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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Between A Man And His Woman

group danielblue 2018-09-09

Anton was a large ox of a man while his wife, Tanya, was a petite and pretty blonde. I could feel my cock start to lurch in my shorts as I crossed my legs. And then I felt the warmth of Anton's chest against me and his urgency nudging between my butt cheeks. We climbed out of the pool and lay down on a large blanket that Anton had fetched from the house. A look of bliss crossed her face as her pussy engulfed my cock. I wondered where Anton was when suddenly his large hands parted my cheeks and his hot tongue kissed my virgin arsehole. I was vaguely aware of both Anton and Tanya getting off around me.

What a MILF! Ch. 03

group ottohauser1977 2018-09-09

The sight of my paramours switching places so that Stacey could straddle Desmond while Carlita made him clean up his mess added to the preexisting stimuli from butt-fucking Katie. I certainly like to indulge in the fetish, as you see," Stacey teased me as she sucked me and licked my dick clean (not that it was dirty, coming straight from Katie's well-trained sphincter). I just sucked Otto's dick here, straight from his wife's ass. At least, I think that he or she is safe, assuming that Otto's wife keeps her asshole clean enough for your mouth. Care to have Patrice and Desmond move in, as well as Stacey and Carlita?" I proposed. Patrice knew that Stacey would live with Katie, Carlita, Desmond, and me.

Tricked to Serve (a story & fantasy) First Par

group TakenMale 2018-09-09

Mistress Alyson sent a friend request, which readily accepted after viewing her profile which contained many of the sexual content that I enjoyed watching bondage, FemDom, Bisex, gay sex, with some punishment, watersports and crossdressing. Mistress Alyson said her husband was out of town, so I drove to the address Mistress Alyson had given me, with a bag containing the contents Mistress Alyson had instructed me to bring, which I had bought over the time knowing Mistress Alyson... Arriving at the appointed time I parked around the corner from her home as instructed, carry my bag I walked up the short drive and used my mobile called Mistress Alyson, rather than knocking again as I had been instructed to.

Fun In The Tub

group latay84 2018-09-09

Laura went to leave the dance floor but Edward grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her in close to him, wrapping his arms around her waist. As people started to leave, Laura stood at the doors, saying her goodbyes and thanking her guests for coming, the whole time wishing people would hurry up and leave so she could be alone with Edward. He kicked his jeans to one side as Laura rubbed the outline of his cock through his boxers before slowly pulling them down his thighs, licking her lips as his big seven inches stood to attention before her wanting mouth. The feeling of his hot cum inside Laura sent her over the edge and she came hard, her whole body shaking as she collapsed onto his chest, desperately trying to catch her breath.

Hot Tub

group jeninflorida 2018-09-09

It's so naughty when a man becomes hard as you know that he's thinking of you and that he wants you to make you his little slut for the night. Renee knew that I was nude, and I'm sure she could tell what Mike was doing. "Mike honey, since it seems that I can't have you, you don't mind if I enjoy your pretty little wife do you?" Brazenly, Renee's hands cupped my breasts and there was no doubt Mike knew what she was doing. Renee worked circles coming ever so close, but not touching my nipples, as I did my best to tease her clit with my fingers. Renee's breast looked perfect and I could see why Mike enjoyed many fantasies about her.

The Festival Ch. 01

group deepblue32 2018-09-09

But she was one of Amy's best friends, and I was in love with Amy so nothing had happened between me and Jen. I'd thought about it a lot, and once or twice when we'd been out in nightclubs, talking into each other's ears so we could be heard above the music, cheeks brushing against each other as we moved, and her hands resting gently on my leg, I'd found myself getting hard and looking at her lips as I talked. "I choose......" I looked from Amy to Jen, keeping them in suspense, letting them think about how it would feel to have my tongue curled around their nipples, my lips gently pulling at them, making it erect.


Book Tour Groupies

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-09-09

Sometimes it took no more than a face to conjure up an entire character-- the flush-faced yet mysteriously exhilarated middle-aged woman walking past the garden store who inspired "Hawaiian Baby Woodrose"; the round girl at the hot dog stand, long since torn down, whose dark and mysterious eyes had led him to write "The Goddess Ramona." Other times it was a place-- the inn out west that had started him thinking about what the lives of the people who worked there would be like, and thus led to "A Maid in Montana," or the bar in the tropics where things like "Big Beautiful Beach" happened all too easily, as Huysmans well knew from experience.


Two Cocks

group EBSFGNCU 2018-09-09

Kevin moved me on the bed and was fucking me when I noticed Jason over my head and I moaned with delight as I get to have cocks at each end of me. Facing away from Jason, I lay back atop him as Kevin got in-between my open thighs and guided his ever-growing cock into my pussy. Jason wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my shoulders to push my body down on his cock buried in my ass while Kevin held open my legs as he drove his cock home in my pussy. Jason grabbed my hips and pounded my ass while Kevin fucked my mouth like it was the deepest pussy he's ever had.

