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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Balcony

group BMYJC 2018-09-15

Brian was bored as he sat alone in the balcony watching the girls' volleyball game through the viewfinder of the video camera. During the fall, he was occasionally able to work a girls' volleyball game or two if practice was done in time. Alan was not scheduled to work and instead planned on simply sitting in the bleachers and watching every good looking girl he could get his eyes on. At the same time she began this kiss, she then grabbed his right hand and physically placed it on her left breast. He closed his eyes for a minute and remembered what they looked like when they were bouncing during the game he had just filmed.


Staycation Ch. 01

group Gary_Alexander 2018-09-15

In fact, just a day earlier, I'd gotten a pretty good look at Michelle's little breasts: we'd all been in the pool together and when she dove in, her entire bikini top had lifted up almost to her neck. I couldn't get that thought out of my mind, and when Jim and Michelle finally went home, I wanted to rip off Tina's bikini top and shorts and fuck the hell out of her right there at poolside. I glanced over to make sure Jim and Michelle had their eyes on the screen, and then I gave Tina's left breast a quick caress. Making sure our hosts were otherwise distracted -- Michelle seemed to be whispering something in Jim's ear -- I lifted Tina's skirt until her panties came into view.

Bisexual Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

group member814 2018-09-15

I put my hands on her hips, and suddenly Lisa sat upright, her butt cheeks clenched tight as she ground her shuddering pussy onto Doug's cock. Lisa resumed teasing Doug with her pussy, pulling almost all of the way off of him so that just the tip of his cock was inside of her, then making small quick thrusts before sliding all of the way down his length, taking him balls deep in her pussy. I licked upward again to Lisa's bottom, and lightly flicked my tongue across her butthole for a few moments, then worked my way back down the length of Doug's shaft, tasting Lisa's pussy juice on another man's cock. Pre-cum oozed from Doug's cock as I slid the round head of his dick up and down through the folds of my wife's pussy, parting her hungry lips.


Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 05

group M_Sirk 2018-09-15

Stroking her fine, soft hair and looking into her lovely brown eyes, I began to run the tip of my prick over her face, tracing the curve of her cheek with it, running it along her lips, then slid it into her red mouth. "Hold your legs," I said to Wendy, and she held herself open while Vanessa kissed her way down the girl’s belly until she reached the hot, wet hole, pressing her face into the cunt meat, licking down to the anus, her mouth and nose getting wet with the girl’s juices. Taking up the camera again I put them into various poses, including a 69 position with Vanessa on top, and got a few close-ups of her grinding her arse against Wendy’s face, and made Wendy stick her tongue, and then her fingers, into Vanessa’s anus.

Thom's Night

group tweetybird 2018-09-15

She knew that Thom's cock was hard and erect, but it was no where near the size of the man's that was sucking at her breast. "Suck him baby, show him just what my pretty lady can do with her mouth." He licked and sucked her nipples while he watched the other man's cock slid in and out of her mouth. God how she wanted his cock inside of her, but she knew that she couldn't ask and she couldn't arch her body far until the restraints pulled her back to the bed. Thom sat on the bed watching as his friend fucked his woman, one hand wrapped around his own cock stroking it, while the other hand ran up and down her side.

Tina's Mardi Gras Fun

group canemont 2018-09-15

She said she wanted to be ready to "earn" some beads by flashing her small, natural tits at the crowd. Tina could tell she would need to get more adventurous if she was going to earn more beads, so the next time she flashed, she took her top completely off and handed it to me. It was not long before the guy fucking her pussy started grunting like an animal as he shot his load deep inside her red hot pussy. Tina let out a loud groan as she instructed the guy to fuck her hard. After he pulled out he went over and shoved his dick in Tina's mouth to finish.

Me & The Sexy Foreign Brothers

group persephone2004 2018-09-15

As the head of his cock jammed my throat, I thought of my dream and fingered my pussy. As my tongue flicked his shaft and I sucked it in and out, my fingers played with my clit, the fingers of my other hand felt the juice of my hot, bald pussy. The thought of my boy's virgin brother was driving me nuts. "I bet you two had some hard cocks looking at the tits on the beach," I said softly to my boy. I sucked greedily on the tip and held his cock in one hand while I called my boy over to fuck me. My boy took out his cock and beat it over my tits while his brother beat his.

Same Time Tommorow Night?

group fr33yay0 2018-09-15

James is now leaning and trying to stand up straight but can't, he cock dripping of saliva while Celine sucks him off and swallows the rest of his cum. A couple of minutes went by and Cathy moved along the side of the bed and began giving Celine a hand. Cathy then turns and puts James's face in between her legs and kisses Celine softly. Cathy trying to lick Celine's pussy is enjoying James' hard cock in her wet pussy. James then removes his penis from Cathy's wet vagina and penetrates Celine again and starts to fuck her doggystyle as well. James who's been ready to cum for at least 20 minutes now removes his penis from Celine's dripping pussy and strokes it.

