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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend

group jjj8675309 2018-09-12

Last Hand: "Alright, I've got an idea" John announced, breaking me from my wide-eyed admiration of Sandy's bear breasts. "The winner of the next hand gets to do whatever they want with anyone else for 3 minutes." Now I knew it was going to come to this at some point, but the fact that my childhood friend was offering up his half-naked girlfriend to me was one of the most exciting thoughts I had ever had. I think John saw it coming and said "I want you to cum all over her." Sandy took the cue, flipped over, rested her head on John's lap and spread her legs for me.

Taking It Too Far

group pastmyprime23 2018-09-12

I then explained to him that we had made an agreement to soft swing and Tom casually said that a lot of couples liked to do that – at least the first few times. He looked at me and I said, "A room like that will be fine, and he took me upstairs to what I can only guess was his private bedroom and he opened the door and left it open. That time I gagged, as it was a little bitter, but I wanted to show Tom how great I was in bed and I swallowed that load down as well – at least what went in my mouth.


Just One of the Guys Ch. 04

group CraptainPlanet 2018-09-12

"After we all saw you staring at Andrew's dick, I thought I'd upgrade your girlfriend for you," Mike said. I won't do this as long as you can pull out your dick right now and show it's not rock hard and drooling thinking about Mike's giant dick invading my virgin asshole." "I wasn't blowing him," she said, clearing the hair from her face, which rested high on his naked thighs, mere inches from his hard dick and hairy balls. "So I think you should actually hide your face again," Mike said, leaning over her and pushing her hair back over her face and Andrew's dick. "Holy shit that's hot," Kyle said as soon as he saw Mike's fingers pistoning in and out of her widening asshole from behind.


Rica's curiousity

group carlwood24 2018-09-12

Rica is a good cum-slut and was taking all of his sperm until he pulled his cock out and shot what was left onto her sweet cute face.when the young Latino rolled off of Rica's body her eyes light up and a big smile came arcossed her face when she finally saw who's fingers were banging her wet tight pussy. opening the door letting a man (blind) come in with his dog which lead the man over to where Rica WAS GETTING THE FUCK OF HER YOUNG LIFE.Rica started yelling "harder, faster Im going to cummmm" right then Ron seem to be unloading his cum filling Rica's pussy up with his sperm.

Finnish Lifeguard Ch. 02

group johnnieblue44 2018-09-12

My cock jumped immediately at this new-found and intense sensation, the vibrations sending shock waves of sexual ecstasy through my entire being, as she lowered her head and took my shaft deep in her mouth, rubbing the rabbit over and over on my quickly filling testes, my ass writhing up and off the chair. Kim continued, now languishing on the sheets and pulling up her sarong over her taut stomach, inserting the dildo head gently into the tip of her sopping cunt, now fully exposed to my view. Kim groaned as she became aware of Martina's arrival and wailed, "I want us to fuck this little girl.



group deadman1969 2018-09-12

Heather's friend moaned softly; and slowly, gently, but inexorably, began to push her head toward his lap. We nearly gasped out loud as Heather began to lovingly kiss the side of kiss cock, as he moaned in sudden pleasure. I grabbed her head and added my urgency to her rhythm, sticking my cock deep into her mouth, fucking her mouth as if it were a warm, wet pussy. Incredibly, the magnificent sight of two beautiful women eating each other's pussies began to make my cock hard yet once more; and by the time you both came, I was stiff as a board. Soon, I began to feel Heather's mouth between my legs, licking and sucking my balls, trying to lick my cock as it plunged in and out of your cunt.

Dream To Reality

group Please_Show_Me 2018-09-11

Make me cum in your hand.” I moved over to the penis and took it into my hand and began pumping my hand up and down slowly. I began to lunge into her repeatedly while still getting face fucked by Adam and jerking off the two guys. My ass felt a little empty and I could feel the stretch that was left by Matt. The two cocks in my hand began to shake and they shot their sticky hot cum all over my body and hands. “I hate cum,” she said, “Get rid of it before you kiss me.” I looked at her with half closed eyes and nodded. As I approached the height of my orgasm Matt grabbed onto my waist and began to cum in my ass.

Porn Heavy: T's Pool Party

group Sean Renaud 2018-09-11

One of them was that unlike most eighteen year old girls Tiana, usually called T by her friends didn't wonder what men (or at least boys her age) wanted in a girl. Eventually the men worked up a steady beat pushing her forward on Bret's cock forcing her to take as much of him as she could handle without gagging and the back onto another friend until his balls brushed the back of her thigh. It was silly, she wasn't a virgin she knew how it worked but she'd never sucked a man all the way off before and the sudden spurt caught her off guard a started a brief fit of choking.

