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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Skiing and Scheeming

group DainishPastry 2018-09-14

Nick continued, "She seemed frustrated, kept rubbing on my softening cock." She finally said she was close and asked if I would finish her off with my mouth. I looked at Nick, who sat staring at us dumbstruck, and said, "Nick, come over here, get on your knees and lick my beautiful wife's pussy!" Stephanie couldn't get her mouth over both, but she licked the tips and pumped both of our cocks with her hands, sliding easily over the spit and pre-cum. Stephanie was gasping and moaning and I was talking nasty, "Eat her pussy, lick my cock, ohhhh, taste our fuck, lick my balls." Nick's mouth was everywhere, sucking on my ball, licking my shaft as I fucked and swirling his tongue around her clit.

Bikini Babes & the Nude BBW Ch. 02

group Robot_Shark 2018-09-14

"Damn, I just love the way this girl thinks," Angie said to me with a grin. Two fantasies in one day," Dot finally said, looking up at the clear night sky. Even before she'd tossed it away, Angie was reaching for Dot's big breasts, first cupping them, then jiggling them. Before long, Angie was sucking them, biting them, pushing them together and running her tongue down Dot's cleavage. I glanced closer to see Angie working the big dildo into Dot's slit. Angie was vigorously sliding the dildo in and and out, shoving it deep into Dot's pussy. Angie finally relented and pulled the vibrator away from Dot's clit. "Now, was that better than doing it yourself?" Angie asked as she pulled the dildo out of Dot's pussy.


The First Big Indulgence

group princealbertinoz 2018-09-14

John had asked me whether I liked Brian, as he really liked Belinda and it was apparent to all there that there was a strong sexual awareness between our hosts. His loving was soft and gentle, and we could hear the sounds of my John and Belinda in the next room, gasping with sexual excitement. Somewhere there we had found a moment where the barriers of a life time where pushed down and we had a meeting of the minds, body and soul. John and I know each other so much better now and I bless the day we met and had that wonderful experience with Brian and Belinda.

Gwen's Pool Ch. 02

group heinekitty 2018-09-14

As I lifted my eyes, Logan's hand was reaching out to touch me again but he stopped when Todd approached, still blissfully naked and sporting an impressive erection. "Angie would like it if you came to talk to her," Todd said, holding his hand out to me. I glanced over my shoulder as we walked away, a delicious warm tingle flowing through me as I watched Logan capture one of Heidi's nipples in his mouth and she bowed back, eyes fluttering closed and hand grasping for that beautiful cock. before," I said, watching through half-lidded eyes as Todd pulled a deck chair close to the lounger, sitting down and grasping his cock.


Jon & Meg's Woman Fantasy

group pjd103 2018-09-14

She watched, trance-like as he settled himself between Jackie's thighs and move his head in that way that Meg knew that his lips and tongues would be working to, what was to her anyway, devastating effect. Jon was working his tongue and lips around Jackie's labia and clitoris and he could feel it having an effect, he wondered what Meg's reaction would be to him bringing another woman to orgasm, he smiled as he thought that she would have bigger issues to come to terms with very shortly. Another moment of truth, Jon eased Meg from him, smiling, almost laughing in to her eyes as he turned to Jackie, resting his cock on her lips, both of them watched as she flicked out her tongue before playing the same tune that Meg had earlier.

Christmas Treats

group dconrad 2018-09-14

Neither Gladys nor her husband Alfred ever touched me or made a move on me, but the effect of each evening where they commented on my breasts or legs, was to get me to a state of heightened arousal, so that by the time we got through the door of our own house, I was stripping the clothes off Alex. "I think if Alfred sees you in that he'll be whisking you upstairs, never mind me love," Gladys was trying to tug the top down to cover my breasts but as my nipples hardened this made it rise up further.


Awakening Ch. 04: Popping Corks

group shakenmartini55 2018-09-14

As Emma and I continued kissing, I moved my hand into Derek's lap and found his hardening cock. I touched her face softly and squeezed Derek's cock before I started, "Emma, I couldn't be in a better place, mentally or physically." Just as I was about to continue Derek buried the rest of his finger in my butt. I gazed into Emma's eyes, "I don't know if you can tell or not, but right now one of Derek's big fat fingers is deep in my ass and it feels great. It was thrilling having Emma watch me rim Derek's ass and jerk his cock. I laid my head in Emma's lap and just focused on Derek's cock in my pussy.