The Overnight Guests

group Bandra 2018-09-15

Sonia (Lt.'s wife) -- Tall, slim, fair, 24 years old, 36C boobs, well-toned, tight pussy, petite nipples, short hair, loves to suck cock, loves to swallow cum. Shakeera (Sonia's cousin) -- Tall, slim, fair, 21 years old, college girl, 34B boobs, tight pussy, petite nipples, long hair. Priyanka (my wife) -- Medium height, slim, wheat complexion, 22 years old, 34B boobs, well-toned, tight pussy, large areolas, medium-length hair, loves to suck cock, loves to swallow cum. Nalini (our housemaid) -- Medium height, wheat complexion, 18 years old, virgin, 36C boobs, large areolas, long hair, never sucked cock, never had her pussy licked.


Three's Company!

group Hottmom1975 2018-09-15

He moved back some as if to just enjoy seeing his girlfriend kissing the girl he wanted to fuck. She lapped my pussy like a starving puppy and then went for the clit, sucking it with meaning as I began to cum and release my juices into her mouth. He began to suck my hard nipples and she moved her mouth from me to his thick, stiff cock. I could taste her sweet wet pussy all over his stone hard cock mixed with his pre-cum. I could tell he was reaching the point of cumming so I grabbed his cock and pulled him out of her pussy and began to suck the enraged and swollen head.

Date Night

group Blackerose 2018-09-15

You start to ask him why, but he stops you with a gentile kiss, and whispers "The night is still young, my love." His last act is to slowly, lovingly, slip the egg back inside you. You gasp as hands run over your think you catch your lovers familiar scent, but its hard to tell with the mingled scents of oil, sweat, sex and cum. You feel his lips over your body..but his cock presses hard and needy into your leg. You start to cum, still leaving the stranger in your mouth crying his name, and you feel him errupt in your pussy, filling you, as he collapses on you, moaning your name.


group samsamtheplasterman 2018-09-15

till he bottomed out with his dog knot jammed up to your clit and lips he kept humping at you until his knot f***ed its way in spreading your cunt mouth open as it drove in to your tunnel as it went deeper he moved his hind legs in closer to you as he buried his dick deep in your cunt when he started to hump you he did not pull back he just shoved out with his dick lifting you up with each thrust he was still licking your tits as he was pounding into your cunt you started to move with him and to fuck back he moved up licking you till he was licking your face his tongue licked your lips and you parted them a little so that the next time he licked his tongue went into your mouth as it did your mouth opened wider to let it in

Taster's Choice Awards

group claretwine 2018-09-15

Julie motioned her assistant to pull down Mari's panties so the others could see her brown pussy hair. When all orgasms had ceased, Julie's assistant pulled the panties out of each hairy cunt and placed each pair into the corresponding packet. Traci and Seshiko started talking dirty to each other while Joan and Mari encouraged one another to squirt juices all over the pussy licker's faces. With tongues probing and fingers prodding all four women let out orgasms of such great intensity that the sound man had to turn microphones down to accommodate the enormous fill of wanton pleasures that now filled the studio. Before the buzzer sounded again, Julie signaled her assistant to bring over the packets containing the perfumed panties, soaked earlier that day.


Just the Two (of Three) of Us

group shedontknow 2018-09-15

When we get home Jessica heads to get ready for bed and we sit in the living room watching the news. I hear the sounds of passions sex coming from your room and the squeak a bed only makes when someone is getting well fucked. I see your cock start to pulse and I know you are Cumming in her tight wet hole. I feel your dick swelling in my mouth as my tongue swirls around your lovely cock. While I am enjoying your cock in my mouth I see your other hand start to rub your wife's lovely ass. I love this sexy overload: your cock in my mouth, your hand on my hard dick, Jessica's ass near my face with your fingers exploring its lovely shape.

Carrie's Adventures

group reohoko 2018-09-15

The movement of Tammy's hips under her hand coupled with the ice that moved right to the spot where her breasts met caused a tremor to overtake her body and she pulled her lips from Tammy's and let out a small scream of pleasure. She leaned Carrie's trembling body back and slowly began to run the ice cube over her breast, watching as the nipple became hard and taunt beneath her touch. Slowly Tammy slid her hand down Carrie's stomach, her fingers gently following the line of her garter belt before slowly pulling the dress up back over Carrie's waist and up over her head.


Two seasoned sluts in a biker bar.

group DebbieinDupo 2018-09-14

Well, we dressed up as biker sluts; leather pants, I let my D cup twins hand out and Karen has nice long legs and although her boobs are not big, she has very powerful, noticeable nipples. We're sitting at the bar and I notice they are stairing at my boobs and two are rubbing Karens legs. Well, I did not expect the two guys i was with to life my shirt up and start licking my tits right at the bar, but I was a little buzzed, so I didn't care. By then Karen was getting fucked on top of the bar with one in her puss and one in her mouth !

