them, it looked like a natural thing for them to do. I pressed my pussy firmly against Michael's stiff cock which sent electrical like charges of desire flowing through my body from my clit to my breasts. His hands felt good on my breasts, just like Robert's, but because he was someone new and different, it was more exciting for me. I looked over my shoulder to watch Robert and Kelsey, fucking in the missionary position, their noises vying ours for volume, while I was fucking in a cowgirl position, riding Michael fast and hard.


~Scenario: A cab ride like no other~

group houstonlecher 2018-09-15

He pulls over after a while to pick up a young lightskinned male, who sits at your right..then stops once more for a tall darkskinned corporate type waving his cellphone in the middle of the street..he quickly jumps in and sits at your left..they each steal glances at your cleavage and the young one even starts rubbing a massive bulge through his pants, casually the cabdriver pulls into a dark alley and licks his lips at you through the rear view..the dark fella sucks his teeth,as one large hand boldy squeezes and kneads your left breast through the fabric of your blouse, and the other guides your left hand into his open zipper as you instinctively pull out a long swollen blacksnake.

Little Girls (Bubble Gum Cum)

group SINGODWAY76 2018-09-15

"Whatcha got under there?" I felt Karen's hand graze my butt, and her fingers make their way around to coup a feel of the monster in my pants. Abby's kisses made their way to my stomach, giving me view of Karen as she slid her hands up my legs towards what would surly 'ground' her sweet ass! My dick had never looked so large as it did in this girl's tiny hand, barely able to wrap her fingers half way around my diameter. Abby grabbed a hold of Karen's head and made her suck me off, pushing my dick down her throat until she choked. I heard heavier breathing and realized Abby and Karen were finger-banging Amy's innocent pussy.


Home From Iraq

group ab-2007 2018-09-15

Billy was putting his life on the line every day over there, just like Michael, and who wanted him to come back stateside with no where to go. Now that it was so close for him to leave I didn't care what his buddy thought of me, all I was thinking as I rode Michael's stiff cock was that I was going to be one horny wife for another year as I thought back to this night on cold lonely nights. For a moment I felt betrayed by my husband, but as Billy started to deep thrust my asshole and Michael picked up his pace in my pussy the sensations this caused made my mind go numb and my body take over.


group EJSimpson 2018-09-15

Two young men in particular had caught her eye – Gabriel Du Pique and his friend Benoit Chattelour. Jeanne had warned her that Gabriel had a reputation for breaking young ladies hearts claiming none of them good enough for him – Annette viewed this as her own personal challenge, yet Benoit's innocence offered a challenge of a different kind. After a moment's shock, Annette responded to the kiss and ran her hand up into the young man's dark hair. Benoit nodded to Gabriel and taking Annette's other hand, led her around to a similar chair – this one far more secluded. Between them, they moved Annette back onto the bench – just the right height for Benoit to continue and for Gabriel to fuck her mouth.


group exclusivegames 2018-09-15

They both blushed but brought their hands to their skirt hems and lifted them three inches higher allowing any body who cared to look at their bottoms parted with a thin wisp of material, and framed by their lace topped stockings. With slow movements Steve's hands began to trace up Michelle's legs and Phil matched his actions by doing the same to Lu, soon both men felt the lace stocking top and the soft band of flesh. The girls were bent double and their short skirts were pulled over their backs ensuring they were fully exposed, Steve & Phil completed the scene by unbuttoning their blouses letting their bare breasts fall free.

Fantasy Threesome Frolics

group greenandred 2018-09-15

Matt felt powerless and in the grip of his sexy wife's seductive powers, simply gulps and said, "yes darling, I like!" Her face lights up with her incredible smile, her gorgeous blue eyes sparkle and she finishes getting ready for an exciting night. She looks into Matt's eyes, strokes the side of his face and whispers, "I want our sexy barman to fuck me while I suck on your big dick husband." A sly smile creeps across her face, accentuated by her bright red lipstick. "Do you want me to suck his big dick darling?" Matt groans and stumbles forward, catching himself on the bed post, intoxicated by his wife, her sexual power and the thought of the pleasure Juan is about to receive.


A Fucking Investment Ch. 16

group Contrasting 2018-09-15

I mean, see, the Feds, they have the resources of a badly run charity when it comes to this sort of thing so I thought it was my public duty to help them out a little. Even if it exceeds the amount of the bond you post to keep her out of jail, we can tie it up till she walks like an Egyptian!" Crowley roared then, the man did love his work. Or pate or whatever the fuck snooty bitches eat when they aren't gnawing on cock." Crowley's laugher sounded like gunfire. I needed to address that, her rejection but I felt the press of Crowley's urgency that I administer my offer to Ms. Stewart immediately.


Amy Growing Up

group biguy52x 2018-09-15

Amy was a typical teenage she and I (her mother) had the same arguments about clothes, boys, curfew and friends that most mosther and daughters have. I did not know what mom did every weekend but she would not discuss anything with me about her private life as she called it. Mom was sitting like a slut her legs wide apart. Mom I want to move to Aunt June's house. Most men in college called me a slut but your father wanted a woman who loved sex. For three months before we started trying to get pregnant I stopped taking the pill and only your father had sex with me. Mom I finally understand the rules, the keep your legs closed, the don't show off your body to boys.


Wedding Day Fantasy

group westcoastjohn 2018-09-15

He truly loved his Josie but he knew that one line with this woman from his past would inevitably lead to some of the best fucking of his life; it always did; she knew exactly how to use her perfect body. She walked straight over to Dan and kissed him whilst grabbing his cock with one hand. Blondie sounded breathless as she said, "Feed me your cock big boy." Dan did not need asking twice; he was desperate for release. Just to make sure he could last no longer, the girl from his past was snorting a line off Blondie's mound before devouring her pussy.