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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Public Toilet Orgy, Part 1

group royby 2018-09-13

How’s this then,” Kat said as she lowered herself down to Sharon’s cunt and licked her clit hard as her fingers pumped up into her trembling cunt. Kat sucked that little clit hard into her mouth as she pushed her two fingers deeper into Sharon. Kat got up and wiped Sharon’s cunt juice from her mouth and said, “That was just the start Sharon, I haven’t thanked you for my present yet. Sharon whispered in her ear, “You are so fucking hot Kat. That was amazing.” She looked down at her hand and saw how wet it is and placed it to her own mouth and started sucking Kat’s cum off her fingers.

Company Trips in Japan

group Ooshnafloot 2018-09-13

I wasn't going to make the whole Tokyo office – about 25 people – wait for me so I let them go first; I traveled from Chitose Airport to our hotel by myself. The Airport Bus first dropped people off in the middle of the village at a car-park at the base of a ski run, then kept moving further into snow clad hills dropping people off at various resorts and chalets along the way. In Japan there is a card game called Hanafuda and I used that concept to teach my table Gin Rummy with two packs of western decks mixed in given there were five of us. Offloaded at 10:45pm in the foyer Okada the ops head called it good-night, said the bus for the slopes would be leaving at 8:30am, so all be fed and ready by then.


John and Amy

group MacSwain612 2018-09-13

This really turns me on." I caressed his bottom, his thighs, tickled his balls and stroked his long cock gently. A couple of times when the back of my arm would touch his penis it would jump wildly, and John would moan a bit. "I'm so fucking turned on right now!" I went back to stroking his cock and felt him trembling heavily. "I want to feel your mouth on my cock too." John was silent at this. I moved on the bed and took his cock deeply in my mouth and worked my tongue in a frenzy, all over it. I can tell." I pulled on his head and pushed gently with my hips and my cock slid in his mouth, smooth and wet.

Midwinter Weekend Pt. 04

group MrIllusion 2018-09-13

After last night's revelations, Eleanor and I probably could have fucked right there, as people would have been coming in, but I don't think either of us wanted our first time to be like that. Before I could fully understand that Hope was finally in my arms, naked as she always should be, my cock wasn't wasting any time; I could already feel it hardening against her soft belly as the red patch of fine hairs on her mound was tickling my glans. As Hope fumbled between us to guide my cock inside her, I looked and saw Nella bent forward above a large rock. As lucky as I was, with my cock moments away from Hope's cinnamon pussy, I found that I was envious of Timothy for fucking my wife.


Club Night, Second Time Around

group RefinedBadBoy 2018-09-13

It had been her first time then and I was wonderfully surprised when she let me use my fingers and hands to bring her to a big orgasm as we sat on the sofa of the club's second floor balcony that overlooked the dance floor. I pulled the bra strap further down so that the sheer fabric over her left breast fell away and revealed her well-shaped tit and very white skin with a firm, pink nipple. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!" she quietly called out with her hips rocking back and forth against my hand, Danielle obviously did not care that she and I were standing right next to another couple. Her posture relaxed and her man held on tightly to her, his hand, like mine on Danielle, tightly against her pussy.


Keeping it between Friends and f****y -Part I

group 7thMrAngel 2018-09-13

Looking at her I said, time to fuck, and walk her down to my bedroom. I kiss her again and told her to get on her knees and begin to suck on my cock. As she was sucking, I told her when she was finish drinking down my cum, I would strip her and put her over my lap and spank her ass with the paddle on the bed. Just as Mary pussy started to flow her juicesand watch her shake from cumming, I shot my load deep into her. I look at her and told her when she got home with her pussy full of my cum, and dress the way she was, she could explain it to her husband what she was doing today.

Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 10

group Megamuffin 2018-09-13

Tina's sister Heidi and her friend Claire had already been dressed in a sexy bra and panty combo when they greeted us guys upstairs earlier. Melanie and Amber brought me over to one of the bars, where an actual bartender (a Mediterranean olive-skinned woman in her mid thirties with a glorious cascade of curly black hair), prepared me a rum and coke, which was the only drink I knew how to order when I was twenty. I knew that Joe and Rachel took their summer vacations at a lake several hours away, and Joe's stories about his trips to the cabin had never been terribly detailed, but he had said that they had some friends among the other camp owners.



group BettyFloored 2018-09-13

Ethan cupped my tits in his hands, gently squeezed, caressed, pinched a little. With one hand she gathered my braids together and made a joke about 'handlebars.' I laughed and stopped immediately when I felt his mouth gather up my nipple, really as much of my breast as he could fit in his mouth, and begin to suck while flickering his tongue over the tip. Ethan slipped a hand between my legs and slid two fingers along my slit, over the drenched cotton of my panties, gathering up moisture. "Well, in that case..." He took his hand from between my legs, now wet with my juices, and he gave me another slap, this one a little harder.


