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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharing Black Cock

group tedsgirl 2018-09-10

"Taste good huh baby?" She pulls her legs as far back as she can, wanting to open her pussy so Ted can see her take that big black cock. "Oh yeah, finger her while you suck that clit." Ted tells Alan as he bends over and takes Patti's right nipple into his mouth, he gently bites it feeling her tense up. "Suck on her clit a little hard she loves it like that, makes her cum." Ted told Alan as he leaned over Patti's face and fed her his hard cock. Taking Alan's cock back into his mouth Ted sucked him hard and deep, wanting to taste and feel him cumming in his mouth.

The Queen's Challenge

group happyhornymarriage 2018-09-10

Ellen felt the throbbing head of Manuel's large cock against her asshole as Irene pressed Ellen's face tightly onto her pussy, panting with lusty pleasure watched, my uncle's cock rubbing firmly against my heel as Constance began to Mother Fa'tin chanted as she pulled Louis' cock in time to the two men inside happily lapping at her wet, grey-haired pussy as she watched Louis approach and Louis could feel the wetness of Ellen's cum-filled pussy getting all over him going to cum, Louis took a finger, wet with Ellen's juices, and slipped it up Louis stood face to face with Ellen, his cock pulsing against her cunt, as they Kissing and groping passionately, Louis and Ellen thrust together like

Cathy's New House

group ROM 2018-09-10

About a week into the job Becky and I had finished tearing out the old plaster and lath boards from the walls of the master bedroom and took Peter's old truck to the huge hardware warehouse just inside the beltway to pick up the rolls of pink insulation to put in the walls. When his sperm stopped squirting, I looked up from his dick into his smiling face and said, "While you're recovering, I think I'll sit back on the sofa and masturbate." His eyes widened in shock as I stood up, stripped off my shorts and panties and sat down on the end of the sofa.


A Billionaire's Life Ch. 06

group bluedragonauthor 2018-09-10

I glanced down to where Cassandra was kneeling between Taylor's legs, slurping my cum out from my wife's saturated pussy. Taylor's feet were together on my right side with her arms around me, looking at Cassandra over my left shoulder while I gazed at my wife's face. Cassandra first reached up to Taylor, her hands on my wife's cheeks as she brought their faces together for a tender kiss. My wife and assistant were still passionately kissing, but then Cassandra's hips shot forward in surprise when I slipped a finger into the wet folds of her pussy from behind. Cassandra quickly removed my wife's strapless bra while leaving the silk robe around her shoulders, then moved atop Taylor and began to kiss her way down the brunette's naked torso.


Hotel of Dreams

group sexyparty 2018-09-10

We laughed and chatted about kids, past jobs, and then Leslie said, "You know some people use these windows to kind of share personal experiences, like exhibitionism or voyeurism." "Honey" Leslie said to Max as we left "I think you need a shower." I heard Leslie's voice sing out 'just a minute' then she said, "Why don't you call your cute husband up here too?" I took my eyes off his cock for a second and saw, out of the corner of my eye, Leslie pulling my husband's thick cock into her mouth. I moved into Russ's arms, and Leslie moved into Max's and we stood there for a while, the warm water washing over us.

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 12

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-09-10

And then he groaned, and bellowed, and she joined him in crying out her delight as her orgasm exploded in her, taking her body and shaking it as she felt her pussy turn mushy and slick as he spent himself inside her, and the delicious sensation of her pussy filled with cum brought her orgasm back to its peak, a second one, or just longer, she didn't know, didn't care; she just rode it and enjoyed it, letting it own her as he fucked her through it, deep and slow and hard, until he relaxed and exhaled, lowering himself on her, breathing heavily into her ear as her body trembled and the ripples of ecstasy subsided and withdrew, leaving only a tantalizing tingle in her pussy, the promise of additional orgasms just a hint away.


Celebration Ch. 01

group Brazen_Woman 2018-09-10

The waiter returns with water and takes our orders and wine choice, and we sit talking quietly, with you still trying to get your hand further up my mid-thigh dress. Suddenly, you feel my warm, wet mouth around the head, my tongue swirling around it and quickly making you very hard. I hear the waiter return to the table, and I slow down a bit to let you taste the wine and approve it, still licking the underside and sucking the head as you try to act normally. Leaning farther over into the driver area, I reach down and insert my fingers between her pussy lips and then put them to my mouth, tasting her wetness.

Swiss Girls School

group SilkPantyGirl 2018-09-10

"Now then, girls," said Lucy, "This is John, and he had kindly agreed to help our class this morning. "Breasts, dear, tits are a kind of bird," said Miss Lucy, "but yes, that may have the desired effect. She straightened her clothing and Miss Lucy indicated John's cock, now fully, almost painfully, erect. Reluctantly, the last girl relinquished John's genitals back to Miss Lucy's hands. "Good," said Miss Lucy, "then let's make that the goal in the final few minutes of this lesson." As he began to ejaculate, Lucy expertly pressed her thumb into the base of his cock, holding the flow back for an ecstatic couple of seconds, then she let go, and a long stream of white cum spurted out onto his belly.

