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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ibiza Just Arrived

group Ping233 2018-09-11

I was quite taken back that as Steve and I got up to the girls, Abby just lifted her just above knee length skirt showing a neatly trimmed pussy with just couple of centimetres of hair down the middle with no knickers and then squatted down and started to pee. I took this as my free pass that we were going to go for it, I loosened my belt and button and let my trousers fall loose at the same time Abby had now got my raging cock out playing with it and she seemed to know what was on my mind and turned around bending over and lifting her skirt as she went.

Autumn Takes Them All

group JmaHoney 2018-09-11

"If you were getting fucked in front of him and his cock is inches from your face I think you need to suck him a little." She looked at me with a mixture of shock and extascy as she came even harder. She said she had to go and asked Autumn to take care of the guys they were getting pretty drunk. Little did they know she got off flashing guys, or even at restaurants would tell me which table she would most like to let everyone there fuck her. My fantasy was interrupted when again Autumn came upstairs this time when I turned to face her she simply dropped to her knees and pulled my still firm cock from my shorts.


I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas

group TheBusinessMan 2018-09-11

Lourdes was learning to deep throat and Monica had told her how much I liked having my balls licked, so regardless of how many times I had cum in Catherine the night before, Lourdes made sure by balls were stimulated and that there was always a good sized salty load to swallow. Those two had been rubbing the inside of my thighs, and Catherine moved her hand to cover my hardness when I said "Oh and Monica wants you to fuck Lourdes too. Catherine watched me, wide eyed and grinning, as I pushed my strong erection into Lourdes virgin rosebud, about a half inch at a time as she grimaced into her pillow, her white knuckled hands gripping the fine cotton sheets in the hotel bed as the surf pounded the shore.


Three is Better Than Two

group firedream35 2018-09-11

“You, your body all sweaty on top of me, my finger sliding on your clit while my cock is pumping your drowning pussy.” One hand comes around to my breast, the other goes to my ass and a finger goes into my hole. We kiss for a minute, then you pull back and tell me to stop what I am doing, you want to taste her. Your hand comes around to the front of me and starts to play with my clit. Your tongue presses a little harder and her hips start to take up rhythm with your licking. I can tell you both are going to cum hard, so I stick my finger in your ass.

Good Neighbours

group drty_luv 2018-09-11

I looked over to see that James’ brother was still asleep, but his hard cock was protruding through the little slit in his boxer shorts. I saw his cock begin to stiffen again as he walked in to the bathroom and stood next to where his brother and I were fucking. The pleasure was obvious on his face and I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm again when he pulled his cock out of my ass and slid it tenderly into my open pussy. He fucked me delicately for a short time, and then came quickly into my pussy; the hot cum turned me on as much as my own hand.

Pagan "Virgin Sacrifice"

group KissedMany 2018-09-11

Every year, he invited about thirty of his fellow old hippies, men and women, to a midnight Summer Solstice party, at a certain secluded spot in Central Park, in the middle of New York City. A grey haired lady and young boy saw this and dove their heads into Celeste's chest and greedily licked the wine clean and finished by suckling her nipples, until this sent bursts of pleasure into Celeste's brain and made her nipples rock hard. As Celeste lay on her back, the black lady had repositioned herself between the teen's legs with her face low and just inches from the student's delicious pussy and on her knees with her own gorgeous ass up high.


Indian Wife's First Threesome

group cuteb0y25 2018-09-11

We were very lucky as he was a very skilled lover and his foreplay lasted many hours, he just kissed her fingers and started sucking her fingers and slowly I saw his hand cupping her breast through the blouse. She was moaning but didn’t spread her legs and during this time I was just lying at the leg side of the bed, watching his cock and her pussy. He still left the whole game to me with no penetration, so I stopped fingering her and started rubbing her pussy lips with his cock and then I left it to them to decide what to do. Slowly my wife's legs got spread out and were wide open in the all inviting fashion but still he didn't penetrate her even though his cock was in between her lips.

The Highrise Resort

group diegoroyo 2018-09-11

"Luna Mercedes, welcome," a black woman said as she came into the office. Cleo's face was lost between her legs, and Luna closed her eyes and felt the surge of pleasure. Legs up in the air, back flat on couch, mouth open, Luna let herself be licked and fingered until an orgasm made her scream. To her surprise, Cleo got on her knees behind her again, and lapped up the cum from her pussy, opening her mouth over it at first, and then digging her tongue into it deeper to suck it out. The stranger who had not said a word fucked Cleo some more, holding her long legs up in the air, until he was close.


