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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Suzie Goes for an Interview

group stimac 2018-09-12

Although she was my age she looked good, she was dressed like a high powered secretary, tight skirt above the knee, 3 inch heels, tight blouse highlighting her big tits, big dark hair and what I guessed was stockings. Spread your legs and show me your gash said David, I didn't hesitate, I spread my legs and pulled my knickers to one side, my cunt was glistening, I was soaking, Jean was now wanking his prick. I was so turned on my cunt was running, slut looks horny said Jean as David pulled her blouse open. David moved from Jeans tits and pulled her skirt round her waist, the cow had no knickers on and her unshaven fanny came into view.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 08

group shanti2010 2018-09-12

Vijaya saw that one of the woman's big, lush breasts was brushing the side of Dayal's head, and that he responded by leaning against the warm, soft mound and rubbing his cheek against Sandhya's shining satin blouse. Vijaya was feeling rushes of flame sweep through her just from watching Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal necking and petting their way up to a searing plateau of lust. Vijaya sat on the table in front of Raj and glanced over her shoulder at Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal. "About that prepayment penalty," Vijaya said softly to Raj, still listening to the ecstatic sighs from Sandhya KN as Dayal sucked on her breasts. She swung Sundar Raj's swivel chair so he faced her but could still watch the wild scene between Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal.


Bonobos of Humanity

group JMaxwell69 2018-09-12

I was afraid you weren't ever going to wake up." I looked over in response to the familiar voice and saw Yui getting up from a mat on the floor with a notebook in hand. Once the older woman had gotten some vegetative facsimile of a pillow under my head, and was confident that I was comfortable, she shooed away all the native women who had gathered in and around the hut so that I could rest. Just as I thought it had gotten as weird as it was going to get, I looked over to see that Keeba and Yui were leaning together kissing each on the other's neck had each reached a hand down between the other girl's legs to massage and finger the other's sex.


The Assault Course

group idope247 2018-09-12

The Captain, who was only wearing a skirt and shirt, kicked off her shoes and then cried out, "If you can catch me you can fuck me" and started running around the room jumping over the mattresses like a gazelle. It was the most bizarre situation Aaron had ever found himself in but with the lithe, long-legged Captain Woodhouse jumping up and down on a pile of mattresses shouting, "What are you waiting for?" he figured he was up to the task. A little shaken and dazed he looked up to find they had been joined by Lieutenant Rodriguez, who was completely naked, except for a tattoo on either of her huge tits that read sweet and sour.

First Swingers Party

group sexycilla 2018-09-12

But Sharon placed a bottle onto the center of the table and her husband Mark explained that as myself and Martin were swinging Virgins we would start off gently with a friendly game of spin the bottle. I kept my eyes straight ahead as I wasn't sure how I would feel seeing Martin kissing another woman. Martin and Sharon were beginning to undress each other as Mark's kisses became more passionate. Sharon and Mark had made me feel totally relaxed and the sight of Martin enjoying himself with another woman was really turning me on. As Mark was teasing me I kept my eyes locked on Martin and Sharon.

Priss: The Fantasy Gets Spoken

group joeysmallhands 2018-09-12

"And you start thrusting so that you're fucking my mouth and you have your fist wrapped around my hair and you're whispering to me and telling me I'm a dirty little whore who sucks cock in the guy's washroom. And suddenly I feel the head of a cock pushing against my lips and I know it isn't yours, but I open my mouth anyways and it slides right into my throat and then fingers start sliding into my ass and before I know it, there's a huge cock pounding at me, and hands holding onto my hips and all three of you are trying to fuck me as hard as you can—in my mouth, and my pussy and my ass..."

Swing Time

group Leetah 2018-09-12

The other two nodded, and Nikki locked the door, grinning, then immediately wrapped herself back around Bob. Eric had not removed his fingers from Sandra at the interruption, and now he continued his play. She heard Nikki murmur "Oh, yes, Bob….tongue fuck my pussy….eat my cunt….oh God yes….God, that's so hot….you're so good…" Her words seemed to spur Eric on as well, and Sandra soon found herself cumming all over his mouth, as she continued to suck him until he filled her mouth as well. "Sandra….Baby…..yeah….what a sweet pussy…..gotta have more of you…..sweet tight pussy…..nice little clit….beautiful breasts…..perfect fit for my cock, Love….nice big cock just for you, Sweetheart…" Eric loved women and men alike, but it was a pleasure to make love to someone like Sandra who had never done anything like this before.


House Calls

group TurboTits 2018-09-12

Tom continued: "When the cunt came back she didn't make any attempt to get dressed and when I asked her about that, she said that every time she came in to get fucked, they would steal her clothes and she would end up driving home naked. She said that was a lot of fun because most times as she was getting fucked right out there in the open, other cars would be going by and they would stop and want some tits and cunt too. After she had finished sucking off all the guys and they had shot off their loads in her face, in her hair and all over her tits, she pulled out a camera from her purse and asked one of the guys to take some pictures of her looking like a double dipped glazed doughnut.