Lindsey's Job Ch. 03

group Xchef 2018-09-09

She very politely said to Lindsey's husband, "Do you always have to be such an asshole, Chris? I spent a nice time talking to both Mary and Lindsey in turn. I was having a good time talking and laughing when Lindsey put her hand on my thigh. Because Lindsey was miserable until the day she came home and wouldn't sit at the table with us for dinner," Mary guessed. "Mind if I borrow him for tonight?" she said to Lindsey running her nails over my cock then stroking lightly. Mary pulled her hand out and licked her cum covered fingers. "Mary, Chris had best not find out about me fucking Lindsey. I pulled my cock out her her then taking her by the hand walked her to the bed.

Frigid Air, Warm Spew Ch. 02

group goldenpalomino 2018-09-09

Sable panties and ski tights in a wad at her ankles, round firm breasts peaking from a sky blue top and sports bra bunched around her slender waist, and snug in her creamed muff a immense wet cock with its recently released white spunk deep within her, Anya purrs in the warm sunlight and dry meadow grass as I, behind, run a hand through her flaxen hair and, with the other, fondle her curved and alluring bright white ass. All seven in the Xanterra group appear suspended in disbelief as Anya, breathless, reaches them and orders the men to "let them go, let them go RIGHT NOW!" They all comply though Trevor, with his massive, thick wet cock only just removed from Andrea's lips, moves more slowly and reluctantly than the other four.


Zumba Group Class

group NiteHawk086 2018-09-09

We locked the door behind us, set our things aside, then Tyler said, “Well Jennifer, you’ve been working our butts pretty good the last two months; guess it’s our turn now to give that hot bod a good work over and get you nice and sweaty.” We flipped her over on the ball, then he mounted her doggy style from behind, while Tyler and I stood at her head taking turns having her fuck our cocks with her mouth. He and I furiously worked our dicks deep in her while Keith held her head tightly with fistfuls of hair while making her mouth fuck his cock.

Kelly Ch. 3

group mmumbles 2018-09-09

They gathered around the dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner with Dan's parents, Kelly with Dan, Shannon with Sandy. Sandy went alone and Shannon headed for Kelly's. With the treatment she had been getting lately from Shannon, Sandy had come to regret some of the things she'd done to Kelly. Shannon and Dan liked each other and if those two got together and Kelly became available, Sandy would be ready. Kelly was worried about her session with Shannon. She ran her hand down Kelly's spine and pushed her fingers under her shorts and panties. Kelly, thoroughly cowed, stayed bent over nude, panties and shorts in her hand. Kelly handed them up to Shannon. Shannon placed the humming vibrator against Kelly's slit.

Seduction in an Elevator

group msgrant67 2018-09-09

Without a thought, Ray took the tray; Kim grabbed the bags, and the two of them headed to the elevator. Jenny was greeting Ray as the elevator door closed completely and jolted as it started moving up. With Jenny keeping Ray's attention focused on her while they exchanged hellos, Kim nonchalantly tipped her glass and intentionally spilled some of her drink on the front of Ray's pants, underneath the tray he was carrying. Kim motioned him to "Shh" as Jenny noticed that Ray had nowhere to retreat to so her strokes became more firm, and she began to rub directly up and down his shaft. Ray didn't think anything of it as Kim asked him if he was still ok holding the tray while Jenny fixed it.


group ranger_ 2018-09-09

Jen was shocked, look it’s not tiny said Alan and as the old guy walked past he grabbed Jen’s hand pulling it over onto his dick, the old guy had a good look at Jen and it was obvious he thought it stranger her sitting with the young lad. Alan said to her look, just wank me off and we’ll leave you alone, the dog walker had moved on and Jen pulled her hand away I’m not wanking you off in a public park with those two watching. Brown eyes stood in front of her savouring the view, Jen felt unable to move as she peered into the dark pools, he walked forward placing a hand on her breast he looked straight into her eyes but said nothing but lowered his head to suck on her nipple.

3 in < 24 hours

group fotisampini 2018-09-09

Jane and I got dressed in her room sharing some wine, which sure helped I told him I had to get going, because I needed to shower after my run. God it felt good and I guess time got away as I lingered because I never I felt kinda wild all wet-fucking like that. dessert I took off my jacket while he went to the men’s room. cock and sucked his balls cause I wanted to and I knew he liked it. with my tits the way I liked and got me worked up. I got up and went to clean up, his cum running “Well maybe the kind who would like to have her ass fucked.”

What Are "Friends" For Ch. 03

group sex4u 2018-09-09

While Sue cooked Jim and I had time for a good morning fuck would you like to join us?" Rob's cock was deep in Sue's slippery pussy, Jim fucking June. Her pussy was very wet, it still had the remains of her last fuck with Rob and Jim. Pushing deep with his first thrust then slowly pulling part way out, then deep again. Jim went to where Mike was happily fucking June and kneeling down near her head offered his cock to her mouth. With Jim's cock in her mouth and Mike fuckin her sloppy pussy June was in heaven. As they were getting dressed Mike asked Rob if he and June would like to come to a gathering at their house next weekend.

