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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

CvsN 28: Robin's Revelation

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-09-10

That got Robin laughing, and Beth retreated to her bath, but not before looking over her shoulder and wiggling her tight little ass at me. Her face lowered and rested on Debbie's butt, kissing her softly, then she turned to look up at me, and opened her mouth, practically pleading. Every so often, I'd pull out and let Amie suck me, before I hammered Debbie some more. I saw that Jim's hand was underneath Debbie, caressing her breast, and I smiled when Karen grabbed his head, and pushed him underneath the blonde beauty. I gently pushed Amie away, grabbed Debbie's hips, and fucked her like a demon. Karen and Robin set to work licking and sucking Debbie's chest clean, while Amie laid claim to her soaked belly.


A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-09-10

After resting a while, Billy asked if he could please suck my cock as it looked so delicious when Chuck was working on it so I spread my legs and let him get comfortable between them as he looked at my semi-erect organ for a while before flicking out his tongue and licking my shaft from the base up to the crown. Chuck gallantly allowed me to enter Billy first and, as I pushed my swollen crown inside his gorgeous asshole, Cory spread her legs and fed him her cunt to suck and he started to taste pussy for the first time.


And Bruce Makes Three

group 1mbibry 2018-09-10

I was now so focused on watching his cock slip in and out of my wife's beautiful face that I didn't even notice her eyes had caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. As I stared at Bruce's cock bouncing in the air just in front of my face I felt my wife touch my ass. While we were taking turns licking his shaft, putting his cockhead in our mouths and kissing each other occasionally as we enjoyed Bruce together, I was startled by a cold moist finger as it entered my rosebud and penetrated my ass pushing quickly past my sphincter and probing deep into me. Bruce, this is my husband Bryson who I've been telling you about." Paula said as she began to rub our precum soaked cocks together.

Neighborhood Cougars

group walterio 2018-09-10

Pete pumped his finger in and out of Kari's ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Pete loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Kari's ass and he wondered if she took a cock in there too. Beverly felt a hard cock brush against her buttocks as another young man named Andy moved behind her. Even though Beverly had her asshole oiled by Brad's finger and he had lubed his cock, the fit in her ass was incredibly tight. Brad pulled his semi-hard cock from Beverly's ass and she could feel the cool air of the room touch her anus. This time she felt Andy stiffen and shoot his load into her pussy and right after him the young man in her ass ejaculated.


Living in Cockington part5

group 2018-09-10

"Oh yeah here it comes, gonna fill my babies momma, goinna fill her up" he groaned as his big black cock slid balls deep into her tight wet pussy. I looked at Artie but he was now busy trying to pick up the screws that had fallen all over the floor and not wanting to cause an offence I positioned my self between her legs and slipped my hard cock into her already sticky cum filled pussy. Artie was now counting out the screws I had asked for into a little paper bag as I fucked his wife right in front of him and as he finished the required amount I was about ready to cum.

Birthday part 1

group tcarterpa 2018-09-10

While they mutually masturbated each other, my wife said, "Bob dear, this is fun and we could take it to the conclusion we reached in the bathroom for hubby's sake, but what I REALLY want is to feel your beautiful cock inside my wet pussy. "Don't move yet; I've never had a cock this big inside me and I want to feel you filling me up." They trembled together for several moments and I again held my breath until she released him and he began to build up a rhythm, flexing his butt and legs as he pulled almost all of the way out only to drive it home again and again and again.


Great Dogging

group 2018-09-10

For a few weeks it had been a bit quiet at the normal car park so we had started to park near to the toilets, as it turned me on to be having sex with my wife June with all the furtive carryings-on so near to us. June gasped, and I preceded to finger fuck her as he slowly started to wank. "June, I want you to stop that and concentrate on Peter and Jack's arses," George ordered. "Now Peter, I want you to finger fuck her." Pesters right hand came round and all four fingers slipped easily into her cunt. George pushed forward again so that his cock was next to my face and pulling Jacks hand away nudged his cock up against her.

Wanton in Wales Ch. 02

group wirepuller 2018-09-10

I looked down and watched as Kelly and Mandy sucked and licked my cock, balls and ass then took each others tongues in their mouths. Kelly positioned herself over my thighs and began to play with her pussy as Mandy and I played tongue tag. Mandy and I watched as Jarrod suck a clit into his mouth and heard Kelly squeal in delight. Mandy bent over and licked the pussy nectar from Jarrod's chest and Kelly's thighs. Kelly had come again, Jarrod was off loading a stream of man sauce into her cunt and Mandy squeezed her juicy cunt as she came on my face. I could feel his strong jaw against my thighs and the feeling made my cock and balls let loose a flood of cum into Jarrod's mouth and face.


