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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Suddenly Single Steffie Ch. 01

group opels 2018-09-13

Walking back to the room, she saw Calvin and Jack sitting at the coffee table with a bottle of Tequila, some limes and salt. Referring to the practice of licking salt off another person's body and sucking a lime that was in that person's mouth, she replied with a twinkle in her eye, "Oh you didn't have to wait. An hour and a half later, she was down to her tank top and Jack was licking a line of salt off of her shoulder before dipping his head to suck the lime that was wedged into her cleavage. She pulled on a house coat and went downstairs to the kitchen to find Calvin sitting at the table with his head in his hands and Jack standing at the counter drinking Pepto Bismal straight from the bottle.

Beautiful Becca

group smithjon1919 2018-09-13

Looking at them together, I nearly went into complete fantasy land before I realized that Becca's hand landed on Ashley's thigh. I watched as Ashley pinned Becca's hands above her head and their tongues danced back and forth gracefully. It wasn't until I opened my eyes to find and kiss Becca that I saw she already had her mouth occupied with Ashley's nipples. Then Becca kissed her way down to Ashley's open shirt and exposed breasts. I watched for a moment as Becca's tongue ran long strokes over Ashley's clit and pussy lips. Becca looked up from between Ashley's legs and said, "That is a beautiful cock." She licked Ashley's juices off of her lips as she said it and I knew that she wanted it in her mouth.


Fun with the Waiter and His Manager

group ARTG 2018-09-13

"Keep it up, that's it." I knew that you couldn't keep sucking me right then, so I slowly stroked my cock, making sure that Trudy could get a good view of me. That did it, and as Jack pulled my cock out of his mouth and Trudy kept tonguing my nipple, I shot my cum all over my stomach. Trudy leaned forward to kiss Jack, her jet black hair falling off her neck and down around their faces. You and I got out from under the sheets, and came around to the foot of the bed to get a close up view of Jack's thick cock plunging in and out of Trudy's tight little pussy.


Surprise Surprise III continued again

group heyheymymy1984 2018-09-13

She sat next to Nicole on the sofa, spread her legs and rubbed at her pussy as three loads of cum trickled from here gaping arsehole. "Fuck my arse" Nicole said "fill it with cum like Christine's and then get those two to man up and do the same". After fucking away at her arse for a few minutes she asked me to sit on the sofa next to Christine and then climbed on top, shoving my cock straight back into her arse. Once she had got the grasp of two cocks inside he arsehole I pulled out of Nicole and made my way to Christine to try and make it three. My mates pulled out of Christine's arse and each out their dicks in Nicole's mouth, stretching it wide open.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 19

group wolfdragon76 2018-09-13

"I knew what time you were going to be here, and as big as the new place is, I figured you might want to get started," James laughed. I nodded and glanced back at the group, seeing several people looking a bit apprehensive at my pet's state of dress. The one to our left is the laundry room and main linen closet," Piero continued as he led us through the French doors at the end of the dining area. We set up the entertainment area and a bit more cozy seating arrangements than you have in the great room," Piero told us as we went up the stairs. "Marta, I know you are anxious to play your new harp, but I want you to go check the other one first.


Our First Threesome

group Horndog51 2018-09-13

We knew her tits were going to come out sooner or later and Bob would finally get to see those luscious 34 C's. Finally Laney took her first dare and of course it was showing her tits to Bob. Her next dare was letting Bob touch them and the following dare was to let him suck on her nipple. With a little bit of silent coaxing, Bob started rubbing his dick on her lips and she sucked him right in. Bob started eating her pussy while she was sucking my dick again. Then she washed both of us, trying to coax us back into the game by sucking our dicks, but we were both pretty well done for the night.

Getting Off on Tanning

group WickedNaughtyThoughts 2018-09-13

Gina said, "Good, we hoped you'd want to go." and Lisa didn't say anything, just kind of smiled. Thank God she was looking away from Lisa, who was now completely nude, with ass in the air, ramming back on my hand, and holding it to her cunt. Lisa kept rubbing on my hand with her cunt, and she would work up to an orgasm(I think), then slowly pull away. Lisa's eyes popped open and she saw Gina, nude and coming, and then she exploded too, crying out, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God yes me too!" Gina, realizing that she would be found out when she touched Lisa with her leg, came like a skyrocket at the thought of being caught.

Lesley part 36

group 2018-09-13

"Come on Geordie, ya must know...that Lesley...your daughter, my daughter, what ever the fuck she is.....she's just like Mavis....worse maybe, I don't know. "It's fucking insatiable...I know that" he replied laughing, not taking his eyes away from Robs fingers....rubbing her clit ring, her legs still wide open and accessible. "Mmmm two...what are you like..." she said, rolling towards Kevin's shoulder as Rob slid two fingers deep into her pussy, eliciting a continuous moan of pleasure. sorry, I'm pissed..n so tucking horny...tis Rob...gets me going...fuck, it'" "Good girl....that's my sexy little slutty Lesley!" Said a beaming Rob. A bit of mess on his leg, not bothering him one bit. "Maybe Lesley....maybe" Rob said, shrugging his shoulders....saying to Kevin.....'I fucking told you....,

The Office Vamp

group cybaby78 2018-09-12

By the time Jerry got in I had a number of visitors stop by on one lame excuse or another, just to get a second look, I had created quite a stir. Jerry looked to me with a plea in his eyes, he had know idea what she was proposing. Standing naked now in front of his desk I saw Jerry's large cock was throbbing the head purple and looking like it would burst. She held my head and pressed my face to her hot pussy and I began to lick her lips and dart my tongue in and out of her already wet pussy. Jerry had told me that he wanted me to deliver the contract to the client's hotel room before they left town instead of sending it to their office.

