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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Straight 'A' Student Ch. 02

group kimbelina 2018-09-12

Jason assumed Danielle was responding to the touch of his cock on her tits, and the motion of my fingers inside her pussy was apparently satisfying enough for her to go along with my plan. As I began finger-fucking her, Jason still had no clue I had left the confines of the closet, and was stroking his cock through her tits with enthusiasm. Once I was settled into a rhythm, Danielle's tits working their magic on my clit and pussy lips, I looked up at Jason and grabbed his balls, pulling him close enough that I could suck his cock. Realizing Jason had his hands free, I guided his fingers to Danielle's pussy, and he began making long, slow strokes from her clit into her hole and back again.

Finishing Up

group Malinov 2018-09-12

Michelle, as I said, was a good boss. Sadly, it came as no surprise that when Michelle received a job offer from one of our big competitors, corporate made absolutely no effort to keep her. By being excellent, Michelle wasn't being a team player, from their twisted point of view. "Guys," she said as she walked back across the room and leaned against her desk, "this has been the best year of my life. "You know when we have our morning meeting and I lean over like this ..." Michelle leaned over and put her hands on the table. "When I lean over like this," she said, dropping a pen and bending over to pick it up, "you're thinking 'Is she wearing any panties?"

Jetski Fun

group Joanne 2018-09-12

Slipping into a small hut we changed into our wetsuits and I quite enjoyed the feeling of being tightly encased in neoprene - it certainly showed of my curves to some advantage - and I caught Andy & Pete sneaking me sly glances, so I put an extra wiggle in my walk for their benefit! Once more I felt myself being filled as his thick cock ploughed into my pussy setting off fresh waves of pleasure deeper inside me.Andy started to pick up the pace, alternating between long deep thrusts and semi circular movements of his hips to grind against my clit. However I noticed that Andy's cock which had never left the warmth of my pussy was starting to come back to life and Pete was either hiding a mast in his wetsuit, or he was turned on by the whole scene as well.

I Took On A Barroom...

group DeFlowered 2018-09-12

"She said she isn't with you, so step back, Jack!" Michael was put into his place; he sat on a bar stool and looked at me dumbly. "A little more, baby!" I pumped on his cock furiously; he took hold of my breasts and pulled them down to his face. "Well in that case, I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole," said the guy behind me. Even though I was petrified of this man's fat cock penetrating my anus, I wanted Michael to see someone else have it instead of him. "I'm going to ride you." (And Michael thought I couldn't me assertive!) He pulled his pants down, and I saw his cock standing to attention.

Island Fever 3: Matrimony Ch. 03

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-12

Like the angel that she was, Scarlett swooped in from the right and, in front of this mystery woman who was flirting with me - Shannon was her name - she staked her claim to me in convincing fashion. The mall was loud and people were in a tizzy, but Scarlett's voice - somewhat sandy, even sounding a bit broken down - cut through the chatter, going above and beyond it. Scarlett hesitated for a moment and bit her lip, but then glanced up at me and mused, "Spending the next 40 years with you - being a part of the family you have created with the other girls - would be a dream-come-true for me."


Summer Songs and Perfume Ch. 07

group Dragonfly213 2018-09-12

He fucked me hard and slow, holding my legs up and spread as Lars grabbed my long, brown hair and pulled my head to the side of the bed. He kept his hand in my hair between my bound arms as I opened my mouth to taste his hard flesh while Joe continued fucking me. Getting on the bed for his turn, Lars slapped my ass a few times and fingered my anus before he rammed his cock into my fucked little pussy. Just as I was about to cum Patrick got on the bed on his knees next to Lars's head, grabbed my hair and shoved his big dick into my mouth.

Bales Buttfucks the Babes

group stoneypoint 2018-09-12

She got to see his fine ass up against the window and he thought it was his friend Rob. Only a few of us really knew what happened and all Jeannie would say is "Wouldn't you all like to know"? I didn't know, but either way, my friends discovered I had it bad for him and Julie, Andrea and Sarah all wanted to find out more about this guy. Here we are all over his ass, licking it and his cock and doing the same; Julie's fingering herself as Bales watches it all on the monitor and we are having a grand old time. "You bet your sweet nipples he does, laughed Jeannie and she licked Bales cock this time and Bales says: Jeannie, let these girls have their turns now, okay?

If I'd Said Yes

group VFucci 2018-09-12

I approached Sarah as she sat on the bed, my dick stiff before her red-stained mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and she leaned forward, her lips sliding over my cockhead and along down the shaft to the shaven flesh at the base. I heard Jeremiah moan, but could not look into his face just yet. Jeremiah was looking at me, but I was enthralled with Sarah’s pallid beauty. Jeremiah stood up on the bed, his cock with its glistening barbell swinging in Sarah’s face. Jeremiah’s cock shaft raced in and out between Sarah’s full lips. When he was done, Sarah twirled her tongue one last time around Jeremiah’s cock shaft.