Buy one get one free

group DrVonWankenstein 2018-09-14

Sue's s****r Margaret had a boyfriend Rob, who Sue was sucking my cock, which she excelled at, asked Margaret I didn't know what to say. "OUR Sue sez yow've got a BIG cock" said Margaret I was scarlet. yer pants off, bab" she said quietly "LEss av a look" My shaking hands rrREAlLy WOIDE inNit?" said Margaret to Sue, of my pride and joy. Margaret's big tits swung and came cock slip wetly in and out of Margaret's mouth. I saw Sue come round behind her s****r and unbutton the waistband of shapely arse as readily as if she'd been getting her little girl ready It only took Sue and I moments to come, together, as I

What A Lark!

group Raindear 2018-09-14

Suddenly, she felt a pressure on her ass cheeks and managing to look around, she saw Peter's brother, Andre half leaning against her and holding his cock in his other hand. She turned her head to see Andre's cock had risen once more and ordered him to fuck her ass again, but Andre decided he needed to be inside her pussy and went into the lake, rinsed off his cock and pulled Lark off Peter and lay himself down on the sheet for her to fuck him. This was too much for Lark and she DID pass out for a few moments, coming back to the sensation, still, of Andre sucking her nipples and Peter fucking her almost hard enough she swore she could feel his cock in her stomach.

Ten Bucks an Hour

group Softly 2018-09-14

A year ago, Reed had installed a spy cam in the vent above the bed, so that he could record himself when he fucked a woman. When she nodded yes, Reed took her by the arm and said, “Come with me, I’ve got some guys that want to meet you.” After she was secured in the basement bed room, Reed went up stairs to tell the boys that their fuck was ready. Reed ordered Mary Jo to the third floor, where she was placed in the “Swing,” for another group of hard fucking, car guys. Her fat tummy as well as her tits were jiggling obscenely with the rhythm of the swing as a tight ass drove a nice eight inch cock deep into her.

A Wife's Secret Ch. 02

group tantricjim 2018-09-14

I told myself that this would be the very last time, but baby," she said while looking right into my eyes, "I wanted to fuck him again despite knowing how rotten it was." Bob was bent down sucking one of her nipples and Heather was on her knees between Sarah's legs, licking and kissing her inner thighs while working upwards toward her shaved pussy. I was ready to settle down on it when he said, 'Let me suck your tits Sarah, they are beautiful.' I dropped one and then the other in his mouth, and then positioned myself over his cock once more. By the time that Sarah had completed her story, the rest of us were sitting around her, Bob and I each side of her and Heather kneeling on the floor between her legs.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 14

group oldhippie1949 2018-09-14

But she did come up with some good songs like "Chestnut Mare", "Cowgirl In The Sand" and "I Want A Horse" although she did get booed for "A Horse With No Name." Amy pulled out "Which Way Does That Old Pony Run" and "Dig A Pony." Mark came through with "Ride Your Pony and "Space Cowboy." We all agreed that it was a better car game than License Bingo. He said that Craters of the Moon Park was the strangest place in all of Idaho let alone the rest of the country. It turned out that they were long-time RV travelers who had ventured up from Salt Lake City deep into Montana and were now heading back.


An Interesting Life Ch. 02

group mildhot 2018-09-14

He stood up and suddenly she was very close looking up at him with those beautiful eyes.He couldn't help himself as he took her in his arms pressing his lips against her wonderful full lips.Weeks of hunger for her was in that kiss. He felt his cock jumping to attention and looking at the lodge he pulled her down onto the grass diving in between her legs.He loved her taste and he started devouring her.She didn't take long to cum and as always she tried to push him away when she came but he kept going until she came again.

81% wife

wife gangbang

group teddybear21 2018-09-14

black cock," he said laughing and jerking off slowly. his cock and looking scared as hell now, she never sucks The fucking slut was sucking his cock I could not even her huge ass wobbled a little, his cock was shiny He whistled and said, "Ooh yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck you "Ooh yeah baby that's a good slut fuck my nigger cock, clothing, they all had huge cocks just like Leroy and place, "Ooh yeah Leroy this bitch is hot," said the guy started riding Leroy like a fucking horse really humping love it I love your black cock, fuck me like a whore!!" come in her mouth ass and pussy, I too came three times

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 104

group SteveWallace 2018-09-14

They had been sitting in the large living room chatting; Matt had had his arms around June and Tori, the latter in her last stages of teasing the daylights out of Carter, Ryan, and Mike about the graduation prom they'd be going to the next evening. We talked, and we're still going to be family members and make love with everyone, except we'll be like we've kind of been since Tom moved into the building, we'll be a long-term couple too. June and I were to wait at the condo for the prom attendees to finish their dinner and dancing, and then their return to join us for the rest of the evening, night, and into the next day.


Threesome at the Nude Beach

group Clara2018 2018-09-14

"Just give it a go, promise you'll do fine." Matthew's words reassured her, and without further ado she bent down and opened her mouth, she used her hand to stand his huge cock upright, and she rested her tongue on the underside of his bulbous head. She watched eagerly as Xavier slid his hard cock into Matthew's mouth, she hadn't expected to be left alone.. The moment Clara saw the cum gush out of Xavier's cock, she felt her own very real orgasm erupting from the base of her pussy. Clara came so hard on his hips she felt like nothing mattered, her eyes stayed closed tightly, and her rosy pink lips bit down until she almost tasted blood.

