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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Circle Ch. 48

group SteveWallace 2018-09-11

Matt shook his head and said, "Willow, I knew you did the news and worked at the station. Willow gathered her news and did her normal broadcasts starting at five o'clock, emphasizing what we knew about Clement and Brennan, including pictures of them, and that Thornberg had been arrested and charged with bribery, conspiracy to commit fraud, and a longer list of other crimes. Rod had met everyone a couple of weeks earlier when Willow and he hid in the house so they weren't near the TV station and possible retaliation from the corrupt government officials when her news special about corrupt local government was aired.


Boys Will Be Boys

group fotisampini 2018-09-11

cock pulled her pink pussy lips outward each time I withdrew. Julie stopped moaning around Randy's dick and all that could be heard over I slipped my arms around her soft, wet body, hands grabbing her ass. dick slid in and out of her horny pussy using long hard strokes. taking in my slapping hard dick pushing and pulling against her ass. Then I pushed forward and watched my hard dick slowly slide into Julie's was moaning loudly as her ass got fucked, and she was losing control again. In turn Julie's fingers circled his cock as he fucked her She moaned into his mouth, her hand diving back towards his dick. Skinner's hands slid down to her soft ass, squeezing and spreading her

My fat ugly slut wife

group 2018-09-11

After being on Xhamster for a while now and having posted several picture's of my wife, i have been ask to put up a few stories about the woman and what she/we get up to, so here goes: When i first time i saw her i knew i had to have her, this may come as a bit much to some of you because she isn't the best looking woman out there, in fact she is pretty ugly. Then the guy to her left who she was still wanking said that he was going to come so she took her mouth off the black guys cock and put her mouth over the other guys, seemed like seconds after he entered her wet mouth that he too stiffened and shot his load into her throat.

aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-09-11

And as the sweat trickled down my forehead and the trembling in my body started to go away, Pei- Hua turned me until my head was pressed to the bosom of her sleeping shirt, and she folded her arms around me, cooing softly until I was at peace. And despite the heart-pangs stabbing me in the chest and the moisture forming in my eyes, my brain understood; it wasn't like my father and Pei-Hua had never done this before. I was just like my father, screwing Pei-Hua whenever I wanted, taking her for granted, and never giving her what she really deserved in a man.


Surprise Threesome

group forbiden4u 2018-09-11

They sat me down on the sofa while one was on her knees sucking this hard dick and the other one decided to sit in my face while I licked and sucked her little cut. The other one sucking me off got jealous and wanted me to lick her pussy as well, so I did made her cum. The other one saw this and she took my cock off her pussy and said that she wanted to taste , lick and suck all of that cum dripping down my hard cock. She got on her knees and started licking my balls as she fucked me. When I was ready to cum the both got on her knees and started licking and sucking the dick and balls, they wanted to swallow every drop my cock squirted.

A Double-D Desk Romp Ch. 03

group Jonny Cakes 2018-09-11

Let me taste this little slut’s cunt on your prick.” I slid my cock out of Sharon’s cunt and Tammy immediately took it into her mouth, tasting the paralegal’s pussy juice. Fuck my asshole with your big cock baby.” Tammy then reached around and grabbed Sharon’s ass, spreading it while Craig fucked it. “Fuck yeah, make those cocks nice and wet so we can continue fucking those big jugs”, said Craig as he guided Tammy’s head with his hand. The whole time we were cumming, Sharon and Tammy were making out, feeling our hard cocks empty our seed onto their chests. Sharon immediately started to lick away at Tammy big soft titties, taking our cum into her mouth.

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 04

group wiley4377 2018-09-11

A couple came inside the room and sat on the couch where Joe and Tony took turns fucking my ass three days earlier. "He has a real fat cock, Julie, you would like it," Joe said matter of fact. Then I saw Joe watching us He was naked and Julie grabbed his long cock and was pulling on it with her right hand while riding me like a pony. I felt someone lifting my legs up and then Julie held my legs back while Joe kneeled at my ass directing his large cock to my ass hole. Joe gripped my cock and was fist fucking it like a handle of a floor shifter in time with his thrusts.

Extra Credit

group honey77 2018-09-11

I went up to Ryan and told him I was concerned about my grade and asked if there was ANYTHING I could do for extra credit, running my hand through my light brown hair and down to my lip, biting down on my lip and giving a flirty look. I took all of him into me sucking him as fast and hard as Andy was fucking my ass. Andy came over me and stuck his cock back in my mouth and faced Ryan. Andy ran his tongue down my body and started flicking my clit with his tongue as Ryan fucked me harder. I rode Andy hard and fast as Ryan slapped my ass and told me to be the slut I am and fuck Andy harder.

my week away with my Dom. BF

group subrhia 2018-09-11

Friday we were set to leave, he told me to be at his place early, change into my sluttiest set of lingerie, put my tiny dick into the new cock-cage he got me, put on a skirt and blouse and be done up like his whore before 3 in the afternoon. I dropped my bag, but before I had taken 3 steps, I felt their hands grabbing at me.....grabbing my ass, pawing at my tits....THAT caused the nipple clamps to twist, and turn....and there was very little gentleness in the hands feeling me up!!I don't think they had been told about the nipple clamps, but they soon found out when I started gasping and jerking every time they grabbed them!!