An Observed Foursome

group harryflashman1970 2018-09-13

Mrs. Shepherd felt her vagina moisten and she asked in a voice that she hoped was not too husky, "Did you look in the file?" Mrs. Shepherd had spent sometime looking at the Jack Grisham's photographic website and the Boudoir section looked incredibly tame on first inspection. Mrs. Shepherd looked at the boys, Stephen was shorter than Jack but very stocky, whilst Raphael, oh Raphael! "That's a good girl, now I want you to peel down that corset and free your breasts, but cover them with your hands so we can't see them." Jack asked.


The Curtain, and Other Oddities

group Malonym 2018-09-13

I had one halloween costume that had lasted me all through college, and all the components were in my room: red sunglasses, polo shirt with the little X, black pants, nice shoes, parted hair, stiff upper lip. I love Lucy's natural hair, which is a sort of shiny black, but there's something about that red wig, you know? About the only advantage Kate's costume had over Lucy's was that it didn't need a wig--her hair was dyed red from its natural blond. I must have watched them a little too long, because Gabby said, "Get off my bed, you perverts." She wrapped her amulet twice around her neck, so it fit like a choker just under the leather collar.


The circle of sex

group Daleharris 2018-09-13

My girlfriend and I enjoyed spending time with Tammy and her husband, Rick. Beth was just a little older than me, she was a little bigger than Tammy and shared her same wit. I have to add this, Tracy had told Rick about me kissing Tammy. Beth and I talked in great length about how I met her parents, the extended vacations, Rick's wishes for us to continue seeing each other. All I had to do was look at Tammy,she knew Beth's marriage was in pieces. She took Beth's hand and looked at both of us. Tammy walked up to me and kissed me softly, then she told me it was time for us to end our relationship.

A Sailing Story

group clive522 2018-09-13

He had hardly stepped ashore when a girl with an olive skin and black hair asked if I was the captain looking for a crew. "Jeez, if that's the best you got to offer then it looks like we won't be going anywhere," said Lisa. Within ten minutes Jane returned to the boat and said the other girl who had been on the boat had met her at the marina building and asked her if she would be prepared to split the crew job with her if she could get the trip – how did I feel about that?. Jane said the girl was waiting on the pontoon and should she ask her aboard.


The Hitchhiker Comes Home Ch. 01

group Bigjoeffemt1234 2018-09-13

She said that she really wanted to taste it and leaned down to do so right as I rolled over and moaned "Krystal", my wife's name, and was discouraged so she stopped and returned to her side of the bed. Krystal said that I had had two drinks with the "STUFF"; Brandi said "Good I am ready to get to his big throbbing cock." I was just a little bit confused when she said the stuff and was even more confused by the statement of all going according to plan. Brandi got off my cock after three orgasms of her own and retrieved the elixir and let me drink it while Krystal worked her very experienced mouth on my hard cock.


What a surprise

group inciderwm 2018-09-13

I was looking forward to relaxing in it but my mind began to drift to spending a nice quiet evening with Ann and perhaps cuddling up later. “You dirty little slut” I said and she sucked harder and I began to thrust into her mouth. I lay back on the bed feeling wonderful after Ann had sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. Debbie smiled at me as she felt my cock throbbing between her tits and knew she would soon have hot cum spurting on her tongue and all over her tits. Ann was fingering her clit as my tongue probed her hot pussy and then her orgasms exploded and I could taste her juices in my mouth.

One Night Stand Threesome

group Sxy_shorty03 2018-09-13

My panties were quickly pulled to the side as Jack began rubbing circles into my clit and Valerie gently began poking a finger into my sopping hole. Wrapping my left leg over Valerie's shoulder, I lowered my head into Jack's lap and got my first sight of his cock. Grabbing Jack by the base of his cock, I began bobbing fiercely as Valerie continued eating me and fingering my wet pussy. As Jack's tongue began to work on Valerie's clit I knelt down and took Jack's panty wrapped cock into my mouth. Standing there in my heels and thigh highs, Jack steadily began pounding my pussy as I was digging my face into the bed and moaning.


Becoming Bi

group Amy5043 2018-09-13

I stood looking in shock, for some reason the bikini was ok, but this lace was for one reason, to seduce, Dave, then Emelia and Louise emerged wearing the sexy lingerie they'd bought earlier and giggled at the sight of me and Sarah frozen. Louise stood and lowered her thong, kicking it off and moved onto Dave's lap, looking at Sabrina and I as we kissed, in case I caught her. Louise slid off his softening cock onto the sofa beside him where Amelia moved between her legs and instantly began licking the cum from her pussy. The combined sounds of sucking and slurping filled the air, Sarah worked on his cock, Amelia worked on Louise and Sabrina had parted my legs and had began licking tenderly at my labia and clit.