Smoke and Mirrors

group Tarakin 2018-09-10

Mrs. Chester excused herself to go to the restroom before the main event started, and Penny was about to take another sip of champagne when suddenly Laura nudged her hard enough to almost make her spill her drink. After a few minutes Penny started drumming her fingers on the table, anxiously watching the main entrance more than the stage or Mrs. Chester, as Laura had told her to do. She looked a bit out of place on the stage, Penny thought, but then; so did Mr. Alban and Laura. The Great Cardini turned away from Laura and pulled Mrs. Chester toward center stage. Then The Great Cardini ordered Mrs. Chester to sit down again and she faced the audience once more, her blank face now looking straight at Laura.


The Submissive Babysitter

group writemarksmith 2018-09-10

My thoughts wandered to whether I knew May had a boyfriend but I lost all train of thought when I saw Shannon grab May's small hand and place it around my cock. Without a word Shannon took my cock in her hand and stroked it. Shannon took May's hand and placed it on my cock, which made it jerk with excitement. May let out a cute giggle and when Shannon took her hand away to stroke May's hair May continued to stroke my cock slowly. I hesitated to look away from May, but as Shannon reached over and tweaked my nipple I started to make out with my wife while May continued to suck my cock.

New Year's Wish

group xnadry 2018-09-10

Going into the side room to change into our robes, Jaye comes in the side door to see if we need help. Standing in just thigh highs and a deep purple teddy, she comes around the front of me begins to kiss me and run her hands down my sides across my hips, to my ass and pulls me into her. Stroking faster, sucking each of you, Jaye comes behind me and runs her hands between my legs. David gets between the girls and they stroke him as he has one pussy on each hand. He fucks you as he watches his wife getting fingered by some guy(David). He grabs her head and begins to fuck her mouth.

A Perfect Ass

group KillerMuffin 2018-09-10

Wouldn't want them to think I'm a snob." Abbie pulled away from Meredith, looking for any avenue of escape she could find. Meredith caught her eyes over Aaron's shoulder and pulled herself tight to his body. Abbie thought about the red ribbon she'd slipped into her evening bag, the bow for Aaron's fat, red dressed present, and her gorge rose before she could stop it. She thought about Meredith and the long, willowy lines of her body and wondered why Aaron even bothered coming home to her. Abbie let her head fall back, expecting to lean against Aaron, but he wasn't there. "Are you going to let them fuck you, baby?" Aaron licked his lips and squeezed his cock.


Truck Security

group emap 2018-09-10

With my clothes gone I pull his pants down, grab hold of his very hard cock and pull him farther between my legs, moaning as I feel him pressing at me. I moan as I stretch a tad for him, he groans out a god your tight then starts moving, slowly at first, his cock sliding in and out of my body, every single bit of me feeling it. My legs pull harder at him as the feelings begin to get stronger, his cock in me moving back and forth was quickly working it's way up to an orgasm. The entire time I am leaning over the desk, my legs spread a little, my pussy red and swollen with his cum oozing out of me and running down my thighs.

The Farewell Party

group RiskyGirl 2018-09-10

I had been taking a feel of each as I slipped them from their garments but after the fourth guy it was Tom. I tugged hard at his clothes to undo his trousers and pushed them down slightly. Kris was whispering to me constantly; saying how some girls couldn't join in, wrong time of month and all that, while others were just not sluts like me and her, I laughed. On all fours she had a cock deep down her throat while two guys finger fucked her like crazy, one in her pussy the other in her ass. I glanced up a few times; once to see Alan fucking Kris hard.


New in Town

group Magna12 2018-09-10

Joe asked if I'd like a drink, and then he sat next to his wife while I took a seat across from them so I could keep enjoying the view of Barbara's legs. "In fact, let's see your cock, Joe. Drop those drawers and give Barbara a look-see at her husband's big dick." As Joe cleaned me, I told Barbara what he was doing, "Your husband is holding my cock and giving me a hand job." Then I kissed her again, "What's that? Then they started to talk to each other, "Damn, this is the best dick I've ever seen," said Barbara to Joe. And he answered back, "Better than those guys we thought about last vacation." "That guy who pushed his photo under our motel door only had half what this guy's got."

Me and "JD"

group Lillygirl 2018-09-10

I know I'll regret it tomorrow after I start to feel the head of his cock pounding on the door to my cervix, but tonight, I want to make him cum like "old faithful." I started to wonder if I had the stamina that I thought I did, but I continue to meet his thrusts and I reach down between my legs and rub his dick as its going in and out of my now soaking wet pussy. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back and with a very loud moan he cums deep in me and very hard, I can tell by how loud he is and many "Oh, damns," he says.