John Does Three with Lee

group mjar65 2018-09-11

In fact, 20 minutes after she came in the door Lee was on her knees in front of me, naked and playing with her cunt while I had hold of a big lump of her hair and was jamming my cock into her hungry mouth. While Rod took his turn playing with Lee I stripped off my pants and I was ready for action. Instead, hungry for more action in her cunt Lee immediately moved one free hand between her legs and took a firm hold of the vibe. As I turned her head towards me and positioned my cock against her lips I watched Lee take up with the vibrator, thrusting it hard into her hole.



group brian473317 2018-09-11

While Melanie seemed to be able to grip his cock with her pussy, Jennie's tunnel felt extraordinarily tight and fresh, no matter how many times he fucked her. Jennie bucked slightly as she did this and Mike put both his hands on to Melanie's wonderful bum as he began to pump harder. Mike smiled to himself and then pulled out of Melanie only to shove himself inside Jennie as quickly as he could. The man shook his head and gave him a hard look, daring Mike to challenge him in any way. "Good," Mike said and then closed the door after the man came inside. As the man opened the car door Debbie asked him a question Mike couldn't hear.


Amy's Twin Adventure Ch. 02

group kimlaurel 2018-09-11

Helping her mother in law prepare the food in the kitchen she heard Alex and Ben arrive. They soon made themselves helpful ferrying food out of the kitchen to assist their mother and Amy, but only Amy realized that they were using the situation as an excuse to brush their erections against her, or brush her breasts while reaching for a platter to take outside, or once sliding a hand up her top and she leant into the fridge. Returning to Alex's cock with a large grin on her face she felt Ben fill her completely and the start of another orgasm building. The orgasm she had felt building before this intrusion returned but stronger and with one more thrust from each of them Amy shattered into a million pieces not even noticing that Ben was cumming in her mouth.

Brett's Bevy of Babes

group foxxc 2018-09-11

Brett looked over at Sadie, she pointed at the next girl. "Oh god baby, you're huge." He continued thrusting deep into her hot wet center until she came again. "Oh god baby you know how to fuck a girl don't you?" Brett played with her tits and kissed her deeply. He continued thrusting deep into her sweet little pussy until she came. He thrust deep and hard into her tight hot wet pussy. Brett kissed her hard and thrust into her harder. Sadie opened her eyes and looked into his, "only if I'm the last and you only cum in me." Brett laughed, "what ever you want, darlin. Brett got up and pulled Sadie to the end of the bed.

Julie's Been Naughty: Julie's Story

group Lionheart72 2018-09-11

Julie gasped at the sight of Pink blowing Gary's thick dick, and at the persistent attentions of Kevin's mouth and fingers. As Gary's tongue started to probe her folds, Julie moaned and thought how much Glen must love watching this. "Oh God, yeah," Kevin moaned as Julie's hand started to pump his dick. A moment later, Gary grunted and arched his back, moaning into Julie's pussy as his hips pumped into Pink's face. Julie looked down to see Pink lifting her face off Gary's shaft. Kevin pulled his pants up and started to look a little embarrassed. "No," Julie said, silently thanking modern science for the Pill as Kevin's cum started to ooze from her battered pussy.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 45

group SteveWallace 2018-09-11

Enough with work, I need to get fucked right here, right now." I looked at the two men with my hands on my hips and a sexy stance I was sure attracted attention and started the development of some serious hard wood. It didn't matter; they were good and I came several times as I lay moaning atop Greg's large desk; lots of fingers got involved deep inside me along with their tongues. I engaged Cindy in a refreshing discussion about the requirements for the new house to which Mr. Sawyer paid rapt attention, especially after I mentioned again that we were looking at something in the fifteen thousand square feet under roof arena, with suitable out buildings.


Swingers Party

group cbrmale 2018-09-11

The women is sitting on the decking around the spa, her legs either side of his head and holding a glass of wine like mine; looking quite unconcerned. Now, this is heaven, I can feel Michael's swollen manhood brushing my sweet spot while this girl strokes and caresses my clit. At the same time, I can feel the girl up close to us; she is caressing my face while Michael thrusts so deeply. She bends over and kisses me, I feel her tongue between my lips, I open my mouth in anticipation. I want every last drop, so I run my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, licking away all of that lovely man – juice.