Condominium Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2018-09-14

Dan responded, "I got to thinking that Cindy didn't like sex. I already feel comfortable with you, plus I've talked to Ginny several times about her experience here two weeks ago." She paused, "What about Amber?" Cindy looked surprised at Diane's kisses, and the female hand toying with her breasts. I'm not comfortable with what Diane is doing, but I love it because no woman has ever done that to me before and I want these new and different activities and feelings. She then nudged him out of the way and buried her face in Amber's pussy - the pussy that was awash with a large amount of cum from two men, and awash in the stream of female orgasmic juices that had covered Amber and her lovers, and left the bed smelling like a colossal German sex show.


Arthur's Subway Ride

group jacqueline90 2018-09-14

When I saw her ass, the little twitch I had started to feel in my jeans turned into a full hard-on. I moved my hand, which was fondling her arms, down, and grabbed her ass with both my hands, lifting it a little to create some space for me to fuck her. I realized that I was behind a sexy chick, who was butt-fucking naked, my hands rubbing and caressing her sweet, tight, round, soft ass cheeks, while my cock was deep inside her ass. All I think about now, whenever pondering about romance and sex, is my subway chick, with her amazingly soft and round ass, and her lovely arms.

Fantasy Fulfilled

group budsrus 2018-09-14

The only time I can talk real dirty to my husband is when he is servicing my clit with his awesome tongue and his digits are filling my pussy. Her tongue expertly licked, flicked and sucked my clit while her fingers plunged in and out of my wet hole. When I felt the wet sensual tongue licking my bud, a feeling of lightheadedness swept over my body and sounds of erotic pleasure came from my lips. I love the feel of something in my ass while I give head to a woman and a tongue sucks my clit to puffiness. My husband gets a finger wet and puts it back in my ass and slowly works in and out of my bud.


Premium Therapy

group Skol 2018-09-14

Lisa, modestly wrapped in her towel, had felt a little prim, not knowing where to look, but unable to not notice the woman's tanned curvy body, her large breasts with their large brown nipples, the triangle of dark damp curls between her thighs. Ten minutes later, having signed a form and paid a very large sum of money (in cash -- having been told that credit cards were not accepted for the special treatments, Marc led Lisa and Celeste out of his office and down a passage into another, similar room. Marc was kneeling beside Celeste massaging her back, kneading oil into her shoulders, moving down to her buttocks; and Lisa felt Sylvie's strong warm hands working on her muscles. As she watched Marc part Celeste's thighs, Lisa felt her own body grow warm with desire.

The Wedding Reception

group 2018-09-14

About this time the other guy joined the conversation, I let them buy me another drink and we made small talk until I could tell they were trying to cock block each other and vying for my attention. I gave him a few strokes and then I turned and opened the little guy's fly and got his cock out. After I felt like they were worked up a little, I took the average guy into my mouth, twirling my tongue around the head of his cock and then going deep on him. Before the average guy could put his on, I got on my knees and took him into my mouth and sucked him hard and fast before slowing down when I felt the little guy enter me from behind.

Night at the Oil Party - Part 8

group 2018-09-14

“I want to be everyone’s slut tonight baby,” Janet replied, and the way she said it got everyone in the room very excited. Marcus slowly began to slide his cock into Janet while Shelly was really starting to moan and scream while Ray’s fit body started pounding her from behind. As I slowly started working my way down between Claudia’s large, white thighs, I heard a loud gasp and then a scream from Janet that sounded alarming but I knew she was now taking all of Marcus’ large cock all the way into her pussy. Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth so she could recover and started slapping in across her face and telling her what a good gang bang slut she was going to be tonight.

Wife Poses for Old Artist Ch. 02

group stimac 2018-09-14

David took off his trousers and stood astride me on the sofa, I opened my mouth and his thick knob went down my throat, I looked up to his eyes as he fucked my face and photographed me. I nearly died as Andrew came back in the room with the Indian delivery guy, as Andrew said, wait here whilst I get some change, the guy looked at me, I was being fucked senseless by David and had a mouth full of an old guy's knob. Andrew showed the guy out and came back in the room, the end of his knob was dripping pre-cum as he walked toward me, he got on the sofa in front of me and grabbed my massive juggs.

Suburbs Just Got Interesting

group njbaddad 2018-09-14

"They're out of town and want to make sure she's ok, and the house is cool." Just so we're clear, Lena and Jay are our very nice, mid to late 40s neighbors who have amazingly been able to raise three remarkably well adjusted kids in this day in age, the youngest of which is Catherine, an eighteen-year-old, recent High School grad who by all accounts would rather sit home and bury her face in a text book than having a rager with friends. Who knows, maybe they're partying and you can relive the glory days...just make sure the house is in one piece and Catherine is fine." With that she gave me a kiss and walked up stairs, "I'm headed to bed, let me know if we should call in the national guard!