The cow girl A week before school

group lpharps 2018-09-10

Then he turned on his back and Ginger climbed aboard and began to ride his Tree stump like cock like no tomorrow meanwhile I sat on Joshua's face Joshua once again began to suck lick and stick his tongue deep down inside my pussy and I had another orgasm and still Ginger was steadily fucking his like tree stump like cock this went on for an hour then he lined us both up an got out some anal ease and put it on their asses as he slowly penetrate his massive cock in are asses.

Wild Wine Tasting

group QuietFantasy 2018-09-10

"I think that Taylor and Josefina might want to join us," Beth said, turning on her heel. Both sarongs were nearly see through, and as they modeled in front of me I could see tantalizing glimpses of their skin, cute curves of their asses, teasing glimpses of their pussies, hard nipples straining against the fabric. "I love her breasts," Beth said, as her fingers rolled Taylor's nipples to hardness. "Let's look at Beth's body," Taylor said with a giggle. Josefina was still stroking my hard cock, which somehow got harder looking down at Taylor's little love nest. I know you want to fuck and suck like the hot guy that you are." Josefina's hand slid down until she was fingering her pink slit.


A Submissive Lady Joins a Couple

group wetwordmixer 2018-09-10

My fingers glided over her ribs up to the bottom of her right breast where I changed directions and began a spiral of circles that ended at her nipple. "Jewel, I want you to pull up your running pants so they hug your pussy even tighter," I instructed. As my finger teased her clit, Jewel pushed her hips forward. I molested her breasts for a minute or so then returned to our kissing, as my right hand rubbed and stroked her pussy, while my left hand felt and squeezed her delicious ass. As we continued to kiss I thought of Bob, and how he seemed to be spot on with regards to Jewel's desires.


That's the Ballgame

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-09-10

He laid beside me and kissed me hard as my girlfriend settled below and grabbed a dick in each hand. She swung her leg over his waist and lowered her dripping cunt to his huge fat cock as she watched with hungry eyes as he ravaged my lips with his mouth and tongue. My girlfriend grabbed at my head and a deep guttural moan spilled from her lips as I flicked my tongue over her clit repeatedly until she erupted forcefully around his big fat dick. "Wow," she said weakly, "that was fucking good." Her hips continued to move in slow languid circles with his cock balls deep inside of her slick wet canal.

Another Spring Break Threesome

group astuffedshirt_perv 2018-09-10

I could feel Jack's hot breath on my neck as he stroked down my arms and raised my hands by the wrists to Lisa's blouse. Jack broke our kiss and looked at Lisa and cupped my tits for her. As I could hear Jack and Lisa engrossed in their kisses, I felt as if somehow it was OK to look if she didn't know. His hand began mauling my breast as we kissed, but I could almost feel Lisa's eyes on my bush. I don't know how long we went on, but Jack started groaning and pulled Lisa onto his dick. Lisa held my hand a lay beside me and stroked my hair as Jack took my anal virginity.


Cowboys Four

group Sweetcheekss 2018-09-10

On our nights out on the town, Laurie and I like to dress sexy, hoping there’ll be plenty of guys around to take notice. Laurie was approached by a neatly dressed guy wearing a cowboy hat and asked to dance. The guy had a big smile on his face, probably happy that Laurie had agreed to dance with him. Darren, the guy Laurie had danced with, introduced his friends to us. One of the other guys had asked Laurie to dance, think it was Michael. Darren helped Laurie step up into the track, her short skirt riding far up, giving him a generous look at her legs. Darren’s lips parted from Laurie’s, Michael turned her chin towards him and he kissed her hard and passionately.

Accidents Will Happen!

group English Bob 2018-09-10

As he and his pretty wife inspected the damage to their own vehicle, Mark sighed again as he watched a tall, good looking man climb from the other damaged car and walk towards them. Mark sat in the front seat as the other man opened the back door, and taking Sally by the hand led her into the rear of the vehicle. For her part, Sally was moaning and sighing almost continuously, as she held her buttocks wide open with both hands so as to allow the mans fingers deeper access. Mark could see beads of sweat forming across the strangers brow as he gritted his teeth and with a grunt pulled his huge erection from Sally's asshole.

Well-cum Friends

group CreativeUK 2018-09-10

his cock half beside your face .. and the cock by your face is stiff now .. But the man at your shoulders pushes his cock towards your mouth .. and she pushes her face up between your thighs!! in your mind there's just the man with his cock in your mouth .. The couple are starting to moan now .. and the man with the cock in your mouth is an expert .. he's pushing deep and then half pulling out ... You see the screen above and you see that he's watching his cock slide in and out ... hot wet slippery cum .. as their cocks start to relax they rub it on your face ..