Bare Back

group LiquidLisa 2018-09-12

My boyfriend Luke and I took a trip to go horse back riding to a hot springs in the desert of California. I spun around side saddle with my legs open, giving him a good long look at my hot and wet, hairless pussy as I asked him where we should go to lay out. I saw Jimmy and Josh sitting up on the dirt road near the horses, smoking weed. I coughed, causing the spring water that I let go up inside of my pussy and ass, shoot out onto the ground. The two Swedish guys went back to their towels and I walked back up to the horses, where a still nude Josh was looking for a towel to dry off with in his saddle bag.

Mutual Mistress Ch. 01

group rhymedcouplet 2018-09-12

But there was no stopping her on this night, and it wasn't long before Sally and my wife got close, embraced, and kissed. She'd done this a few times before, but I could tell that she was doing to Sally what she liked me to do to her—pulling at Sally's cunt lips with her teeth, swirling her tongue slowly, sensuously, in circles around Sally's clit—then licking her in long, deep strokes, from ass to clit. I lifted Sally's ass out of the water so she wouldn't have to arch her back—she could just rest her hips on my hands—and I started licking her pussy while she continued kissing my wife.

Good Neighbors Ch. 4

group Amadeus 2018-09-12

Chris wondered what they would all think if they could see the scene just one week earlier, her with her legs wide apart and David, his pants around his ankles slamming his huge cock excitedly into her. "Let's see what you two have been up to, now!" Andy and Dave stood looking over the new bathroom, and talking "man talk.' Chris went back to her drink and the color gradually drained from her face to a more normal state. Chris and David exchanged looks during the evening, but the duties of host and closeness of others prevented him having another go at the gorgeous bottom of Chris's – he thought sardonically, longing for the soft warm sensuousness of her against his hand.

Scarlet Queen Ch. 02-03

group angellily 2018-09-12

Dante cautiously let Ellie go as Rain turned and opened the balcony door. Ellie had seen Silver and, instinctively, she had ducked in between Rain and Dante for shelter as she cowered. "Ellie, I told you that you are safe, Silver is a long time friend and is currently protecting Rain from the maniac who tried to kill him. Ellie looked up at him with large doe-like, wine-coloured eyes and shook her head wordlessly again; though this time she added a silent plea asking him not to push it. Rain and Dante knew not to push her that hard as both looked to Silver apologetically. Rain looked at her for a long moment with a dark look before he said quite clearly, "Like hell, Ellie.


The Swimming Pool

group BradBigBrain 2018-09-12

I was fucking our friend, she was finger fucking my girlfriend, and Jess was sucking on Amy's nipples. She pushed me onto the chair and climbed on top of me facing Amy. She slid her soaking wet pussy down my cock and started fucking me right in front of her. Amy was kissing my girlfriend and licking her face, then feeling her tits and her pussy at the same time. I had my cock in Jess's pussy, two fingers inside Amy's cunt and the girls were necking with each other. She put her head on my shoulder; with my hands on her tight little ass and my cock in her sweet wet little cunt, I started walking towards the deep end.


group Softly 2018-09-12

John Mitchell tried to study, but his mind was on his plans to ask Martha Van Horn out for their fifth date, tonight. Calling you about setting a time for our date tonight." Martha; "John, I don't want to ever see you again, good bye." The phone went dead. Martha tried to shift herself, but the cock was now buried into her pussy and as Philip moved away from her this other man begin to fuck her with deep strokes. "Maybe it is just as well; there will be more room for our three hundred guests," was Mrs. Van Horn's reaction when Martha told her that Philip had said that all his relatives were in France, and unable to attend the wedding.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 33

group Reindeer58 2018-09-12

Scott was inside Carol for the third time this evening and was coming in her womb as she shuddered, sighed, and said "I Love You, Scott, I Love You," and came. Less than a mile from Scott and Veronica's home Angela and Georgina parted from each other's lips as they came for the fourth time that evening. Mary Claire told Carol, "I want to remain with Scott and Veronica as their live-in maid and sex toy." Carol sensed that Mary Claire has a subservient side and after they walked into the bedroom Carol took a card from her purse and gave it to Mary Claire. As they were walking toward the door, Ashley quietly said, "Mary Claire's got a nice ass, don'cha think?