Teaching Sensuality

group Finding_Me 2018-09-11

Pouring more oil into my hand, I began to massage my own breasts and moved so that I was kneeling between her legs. I moved toward her feet, leaving him to massage her back as I trailed my fingers along the curve of her ass, venturing to dip into the sweet, softness of her sex, just enough to tease. I swiftly moved down her body, pressing her legs open, revealing her smooth wet sex to me. The sounds changed and I glanced up to see that Rachaad had filled her beautiful mouth with his hard cock. As we lay on the couch, gasping, Danielle moved closer and gently kissed each of us in turn.

Summer Storm Ch. 08

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-09-11

I felt completely out of control -- the whole situation felt out of control -- and just as I was wondering what could possibly make all this hotter, Ronnie was standing next to Terry, facing Rob and me, and she had three fingers of her right hand in her pussy, working herself toward another orgasm. Carl, Kathy, Larry and Linda had been sitting outside enjoying the early afternoon sun -- Terry had texted them half an hour ago to tell them they found they girls okay -- when the skies suddenly opened up, and they were all soaked by the time they got into the building. "Kathy, don't!" Carl shouted as she fucked Larry hard, surprised and pleased that his entire cock fit inside her, and felt so good.

John's Options - Boss or Threesome? Ch. 02

group mv8802 2018-09-11

"As your entire team has helped back you up in that regard too." John exclaimed while looking back at Lori, Kate and Becca. Our eyes connected and I began to bend my left knee, dragging my left foot along my right leg and I moved it back and forth to tease John. I thought I'd chat with Kate as Lori and Becca were discussing what moves they were going to do to John. She rested her head on my right shoulder and watched as the door completely opened and walking in was John. Becca and Lori stepped back and sat down on the end of the bed as John waked down the short hallway past the bathroom and into the bedroom.


Doing Daughter's Smoking Hot Friend

group regularguy13 2018-09-11

His daughter Julie said, "Dad, this is Deirdre. Julie smiled and said, "Good one Dad. DeeDee, my family is made up of unrepentant practical jokers. "Glad you like it, DeeDee. Please pour everyone a glass of milk from the pitcher in front of you," John said casually. ^^^ When they became adults, the good-looking young women liked to invite young men over for a swim and a laugh. As the boys begged and the girls laughed, John was treated to a wonderful view of two naked asses: his daughter's slender, tight butt and DeeDee's luscious sexy rump. The women laughed so hard DeeDee and Julie fell on the floor. Julie tapped her foot with disgust and gave him a look that said "You dirty old man".


A Special Threesome

group C Love 2018-09-11

I pulled out the futon and told Woody he'd be sleeping there, and joked that Rita could join me in my bed. Woody and I both chuckled until Rita said, "I'm serious, I want a threesome." We weren't quite sure what to say. I slid into the spoon position behind Rita and grabbed her right breast. I rolled her nipple between my fingers as she reached down and began to jerk Woody with her hand. Rita and I began to kiss passionately as I played with her breasts. Woody's pace began to increase, and while the gasping did not stop, Rita did quit grabbing my hands for support as she became more comfortable.

Circle Ch. 03

group wordsinthedust 2018-09-11

And unless you object, I'm going to undress and lay beside you while you do it." She bent down and kissed me again, her lips pulling on mine and her tongue finding its way inside my mouth. As she did this, the sheet pulled away and exposed her enough that I was able to reach down and caress her hip, running my hand the length of her body, tracing the outline of her breast. "I do," I said, cradling her breast in my hand and taking her into my mouth, feeling her nipple harden against my tongue. Becca moved my hand from her hip to cup her breast and guided me into pinching and rolling her nipple as we fucked.

Road Trip!

group LuvMomPanty 2018-09-11

I whispered to my girl's ear; why don't you just take your panties off so Jay can get a full view of your wet pussy; while reaching in between her legs and started rubbing her pussy over her already soaked the same time taking a quick glance to make sure Jay is looking and making short eye contact letting him know it's all good and that he gots a good view of me rubbing my girls pussy. I continued to rub my girls pussy while I whispered in her ear, but load enough for Jay to hear what I was I pulled her panty aside to slide 2 fingers in soaking wet pussy, i told her...Mimi, don't act like you don't like you are not enjoying this...fuckin cock teaser.

Exhibitionist Wife

group adventureousmale 2018-09-11

The second guy noticed that Linda hadn't complained about the load she had received and complimented her saying that her shaved pussy looked delicious, he would definitely eat her out. The other guy was thicker but just as long and Linda noticed the difference again moaning loudly in agreement, that big black cock feels so good. They fuck her rhythmically in her mouth and soaking wet pussy each taking a ripe breast in hand to stimulate Linda’s nipples further. Linda had swallowed all that was given orally and told the guys, I'm such a slut for your big black cocks. Look honey, they both fucked me with their big black cocks and he gave me three fingers at the end.

