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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex Club Night

group dirtylittleblonde 2018-09-13

We walked further into the club and I stopped when I saw a long line of men all standing with their hard dicks in their hands, some of them rolling on condoms. She glanced at another guy and gestured to her mouth whereupon he inserted his stiff dick between her lips and she began sucking. I rotated my hips slowly feeling him jerking inside me and began to pump myself feverishly up and down on his gorgeous black cock as he held my waist and drove himself hard into my hot and willing pussy. I kept sucking and licking the dick in my mouth and then I felt the huge black cock up against my asshole and I braced myself for another delicious pounding.

Race Day

group Hotelfuckr 2018-09-13

Really dating for the first time at age twenty seven was a real eye-opener for me, and being a very pretty girl I was quickly drawn into a world where suddenly it seemed like every guy I met wanted to fuck me. The weed and the drinks were hitting me quite strongly, and I was starting to get really wet with all of the kissing and groping from Steve & Jay. Because I kept shifting from one guy to the other my skirt was riding up higher and higher. I had to keep Jay entertained too though, so I simply leaned over sideways on the couch towards Steve's cock but kept my pussy available for Jay. It actually worked out well because when I leaned over my legs spread out even more for Jay giving him even better access.

Sin City, a great swinger club in Sydney

group freddybgood 2018-09-13

The Jacuzzi beckoned but the ladies both preferred to continue their conversation at the bar so I went in by myself, and the surrounding mirrors allowed me to exchange smiles with the girls as I enjoyed the soak in the bubbly warm water. “You naughty girl”, I said, “have you forgotten something?” She looked me in the eyes, took my hand, and put it up her skirt so that I could feel her shaven pussy, naked under just a few inches of cloth. I let the tips of my fingers loose upon her body, running down her tense legs and her straight back, and then I took the bottom of her dress and pulled it up as she raised her arms so that I could pull it over her head.

Miss Julie Ch. 3

group jack_straw 2018-09-13

You’ll get plenty more cum today to take its place.” When Heather was finished, Victoria lay Julie down, then told her, “to be a good girl and let Miss Heather lick your pussy.” After getting the dildo good and slobbery, Victoria and Heather traded places, and Victoria eased the rubber cock between Julie’s pussy lips and pushed it all the way in. As Victoria fucked Julie’s pussy with long, hard strokes, she pressed the first two fingers of her right hand to Julie’s asshole, and was pleasantly surprised to see it open up to her manipulations without much prompting. Victoria began to finger Julie’s ass in time with the dildo in her pussy and Heather’s fake dick in her mouth.


Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 5, Part 3

group hardlivers 2018-09-13

And while Dennis was telling me about how he was going to spend Christmas with some friends up north, Angie undid his robe, put her head down in his crotch and began sucking on his big fat cock, but with her head turned towards me so we could maintain eye contact. So while Dennis continued talking, and Angie kept her big blue eyes fixed on me while sucking his cock, I unzipped my pants and eased them down so I could free my throbbing willy. Dennis thrust his hips up and into Angie’s pussy as she bounced on his big cock while sucking me, and my hips went forward and my hands up and down on her head in concert.

BJ from 2

group slapnuts69 2018-09-13

"The problem is that all the boys in the dorm cum in like a minute and we can't really get any practice. This was a little awkward as I barely knew Tiffany and we both knew what the deal was, but she just looked at me and asked if we should get started. Suzanne took the lead for a bit and while she was working me over I reached down and played with her tits. Tiffany took over on my cock, but Suzanne stood over me and asked me to eat her pussy. Another switch occurred but Tiffany stripped off her clothes and stood over me just like Suzanne had done. As she was coming down Suzanne looked at me and said "You can cum anytime now."

The Adventures of Jade

group MistressSea52 2018-09-13

I love to be fucked by a long hard cock just as much as I love to have my tongue buried in another woman’s hot cunt. Soon the quarterback’s long, thick black cock was pounding my pussy as I sucked off the coach and jacked off two linebackers. The entire team wasn’t black, there were a few white guys and I wanted their cocks just as badly. My big tits were in the center’s face and as he fucked his cock into my clenching pussy he licked and bit my nipples. I looked down and saw large black hands gripping my thighs, and without warning I was impaled fully on the center’s cock.

Busy Day

group fasterfaster02 2018-09-13

It was getting too much for me and when one of the girls bent over in her thigh high stockings and had the guys massive cock pushed deep inside her I started to stroke away myself. It didn't take long before he said he was going to cum and he shot his load all Over well hilt guys face, the sight of cum dripping off his nose was too much for me and I started to cum, shooting it over his cheeks and into his mouth. She then started to bounce hard up and down, my dick fucking her so fast until I had a huge orgasm, shooting my cum deep inside her pussy.

