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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

V-Day Three-Way

group KourtneyMarie 2018-09-14

"I knew you would be fucking good at this." Ashley continued to finger her, switching between fingering her pussy and playing with her clit. "Can your wife fuck me, Ben?" She asked, playing with her pussy. "Fuck, she's good at this," she told Ben. Ben nodded, stroking his cock as he watched his wife eat her best friend's pussy. Ashley looked at Ben, still stroking his cock on the couch. Sarah bent over, giving Ben a full look at her swollen pussy lips and tight asshole. "Can Ben fuck you?" Ashley asked, surprising them all. Ashley screamed with pleasure at the same time as Ben came in Sarah's pussy. "Happy Valentine's Day, lovers," Sarah said, kissing Ben and then Ashley.


group LillaBerndt 2018-09-14

I pushed the bullet in a bit harder and leaned my head back, just enjoying the sounds of the two people in the video going at it. I didn't usually have to, but a quick and guaranteed way for me to come was to shove a dick up my ass while I used a bullet on my clit. Watching a big cock really fuck a tight pussy or ass was such a turn-on for me, it usually didn't take too long for me to feel the wave building. I managed to get out "Oh hell yeah" while I was flicking my tongue in quick little motions against the clit, and he pushed his dick into my ass.


A Night To Remember...

group SpurtonChisholm 2018-09-14

I think Stacey and Chris kind of felt awkward just standing there watching us, so they quickly went and got our camcorder, and took turns filming Jen sucking my dick, all the while saying how turned on they were getting. No sooner did I wonder this, than Chris moaned "Oh fuck I think I'm going to come." He was grabbing her hair with both hands and gently forcing her head back and forth on his cock, something I knew always drove Jen wild, and I could plainly see in her eyes that this time was no different.

Mom! Is That You?

group zimabean 2018-09-14

Mom decided to go out with a bunch of her friends, they were going to hit the new club in town. Thelma came up to me, one of mom's friends, naked, blonde, bigger tits than I remember. I walked into mom's room and the two women were still on the bed asl**p and well fucked. I fucked her for minute and then was going to cum so I pulled out and drained my balls all over mom's bush. Finally, by that evening the other women had left and it was just mom and one of her friends, the one that was on the bed with her. Mom and I went back to her room and fucked two more times that day and then never again.

Neighbors Ballteam Party

group badandy2 2018-09-14

"Yeah I was just telling Brian about the fun we had with his wife Jackie two weeks ago here!" Tim continued. I want to tell you Brian, Jackie just gave all us guys huge boners at that point as she then began wandering around the pool area here in just her red bra and matching panty set . The third photo showed my wife now only in her bra and panties, she looked to be desperately reaching for her skirt, which was being held by one of the guys from Tim's ball team. "So Brian as I was saying before the guys arrived, we finally had talked your wife Jackie into removing her bra and I must say the yard was suddenly rather quiet as she unfastened her booby holder.


Uncaged Ch. 06

group theimperfetc 2018-09-14

Really, what I wanted was Jade to myself, but she was far too hot to turn aside the chance to have some approved fun with her in front of Ben. I still planned to fuck her on the side every chance I got, but I wasn't going to spend the weekend missing out. I was still nervous about Ben sitting right there watching the whole thing, but Jade was too skilled for that feeling to last long. Jade moaned out what sounded like a muffled confirmation, at the same time I gave back a breathy "Hell yeah..." I had my head thrown back, eyes closed.

One Night with Two?

group mama_wolf2 2018-09-13

Her hips began to meet his tongue stroke for stroke and looking up from between her legs he could see her eyes shut tightly, head turning from side to side in ecstasy. He began to tense, knowing it wouldn't be long before he would cum, she grabbed the base of his cock once again and matched the pace of her bobbing head, gripping his cock tightly, bringing her hand up until it met with his cockhead, she sucked all the harder. Twisting her grip slightly as she came up each time, she felt the muscles in his legs tense and he began to let out a low groan, becoming louder as the tension grew.

The Designated Driver Chronicles Ch. 01

group oldhippie1949 2018-09-13

From restaurants to bar-hopping, I crisscrossed the East End. The money was very good and the tips were even better but, for me, the best aspect of the job was that I could be alone for several hours quietly editing and revising the novel I have been working on for the past few years. "You're a good guy, Ray." I turned off her car, got out and opened her door. As I drove home, I marveled at my good luck and considered how much I loved this job. I worked a few more days on some small drives when I got a job to pick up a vacationing couple, June and Peter, from Los Angeles renting an oceanfront mansion on Flying Point Road.