Total Massage

group TryAnything 2018-09-09

The second time I worked up her leg, I didn't stop at the junction of her leg and pelvis, but continued up onto her ass, massaging and kneading her entire ass cheek, lifting it, spreading it apart, letting my fingers slide down the crack between her cheeks, over her rosebud, down across her pussy and between her pussy lips fleetingly before working back up to her ass cheek. "Oh, her eyes got real big," Denise said with a laugh, "then she blew my mind by asking me if I thought it would be okay if she contacted you herself for a massage."


Wagner Park Ch. 03

group charlessmythe 2018-09-09

I can't describe the feelings of crossing a bridge that I knew I wasn't capable of crossing and how it felt for the first time in my life to have a cock in my mouth shooting its cum and me swallowing it. As I started to suck I felt his throbbing man meat growing inside my hot mouth and knew my anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. When James started working his hips Dwayne moved behind me, grabbed my head and held me in place, while he fucked me. And judging from the look on Mitchel's face when he cummed in my mouth, another cock is being added to our Friday night drive-in ritual.

A Trip to the Desert

group northparkbi 2018-09-09

Patsie rolled and laughed out loud when she rolled a 4, and then turned and kissed Spence long and deep, with more than a bit of moaning and groping. Then Spence, after he caught his breath, and looked at Andy, who simply said "Truth." Everyone looked at each other in surprise, and I went with the silliness of the situation, and put my arms around myself and extravagantly and noisily kissed the inside of my elbow, moaning and groaning as Spence and Patsie had not a minute earlier, but while it got a lot of laughs, it also got called by everyone in the room. Then Spence looked to Andy, who just said "Truth." And then when Chrissie also said "Truth", Andy asked her the same question.


Tales of Dirty Old Man: Background

group Andyhm 2018-09-09

The story is set in the last 6 months of 2006, and follows Andy as he reconnects with life and the family after his wife's death several years earlier. The family started as a loose group of friends in Saudi Arabia, who met or went there in a relationship in the 1980's. The first family members were Andy, Ros, Julia and Mike and they were quickly joined by Peter, Ann, Jeff and Gillian [see the character lists below] The Contessa Simone Helena Rachael Laurent-Duval (Simi) is Andy's fiancé and 32 years old. Michael (11) and Anna Laurent-Duval (9) are Simone and Bernard's children (although mentioned in this section, as they are not 18 they are of course not full family members)

Neighborhood Bar

group Caoimhe 2018-09-09

I would playfully announce the want to kill or at least torture whomever had devised the wireless rabbit that was buried within the slick walls of my pussy, turned on at some of the more inopportune moments of the meal -- like when the waiter approached the table to take our orders; I was quietly grateful though for your usual style of ordering everything, even though I knew speech at that point would have left the poor man wondering for awhile. Perhaps I should have split my attention -- because without warning, just as the bartender suddenly pulled back, his own hand working upon split slicked shaft, his cum shooting out in ropes upon my face -- another set of hands pulled at my hips, moving me to kneeling.


Something About A Man

group VanessaAnn 2018-09-09

Marcus began to rub the head of his cock on the same nipple that Steve was working over. Steve raised his head, and as he was going back down for another taste of my nipple, Marcus intercepted and slid the head of his cock ever so slightly into Steve’s mouth. Steve drew back with a look of embarrassment, but Marcus pulled his head forward and held his throbbing cock out and told Steve to suck it. I was rubbing my marble sized clit, and just when I was about to cum, Marcus pulled his cock out of Steve’s mouth and stared directly into his eyes. I looked over in the bed expecting to see two satisfied faces, but Steve and Marcus both lay there snoring, bellies up.

walking the dog

group picturepainter1 2018-09-09

I felt him run his hand over curvy bum cheeks through the material of my skirt and shivered feeling my eyes suddenly well up with tears. As I felt one man behind me Phil suddenly placed his hands on my chest, feeling my soft breasts through the material of my top and bra. Tears started to flow freely from my eyes now as I stood practically naked and trembling in front of four men who I was sure were now intent on r****g me!“See?” Said the man called Phil. I gasped again and moaned as the stranger leaned into me, pushing me into the tree as his cock snaked its way up into my body until I finally felt the tickle of his pubic mound against my bum cheeks.

Three Times a Lady

group HungLikeAMonkey 2018-09-09

My long thick cock, satisfied her tight cunt- it was so in need of a hard fuck. Finally, as my cock was gripped in the tight vice of a 25 year old cunt it came- I unloaded a bucket of cum deep inside her. Her face went red at first, then gave way to arousal.She took off her clothes and slapped me hard across the face as I fucked Amy. Lowering her cunt over Amy's mouth, Sophia faced me. Unexpectedly I took my cock out and came all over Amy's tummy and Sophia's tits- covering the girls in hot sticky cum. Sophia dropped to Amy's pussy and started to lick her out, cum rubbing between the girls hot, lithe bodies.