How I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and turn

group Bullfrog333 2018-09-13

Please." He stepped aside and, without the slightest hesitation Linda crossed the door way into Andre's apartment literally and into her new life figuratively. Andre and I laughed as Linda's face turned bright red but her legs, I noticed, opened up just slightly more. Andre, in the meantime, had grabbed a handful of Linda's hair and was using it as leverage to move my fuck-doll's head where he wanted. By the time I had 2 fingers from my right all the way in her ass and my thumb from my left hand swirling around inside her juicy pussy I could feel her tense as if about to come.

What A Weekend

group my fantasies 2018-09-13

As soon as the guys left, the women looked at one another, smiled and Kim said she'd get the movie ready if Misty would make the mixed drinks. Kim said that Scott would most definitely be in a dirty mood when he got home and she was honestly looking forward to it. Kim said that the only thing that bothered her was that after looking at the strippers all night that Scott might not think that she was as attractive. Misty said, “ I'm up for it if you are!” So the half drunk women had decided, what the hell because they were getting a little worked up or turned on by their up coming performance.

Car Trouble

group Ungoliant 2018-09-13

Pulling her into my arms I told her latest dance partner to fuck off and then holding her close and swaying gently on the dance floor her lips and hot breath tickled my chest as she melded to my body with whispered words of how horny she was while at the same time giggling like a school girl about the men wanting her. Ohhhh Goddd your hand feels so good on my tits, Kiss me Phillip, kiss me and pinch my nipples and then fuck me like you used to." The guy looked at me grinning like a damn fool as he pulled, rolled and pinched her nipples drawing gasp of pleasure from my wife, and then winking at me he bent and began kissing my wife running his tongue deep into her mouth while grinding his lips against hers.


Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 02

group kappacino 2018-09-13

I had no need of the bed side toys, my pussy was being rapidly frigged by my fingers, I only half noticed Cathy and Jake, put there heads round the door and say goodbye. The two younger guys thrust their hips, while the older man measured his thrusts holding the back of my head and I soon could feel the speeding rhythm behind me as the young guy in my pussy began to reach orgasm, as much as I could, I thrust back, with a deep groan he came deep in side me.

Altar Boy

group Choirboy2 2018-09-13

“I’d better get ready Mrs. W, I’ll be right back.” I rushed down the hall hoping she had not noticed my cock starting to bulge in my shorts, As I arrived at the room, the rack holding the robes had fallen over and all the Albs were on the floor. She wrapped both of her small hands around my cock and began lick the head running her tongue over the shaft, moaning as she placed her lips over the full head. Darlene began kissing around the edges of the pussy and flicking her clit as she stuck her tongue into the begging cunt. Cum was running out of her pussy, her tits were hanging so I reached around and pulled and kneaded her tits and nipples until she shot another load.

Nadia Chronicles: Three's Company

group closer 2018-09-13

Alexis rested her head on Nadia's lap and Shannon cuddled them both from behind. He began to stroke Nadia's nipples casually, feeling his way under her shirt. Alexis slid her mouth around a piece of Nadia's soft neck, suckling on the sweet skin while she skimmed the straps of the bra down the girl's arms. The girls simply laid him on his back with conspiratorial grins and while Nadia mounted his beautifully hard cock, Alexis straddled his face. Alexis began to sway her hips in rhythm to Nadia's groans of pleasure and dipped her down onto Shannon's face more fully with each stroke. Shannon sat up and stared in amazement as Alexis worked her little head into the fissure between Nadia's ample thighs.

Teasing Terri Ch. 4

group Mark Singer 2018-09-13

Jenny looked down and smiled again as she saw Wayne's hard cock tenting his pants. Wayne's cock was already hard, just from the anticipation, and Jenny reached over, running her hand over it's length as she returned her eye to the camera. Acting like a perfect cock-teaser, Terri quickly pulled her hand away and turned from him, walking slowly towards the desk...and the camera. They kissed wetly, tongues wrestling madly and Wayne and Jenny watched as Jason's hand continued it's journey, not stopping until he felt Terri's wet pussy greet his fingers. Jenny pulled back and looked up at her husband, then cupped his asscheeks with her hands and pulled them to her face, sliding Wayne's cock deep again.


Sailing Along

group rjohnson 2018-09-13

He got underneath her face and she swallowed his cock, sucking and licking it as I continued to pound her ass hole. I looked down at her gaping ass hole and thrust back inside her, making her yelp in joy as I started to pound in and out of her again. I pulled my cock out of Jean and moved over to the man, leaning down, licking and sucking on his ass hole. “Yeah man, I thought you would never ask,” John said as he got down on his back, spreading his legs and lifting his ass in the air. I pulled my cock out of her just as Rick started to come inside John. As I rested, I watched Rick getting fucked and Jean suck on John’s hardening cock.