Birthday Cabin, Day 01

group rpuresteel 2018-09-12

He moves forward and grasps her left leg at the back of her knee, raising it up slightly while his other hand holds his enormous cock, pushing the tip against her bare pussy. Sure enough, when he reaches the living room he can barely see her past Alan and Steve pounding into her pussy and ass, Jonathan standing at her head and pumping his cock in and out of her stretched lips. She did find it odd that none of the men had cum inside or on her yet, having heard nothing of her husbands rules for the week, but shrugs slightly as she dismisses the thought. True to the men's word, Ralph moves up to her and grasps her legs, spreading them apart widely before stuffing his cock inside her pussy and starting to thrust away.



group obg 2018-09-12

"I don't think so, but I've never tried it." My cock was now standing above the water, and he was slowly rubbing his thumb on the soft spot underneath the head. To this day I have no idea why I did what I did, but when I think about it, my heart starts to beat faster and the saliva builds up in my mouth, even while looking at the egg salad with the Saran Wrap over the top of it, drops of condensation getting ready to drip inside the bowl. Venus walked over to Jess first, and leaned forward and a little downward to kiss her lightly on her lips, hands at her side.


My Three Valentines

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-09-12

I had gone to bed a little groggy the night before, assisted by some Jim Beam and sheer fatigue, as I had worked one hell of a day at Winthrop and Associates, a top-notch advertising firm, before I got home for a Valentine's Day date with Shelly, my wife of just one year. One baby mama just ain't enough for a natural-born cock of the walk like you!" my boss stunned me with her take on things, "And naturally, the one who loves and knows you most...agrees with me about you." Plus, we were planning to share him even before we started eating each other, but it has helped with the sense of urgency!" Serena told Shelly and Sarita before locking lips with both of them.


Body Chemistry

group Frenchman 2018-09-12

Guys have been calling me all week and saying terrible things and asking me if I wanted to go out with them a get a good fu…" I couldn't say the word but Mr. Collier said it for me. Knowing that mother had taken him into her confidence made it kind a like her and Alan were going to fix everything and somehow make it all right. I reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt and felt the marvelous wonder of touching the hair on a man's chest for the very first time with my fingers. I touched my pussy where his fingers were pushing up inside and felt the thick mucous fluid that was making me feel like a real woman in heat for the very first time.


Colorado River Ch. 1

group Bettybod10 2018-09-12

Without thinking I tugged her tank top down dumped salt on her sweaty exposed breast, took the shot and sucked the salt from her nipple then kissed her taking the lime from her mouth. I crawled down to face Katie, Jay’s cock slipped from her cum coated lips, she smiled and kissed me letting the sperm pour into my mouth as her tongue probed my own. Letting Jay’s cock plop from her mouth Katie pulled me to my knees and we both bent down with our asses in the air. We both must have orgasmed three or four times each as Jay alternated between the two of us pumping his cock into our wet holes like a piston until with a grunt he sprayed cum all over my ass.

My Gangbang

group meganredheadslut 2018-09-12

The biggest guy steps forward and says "Me first." He reaches down with his mammoth paw of a hand and takes off my glasses and tosses them aside. As his 11.5" was pounding me balls deep (which surprised the hell out of him), he reached around and stuck 3 fingers in the right side of my mouth and started tugging me backwards on his cock. "Alright guys, it's finally time to cum," I said and got on my knees. But most just needed me to moan and tell them "please baby I need your cum all over me." Some guys came on my tits, but most on my face. By the time my favorite guy came up to me, my entire face was coated and cum was dripping off my chin and onto my tits.

Island Fever Ch. 11

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-12

I then took a deep breath and tossed my head back wildly as Amy burrowed her face in and began licking away on my shaft with her tongue, as Trish and Camille did the same thing. With Amy now on her knees in front of me - alongside Trish and Camille - Devon returned and kissed my mouth deeply. Trish and Camille watched Amy work my cock over with her mouth for several seconds, before smiling at one another and backing away. Even as Devon continued ravaging my mouth with her own, my eyes were wide with undeniable arousal as I watched Trish orally service Camille's moist, sweet pussy with her lips and tongue.


Wife story nr.1

group zupa123 2018-09-12

In local sex add, I started to contact with some nice couple, whose wife was in Theme (husband loves to share the wife), they were doing it for an long time. Then I sit on the chchair & starting talk with husband. In the bed she made nice oral & husband gave her condom- then i fuck her in front of him. In the morning we started to go home, husband sits at the drive- I & his wife on back seat. I saw that the husband checked/regulated car mirror, in case he be able to see whats going on backseat.I was surprised -while we driving home- she made me oral. Next time will be others wife story!

The Boarder by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-09-12

The woman leaped to her feet and said, "I just dropped a quarter on the floor and was stooping to pick it up when you opened the door!" Mitch took her by the arm and pulled her into the bathroom, and replied, "Don't lie to me, baby, I saw you looking, maybe we should call Mrs. Williamson and see what she has to say about all this!?!" Mitch made a move as if to call the land lady upstairs, but the woman quickly grabbed him by the arm and pleaded, "All right, you're right, I was watching, please don't say anything to Mrs. Williamson, please!!!" Mitch closed the door and leaned against the wall, as if surveying the situation, while his cock still stood proudly erect in front of the trembling woman.