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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

[b]How I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and t

group Bullfrog333 2018-09-10

How I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and turned her into my Fuck Toy Linda was very open and pure but there was a lust, a neediness in her eyes that made me want to take my time with her. A week before the story of how I brought out the inner Slut in Linda and turned her into my Fuck Toy I took her to an Irish pub on Ventura Blvd near Topanga Cyn. Linda looked stunning in the same Red Dress I had first met her in, high heels, and no panties. Standing at the door I turned to Linda and said, "Your safe word is Red Sox."

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 09

group SusanJillParker 2018-09-10

Walter looked from Jim to Tom and to Henry to make sure that they understood not to talk when with his tied to the bed and blindfolded wife. Walter knew that once Linda was made to know and publically shamed that she was having sex with three of his friends, there'd no longer be that silent, mutual understanding between them. Walter was ready to return the dialogue to the business at hand of his three friends having group sex with his wife but Tom beat him to the punch again. When all he could think of is having sex with Tiffany and Tiffany sucking his cock, here are his three best friends telling him how wonderful, hot, and sexy Linda is in bed and what a great cocksucker she is.


Santorini Paradiso Ch. 06

group lamoureuse 2018-09-10

She whispered in Elena's ear: "You know what - the club was so dark last night that I never got a good look at your boy there, but holy shit - he's fucking amazing." Pam was unable to miss the fact that he continuously held on to her hand or her thigh, and she noted the sweet little kisses that he bestowed on her cheek or in her hair whenever Elena said something funny. She knew that Adonis had received the message, feeling him expel a little sigh as he reached for a tall bottle of water, pouring a large glass for Elena, then politely offering it to Pam and Costis before refilling his own glass.


First Swingers Club Visit. [Fantasy]

group Yiska 2018-09-10

James stood and took my wife’s hand, giving it a gentlemanly kiss, as he smiled and told her how pretty she looked and offered her a seat at another couch not too far away. Another man approached them and not hearing the exchange I could tell James told him that her husband was over there with his wife and they all looked towards us. James rolled on his back, that huge cock sticking up, and my wife leaned over and took both hands and started to lick and suck his cock. Karen asked if I liked watching my wife sucking James cock. Karen pulled me out and went down to help my wife clean James cock.

Awakening Michelle Ch. 02: After

group SeanEdward 2018-09-10

Placing one hand on his thigh, I slowly bend over so Mike can see my tits hanging in front of him and grab his cock through his boxers. I slowly release control of his cock from my hot mouth and look up and catch Mike staring at me with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. I push my chest forward so my tits are rubbing on his thighs as I start to work up a rhythm of sucking his cock in my mouth and slowly letting it fall back out. I'm not working a feverish pace but it's fast enough that my mouth is like a wet pussy, slowly fucking Mike. My pussy feels like it's got a mind of its own as it continues to milk Mike's cock.


A Special Friendship Ch. 01

group texblondie 2018-09-10

Ryan pulled back from the kiss and put his hands on my upper arms, turning me in a circle between them so that I was facing Ben. I expected Ben to kiss me again, but his hands grabbed the bottom of my shirt and jerked it over my head, leaving me all but exposed from the waist up in just a black lace demi bra. His touch was tender, hesitant, and delicate, and when I looked up to Ben's face, I saw complete rapture and a wildness to his eyes that told me he'd wanted this for a very long time and was having trouble controlling himself.


Maggie's Change of Heart Ch. 05

group LittleBea 2018-09-10

"Lord...please Mike, just fuck me!" He laughed at me, parting my pussy lips with the hardness of his cock. Mike started to dress, and turned to me, "You are welcome to come to my place, if you want Maggie. Mike was getting ready to leave, and I didn't want to be left alone with Tom, and the suddenly demonized Charlotte. "Did you know Maggie, I bet you didn't...but, Mike and me used to share Charlotte." Tom finally spoke... "Yeah, well...did you know that Charlotte and I shared Mike last weekend?" It wasn't much a comeback, but it was worth the try. Tom pulled out of me, and in a daze, I watched Charlotte suck him off as he came hard down her throat.


Why Go Home for the Holidays?

group nyrjmk 2018-09-10

Lynn took more than half of my shaft into her warm mouth, rolling her tongue over it as her head bobbed up and down. She unzipped her jeans and slipped her hand into her panties, moaning she said, "I want to feel that long thick cock of your pumping my tight pussy hard baby." Lynn brushed my hand aside from my cock and took she lowered her mouth over the entire length of my shaft. Lynn let out a good moan when she felt that my cock was all of the way inside her. I pumped my cock hard and fast into Lynn's pussy, her hips pushed back against me to meet my thrusts.