My Twin s****r

group zimabean 2018-09-13

Kendra jumped onto the bed and asked if someone would like to fuck her. Jack walked over na dlooked at Kendra's pussy and then said "looks like someone has dumped a load in there." "It is only right that we share." With that Jack dropped his shorts and climbed on the bed and start to fuck Kendra. s****r came close and Jack started to play with her snatch as he pumped Kendra. s****r screamed that she was cumming and Jack said he was too and with that I unloaded into Kendra. s****r said "it look like we both won so you should stick that cock of yours inside me and reward both of us." I did just that.

Diary of a Menage a Trois - Wednesday

group Tomcatfive 2018-09-13

Kitty stands and backs away from me, stroking her pussy and pulling her nipples, and Nikki moves in front of me. She presses closer, and as she feels me harden, allows me to slide between her legs, and very softly and slowly glides her pussy lips back and forth over me. Finally, I kiss and lick slowly up and over one, till I find the burning nipple, and as my lips slip lightly over it, I feel her hand gently grasp my cock, I suck and kiss softly, and the hand moves very slowly over me, the fingers barely holding on. Very slowly I kiss, lick and nip, coming so close to her pussy she can feel my hot breath on it, but never touching.


True Love Knows No Boundaries

group queen_nofertari 2018-09-13

After hours of talking I looked at my watch and looking at Kevin I said, as much I hate to end this evening but I need to go home. To my surprise Yuki grabbed Kevin arm too and said, we both love her. To my further surprise he knelt before me and said I know you will want to wait till you can marry both of us but I would be proud if you would wear this ring as a symbol of my love and devotion to you. Then Yuki surprised both us by saying you too don't have to wait to get married as long as Kevin doesn't mind my continued presence in Karen's life.

Noodles Ch. 03

group Azuldrgon 2018-09-13

As they weighed out the crabs and the pound of peel and eat shrimp he ordered, some of the male attendants kept stealing glances at Marsha. He watched as Marsha's dress became a crumpled heap on the floor and two of the attendants cocks were out and solid, one in each of her hands. George was initially shocked as Marsha looked at him and smiled before taking the head of one of those cocks into her mouth. It wasn't long until Marsha was on her hands and knees, one cock in her pussy and another fucking her mouth as the other two cheered them on. George started the car and headed towards home while Marsha began to tease her pussy even more.

Xhamster meeting

group 2018-09-13

As we make our way to the cars you place your arm around me and whisper to me "seeing her hand up your skirt really turned me on I so want to see her lick your tight little pussy whilst you suck him off and I fuck your arse", I look at you with a huge horny grin on my face. He comes over and straddles her face on the sofa, feeding her his fat cock, forcing her to deep throat him, you can see she loves this along with the dildo inside her and you knee between her legs with your arse in the air and start licking her clit.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 07

group jamesofthedead 2018-09-13

Emily looked down and, satisfied that I was hard enough, broke our kiss and deftly swung her leg across me and lifted her mini skirt to reveal that she was in fact going commando before slowly impaling herself on my thick shaft, her hot wet cunt like a vice, squeezing every inch as she went down. I fell back into the back seat and Nikki dived onto my still hard cock, her mouth and hands quickly bringing me to a satisfying climax, her head staying in place as swallowed my cum, all the smiling like the cat that got the cream.

The Cruise

group KawGuy 2018-09-13

I followed Alex down the hall to his door, and I had no trouble remembering his wife's name, Debbie. As Alex laid their towels out, Debbie just standing there undid her bikini top baring her tits to anyone who wanted to see them. When we both where standing in the water I looked up the river, inland where it came from and saw Alex and Debbie. I pulled Candice's hand and we left walking back to Mike and Lorie's rock. I left my cabin and walked towards the galley passing by Candice's room. Anne said, "Let me take a look at your head." She leaned over me again to view my forehead.


Anal Etiquette Ch. 06: Politics as Usual

group CypherWest 2018-09-13

Timmi's mother started rapidly running her hand over her daughter's slimy cunt stopping to insert a few fingers into the girl from time-to-time. Kelcie started twisting her hands making 180 degree motions, each time a full twist was made Casey's gaping ass would flower open and the remnants of Bill's cum would leak out splattering on the bean bag below. Timmi lost track of time but as she came back to her surroundings Spring pulled her fingers from her daughter's snatch and let the girl's legs down. He could feel an orgasm fast approaching and quickly yanking his fist out of Kelcie's asshole and his dick from her pussy he jammed his dick into Timmi's mouth just as she finished swallowing Ethan's cum.

