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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jackson Hole Resort

group jhmik_88 2018-11-28

The four of them – Rachel, Kelsey, Cale and Brian – had planned the trip for Christmas Break a few months back as a way to escape the bland Oklahoma winter. Besides, he and Brian had plans of tag teaming a girl while Kelsey and Rachel were fucked by random guys. And for the guys’ plan to work properly, they needed to make sure they were able to convince a girl to fuck them both, and they need to make sure they found at least two guys to keep Rachel and Kelsey occupied while they made a total slut out of a random girl. Brian moved closer to Kelsey before she hungrily sucked his cock into her mouth, moaning all around his shaft as she rode Cale as best she could while his fingers were buried in her ass.

Office Sluts: Evil Clowns From Outer Space

group sandymonroe 2018-11-28

“Well, it seemed funny last night, but I’ve been dreaming about evil clowns.” It was kinda good kneeling in front of him and letting him fuck my mouth like an obedient slut… Especially when he pulled out, and flapped my face with his huge black dong! And at one point he grabbed my hair and pulled me from the other clown’s cock onto his… And he was fucking my mouth just like the other clown did… It felt so good...” I was on my knees on one of these huge guys, and one of those huge black cocks was fucking the hell out of my pussy, the other one was pounding my ass!” “I like to be DP’d sometimes… But these cocks were really huge and hard ones!

Naughty Hijab Girls In Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

They trust Halima because she's the daughter of Imam Yousef Ibrahim, a Somali-born religious leader that most Muslims in the City of Ottawa look up to. Yeah, Halima Ibrahim and I have a lot of fun together, and I cherish her but truth be told, I definitely noticed her brother Hassan. I was nervous as hell because, even though Halima and I had experimented with fingers and dildos up each other's bums, I had never had anything like Hassan's dick anywhere near my butt. If I knew getting fucked in the ass by live cock felt this good, I would have tried it a long time ago.

Black Men are Gods Ch. 03

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

That's why he's got his long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock buried deep in my asshole while I finger my pussy and suck my husband's dick at the same time. I was sucking my husband Paul's long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock like cock sucking was going out of style while Remy rammed his dick into my asshole. I climbed on top of my hubby Paul and he thrust his cock deep into my pussy while our friend Remy filled my asshole with his thick member. While Paul drilled my pussy with his magnificent member, our good friend Remy slammed his cock into my asshole. Once Remy got Paul's dick nice and hard, they stroked each other's cocks for a while then began fucking.

Wild Night

group chmill0769 2018-11-28

I saw my roommate position himself on the floor and slide between her legs and from what I could tell from the moaning vibrations he started licking. When she stopped, I pulled out a minute later and then she laid down and my roommate got between her legs for what seemed like a minute before he blew his load on her stomach. While he was blowing his load I positioned myself by her head and she immediately grabbed my hard cock and sucked her juices off. Both of them were naked, touching me and stroking my cock, then Ariel grabbed it and opened her mouth. After a few minutes I felt her remove her mouth from my cock and she started kissing my girl.


Quebec Woman Strapons Black Couple

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

An attractive Black couple, both of them in early middle age, kneeling naked before a tall, blonde-haired White woman. A Black woman kneeling naked before a gorgeous blonde-haired White woman and licking her toes eagerly. They wanted to role play the whole White mistress versus Black slave thing. I took out my fine Black leather whip and told Mathieu and Sylvia to assume the position. Face down and ass up before the dominant White mistress, like the wonderfully docile Black male and Black slave they're supposed to be. I took a wooden paddle and gave Sylvia's big Black ass a sound beating with it. Yes. Your dominant White mistress is really about to fuck you in your Black ass with her toys.


Wife takes on two

group mrwright1980 2018-11-28

My wife didn't hesitate, she climbed on the bed and started to massage bills fat cock through his shorts. I got between my wifes legs and started to lick her pussy. I asked bill if he would like to fuck her, he shook his head and pulled back from her lips and got between her knees. The fat head of bill's cock touched her pussy right in line to slide inside. I pulled my dick from her tight soaked pussy and took bill's place at her mouth. I placed the head of my slippery cock against her tight hole and begin to ease inside her ass. Once I got the head of my dick inside she started grinding on bill's cock again.

Concert Series

group MissJW2 2018-11-28

I told you this night would be worth it!!" Sure thing as I looked back towards the hottie with dark hair & eyes & voice like a sex god, he was motioning me & Liz to the side of the stage. He motioned for the muscled hunk to come over, whispered something to him and in turn the big guy began slowly ushering Liz out of the room. "I want you to suck on it first baby." He walked over to Liz and she obediently opened her mouth. I could hear Liz and her big guy still going at it and the sound of them along with the amazing fuck I was getting sent me over the edge immediatly.