Good Girls Go to Heaven Ch. 02

group YourLittleAngelle 2018-09-09

Jacob hungrily plunged his tongue deep into Christie's mouth, only allowing the tip of his cock to press against her dewy canal as their own breathing grew more frantic in tandem with the moans coming from Amber's room. Of Jacob fucking her mercilessly on her hands and knees as he stood beside the bed, of long tender kisses at each of the deserted intersections on the way to his apartment, and lastly of his vibrant green gaze as he'd captured her in one more tight squeeze beside the car in the parking lot as he nibbled her throat, his unkempt black hair tickling her jaw.


New Friends Ch. 02

group rogue01 2018-09-09

The American woman and I had already been snogging and fondling a while before she had sunk her head between my legs, and just as she sensed me coming to orgasm, when again I lolled my head backwards to take one of her husband’s large naked balls delicately in my mouth, she pulled upwards and giggled in her brash provocative way. ‘Go on sugar,’ Chrissy cooed, ‘He won’t mind, he likes it don’t you lover man?’ And she ruffled her hands in his hair as she ground her pussy forcefully into his face. We held each other’s gaze, my movements increasing in strength and pace, while she bucked and ground her pussy hard into my husband’s face, pushing his head down with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other.

A Little Pastoral Care

group neviimkethuvim 2018-09-09

Val and I were in cabins next door to each other on the second floor of a large lodge-type building, and once we got our stuff set up, we headed back out of our cabins to go over to the main meeting area for the high school group. She nodded and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could get anything out, Paul's voice interrupted, making us both jump and turn toward him, slightly guilty looks on our faces. Val could see the door of Paul's cabin from hers, so she kept a look out.


A Christmas Gift from Irina & Woody

group 1mbibry 2018-09-09

My hands,resting on Bobby's muscular thighs, felt them twitch as he studied Woody's toned body and stone-hard cock. Woody stepped closer to get a better look at Bobby's cock and glans-ring as I held and slowly stroked this hot manhood in the palm of my hand. Turning my face back to Bobby I put his cock back into my mouth and began to suck as my tongue washed around the head and rim. Both of my men removed my dress and while Bobby kissed me, licking his pre-cum from the inside of my mouth, and removed my bra, Woody pulled my panties down and discarded them with my dress.

The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 04: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-09-09

I signed in and asked the receptionist to connect me to Morgan, and we arranged to meet in the weight room as soon as I had changed into my gym clothes. "I don't see my body engendering any desire in my husband, but maybe if I had the body of young girl, which is what I was when we first met and fucked in college, maybe, just maybe, he would want to look up from his damn laptop, and fuck me. Obviously, Micah never thought I'd look, because we were able to find several folders in the documents and pictures start menu tab that gave us just the information we wanted.

Oral Exam Ch. 03

group gradprof 2018-09-09

Shannon needed to learn, what happens when naughty little sluts suck on their teacher's balls. Shannon spoke again, this time in a cute, little girl voice, "You know professor, I was soooo jealous of Jessica when she told me that you fucked her up in your office. "Jessica, you taste so good on his dick," Shannon groaned, "but I need to feel him fucking me." I heard Jessica moan as she watched the scene before her. Jessica leaned over and in a sultry voice said, "Gimme some of that." The two women lay down on the bed and began to lick and kiss the cum each other's faces.


Romping with Rhonda

group Alex De Kok 2018-09-09

"It will take a week to get the grin off my face," said Rhonda, winking at Jerry over Cheryl's head. Cheryl's head came up as she let her tongue slide through Rhonda's juices and she turned to look at Jerry over her shoulder. "Sounds like a plan," said Jerry, letting himself slide down on the couch, spreading his legs, feeling Rhonda's hot breath on his prick and balls as she knelt between his legs. "Yeah, you could say that," Jerry breathed, drawing his breath in on a hiss as Rhonda's full lips closed over the end of his prick, an 'O' of pleasure moving down, wet, warm, her tongue moving as her head went down.


Indecent Proposal Ch. 06

group wizarddriver 2018-09-09

She was certainly turned on and struggling to lie still as the lady started to massage her lower stomach; slowly working her oiled hands upwards until they very lightly brushed the under curve of her breasts. As we kissed one arm slid around her waist resting my fingertips on the waist band of the leather skirt; and my other hand slid very, very slowly over the curve of her hips, feeling the warm leather brush across my skin as my hand travelled onto her ass. They danced and ground against both of us, but focusing more on Annabel, rubbing against her, running their hands over her hips & ass, obviously enjoying the feel of the leather skirt.