Threesome with GF gets Interesting

group TableofFables 2018-09-11

Jade had long black hair and she was able to get the perfect little curls to form at the end that made you scream I want to fuck you as you watched her face moving toward you wrapped in the curled, perfectly sculpted hair, like she was a model walking on a runway. "Come here baby." With that she pulled out Ryan's dick which was semi hard and started stroking it fiercely with her right hand. I started to pull off my pants and shoes until I was totally naked and then pushed my dick in front of Jade, she took some time away from Ryan's now massive, veiny hard on and focused on giving me head while Ryan tossed the rest of his clothes off.


The Friday Setup Ch. 03

group soaf 2018-09-11

Tracy placed the Hitachi on low and gently applied it to Michelle's button as I began to slowly rock in and out of her sweet pussy. I gently reached for Tracy's hand and guided the Hitachi a bit lower so that it was still in contact with Michelle's clit while also vibrating against the top of my shaft. With lubed fingers, Michelle began her own pussy massage, circling Tracy's clit while I worked in and out of her tunnel. The grip of her pussy on my fingers tightened even more, and then Tracy surprised me by pushing Michelle's hand away as she continued to crush my driving fingers.


Exchange of Wives Ch. 04

group vantyaak 2018-09-11

Munir said, "By God, Nisi, it is surprising that your cunt small as it appears can take in such a thick lund as Vishok's. Apparently the sight of Nisi's chut being rammed by my lund gave a kick to his arousal because he started fucking Vani like a man possessed. For the whole day long the image of Vani's pussy being pounded by Munir's lund alternating with that of my lund disappearing into Nisi's chut played like a cinema show on the screen of my mind. Munir and Nisi looked on without doing anything till they saw my lund drilling Vani's chut. Munir held his turgid and wet lund in his hand, squeezed out the last drops of his semen and rubbed the head on Vani's mouth.

Rachel - Banged At Lunch

group badboylax 2018-09-11

Jack grabbed the ruler, looked at Dee, then at me and gave Rachel 5 easy strokes with the ruler as his eyed her wet, pink pussy the entire time. She's his little slut too now, look at the way she gobbles his cock, she loves it, she fucks him, gives up her pussy and her ass anytime we tell her to come over. Squirt your cum in my mouth as your wife and my daddy watch me slurp your perfect cock, show them how much you like what I do for you." she said before sucking on me again and massaging my already tight balls.

Blind Date

group VeniVici 2018-09-11

Zil was amazed how wonderfully dirty she felt standing there, in a hotel bathroom, wanting to wank off the cock, of a beautiful girl called Sal. "Feel good?" Sal asked, as she gripped even tighter onto Zil's arse and thrust deeper, making her gasp and look up to see Mr. David, sat totally naked in an armchair watching them. David held Zil tight, and made her lean forwards, as Sal slowly pushed her cock up against the open slippery bum hole that was so freely on offer. Ever so gently, Sal worked her girlie cock around Zil's girlie tight tingling arse hole, making them both moan with pleasure, as they felt that hot hole start to loosen up.

Our vacation

group headguy 2018-09-11

In fact, one of the Texas girls kind of said to me that it looked like fun and too bad my s****r was there...hahaha. So Bob looks at Sue and she said to go ahead and show us. Sue asked me what I was packing and I said that while I'm not nearly as long as Bob I make up with it being wide. My wife was still in awe over the size of this guy and when Sue started to give him a handjob she just sat there not saying a word. Sue and Bob started kissing so my wife and I did too. I flipped Sue on her belly and started fucking her doggie style while watching my wife enjoy this guys cock.

Triad Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-09-11

I really loved Abby, and I wanted her in my life from that moment forward until the end of time. I blinked my eyes open and stared at the beautiful nude body of Anna Pechet -- movie star and my lover -- and Abby's lover. "WAIT, Miss Pechet, do you mean to tell us that you are in some kind of plural relationship that's romantic AND sexual?" Abby probed, also role-playing. I don't want to be a special news item in People magazine or the tabloid press, well maybe when we're celebrating our first twenty years together and have finally deigned to talk about what a successful plural relationship looks like." Abby said, "What if someone asks Anna or me out?"


Arthur's Story Ch. 01

group ViceaRoni 2018-09-10

For a moment, Arthur wondered if he had been mistaken, but when the van doors had opened and Susan stepped out, he knew that he had heard the news right. Arthur watched as the girlfriend he had planned to marry bobbed her head on some strange man's cock, gasping, gurgling, and choking, as she masturbated and jerked off a black dick. A man in a loud dress shirt pulled Susan's dress off of her, and she was half-naked as he pulled out a long, floppy cock, which she gladly took in her mouth. The spittle dripped from the cock to her breast as the man fucked her face furiously, the lyrics to "Satisfaction" starting.