My Wife's Best Friend Ch. 1

group Veritas 2018-09-13

Then she ll start panting and she ll press her mouth against mine, flicking her tongue across my lips as if she were licking her best friend s clit. As Aaron and I talked about this recent turn of events, Elle took Kay by hand and led her from the kitchen. It was Kay. She tenderly brushed my hand aside and slowly began to stroke my wife s pussy lips. I leaned over and watched as Kay frantically licked my wife, pinned down by Elle s writhing body. Kay s eyes rolled back, her mouth opened wide and her breathing became fast and short, I kissed her on the lips as she came, my wife still mounted over her.

My wifes birthday gangbang

group philf 2018-09-13

One of the guys grabbed Kellys hair and roughly pushed her towards his groin, he'd pulled his cock out, he was a big guy much bigger then me, Kelly opened her willing mouth and wrapped her big red lips around his cock, sucking on it like a pro, by this time the other men had torn of her basque, it was ruined on the wet floor, her stockings were in bits, and they carried on abusing my wife. The man with the big cock was first, he bent her over the bench, no condom, he thrust inside her making Kelly scream out, as he gave her his full length in one thrust, Her hands on the bench and this a****l fucking her hard, her massive tits swinging, the other guys grabbed at her and wanked then took turn fucking her mouth.

Tennis Slut

group netmuse 2018-09-13

She would bring them drinks and if one of them felt like playing with her she'd stand there while he sucked her tits or slipped his hand up her skirt and had a feel of her pussy or her tight little ass hole. He'd be stroking his cock and she'd lift her skirt up, then she would oil her fingers and rub it into her little hole, and she would grip the edges of the table while he fucked her and pumped his cum into her. Kate fingered herself to an orgasm while they fucked her ass with the dildo, and then she was taken back into the bedroom where all four of them pumped another load of cum up her cunt.


The Toy

group luscious_pink 2018-09-13

As HE licks He palms and grabs my pussy and I can feel my lips swell and my clit harden with need. The whole time I am riding my husband I have HIS cock in my hand keeping HIM hard as a rock too. Keeping a hold of HIS cock as I rub and lick on it my husband enters my pussy from behind. With my husband behind my and HIM in fornt of me I take all of HIM into my mouth and start sucking HIS cock that still has the sweet taste of my pussy on it. I kiss my husbands chest as I still have a hold of HIS semi-hard cock and say, "Thanks, I like my new toy."

Teaching Her a Lesson Ch. 02

group vicegod 2018-09-13

Brandy spoke up, "Well, I'm a little busy here today, but if you wouldn't mind..." she turned back to look at me and then leaned in and began to whisper into Sally's ear. Brandy sighed a little as she took her other hand and began to rub her thighs as she watched Jada continue to masturbate, standing there in front of us. "You ate my pussy so good, Jada...oh, fuck...I'll get you to do it again today...I want to see you come," Brandy said as she actually began to slow a little on herself. Yes, Jada...oh shit...come watching me get off...oh...Yeah Jason...oh...don't stop...Shit!" Then I felt her thighs clamp around my head and an extra flood of pussy juice flowed from her tight little hole and spilled across my chin.


Video Amateurs Ch. 02

group betwixt_and_between 2018-09-13

Nicole watched intently as Karen grasped the base of Jerell's penis, took its massive head into her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. Waiting in the wings, Nicole seemed to study Karen's technique as she pondered what it would be like, knowing she soon would be sucking Jerell's cock herself. When he groaned, "I'm fittin' to cum." Karen withdrew and poised her face directly under the tip of his cock and jacked him furiously, her mouth opened wide and tongue extended. Karen reached up and grasped Jerell's cock head with thumb and forefinger, pinched down on it firmly for a count of three and said, "Hold that thought."

My First Threesome

group eagle122999 2018-09-13

"I have been thinking about fucking you all night." Heather's hands move to my cock and find it semi-hard. When she feels ready she takes me all the way in to the base of my cock and at the same time lets her fingers roam from my balls to my ass. Once Heather worked her way around my cock she took the head into her mouth. Its a few weeks later and tonight is New Years Eve. I am at a fancy party with some friends and Heather is spending the night with Chris. His hard cock was in the center of the frame, with Heather's lips wrapped around the head and a little bit of the shaft.

Vacation time from work!

group jillywilly721 2018-09-13

So four of us get to place and it looked small but campers everywhere, my neighbor told me this is a gay campground so can walk nude, fuck safely, suck anything. While this was going on , I'm fucking horny as shit like the rest so i told them i want to gangbang and said the black man i want you in my ass. He said well yes so looking over his dark chocolate shaven body, and cock was so big i just went over started sucking. Then started fucking til about 5 mins into it he was pounding my ass hard, i mean hard and loving everything how his cock and viens feel around my asshole.