After Hours Alicia Ch. 03

group NewAgeErotica 2018-09-11

If she told Peter she wanted to fuck eleven guys tonight, he would surely dump her. She found out that her father might be going out of business, he couldn't afford her tuition anymore, they might lose their home, was hit on by the sleaziest guy in school, she agreed to have sex with strangers, and she might have been dumped by the only boy she had ever loved. She logged on to her "go-to" site for free porn videos, clicked the search bar, and typed "gangbang." Instead of calling Peter or thinking about their relationship, she shut her brain off from everything and everyone around her. An hour ago she left Peter's house after breaking his heart because she agreed to do have sex with a bar full of strangers.


group baowolf243 2018-09-11



group Philosofickle 2018-09-11

Sara wasn't far back as she crawled over to Eric and started licking his shaft with Pam. They tongued the shaft simultaneously for a while. She went in and out a few times and then said " See Sara is wet too from sucking your cock!" She then put her fingers in her mouth and licked them clean." She tastes so good Eric you're so lucky to be able to eat her whenever you feel like it." At this point Eric was starting to feel the need to burst, so he tried to take his cock away from Pam's mouth so the night could last longer. He started pumping his cock in and out of her at a faster rate while Sara went on the bed and squat over Pam's face.

Madelyn Meets the Gang

group bi_justin 2018-09-11

Locking eyes with Craig, she lazily brought each hand to the points of her bra, her fingers making small circles around the nipples beneath the fabric. Taking his cock from his hand to mine, I lowered my mouth to his soft glans, craning my neck so that I could continue to watch Madelyn and my friends masturbate. Taking his shaft in her hand, she lowered her lips to his mushroom head and her mouth engulfed him as Paul emitted a reflexive "OH!" Holding him in place with her lips, her hand slipped into his open fly, cupping and gently massaging his hirsute balls. By now, Paul had placed his hands gently on Madelyn's head, guiding her movements up and down his shaft.

Imprinted Ch. 11

group darcysweet 2018-09-11

It was our last night together, I had a couple of more days left before I went back to college, but their kids were coming back the next day and Mrs. D said it had to end. I loved the look of those soft mounds moving in time with the thrusts of my cock. The slick walls of her cunt contracting, the pressure of his cock pushing against mine, her soft breasts on my chest and hard nipples brushing mine—the feelings, all of them. "I do the yard," I said to her as I tried very hard not to look at his ass as he walked back to his truck. Just like Mrs. D, I thought as I turned to watch the sway of her luscious ass.

Someone is Always Dominating

group biguy13 2018-09-11

She's been telling him throughout the last week that she's "been needing a party to let loose." The party was being held this Saturday and being his first year on the job, Jay wanted to make a good impression. At the end of the hour, Jay got around to introducing Dana to Trisha. As the night went on, Dana and Trisha got to know each other on the dance floor while Jay and Enrique got to know each other over a couple of beers. A few minutes later Dana came still wearing her tight, black silk dress, but now with her knee-high leather boots on, a whip and lube in one hand, a dildo and harness in the other.


To Those Who Wait

group petra_bell 2018-09-11

"Now kiss Cass, Stephen," Heeley had said still watching her with that dark, glistening gaze. Heeley's wavy hair glowed gold in the last rays of sun and her red lips were cocked into a smile as she said something to Stephen. Cassie turned, trying to blink the haze of want from her eyes, to look at Heeley standing by the bed. Heeley gagged her, tying the sash tightly behind her dark curls, while Stephen hand cuffed her left wrist to the bed post. "On the couch, bitch," he said, looking back to Cassie with an errant smile, "Watch us." His eyes flicked up Cassie's body, stopping on her anxious green gaze. Cassie raised her head, her dazed eyes on Heeley as Stephen unlocked her cuffed wrists.

Random Raging Horny Thoughts

group Gyrl 2018-09-11

Because I wish everyone of those guys was rubbing his cock over my face, slapping my pussy, fucking my ass. I was talking with a wonderful fuck friend online earlier (you know who you are)...we were talking about how I would love to tie a woman up and dominate her right now. Comments get me off knowing you'd like to touch me, taste me, fuck me. Would you enjoy watching me moan, lick, and fuck another man until he cums? If you like a woman who wants you to play with her body, use her body. If you like a woman who wants your cock buried to the hilt in her throat, tears running down her face.....

A Cuckold Arises

group gamewarden 2018-09-11

Let's continue what we started in the car." Jason said, as he pulled me into his arms and began a long tongue probing kiss, as I grabbed his cock and stroked it as I looked at David. I looked at David and said, "I love fucking black men, It feels so good to have a black cock filling my pussy, you like watching me be a whore for other men, don't you? He started banging into me and he looked at David and said, "Your wife is a real black cock slut now, she is not going to be satisfied with anything but a fat black dick in her tight, white, married pussy.