Jess Makes Another Porno

group maddiebarry 2018-09-11

"So how come this time no one's reminding me of all the things I consented to and encouraging me to try everything?" I wouldn't have made myself keep going if not for Gene's strong suggestion that I push myself, and while what I'd told Adrian was true, that I was fine with everything, it wasn't really cool of him to make me feel like I couldn't refuse. "Jess, I'd really love a finale with you eating out Aurora while Adrian does your ass," Gene said. "Sometimes." Aurora put her hand on my other breast and stretched up on her toes to kiss Adrian lightly on the lips. Adrian pulled away and leaned over to kiss Aurora again, but at the same time he slipped my bra off my arms.


Boss with Mother-In-Law Fun

group candylikesit 2018-09-11

I enjoy having my bum played with and having a tongue probed inside, it also starts to get me ready for Mike later." Sue continued to finger me and I gave some attention to her brown puckered rose. "Let's get you ready then Sue," Mike said taking up a position kneeling next to Sue. He pulled her bum cheeks apart revealing her dark rose, bent down and began licking all around it and forcing his tongue inside. So no I don't." As we were talking Mike had been pushing large amounts of lube up inside Sue and had been using his fingers to pull her hole as wide open as possible.


My First Steps To Casual Sex

group EmmaF20 2018-09-11

Said I was 20 years old, a sexy blonde university student, looking to explore my wilder side, that I fantasized about getting fucked by two men, but that I wasn't really sure I'd ever go through with it, but I adored watching girls get double penetrated in porno. I messaged Phil and Terry back, saying the concept turned me on like crazy, but I wasn't sure I could actually take a full on double penetration. Terry got up to buy another round of drinks and Phil used the opportunity to slip his hand onto my thigh, gently caressing my nylon-clad leg. I took Phil's cock from my mouth and looked up at him "God, fuck me like a dirty whore, guys, please, please, please!" I begged.


Everyman's Fantasy Come True

group sakeman1 2018-09-11

Immediately her friend began to fondle her, to pull her head closer as if she couldn't get enough tongue, as if she couldn't taste enough of my wife's mouth and being. She leaned her head back and moaned and without warning, my wife pulled open her friends shirt and with one smooth move, pulled her bra down and latched on to a breast that was comparable to hers. I looked in the mirror and watched my wife entangle her fingers in her friends hair as she now moaned into her lovers mouth. I looked down her now sweat covered body taking in her lips, her neck, her nipples and breasts, her stomach and finally locked eyes with my wife who was once again licking her lips only now tasting the juice from her friend.

Poor Paige Ch. 05

group EmoxRainbows 2018-09-11

Irace's hands find their way to Paige's sopping wet pussy. After fingering her a moment, she slides down Paige's body and works her neglected pussy with her tongue. I sit on her face and her mouth immediately latches onto my clit and sucks just hard enough to start me on my way to my second orgasm. Paige only lets up on my pussy for a few moments then continues her crafty tongue work on my clit. Irace lays down below me and I sink down onto her cock, going slow until I'm fully seated in her lap. "But it looks like you've already sated yourself with Irace and Paige." Speaking of whom, were on the floor kneeling off to the side.


group rhj4 2018-09-11

Without loosing eye contact with Cathy, Jim unzipped his fly, pulled out his already hard cock and started stroking it up and down. She continued to look at me as she moved her head from my cock to Jim's and started sucking him. Apparently penis consciousness is highly contagious and Cathy was a carrier, because the guy she was dancing with was unable to remove his eyes from her tits, and was sporting a stiffy that made him look like he had stuffed a zucchini in his pants. They danced a slow number and Cathy pulled Jim's head to her face and kissed him full on the mouth. And it wasn't long before another one of them cut in on Jim and asked Cathy to dance.


Red Polka Dots

group PaulSandarac 2018-09-11

The party was a success, and his parents even managed to look the other way when there was an empty bottle of white rum in plain view on the bar afterwards; although Roman hadn't had any, as he needed to drive Sarah home. Once inside the house, all thoughts of parks and walking were abandoned for another sort of nature, as Janet began to kiss him hungrily, attacking his willing tongue with her own, and leaving him with no illusions as to her state of sexual arousal. After a few minutes of having her pussy tormented by Joey, Janet was totally beyond any rational thought; the only thing that mattered was that teasing tongue, and that probing finger, and the explosive orgasm that was building up inside her.


The Fantasy Emporium Ch. 01

group madam_noe 2018-09-11

Never before had Maddie ever felt anything so darkly erotic, such decadent pleasure, and this time the climax slowly swelled inside, washing over her like a dam bursting, her creaming pussy drenching them in her juices. Turning her head Maddie met him in a hot, sliding kiss as he slowly began to inch his thick cock inside her. Deeper his cock inched, spreading her, making her want to widen her stance, but now the other brothers hands clamped her thighs in place, his head between steadily pulling on her clit. Over and over one man drove into her, his cock sliding deliciously along every inch of sensitive flesh inside, all the while white hot sparks flew from where the other brother's mouth teased and tortured her aching clit.