Spin the Bottle Ch. 02

group a_wilson29 2018-09-12

Alex got an empty beer bottle out of the trash and hurried into the living room, where they all sat on the floor in a circle, Ashleigh on his left and Johanna on his right. He instead focussed his attention upon the thing his eyes were looking at, and immediately cursed his foolishness, for Alice's moans and cries were now even louder, and Johanna had started kissing her stomach and chest. Alex, quickly finishing off Ashleigh, turned around and lay with his head resting on her crotch between her legs and kissed Alice desperately, feeling Johanna moving down and opening the fly of his trousers. They all collapsed onto one another, Alex lying next to Ashleigh and Alice, and Johanna falling on top of him, all of them breathing hard.


Paula Takes on Two!

group LEATBT 2018-09-12

They had stayed late last night and she had enjoyed the attention of the two rugged looking Aussie barmen, Dave and Roy. As they walked through the lobby, Bob asked. Paula's hands slid over their legs, looking at Bob with a wry smile on her face, she took hold of both cocks and began to gently work them. Paula was quickly moving her mouth from one cock to another, her eyes meeting Bob's when ever she could get the angle right. Paula was soon grinding her wet pussy into Dave's face, gasping in pleasure as the two cocks fought over her mouth. Dave lined up behind Paula and Bob watched breathlessly as he bent her over and started to ease his cock into her pussy.


Backseat Fertilization, a woman fantasy.

group 2018-09-12

His finger lightly brushed my naked flesh, he toyed with the difference between warm flesh and silk hose, an area of my intimacy, reserved for my husband, but the excitement of a stranger prying so close to his goal, made me contract my thighs on his hand, as he freely felt between my legs, running his fingers along the gusset of my knickers, his thumb rubbing my clitoris and his fingers prying me open, his need forcible and crude, as he now possessed me, emboldened by the knowledge I was aware of what he was doing to me.

Mattie Lake Pt. 01

group joefelton 2018-09-12

The couple plans to meet their best friends, Angela and Jason, at a beautiful alpine lake that's not on any park trail. Angela and Maria met in kindergarten at the elementary school in Mariposa, California and have been best friends ever since. He particularly likes to spread her labia apart and shine a flashlight inside to look at her cervix: and Angela told Maria that Jason loves having his ass penetrated. Maria said, "OK, I let you touch me, so I think, to be fair, I should touch you too." Jason smiled back at her and nodded. Also, Maria had told her about the picnic in Yosemite and described in detail what Jason's cock looked like.


June 22, 2007

group mrbillcollecta 2018-09-12

So I continued to listen with a bit of interest as she continued to tell me about how Katherine was acting towards her at the club and how she came from out of the blue and told Natalya that she wanted to taste her pussy. She continued to suck my dick as Natalya stood over my right shoulder watching the whole thing go down, I moved Kat's bangs from her eyes. I looked back at Natalya and moved toward Kat. I took an ass cheek in each hand and let my hips guide my dick toward her waiting pussy. I looked over my shoulder to find Natalya turning away from us to sip her drink as she made a gesture with her hand as if her favorite gospel song just came on, yet another act that was etched onto my brain.



group Thomas Drablézien 2018-09-12

The open robe gave me almost the same freedom and I enjoyed the feeling of the cool morning air caressing my naked skin, but I had the security of knowing that I could quickly cover up if the need should arise. I love their breasts, slightly fuller than their sisters on the mainland of South-East Asia, and their dark pert nipples that stand proudly upon those soft mounds of lighter coloured flesh, and just for that extra touch of exotic spice, the patch of black pubic hair, which most of these girls leave in place, almost but not quite obscuring the view of their most private flesh. It was for this reason that I had the image exchange site open as well as the chat-room, so that I could add my own choice of pictures to those already being shown.


A Neighborly Arrangement

group aldenbradley 2018-09-12

"What's your most fascinating feature?" Kevin asked Angela. Angela kind of giggled as Steve stood in front of her. "Do you give her back rubs?" Angela asked Kevin, her fingers trailing lightly over my exposed skin.. Angela reached up and cupped Kevin's face in her hand. "I used to deal blackjack," Angela announced, "back before I met Steve." She shuffled the cards expertly on the coffee table. "You ready, baby?" Angela asked Kevin. "I've got an idea," Angela said, then went to whispering in Kevin's ear. I watched in fascination as Angela licked and sucked my husband's cock, stopping only to say how much she liked it. Was I mad Kevin had porked Angela while I sucked off her beautiful husband?


