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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Academy of Sexual Studies Ch. 02

group daveball500 2018-09-14

Penny Chivers entered the room quietly and turned to close the door, giving me both a front and then a back view of what must be her night attire, it was a small white cotton chemise with thin straps and a low neckline, the hems were edged in pink, it reached down just about to the tops of her thighs and her white panties peeped from under the hem, her thick blonde hair was down loose across her shoulders and she looked lovely, suddenly I was very conscious of my nakedness beneath the sheet, I smiled as she came over and sat on the edge of the bed with her long legs primly together.


Bi Night Out

group Bostonflirt 2018-09-14

Erick said to me that it looked as though I was enjoying his wife to which I replied would he like to fuck Tara tonight. I was gently grabbing his head as he bobbed up and down hungrily taking all 8 inches of my thick cock like it was half the size...Erick was sucking on me and licking me for almost 5 minutes before he stood up and gently put me back inside saying he would pick up later. I gave him a squeeze thanking him and found a monster of a cock awaiting in his pants...We quickly washed up and headed back to find the ladies who we both had hoped were having equally as hot a time in the ladies room.


House of Blues

group dna27fog 2018-09-14

She leaned over to me as we entered 95 and, as her hand worked its way slowly to my erect cock, she whispered in my ear "You loved me randomly flashing boys, didn't you?" "You did, huh?" Heather said as her hand began to gently rub her chest in an attempt to be nonchalant. The volume gave Heather and the boys more confidence, and soon one guy was between her legs fucking her while she leaned over and sucked the other guys cock. The four of us stood and watched the rest of Emory's set with one of them on either side of her, and Heather holding on to the railing, grinding her ass into my hugely erect cock all the while.

Harry's Girl

group vangelsdorp 2018-09-14

Becky had been on at me for ages to go see her in her fancy house and as Harry was going to be away for a week this time, I thought I'd take the opportunity to see how the rich folks lived in Memphis. I thought that if those good folks saw me looking all respectable they'd certainly get the wrong idea, but you can't argue with Harry when he's in that sort of mood so I wore one dress and folded the other neatly into my bag along with a few bits and pieces, gave him a big kiss goodbye and climbed onto the bus with my ass still tingling from where he'd squeezed it.


Kaylee's Wild Weekend

group damonX 2018-09-14

Glancing over at her friend, she smiled to see Heather sitting back, tapping her fingers to the beat as she stared out the window, enamoured by the view of the sun sparkling off the still waters of the lake. In particular, a group of college age guys at a nearby table caught Kaylee's eye as she slowly slipped her margarita. "Me and my friends were wondering if you ladies would like to join our little party over there," he said calmly, motioning over to the table full off guys, all watching with expectation. On numerous occasions Kaylee attempted to open conversation between Heather and the preppie guy her friend had eyed earlier, whose name turned out to be Blake.


Unexpected Pleasures

group WizardNDorothy 2018-09-14

All she could think about was how her entire day was ruined because Michael just didn’t understand her need for quiet time. She could feel Michael there beside her, his hands moving across her skin with that soft touch of his. Michael was there, kissing her and touching her, and Brian was in the bed behind her. As she lay there, Brian began to kiss the back of her neck, then the place between her shoulders, and then slowly began to run his tongue down her back and over her hips. At almost the same instant, Michael groaned and she felt a flood of warmness wash over her tongue and down her throat as she tried desperately to catch every precious drop.

Once Upon a Time at a Swing Party

group zig074 2018-09-14

They all got out of the pool and the two women came over and Jan introduced me to Sue. Their husbands soon joined us and all I could think was wow, here were these to big older naked women, flirting with me, and their husbands were just standing there watching. Well lets think about it, here I was laying on my back, my mom was riding my cock, my dad was fucking a big fat hairy pussy that just happened to be positioned above my face, his cock kept slipping out and landing in my mouth, and to top it all off, it finally dawn on me that my fathers balls were slapping the top of my head!


How I Became a SLUT! Ch. 01

group Sally1977 2018-09-14

Then one day I finished my household work and I felt like having a drink in the late afternoon, I am now a days always naked in the house. I told him, "Vinod has come to meet you." Before I could finish Vinod put his dick in my mouth and started face fucking me. As soon as I hung up Vinod took his dick out of my mouth and shoved it right inside my pussy and started fucking me. "I obey him like I had no control "Oh Vinod please through our hot cum on my face please." And then hot cream just plunged all over my face and mouth, I have never tasted such tasty cum from my husband.