Three Make a Start

group rantfor 2018-09-14

Mary mostly liked sex to be long and slow, with the maximum of sensuous pleasure incorporated in it. Mary wanted to talk to me, but I put my arm around her and held her tight and asked her to wait till we got home. "I think I need a drink," said Mary, "but probably nothing stronger than tea." Mary and I talked about how we would be comfortable going about arranging to meet someone else who might be interested, and what it would involve. It didn't take Mary and me long to decide that he was the man we were going to try our first threesome with.


Shirley's Birthday

group blackbidick 2018-09-14

Shirley sat on the edge of the bed and Wally wasted no time and walked up and presented his cock for her to suck. Shirley then took all of Wally's cock into her mouth, and he started fuck her face. When she did cum she threw her head back and cried "damn I'm cumming", this took Wally over the top, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back hard onto his cock and flooded her with his cum. When Carl did this and he lay down on her, his face was just inches from Wally's cock, I thought he was going to stick out his tongue and lick it. Wally took no time crawling up beside Shirley, she pushed him down on his back and started licking his limp cock.

Sybian Anticipation Ch. 02

group wirehouse 2018-09-14

We talked ourselves from, oh-so-nervous she has to wear a blindfold because a guy's got a Sybian that he'll let her ride while I kissed, held, fucked and loved her, to oh-my-god I need Jerry's cock as well, in the span of 3 days of emailing., because even just the idea was so hot. Massage oil, time and attention may make the ever elusive breast orgasm a touch more attainable, and Karen was starting to coo and moan with increasing intensity as Jerry expertly oiled and massaged her 36 Ds from the outsides, around the mound of her breasts and finally squeezing and twisting her darker-all-the-time nipples with each long stroke.


A Chance Reunion

group Ozgal 2018-09-14

Sandra laughingly leaned across and gently pinched my nipple, asking ‘doesn’t Ayron caress and suckle these little beauties anymore?’ I noticed Sandra looking at my breast and laughing out loud she said, ‘by your reaction I think it’s been too long since someone did that to you.’ I was a little embarrassed, but the wine was certainly helping me not to over react. I groaned out the words, ‘fuck me with your mouth’ Her head instantly delved between my legs and she furiously began to thrust her tongue against my clitoris, as her fingers delved deeper and deeper inside me. It was then that Sandra leaned across laughingly towards Ayron and grasped his very obvious erection and said ‘doesn’t anyone caress and suckle this big beauty anymore?’

Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 03

group MrRusty2000 2018-09-14

Climbing into bed and wiping her finger over her stomach Sister Joanne relised that she needed to see Father Adams one more time. She didn't have a mirror in her room at the convent, none of the nuns did, but now she watched her reflection as she used a finger to trace around her clit whilst at the same time her other hand worked her nipples to erection. Rearranging George finally slipped his cock into her mouth as Father Adams sent a second orgasm into the depraved nuns ass. Father George liked his ass fucking and took great delight his driving his cock into this submissive nun.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 102

group SteveWallace 2018-09-14

She knew about it from Mark's attempts to pleasure her on prom night, but the men had decided to let her get used to the high quantity of sex going on in the family before blowing her mind with further fabulous experiences. I don't care which two, but I want some real sexual staying power with me that night." She gave me a lopsided grin, but in her look I could tell she was sensitive to how our covey of men might feel if a couple got asked and the rest didn't.


Circle Dance

group rulesplayer 2018-09-14

He stands in front of Sherry, while his wife, the full -figured Nancy takes a place facing Ralph. George carefully traces his fingertips along Sherry's labia, knowing that Larry is doing the same with Angela. His wife is using her fingers teasingly on Ralph's balls, Frank receiving the same from Janine. The timer sounds and George (we might as well follow him around) moves to Ralph and begins to tease his balls as Sherry had done before. We hear Angela give a slight moan of pleasure, as Sherry continues the teasing. We hear other sounds in the room, grunting from Frank, and rapid panting from Angela. The timer chirps, and George now faces Ralph's cock, now red and pulsing.

Shadows on the Sun Porch

group cannyjack 2018-09-14

Eventually, Matt noticed that Rachel didn't seem to be having as much fun--she was a bit innocent, and had never gotten into the party scene at school, so she was a little uncomfortable anyway, and plus, her sunburn wasn't helping. Jenny pushed her hips forward, trapping his cock against her belly, and as he opened her lips to slide a finger into her, she breathed into his "Oh yes." It took only a few minutes more, Matt steadily pumping his finger inside her, before she tensed up and bent her head down against his shoulder. The realization made Rachel's knees weak, and she leaned against the wall, her left hand working quickly between her legs, her eyes racing from Matt's head to Jenny's head to Jenny's ass, and back.