Tabby Cat: Sex KItten

group 2018-09-10

I hadn't seen them before and while they both took a good long look, one of them smiled and said to me, "It's a bit cold for that skirt, honey." I just giggled as they walked into the bar. Of course I knew what was up so I wasted no time, I opened my mouth wide and before I could even start sucking, Calvin rammed every inch of his cock down my throat. After another minute or two, however Kyle popped my toes out of his mouth, and after a few more deep hard thrusts he pulled his cock from my ass.

Playground Foursome

group Alena 2018-09-10

As I slipped my hand down his pants I looked over at Megan and Nick; he had his hand under her skirt rubbing her pussy over her black thong. I leant over her and kissed Nick hard on the mouth, pushing him back and straddling Megan to face Nick. After only a minute or so Brendan moved up and kissed me on the lips as he teased Megan's dripping pussy with the tip of his cock. I was so close to climaxing and Nick knew it, so he pulled me off Megan and pushed me to the ground beside her on my hands and knees. A few minutes later Megan's body spasmed and she came, Brendan licking her hot pussy hard and fast.

Midnight Visit

group ck3891 2018-09-10

Spreading her knees, she presented her pussy perfectly to Mel as she came off my cock with a long last suck and turned round. Forced forward by my cock bottoming out in her twat, Mel's face was pushed into the pussy she was eating. Em, captivated, watched with her eyes half shut, a growing flush spreading across her smooth tits as she held Mel's head close with one hand, and tweaked her own nipples with the other. I guessed that in the same way, Em would want the stimulation of a filled cunt: as she'd said before, she does like a cock involved—although Mel's mouth seemed to have been pretty good.


FUCK MY GILFRIEND I Can Get you to Her ¡¡¡¡ She´s

group cogelon777 2018-09-10

then you could discretly invite other guys dancing to join and sandwitch her from there you guys take her to your hotel and gangbang her all night , or if she said yes to the cinema , you could start groping her discretly and more and more ,goping her titts to make her tight cunt verywet then you might get a blowjob while still at the movie theater to get her Really wild and horny then to the the hotel you could fuck her over and over as much as you wanted bareback and crazy horny on acid while you take video of whatever is happenig.


group funguy55 2018-09-10

Next step, weeks later my Mrs asked me what i thought about K (nameprotection)and did i fance fucking her of course i said no but she wanted a straight answer so i said that yes she was very sexy but i was happy with her, this went on to a invite to them to come over to our house that sat/night and my mrs & k had set up a surprise for me and Ks hubby that we both didnt know about,aftera good few drinks we were told to sit back and relax then to both our surprise K and my mrs started kissing and feeling each other up in the middle of the floor not sure about Ks hubby but my cock was very hard this went on till both of them were naked on the floor kissing and licking eack others tits and fannys, we were told to strip off and keep watching so both of us sat with cocks in hand as they gave us a great show.

Preeti Good Fun

group jasexy28 2018-09-10

I tugged her panties down beside her pantyhose and left them at the top of her thighs, as Erik rubbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart slightly to expose her soft dark asshole and dark hair covered pussy lips. He took his cock and rubbed it in between her lips several times until the head was wet with her juices, then I moved my hand down and pulled her pussy open for him. At times I would open my fingers and let my hand slide down over her ass and pussy and could feel Erik’s cock sliding between my fingers as he fucked her.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 19

group riverboy 2018-09-10

I want your help," she said, suddenly looking like she might burst into tears. "I like the way this girl thinks," Julia said, as she broke out some wine. "We could put in a nice sound system and lighting, and Carol can paint a big sexy mural," Lindsey said, getting excited. "I hope you don't think I'm too selfish girls, but I'd love to have at least ten minutes with Steve and Bobby at the same time," Carol said. "God, I've been dying to get my hands on this ever since you modeled for my class," Carol said, crawling on her hands and knees to Bobby and sucking his half-hard cock into her mouth.


Anna's Adventure Ch. 01

group loveking 2018-09-10

She wondered how obvious it might look under her white blouse and black skirt but somehow the idea of walking into the hotel bar dressed like that excited her. As Jenny's tongue made its initial contact Anna thought she would fall over because her legs felt like they had turned to jelly, but somehow both girls managed to support her. Both girls then walked slowly round her, both of them checking her out before Jenny said, "OK Anna, you are nearly ready, we just need to attach the lead!" As Jenny spoke she reached into a nearby cupboard and pulled out a long leather dogs lead. Before Anna realised what was happening she felt Jenny pull the lead that was attached to the collar and followed her back through the door to the bar.