A Moment to Yourself

group rbbrbootjake 2018-09-12

Laying face down on the exam table, you reached down into your soaking wet panties, to feel your hot sex. The coldness of the table against your skin, and the heat rushing to your sex is making your feel so turned on, in the dark from blindfolded. Seeing you writhing in ecstasy, the first guy pulls his cock out and blows his seed all over your belly and tits, covering you in his sticky cum. You can taste his cum mixed with your hot juices, you've always enjoy the taste of yourself on your boyfriend's cock, and the moment makes you think of him.

Asserting Authority

group drscar 2018-09-12

As it happens, Cheryl was a very good coach, and had taken her team to the championships the last five years running, winning four of those contests. "Brooke," Cheryl said, addressing the girl. Cheryl got up off the bed and walked over to me, took my hand, and led me to the chair facing Brooke and her modeling. I sat down on the chair a little harder than I would have liked, Looking at Brooke showcase herself was starting to affect my libido, much stronger than I felt comfortable allowing myself to be given the circumstances. "Yes," Cheryl said, just as Brooke took a step towards me. Cheryl watched Brooke's head bob up and down on my lap, but she took her time.


An Erotic Reunion

group rob99202 2018-09-12

One of the guys, James, had walked round to the foot of the bed and began to tease Cindy with his cock. With her hands bound, she could not get his prick in her mouth unless he wanted her to, so he was rubbing himself over her face and teasing her lips and tongue. As Cindy began to moan with pleasure and gasp out loud, James pushed his cock further into her mouth, thrusting his hips forward and back. Matt moved swiftly to replace his fingers with his cock, and as he pushed into her fanny I could see Cindy’s body shudder in orgasm. James probed her vulva with his shaft before plunging it in her pussy and pushing Matt, so that his cock went further into Cindy’s mouth.

The Birthday Present

group moonstormer 2018-09-12

Before you could kiss her, the next woman, a taller woman with long blond hair and seemingly unending legs came up from behind the red-head, grabbing her breasts and asking you to please unwrap her as well. While we were kissing, the short blonde started stroking your cock, while my hands wandered over the redhead's body. The redhead and the dark haired women each took one of your nipples in her mouth, licking and sucking you. But before she could get too far, I grabbed hold of the short blonde, pulling her close to me so that I could kiss her deeply, wanting to taste you on her tongue.

Forever Young

group spicymango 2018-09-12

Alexis was happy, but sort of frightened to bring Joe into the room with Erika and Becky. Alexis gave it a few minutes before she started slowly, subtly, and slightly flexing her hand around Joe's thick cock. After Becky had left, and the instant Erika had left the room, Joe grabbed Alexis by the shoulders and planted his lips on hers. The three traded kisses for the next few minutes, and Joe's hands started wandering up into Erika's shirt. Now go deeper!" Erika spoke and then leaned up to kiss Joe. Alexis took another deep breath and started to suck and then lick Joe's penis.


Miami Heat

group JennyPiccolo 2018-09-12

We sat down on Dan's groovy white sectional, Lisa within inches of me on my right, and Jack on my left, slyly moving his fingers up the back of my white tank top, unbeknownst to her. As Jack continued to stroke my thigh with one hand and touch himself with the other, Dan leaned down to kiss my tits, lifting both out of the water and flicking his tongue across my nipples. I moved Dan to my side and grabbed his cock with my hand, pulling it hard and fast until he came. Jack pulled out after he finished and Lisa and I lay side by side, teasing and licking each other's tits as we watched him rub his cock for us, both of us grinning with excitement.

Meet The Neighbors

group papafrogger 2018-09-12

Joe quickly pulled on some shorts and grabbed a couple of towels running down stairs he opened the door for the paramedics who had just arrived, "Follow me guys she's back here," they all went to the patio. She put her hand behind his head and planted a soft kiss on his lips, "Thanks Joe, if you hadn't come home when you did I might not, uh well I..." she started to cry and pulled him closer for a hug. He smiled at her blue eyes and cute dimples, he already knew what her body looked like in her bathing suit, "I'm Joe good to meet you. Then gave Mandy CPR," she hopped out and stepped away from the car heading for the doors, "Oh, you look real good naked by the way!"


If It Feels Good

group ToAStranger 2018-09-12

My breath hitches as my skirt hikes up a bit, revealing more of the soft cream of my legs, but I don't stop her as we rock to the heavy beat thrumming around us. Fingers skirt up the inside of my shirt, just barely brushing over my sides as she pulls me closer, and my own hands move over her. Her fingers slip around, slip higher, nails biting softly into the skin at my back, and it makes me buck slightly, moaning into her mouth. My breath is coming in little hitches and gasps, hips rocking to meet his thrusts and her fingers. "Good girl," she murmurs and pulls me into a deep kiss-- still tasting like apples and alcohol.