The Breakout

group English Bob 2018-09-13

Ralph could feel his own cock throbbing as he watched his friend jerk his hips back and forth, fucking Cherry's mouth wildly. "Oh man," Ralph exclaimed as his erection swung free of Cherry's gaping pussy, "you got one hot fucking wife, Joel!" Ralph quickly agreed with his friend's assessment of Cherry's rear attribute and felt his cock twitch as he ran his fingers over the smooth, warm flesh. While Cherry's husband began to ram his hard meat into her back door, Ralph started to saw his own cock in and out of her mouth. "Sorry, Joel!" Ralph looked down at his one-time friend, a sneering smile spreading over his face.

Wifes threesome

group 2018-09-13

Mark collapsed on the bed I told him he had to lick my pussy now and lay on the bed for him, he was very good with his tongue and giving me mini orgasams as his tongue poked and prodded my wet pussy, I wanted his cock inside me, Mark was soon hard again and he rubbed his bell end over my pussy before he slid it in me, he lifed my legs up and fucked me nice and hard, He then got me on all fours and slipped his cock into me while squeezing my tits, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation this new cock was giving me, when I opened them Daves cock was in front of me so I sucked on Dave while Mark was fucking me from behind, Dave didnt last long and with one last moan emptied his balls into my mouth.

An Enclosed Order

group Penelope Caesar 2018-09-13

"Monsignor, may I introduce you to Sister Seraphina." The Monsignor's first impression of the person in a habit identical to Brother Joachim's was of a monk, but as she rose from behind a table he realised that he was facing an unusually dressed nun. I act as her deputy in such matters as receiving male guests." The Monsignor noticed the young nun in her normal habit standing inconspicuously behind Sister Seraphina, who said " I myself was greeting our new Sister Anna Dolores." She nodded towards the nun without introducing her. But do not ask me exactly what I mean by that, it will take me some time to digest the implications." He turned to Brother Joachim " I told you I could not imagine your state of mind after you had had sex with Sister Anna Dolores this morning.


My Friend's Halloween Party

group Mistress Jade 2018-09-13

Mr. Leather pants (we never did find out his name) locked the door as he turned to Jenny, who was obviously feeling pretty good from her alcohol. "Now, nurse Jenny," he said "I want you to give this naughty French Maid a check-up. "Well" she said to me, "let's just see how you're doing." I could feel my breathing become shallow as her hands began to work themselves up my thighs. I felt a tug on my knees, as Jenny scooted my body closer to the edge of the counter top. Suddenly I felt her tounge enter my pussy as my body rippled into another orgasm. Then I felt his cock against my pussy lips as he entered me and began thrusting his dick deeper and deeper.

Trinitarian Spring Break Ch. 01

group Macbethian 2018-09-13

As we unloaded and opened the place up from it's long winter, I was finally able to get the thought out of my mind, and my pants, and it didn't come up again for some time. Feeling her out with my being, I finally decided that she was possibly brewing over the same thoughts, and knowing that she was attracted to Lauri, I broke the ice. "That depends, me what?" I was still pussy-footing carefully around the shop, reaching to open the door and let the bull out without any harm, perhaps if I played it right she would get off topic and the awkwardness would dissipate...

Off At College Ch. 08

group BarbT 2018-09-13

As I entered the room I heard Julie's boyfriend, Bob, moaning from the general direction of the beds, "Yesss! As the significance of this last fact sank into my wine soaked brain, I realized that Julie was having her period and that Bob had probably not been suitably fucked all evening by my roommate. As he continued to pump his cock into my wide-open pussy, Julie knelt beside the bed and began stroking my tits without saying a word. After a couple of more minutes, I moaned, "Come on big boy, feel me up." Then turning to Julie kneeling beside me, I mouthed, "God, he is a stud.

Pledge Duties

group Ruggerdog 2018-09-13

Let's head up to the bedroom and make it happen," he said, then paused and looked at each of us, "If that's what everyone wants." I nodded my head numbly in agreement, still amazed that I was going to get to fuck Tara's big, sweet, round ass. I came another two times in her mouth that night, as well as twice in her pussy – I missed out on filling her ass with my cum during the DP, because of the awkward positioning it required to get both cocks into the right position, and the difficulty keeping our thrusts synchronized as Tara bucked in the throes of multiple orgasms, and Kevin and I each started our own desperate thrusting to reach the final peak.

Downtown Library

group worthsqueezing 2018-09-13

She raised one finger to her lips to shush me, licked those lips into a wicked smile, and went right back to work sucking my dick, spreading her legs and arching her back a bit as she did. (Panties were not in the plan.) She opened her mouth wide and took my cock deep as he touched her, and I felt a tremor go through her as she sucked air past my recovering hardness. I did get to spend a timeless moment watching her face as the waves rolled through her body, and saw her eyes pop open in surprise as the man behind her gave her one loud smack on the ass that echoed through the stacks.