The Shoot

group Jacksmyname 2018-11-28

She felt Carla drop her bra and start rubbing Louise's breasts, she could see that Brad had pulled down Carla's panties and was licking her out as the two girls grinded. At the same time she felt Carla drop her hands to pulled down her panties and start rubbing Louise's pussy. As this went on Louise got up and sat on his face and while he licked her pussy to hell, she and Carla started making out on top feeling each others breasts swapping places every once in awhile. So they got back into the blowjob position and after ages sucking on it Louise felt a rumbling along his shaft as he stood up to swap places with Louise to give her her treat and soaked Louise in his cum which got everywhere and covered her completely, between her breasts, her eye's and even in, her pussy.

Tales from a Traveling Salesman

group juanmoretime1 2018-11-28

I kept watching the movie and was amazed as the guy fucking began to come and pulled out of the woman causing his cock to drop as he came, right into the other guys mouth. I said that I should go. Judy came up to me, got in my face and asked if I was sure I wanted to go because they had a surprise for me. Then she got into the doggie position and wanted John inside and me underneath licking. I was rubbing and kneading her glorious breasts and nipples while he got behind her, his cock stiff and dripping with precum. My approaching orgasm felt like it was going and then suddenly my cock exploded inside John, while my ass clenched the dildo, and I streamed cum several times.

Haitian Female Domination

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

I'm a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, big-bottomed and delightfully curvy black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Presently, I'm dominating my favorite submissive, a big and tall Haitian-American man named Jeremy LaRoche. It amazes me how many black men secretly have a female domination and strap-on dildo fetish. Yet he gets off on being sodomized by dominant black chicks with strap-on dildos. I love making black men scream while fucking them in the ass. Jeremy told me that he longed to be dominated by a strong black woman but his meek wife wasn't up to the task. He is a big and tall black man getting sodomized by a big and tall black woman wearing a strap-on dildo.



group Mikeslibido 2018-11-28

You feel the owner’s hand pushing your head down toward the waiters cock; he pulls his head away from your nipple and pinches the nipple hard between his fingers. You suck the cock deep into your mouth as the owner takes you by the hips and pulls you to a kneeling position in the booth. You feel the owner’s hands start to shake as they pull you onto him holding your hips and you know he is going to cum, you take as much of the cock as you can into your mouth and you know you can make the waiter cum any time.

Blondie's Wild Ride - Part II

group sprite 2018-11-28

There were rough hands on her legs, pulling them apart, her clit pressed uncomfortably against the edge of the bar as someone pulled her ass cheeks apart, Screwdriver she guessed, feeling the tip of his cock poised against her tight ring, pushing suddenly into her. She whimpered, nodding so that he knew she’d heard him, holding her breath as he slowly began to pump her cunt, pulling out until only his mushroom shaped head was lodged in her wet slit, then pushing deep inside of her, feeling like he was penetrating her very womb.


group thatguy625 2018-11-28

You’ll be able to see much better,” Jack said, and patted his leg as a signal that I should sit on his lap across from Brad and Ashley. “Okay, Sammi - come over here and look how I put the condom on your boyfriend’s hard cock,” Ashley commanded. Leaving Brad on the couch for a moment, Ashley got up and pulled down the side zipper on her dress and let it fall to the floor. The room was filled with the sounds of Ashley and Brad fucking, panting, moaning, and the sounds of me slurping on Jack’s monster cock. Ashley wasted no time getting back in the action and was back on top of Brad, riding him again, but now there was no condom.

A Visit From Home

group Tanksdad 2018-11-28

I saw Janice, Betsy and Tonia but no Oscar. “You told me you ran Oscar away from one of your cousins back in your high school days,” Tonia said crossly. Betsy did like her drink and her face was flushed, telling me she had a head start. Tonia added, “Betsy said she offered you anything you wanted if you helped get Robin admission into Austin Preparatory, which as I recall, you did.” I felt Tonia gripping my dick and aiming it as Janice slid down onto me. Janice screamed as she came which scared Betsy who peed in my face. One horny bastard came over and offered to buy one of the toys if Janice would let him suck one of her melon sized tits.

The porn dealer

group marietv 2018-11-28

"Here just give us me money yeah and I'll fuck off and leave you two dykes to enjoy your tapes, and its not little either, its nearly seven inches long and you wouldn't like it up your ass" Craig snapped as he stood up. "Well have you ever fucked a woman up the ass then?" Becky said to Craig, breaking the silence that had suddenly took over the room. she told me before she went up to yours for the videos, she said she wanted you to fuck her anyway, so here's your chance," Becky said." Go on Claire, get his cock out and suck it while I watch," she said as she walked the few steps to the chair and sat down.