The Neighbor

group 2018-09-14

I closed my eyes and started rubbing my clit with my hand as Bert fucked my hole with his tongue. Steve then slowly slid his dick into my waiting cunt, filling me with his massive shaft as I took Berts big cock into my mouth, licking and sucking and teasing his balls with my tongue. I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell and it started exploding its hot sticky cum into my mouth as I kept trying to swallow every last drop. It wasn’t long before I felt the warm flow of Berts cock erupt into my mouth and Steves cock shot another load of cum down my throat as I savored every last drop.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 10

group mountaincat4 2018-09-14

Jean was already familiar with the territory but Janelle was eager to discover what Suvarna felt like and was soon making forays between her cheeks and down her upper thighs. Mitra and Vitesha had both reached her lower thighs with their wet slits and their hands had taken over massaging Suvarna's pussy and thighs while the twins concentrated on her ass and hips. I moved my hands under her head so I could massage the back of her neck and as soon as I touched her I remembered that her tumor was only an inch away so as I gently rubbed her I put as much loving energy as I could into asking it to please not harm her.


Elevator to Discovery

group BiBBWToronto 2018-09-14

Tony's cock was softening now and I let it slip from my mouth, looking up at the boys I swallowed every drop and licked my lips, they knew I was ready for more. I decided that it would be a huge turn for me to see Deepak, the poor stressed boy, settle down and relax and suck a nice cock, like Jay's. Deepak leaned in and took a few tentative licks, Jay's cock was starting to stiffen now and he let out a little groan, eyes still closed, head back, hands at his side. My turn again, Deepak pulled back and I moved in for some more licking, I took one of Jay's balls in my mouth and sucked on it gently..


Jack and Melissa - Bi

group jack_be_not 2018-09-14

She leaned forward and grabbed the two cocks and started to try and give us both a blow job at the same time. Steve removed his finger and I felt him take the head of his cock and run it up and down the crack of my ass. He started to push the head of his cock against my asshole looking for it to give way. I felt him pull his cock out of my ass and he drove it right into Melissa's pussy. Every time I would feel my asshole start to close back up, Steve would pull his cock out of Melissa and stick it back in my ass. My cock was right between Melissa's pussy lips and Steve's mouth when I blew.

Off Menu Pt. 06

group Barefootaaron 2018-09-14

"Oh,yes!" Rachel moaned distractedly, and then to Mark she said, "I know you've been playing with yourself over there, and I want you to come really hard for us. Abby has such an amazing body, and although she'll deny it, she loves being watched." Rachel thought for a second about her time next door and then continued, "Next time though I really want to fuck Jason too," she said as she pushed her smooth ass into Mark's crotch. I want to lay on my back on in this giant bed and look up at his strong chest and blue eyes as he pushes himself deep inside of my wet cunt." Rachel slowly accentuated her words as she felt Mark growing hard.

Scarlet Queen Ch. 04-05

group angellily 2018-09-14

Ellie looked up at Detective Winston in confusion, "Hold on, did you just say that the car was the record company's not Rain's?" "I want you to remember this number, and make sure no one finds this phone, I want you to call this number and listen to the person on the other end of the line, he knows what he's doing in situations like this - plus I trust him with my own life." Ellie said, then whispered the number into his ear. Come on Rain, we've got to search for Ellie, something tells me she's in trouble and I have a feeling that she's going to disappear." Dante stated.


Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 33

group FinalStand 2018-09-14

This was hardly re-writing the Charter of the Commonwealth of Virginia but it did mean I'd ruled against my best friend and the woman I wanted to marry and several girls looked at me in some disbelief that I hadn't gone that way. "So, are you two going to be hiding out all day?" Virginia Goodswell looked Rio and my way. "Hi Rio!" Cordelia led off, "Zane, I only want you to know you have our full support," was her cryptic statement that I was still digesting when Rio hurled herself at the slender brunette. "Zane says you two have been sleeping in his bed – naked," Iona's mother met her daughter with an even gaze.


Movie Night with the Boys

group sleazynerd 2018-09-14

Adam knew he would have no problem finding some mates to share the house with him. Jacks and Tom would be obvious choices as he knew they had the money, the furniture and the contacts for it to be a great share house. As an older house it only had the one bathroom and no girl would want to clean up after the guys. Katrina tried to keep her eyes on the movie but knew all the guys were jacking off to her bare breasts. Adam's spunk was shot over her breasts -- it was a dead heat in the jack off contest between the guys. The guys also agreed to include Katrina when they next had movie night.