Making The Best Of A Bad Experience

group walterio 2018-09-09

However when Stacy went into the city for the day Joe would invite Peggy the waitress over to the house. Stacy couldn't work in her home as she could not get the image of Joe and the young girl out of her mind. It was about 9:00 PM when Stacy left the main house and said good night to Jonas and Agnes. Stacy stayed at the guest house the rest of the day and later made dinner for herself. Stacy continued to watch the four boys fuck the two girls and she felt her pussy heating up. His seed ran down over her anus and Stacy watched as the boy pushed his cock back in the blonde's ass and fucked her some more.


Hen (Bachelorette) Party Last Saturday

group zamore 2018-09-09

'You can't let the future bride go her hen night without a stripper' she says. Passing over her pussy once, twice, then the third time I move in and lick her. Well, this girl is screaming and moaning now, and it isn't long at all before she's cumming all over my face and I am licking up every drop. I never tasted on pussy right after another, but let me tell you, I'd recommend it. It felt amazing to have two girls cum like that. I must have licked her for 10 minutes before she pulled my head into her pussy and came with a long low scream.

Poke Her Night

group litty700 2018-09-09

Seeing how sexy his wife looked right now, John wasn't entirely sure it was such a good idea, Bob would surely think she was hot as well, but then again she was right, that was the idea. At the point that she pushed the tip of her finger into his arse opening, John let out a big moan and Sara took a full shot of cum deep into her mouth swallowing it straight down. They continued fucking this way for a couple of minutes, wrapped up in each other's sweating bodies, moaning and panting before Sara told Bob she wanted to get on top.


Chalet Romp

group aussieson 2018-09-09

While I was still sitting trying to cover my nakedness, Helga shrugged out of the towelling robe she was wearing and placed it on the lower bench opposite me. Sven also removed his towel and having placed it on the bench above Helga, he climbed up naked to the bench and lay down on his back. I noticed that Helga had only a small tuft of pubic hair above her pussy which was otherwise quite bare and that Sven had no hair on the shaft of his cock or balls, but only a thin band above. At this moment Sven entered the room and said "I see that Helga has been helping you with your shower.

How We Began Swinging

group Friskee_cpl 2018-09-09

Kay called Julia over and they conspiratorially whispered and nodded towards Sharon who was looking at the woman she'd seen as she entered. What Sharon thought she'd been watching was a porno video but what it actually was, was a woman in her thirties being fucked in the pussy and arse, and sucking on a cock, as someone videoed her in action. Looking around the inner circle Sharon noticed several men in masks just standing there pulling on their cocks waiting for the chance to fuck the birthday girl. A cheer came up from the gangbang as one of the guys emptied his cock all over Maria's face, but Sharon quickly looked back at the Asian woman enjoying the cock sliding in and out of her pussy.


Silvia's Lesson

group pervinplainpackage 2018-09-09

You become conscious of the eyes of the students gazing at you, trying to catch a glimpse up your lab coat as you step over their outstretched legs. By the time we reached our classroom, you are stepping over outstretched limbs in a way that intentionally flashes, your naked pussy to the young men and women gazing up at you from below. With a naughty grin she remarks, "Looks like this session is going to be too hard for me today, any way Professor!" She picks up the form and spins toward the door after giving the tent in my pants a quick, appreciative glance.


The Neighbors

group RiversEdge2010 2018-09-09

"Okay, just so you're comfortable, Lana, I want to make sure you know exactly what is going to happen so you don't get too shocked. Mark held her head tightly in place as Lana became nervous for Tina's well being, but then he released her and she was free of her husband, exhaling in relief. Lana just watched as Mark's penis literally punched in and out of Tina's mouth like a piston, Tina's mascara running down her face. "At least tell us," Tina exclaimed as she repositioned herself and spread her legs wide, showing off her soaking wet pussy to Lana. "Wow, looks like you soaked through those in no time, Lana," Mark stated.


Growing With Old Friends

group papafrogger 2018-09-09

Sally went over and Preston, after trying to get her back to his room, said he and his friends would take care of the little problem. Smiling at him I held my hand up, "Now, now Preston if we're going to make up you need to let it go boy! I opened my door and we went inside, "I, uh, well ok maybe I wanted to kick his ass a little bit, but he could have just quit making trouble for me, you know?" By the way, I got more than enough DNA to convict you both for attempted rape and assault with intent to do bodily harm, so if you want revenge I suggest you forget it, but just to remind you what it will be like in prison, here help me get these two comfortable will you, please."