The House Sitter Chapter 4

group _O2_ 2018-11-28

Dave held the door open watching Lani and Karen talk. Karen sat down at the kitchen table sipping her wine and thinking about after dinner along with what Lani had said. Finally, Dave just sat at Karen's side facing Lani after the two women took their seats in each lounger. Dave managed to get himself undressed while watching the love of his life and Lani kiss, moan, and gently sway back and forth, completing the dance imagery. Karen grinned watching Lani carefully get on the bed, turn her back to Dave and straddle him. Lani wanted to show her what she had learned making love to Sam. She didn't mention anything thinking it might be a bit too kinky for them to hear.

The Examination

group ladyjessamine 2018-11-28

“Niners lost and I got green hair.” He sounded completely normal, as if he wasn’t touching her so intimately, and she wondered if her fertile imagination had fooled herself into thinking he was looking at her body with longing. Yet, when she took his hand and let him touch her in a way that went beyond the usual doctor/patient relationship, Lincoln became angry with himself for letting ten years of school and internships go down the drain for a pretty face. Jodi had been so focused on the thick cock in her mouth that she didn’t realize Lincoln was behind her until he had grabbed a hold of her hips none too gently. “No, Daren,” Lincoln said, handing Jodi her clothes, “I don’t think so.”

Lee, Emma and friends

group jena121 2018-11-28

While we were fucking in this position, Jack and Lucy were kneeling next to us, watching (sometimes getting very close to the pussy/cock junction) and were making comments about what they saw. Jack and Lucy said they should get in a position where I could eat Emma's pussy and see what they were doing at the same time. They fucked in every position imaginable, got up close and Lucy sucked Jack's cock while Emma and I watched (wasn't more than a foot away). I continued fucking and sucking and Jack continued sucking and after a few minutes, I could feel Emma's pussy muscles starting to really work my cock.

Blonde Strapons Blacks Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

The man I fell in love with is a six-foot-three, good-looking and solidly built black man named George Constantine. I grip George's hips firmly and slam my dildo deep into his ass. Hayden is a big and tall, red-haired and green-eyed, twenty-something Scotsman who really likes black and Hispanic men. George grunted as the Scotsman began fucking him in the ass. George began drilling his cock into my wet snatch like pussy fucking was going out of style. Yeah, George loved fucking me in the ass. But not as much as he loved getting fucked in the ass by my dildo. This black stud loves the feel of a dildo in his ass.

Girls' Night Out

group TXGirl 2018-11-28

Sam slides quickly onto the floor with Madeline still perched on his cock, and leans his head back against the seat. Jennifer begins to move her hips as well, then she reaches under me with a free hand and slides her fingers into my panties. Suddenly, she throws her head back and screams out “Oh, God, I’m cumming…YESSSS…I’m cumming…ohhhhhhhhh…” Apparently, her noises affect Madeline, who comes in a close second. I don’t think I’m a lesbian, in fact I’m a little jealous of the fact that Madeline and Britney both got to enjoy Sam’s huge cock and I didn’t…but Jennifer’s kisses were nice, and I liked the way she made me feel.

Meeting boyfriend's mate

group StevensBitch 2018-11-28

Wasting no time he pushed two fingers inside her, making her stop sucking Stevens cock for just a second. She thought this would feel strange, fucking another man as Steven watched, but it didn’t. Seeing his girlfriend like this with her ass in the air and legs apart, there was only one thing Steven wanted to do, fuck her. Lyndsey lay on her back as Al fucked her and Steven knelt next to her head, giving her the perfect opportunity to suck his cock. So, Steven pulled away, as he wanted to watch his friend shoot his load all over his girlfriend. He also knew she hadn’t cum yet, so as soon as his friend was done, he told Lyndsey to stay there.

cuckold lifestyle26

group woreout 2018-11-28

His date was a little hottie, she said oh your wife is that sexy lady in the light blue dress, right? I said well, yes she's sexy and wearing a light blue dress...OH , so who's the guy she was going into the limo with? I took my wife's arm and started walking, I asked what felt good? I saw my wife and she was headed my way, she walked up and without trying to be discrete she said I'm going to fuck one of the bar backs I'll be about an hour, find something to do. I walked over to our car and got in, started it and turned on the AC...I was about to have a heart attack....She was right, almost an hour later here she came across the parking lot.

A Woman's Touch Ch 2

group Kandikiss51 2018-11-28

She stopped licking long enough to purr, “Oh fuck, you taste as sweet as honey baby.” She then slid two fingers inside my hole as she sucked on my clit, held it in her teeth, flicking it with her tongue. It was then I hear Joshua speak, “Move over a bit Sam and suck on those beautiful tits of hers, I want to taste her hot cunt!” Joshua looked up and me and hissed, “Wow she sure cum hard, and god gushes like mad, I could eat her cunt all day long.” With a shaky voice I shrieked, “Ooooh yes, just like that, deeper, harder, fuck it good, Joshua.” I then resumed eating Sam.