First Time Threesome Ch. 03

group Sweet_tits2 2018-09-14

My entire body throbs, my nipples look like miniature hard-ons and my pussy hurts. Janet looks halfway normal, if you can overlook her large rosebud nipples screaming out from her white t-shirt. He walks over to me and pulls my body off to the side, placing the tip of his dick in Janet's wet pussy. Steve's continues to tease Janet's pussy with his cock. Steve removes himself from Janet and holds my head over his manhood, shooting cum into my mouth. Sucking on Steve with Janet's face is in my pussy, pushes me over the brink. I cum pulsing sweet juice all over Janet's face as her tongue continues to thrust inside me.

Adventures of Annette

group melodytokis 2018-09-14

Annette is nodding, Andrew rest a hand on her other thigh from the seat across from her. "And my dear you will need to be tested by your fellow VPs as to your skills." Andrew and Terry both separate her thighs. Annette moans around Andrew's long cock. Her eyes pop open when Carlos presses his hard fat cock to her pussy. Marcus gets to his knees and moves near Annette's head. Annette licks the tip of his cock swirling her tongue around it. Andrew plunges into Annette deeply getting his cock covered in her mixed juices. Andrew is holding her ass as he drives his long slender cock deep into her ass.

Well Worth the Wait

group BoNeRBoY19 2018-09-14

Her name was Heather and she was a new teacher who had graduated from the same college as Alexis. "Hey Alexis wanna grab some-, oh you've already grabbed what you wanted." Heather teased as she entered the room. We sat down in a booth, Heather beside me and Alexis sitting across from me. I waited until she was out of sight and pulled Heather's hand away. Alexis said they were just playing around while Heather insisted they were doing nothing at all. When I turned back towards the desk, Heather's head was buried under Alexis' skirt and her thong-clad ass was high in the air. I looked up from Heather's butt and caught Alexis' eye.

A Day With My Art Teacher

group Horny_ArTiSt 2018-09-14

I then said with an evil grin, "Someone who just wants to get a taste of your pussy, that's all." As I approached, she raised her voice, "You had better not come near me, or I'll call for help!!" I advanced further, knowing that the art room was very remote and there was almost no possibility that anyone would hear her screams. Soon, after fucking her face for about 5 minutes, I felt my balls boiling and I grabbed on to her long flowing hair and moaned as I came in her mouth, calling out her name with each spurt. After 10 minutes of tit fucking, I told her to stand up, and removed her panties.

Gang Bang Club Ch. 02

group kinkyCostumes 2018-09-14

You can change into your outfit and then join us in the living room." As she walked away I watched her tight ass with the garter straps leading down to her hose. The mesh shirt came on, the boxer briefs with the hard cock poking out the hole in the front crotch and then the thong over top to hide the throbbing rod but be ready for the quick reveal and access. "See guys this is a lingerie party now." As she said this all eyes turned to me and I was thinking, "Lets get this party started!" I headed over to the bar and poured myself a rum and coke. I look back at Kim and she blows me a kiss as Terri has me by my hard cock and leads me through the crowd.

My Bachelor Party

group photobiker 2018-09-14

Julie began to slowly dance around the room, moving very sexily, running her hands over her body, and looking extremely hot. As she was taking his shaft into her mouth, George got up and removed his pants too, then kneeled between her legs, pulled the vibrator slowly from her, and began eating her pussy in earnest. At first she tried to swallow it, but then she started to have an orgasm of her own from having her pussy licked and pulled it from her mouth, causing his hot, sticky cum to spray onto her mask, lips, and cheeks. When she had managed to get about half of it in, George couldn't take any more and with a loud moan, pulled his cock out of her and began spraying his hot cum all over her stomach and pussy.


A Surprise for the Girlfriend

group MoonStar 2018-09-14

"Oh yes!" Elissa moaned as Chris worked his hand up her shirt. Chris's tongue made its way to Elissa's breasts, and his hands moved to the back of her skirt. Matt pulls out of her mouth, moves towards her tits, and begins to cum all over her sweaty breasts. "Yes...cum all over my tits..." She rubbed his cum around on her nipples, then sucked it off her fingers as Chris continued to pound into her. Just as Elissa reached orgasm again, Chris came, shooting his load inside of her hot, wet pussy. Matt's hand moved down to Elissa's hot pussy, teasing her, trailing one finger around her lips. Elissa moved her hands to her breasts, massaging her nipples with Matt's fresh cum.

Swing Club Night

group morefunnaked 2018-09-14

Jessica watched as Mark gave the blonde as good a fucking as she herself was receiving. It was nowhere as large as the one slamming away at her cunt, but it still felt wonderful to have it there, knowing that she had control over it and that with a little effort she could probably make it explode in her hand, spewing it's hot load all over her and anyone else within range. It felt good, but she was again craving a cock inside her and watching the fellatio performance made her want something hard to suck as well. She was fucked like that at both ends for a long time until the cock inside her cunt was spent and then the other took its place.