No Such Thing as an Ex-Slut Ch. 03

group fastandsloppy 2018-09-12

The kids, the son - "E-boy", Roy and Tuli called him - and his two sisters, laughed along at Jimmy's bullshit while the parents looked on with disapproval. He had looked into her eyes after Jimmy and Wanda left following their morning tryst and had seen a feral glare that made Roy wonder if he'd relit a spark or ignited a fuse. He would have liked to dance with Tuli too, but he had made the mistake of smoking too much herb with Jimmy -- some at the cabin, some in the car on the way over, some outside in the alley with a bouncer named Glenn about five minutes ago -- and he felt waaay too stoned to try to keep up with her out on the floor.


Out of Gas

group kimbelina 2018-09-12

I think I'll try the silent treatment for a while," and with that I slumped into my seat, certain that we were going to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but knowing it wouldn't do any good to yell at Sam about it any more. "Yeah, sure, John, I trust you!" As soon as the words left my lips, he quickly unhooked the bra, and immediately began working the middle of my back just as effectively as he had my shoulders and lower back. I froze in place, John's cock buried deep inside of me, and couldn't help but think that perhaps fucking Sam's best friend was a bit of an extreme reaction to his running out of gas, and that he had every right to be furious with both of us.

Fulfilling His Fantasy

group LittleKitten 2018-09-12

I think Robert would like to see that when he comes in." I smiled and nodded – Bronnie was great at oral and I loved it when she made me cum. Bronnie took over where I left off and starting tongue kissing Robert. Bronnie got on one side and me on the other, and we started licking up and down the sides of Robert's penis. Bronnie didn't want to just watch, so she straddled Robert's face so he could lick her out while he fucked me. Aaahh!." Her hips were thrusting on Robert's face so it was difficult to keep licking her ass hole, so I rubbed it with my finger and gently inserted it inside her.

The Slut Ch. 02

group Spoiler 2018-09-12

Greg said "You know man I think that will be great after I take a shower." He looked at Tammy. He walked over beside the couch and dropped the towel Tammy sat up on her elbows as She leaned forward and with her tongue she slipped the head of is dick into her mouth. It was starting to fell really good as I watched Tammy bob her head on Greg's dick and he was starting to thrust fucking her face. Dan walked over and looked down at the naked Tammy as my dick started to soften and I pulled out of her pussy. Dan's head rolled back as his knees went forward and Tammy continued to suck like her life depended on it.

The First Meeting

group sxypaganmom 2018-09-12

Your fingers caress my clit, explore the edges of my labia and then suddenly dive deep into my sex searching for that spot that will take me over the edge. Leaving me gasping and speechless, you continue chatting, acting as though you have no idea what your fingers were just doing. Answering her call I thrust two fingers inside her, her pussy is grabbing them and sucking them inside craving more. She cries out as my warm tongue and fingers explore all the ridges and details of her pussy. My tongue nibbles and licks her clit while my fingers find that familiar place in her pussy. Slick with her juices I withdraw my fingers and use my other hand to fuck her pussy.

Kelsey's World Ch. 02

group riverboy 2018-09-12

"Charity, this is our Austin," Kelsey said, with a twinkle in her eye. "Do you like girls that are shaved smooth, Austin?" Kelsey asked. "I wonder what it'd feel like to fuck a donut?" Kelsey asked no one in particular as she held one up and looked through the hole. "Don't you love blushy girls?" She directed the question to Brie and Austin, but she never took her eyes off Charity. My boss at the studio wanted to hire Brie, but she said no." Kelsey squeezed Charity's pussy again, and put sweet pressure on her clit with the palm of her hand.


The Neighbors Ch. 02

group RiversEdge2010 2018-09-12

Over and over she came, but nothing could make the time go any faster, for it was the promise of getting the chance to fuck Tina's husband Mark that was particularly troubling to Lana's better nature. Tina just watched as Lana slipped her hands between her plaid skirt and started to rub herself while her husband continued fucking their babysitter's throat. Lana blushed at the photos and flipped to the next one -- her legs were spread wide and Mark was licking her hairy slit, a couple guys cheering him on in the background. Lana pushed the vibrator into her now sopping cunt and slowly pushed up against her pelvic bone as she flipped to a new photo -- now Tina was sucking off two guys while Mark continued to fuck her from behind.


How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part III

group Olive_Jucicles 2018-09-12

“Hang on, honey”, one said as I got to them, “shake that ass for a second for me.” I blushed but was having so much fun, so I stopped, stood with my legs apart a bit, arched my ass out and started bouncing. “That’s it, baby.” He said, and started rubbing his hand all over my ass cheek as it bounced. My ass was wet from lube and spit and cum from the entire morning and their hands slid freely. Their fingers were going in past the knuckles now, practically grabbing my whole ass from the inside as his thumb massaged around my asshole. Past the knuckles, his hand kept going, until ‘pop’...I felt my ass relaxed around his wrist.