Well... Ch. 17

group Pegleg 2018-09-10

"We know you have had a busy day in the garden today George," said Mary as I sat with my mouth agape at the lovely sight before me, "so you are going to watch for a little, while Ann and I play." The sight was incredible; Mary's look of bliss as Ann fingered her soaking pussy and Ann's gathering glow as James played with her. I heard the snap of the crutch poppers of both basques as the girls released themselves fully and each started to play with themselves as they paid full homage to James with their tongues and fingers.

To Please a Woman (with a Man)

group Hornydog354 2018-09-10

Taking my 10 inch hard cock, I slowly push it into Najica cunt and feel the sensation over taking my mind. Before I could kiss her, I felt Najica soft silk hands rubbing my huge cock. I felt her pinky hit my prostate as she slowly finger fuck my asshole. As Najica continues to finger fuck my hole, I feel the pressure starting to build within me. "I am one of Najica gay friends." Jack said as he took a seat. "Yes, Officer Najica." Jack said as he wipes his face off. Without a moment hesitation, I push my cock into Jack's tight asshole. Slapping against his ass, Jack is moaning like a bitch in heat.

A Christmas Carole

group Slickman 2018-09-10

“Well, I don’t need a webpage designer right now.” Tony said trying not to be negative. “I’m sure I’m the person you need.” Carole said while moving forward in her chair. Would that be a problem?” Tony said looking down at her resume. “You know this is not mandatory.” Tony said as he watched her pull her white blouse off her shoulders. “I said maybe.” Carole giggled as she moved back to the chair and pulled up her skirt. “You know you have to be at least 18 for this job.” Tony said not finding her birthday anywhere. “Well, you have great experience but, some of the other tasks might involve some modeling.” Tony said wondering what her reaction might be.


Fantasy Vacation Ch. 15

group Silverfox0551 2018-09-10

"Don was telling me up at the shower that Carol wants to fuck Ed!" Mike replied checking out the expression on Terri's face as he told her. "He told her if that's what she wanted it was okay with him so long as he could fuck either Janice or Lori." Mike said, looking for some kind of favorable expression on his lovely wife's face. Mike looked straight into wife's' big brown eyes and said, "yes, I would like to fuck those two black beauties but more than that, I want to see you take your first black cock then I want to join in and get sloppy seconds.

What a Night in Glasgow

group zamore 2018-09-10

I met him in a chat room and started the conversation as I usually did - by describing my hot girlfriend - tall, thin, with a tight ass, 34b tits, long black hair and blue eyes, 29 years old. I told him that while I had never asked her outright for fear of her reaction that I'd often thought of setting up a situation where something might happen, and encourage her if it looked likely We talked on. "I want you to fuck my sweet tight pussy with your hard cock!" The sight of his hard cock entering her and the look on her eyes I felt humiliation, anxiety, FEAR, isolation, rejection...AND a level of sexual arousal I've never experienced before.

Encyclopedic Encounters Ch. 3

group Kahless 2018-09-10

He felt as if he were in one of Dante's levels of Hell - looking at but not being able to touch the one that he soo yearned for - Kelli. Daniel immediately looked about and Kelli noticed and giggingly stated, Kelli said, "Lexie...this is Daniel" Lexie then grabbed Daniel's now incredibly hard cock and said to him, She then kneeled in front of Daniel with his hard, thick cock dangling right above her lips and looked at Kelli with a smile and said, Daniel instantly shot over to Kelli but Lexie held him back and lovingly said, Lexie slowly crawled between Kelli's legs and started to lick and kiss the inside of her thighs.

Jack and Jeannie

group northparkbi 2018-09-10

With a smile and a kiss, Jeannie leaned down on the couch and began to lick and nibble at the head of my cock, which had finally reached its full eight inches, and I tickled and twisted her nipples, and nibbled at the base of her neck and earlobes when she came back up to where I could reach them, while Jack did his level best to find her G spot with his tongue. Taking a cue from his raised eyebrows, and a tilt of his head, I lay down on my side and, lifting her upper leg, dove into her snatch face first, thoroughly licking her juices from her puffy labia, and then lapping deeper and wider, alternating between getting my tongue as deep into her as my cock had been, and licking around and through her slit, concentrating my attention on her clit, just often enough to keep her off-center and thoroughly aroused.

Ezmerelda Wins the Bet

group SPEN STERLING 2018-09-10

"As you wish, Queen Ezmerelda," said Dan. He realized Gia's motivation, as he would have to stand on the front of the couch and lean between the two girls to get to the picture frame. She lifted one leg over Ezmerelda's so the two girls' feet were tangled up on Dan's lap, and he took a moment to be thankful he had lost the bet — his lucky hands were caressing four pretty, oil covered feet, attached to two beautiful sets of long, lean legs, sexily intertwined. "Well, Ezmerelda wishes for her slave to give her good friend Gia a shoulder massage," she said.