Arti Bhabi: Times Two

group funky2003man 2018-09-11

Bhabi breathed on my face and looking into my eyes said, "No, you are too sexy and strong." "I just can't resist you." Saying she moved her right leg to rub her cunt on my body and kissed me back, soon we were French kissing, our tongues entwined with each other feeling her boobs onto my chest. As I started to pump my seed into her, her eyes suddenly opened wide, and she gasped out as she came again, I moaned and groaned, as my orgasm seemed to pull my very core out through my cock and into Arti Bhabi's welcoming body. Bhabi took me in her arms & kissed me as her hand moved to my cock she raised her head, looking at me said, "We are going to do things that we have never done before."


Happy Birthday Kyrie

group SugarSprial 2018-09-11

Jack's hips were at work thrusting into Scarlett's mouth, trying to encourage a faster pace, but she wouldn't break free of her slow, steady tempo. He took both Kyrie's and Scarlett's nipples and slid them around on his as tongue as the women kissed and stroked each other. Kyrie muffled her moans in Scarlett's shoulder as she delicately slid a finger in her girlfriend's slit alongside Jack's. Scarlett pushed her face deep into Kyrie's cunt and double-tongued her engorged clit. Scarlett pulled Kyrie's hips down hard onto her face and licked her clit in fast hard strokes. After feeling her lover's pussy explode in pleasure, Scarlett could feel her own growing nearer and nearer to orgasm as Jack's long, luscious cock stretched and stroked it with every desperate thrust.

First Threesome

group descartes22 2018-09-11

As the girls lips met, I could tell from Erika's grasp of Kate's head and her closed eyes, that she was more turned on then she was letting on. "You cruel little bitch," Kate said as she smiled and turned to me and with mock discipline said, "Tom, will you please fuck my pussy with your cock while you bitch wife watches?" I looked around Kate to see my wife standing, buck naked in the middle of the tub, with her hand playing with her clit watching my cock slide in and out of Kate's pussy. I sat there with my wife's best friend, a girl I have known for ten years sitting naked on my lap, having just fucked her, and my wife swallowing my come between our legs.

My Best Halloween

group kandie 2018-09-11

I climbed on first and in my best Vampira voice ordered, "I need to suck your blood, but will settle for that hot, hard cock of yours!" Everyone was wearing a mask, and their costumes made Halloween so popular to me; cats, or should I say "pussy" cats, with black tights, low necklines that barely restrained a variety of breasts, a couple of French maids with legs all the way up to their, oh la la, several in bondage attire with a seductive degree of coverage, guys with leather and boots, some in drag, and even a couple of girls in gangster outfits. I watched Doug lick his lips as he slithered his hand between the wet folds of my hot pussy.

Lake Powell

group Payson 2018-09-11

And when we left their company, back in the good old days, Andrew and I couldn't wait to strip away our clothes and make love in the first private place we could find – sometimes the places weren't very private at all. I'm sure I have plenty of blame in the matter, but I'd try to let Andrew know that the woman he rushed home to waited naked behind the front door. There had been times of late that I had looked past Amy while making love and imagined that it was Liz that cradled my body. If Amy was honestly horny, I wanted her to stay that way, and when she reached for me that night in bed, I pretended to be asleep.


The Nanny Gets a Surprise!

group erinluvsjay04 2018-09-11

I stick two fingers deep inside her pussy and rub her juices on the end of the candle, making it easier to slide in her wet hole. Mark climbs on the bed as well, spreading her legs, tilting her hips upwards and sliding his cock deep in her. Her hands grasp my breasts and tug on my nipples as Mark slams her pussy with his huge cock. My tongue jets in and out of Stacey's pussy, rapidly sucking up what cum is left from her encounter with Mark just moments earlier. As Mark climbs back into bed with Stacey, I place my cum covered fingers into my mouth and suck them dry.

A Friend In Need

group craigool 2018-09-11

"She's been getting all the guys hot, then leaving them stranded at full attention, if you know what I mean." Meg motioned like she was stroking an invisible boner sticking out of her miniskirt. People were starting to get dressed and leave, so the four of us, Meg, Joe the bouncer, Sheri, and myself crawled off to my bedroom, where we made love one last time until we passed out.I awoke that afternoon, to a breakfast in bed made by Sheri. Meg pulled away from them and came over to greet me, kissing me wildly while she quickly tossed my clothes whichever direction got them off my body the fastest.