The Beast with 7 Backs

group reddancer 2018-09-12

I turned my head to see who did it, and to my amazement, a gorgeous dark-haired woman had knelt on all fours between your legs, ass in the air, and began sucking your cock. "Wowwwwwwww!" you uttered, and pulled me back down on your mouth, and as your tongue fluttered over my petals and clit once again, I moaned and oh'd and ah'd, my eyes alternating between open and closed in my ecstasy. I felt a gush of pussy juice come down on your mouth, and saw your eyes looking up at him also. I quickly looked back as I saw her sucking furiously, and then she took her mouth off you, massaging your balls, as you released your load in arcs into the air, the streams falling back upon your stomach.

Alex and Pete

group alexcarr 2018-09-12

It was just another of his idiosyncrasies I grew to love so much, and the feel of his very stiff and ready cock start to open me was a delight in itself but the way he tied his briefs around my face, the crotch piece pushed into my mouth was so arousing, tasting him as he started to fuck, it was so wonderful feeling it slide up into me like it belonged, and all the thoughts about that it may hurt did not materialise, instead he gave me a real ding dong of a deep penetrating fucking which, for my first, I was never to forget.


Results Not Typical Ch. 02

group rathma12 2018-09-12

While Swanson, a reedy little man who seemed constructed entirely of chalk dust and frazzled gray hair, scrawled differential equations across the board at the front of the classroom, Jake tried to catch Melissa's eye where she sat at her TA's desk in the front corner. A voice from the back asked, "So can we leave, then?" Pete, a wiry, blond senior who was on the wrestling team with Jake, although a weight class lower, looked ready to sprint for the door. Everyone emerged from their hiding places: Luke and Anna up front, Melissa on the far side, Jake and Eric in the middle, and Dave and Pete in the back.


Bi Bi Blackjack

group thebikinilover 2018-09-12

Jane moved her hands to Nicola's shoulders and the red dress slipped to the floor revealing a white lacy bra with matching panties under tan pantyhose. Looking at Nicola I could see she too was close to orgasm as her fingers were still rubbing her lace covered clit, her hand inside her pantyhose. I rubbed her swollen wet lips through her soaking lace panties as she had done earlier, enjoying the feel of her nylon pantyhose on the back of my hand. "David, I want you to remove Nicola's pantyhose without using your hands." Jane laughed. I saw Jane run her hands under the legs of Nicola's panties and pull them down over her thighs, her knees, her calves and then flick them off.


HunikimB shared

group 2018-09-12

then im goin to slide ur capri and black panties down to ur ankles and pull my hard brown native dick out of my pants and shorts and get u in a 69 side ways position and have u suck on ur daddies hard hot cock while i lick and eat out ur delicious sweet fuck hole between ur soft warm legs. Then i'll invite Wesly to ur wet mouth and u can suck and lick him as long as u want while i spread open ur cute soft naked navajo ass and enjoy ur brown puckered assring with my tongue and fingers and then put u in a doggie position so Yazzie can be underneath u with his mouth enjoyin the wetness of ur creamy hot cunt while i enjoy ur dark hot nastiness of ur sweet smelly asshole.

Sex Chair Ch. 01

group Buckiowa 2018-09-12

As she would bend over to serve a drink she would bring her breasts down close to that person, always making sure that she would bend over and give the rest of the room a perfect view of her ass and pussy. As she was serving a drink to Sam, Joy was bent over quite well and her ass and pussy were just inches from Sherry's face. "Joy, I know that Sam appreciates that he got a good look at your beautiful tits, but he hasn't seen how wet your pussy is." My tone was stern but not rough. Sensing that our guests might be getting anxious at our absence, I stepped in close to Joy and paused, reached down with one hand and gently tweaked her hard nipple.



group carrteun 2018-09-12

Sara was loved at work for the way she guided and coached, rarely taking the lead or credit, allowing others to solve problems and develop their skills. When Brandon saw her on the lounge, he nodded but followed his crew to give instructions, then stood with a new kid and watched, occasionally speaking and gesturing to give additional direction. She quickly looked out at the landscaping crew and saw Brandon had already gone back to instructing the new kid. Sara pulled the toy out slowly, feeling its growing girth stretch her until the toy began to taper in toward the tip. Sara drove her fingers inside herself and directed the water stream at her clit until she had yet another overpowering orgasm, forcing her to lean against the tile to remain standing.


Capri an Isle of Love Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-09-12

As I fucked Vicki from behind, he really looked like a girl with my cock in his ass. Vicki told me to fuck his ass and then he told me that he could see why Paolo liked my cock so much. Susan was on her knees with her skirt still around her waist displaying her shapely ass as she ate Bonnie's blonde pussy. It took a few minutes before Bonnie regained control and got Susan to stop eating her. "I have been looking forward to this," Bonnie said as she took hold of my cock and guided into her pussy. Susan was snugger than Bonnie when I entered her pussy so I took my time fucking her and letting her get used to my cock.