Earning New Boobs

group LibertyBelle 2018-09-13

“I don’t know about you guys, but I think we could find a much more fun way to spend this $4500,” Joe said softly, “After all, with a little negotiating it might turn out to be an investment.” “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but if we have a true freak on our hands and we’re spending $4500, I want a show,” Glenn said. “Like I said, for $4500 I want a show, you little whore.” His name- calling turned me on and I could feel the wetness as I tried to discreetly press my pussy into his thigh again. Oh Rob, you should have gotten me involved a long time ago, she’s out of control.” The guys laughed and told my husband what a whore I was.

Hot Houston Nights

group Rick_Love 2018-09-13

They indicated that they worked here about 3 - 4 times per week in addition to Corrine's real estate career and Susan's nursing studies. As the next song began, Corrine stood up in front of me while Susan was standing in front of Tim. Within 10 seconds, both of these sex goddesses were stripped down to nothing but a small thong as well as their 4 inch heels. "Well, Susan and I were wandering if you would like to come over Sunday night to our apartment and have Dinner and watch some movies?" We had great conversation as we talked about different places we had lived, my ex-wife, Corrine's real estate work and Susan's school as well as other various topics.


Traders Assistant Ch. 2

group happinesscums 2018-09-13

As I got on my knees to reach a low box, I felt Jonathans hands on my shoulders. My eyes suddenly became transfixed, mouth slightly open and breathing in short gasps as the ten-inch manhood stood to attention before me. A low groan from Jonathan signalled the start of his gentle thrusts deep into my mouth and throat. Once my head was fully back, I felt Jonathan slip the crown into my mouth and slowly work deeper and deeper. As his thrust became more purposeful, I felt my jacket opening and his hands started to play with my breasts, pinching my hard nipples roughly and pulling them about. Firstly he carefully slipped the tip in, but soon was more forceful as his manhood worked its way deeper and deeper into me.

Teacher's Pet Earns Her Stars

group onwardbob 2018-09-13

And with a clap of her hands she ordered a glowering Miss Naughty "Turn around," insisting "You should be ashamed to be caught wearing a skirt so whorishly short!" And to my delight, she told her wayward pupil "Go on now; bend over, and let Mr. Biggestone see if you're wearing anything under there!" And remembering that Monica's blouse was a gossamer wisp of a thing, I wasn't expecting to discover anything except bare ass under her tiny plaid skirt.


Last August Ch. 01: The First Weekend

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-09-13

Quietly, so Carl and Cathy wouldn't hear, she unfastened her own bra and dropped it to the side of the bed, then made sure she was covered with the blanket up to her next, and pushed her body against mine, nestling my hardening cock between her legs. "I can see you like the idea of me joining them, though," she said teasingly, and a few seconds later I heard Carl say "That feels nice..." His hard cock was obviously being pleasured by either her hand or her mouth or her pussy, but I never found out which because a few seconds later I was asleep.

Supermarket Sluts

group Jack_Love 2018-09-13

They speak Malaysian, and it would seem like she's telling her friend how she's taking my cock up her fucking holes in the back of the supermarket, her squeaks of pleasure punctuating their conversation. Naked from the waist down, the second babe, who looks Malaysian, says, "Hi!" to me as she kneels down, taking my cock straight from up her friend's asshole and right into her hungry, wet sucking mouth! "Now it's time for you to fuck my cunt, baby," the friend says as she sits down on a box spreading her long slender legs wide apart for my eager cock. Her friend squirts a bunch of KY all over the horny slut's asshole, and my rod disappears up her tight fart-box, sliding up her ring like it was a wet pussy.


group foreignbacon 2018-09-13

One evening, I walked in Ella's home to see he being fucked, by a dark haired man, on the kitchen counter. Ella walked over, pulling down her dress and playing with her fresh-fucked hair. "Cm'ere, Imogen, let's try over-the-clothes stuff." He watched me intently as I stood in between his open legs. "Yeah, for sure." My fingers fumbled with his zipper for a few moments as he smoothly pulled my dress over my head and knocked my panties down my legs and to the floor. Neo gripped my head as my tongue played with his. I felt that dick back in me, well, because when I opened my eyes, it was, and Neo was grinning.


A Journey to Desire Ch. 05

group swingerjoe 2018-09-13

After experiencing such a frenzy of sexual activity over the first three days of our vacation, Michelle and I decided to step back a little, enjoy each other's company, and reconnect as a couple. When I finally turned to see what he found so interesting, I saw Michelle and Stefan making out like a couple of horny teenagers. Michelle excused herself to visit the ladies room, and Stefan did as well, leaving me standing alone near the bar, still trying to conceal my raging hard-on. The show had barely begun when Stefan grabbed Michelle's hand and practically pulled her toward the disco. I had barely had a chance to remove my shoes, and Michelle already had Stefan's dick out of his pants and in her mouth.