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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Annual Beach Week

group eymach 2018-09-09

Laci's thoughts wondered briefly, as she whispered in Stan's ear, "Do you think Tom got some good loving last night?" For the past few years, Stan and Pat Gunnels and Tom and Laci Boden arrived at the beach cottage they had routinely rented for their annual week. Laci spoke up and said, you know guys Pat and I started reminiscing about some of the more sexy things we've done together and thought it might be a good way of getting ourselves all worked up before we go off to bed. Pat continued, "Hell, let me tell you something, little Miss-Priss Laci here had those naked legs almost wrapped around Tom's ass.


Erik's Birthday Bash

group andros14 2018-09-09

I couldn’t do it at a lot of my friend’s houses for the simple reason that they didn’t know about this little love affair that was going on. I ended up having her arrange for Erik to come over to her house for god-knows-what on the night of his birthday. Steph had informed Erik that the house might be dark if we were watching TV, but he should still ring the doorbell and we’d come get him. The phones were still working and Steph wanted to call her parents and tell them that Erik and I had gotten there safely, despite the snowstorm. I played along, letting Erik think that I didn’t want Steph to catch us.


Harley Heaven Ch. 2

group Grease Bunny 2018-09-09

All this leather is turning me on." Blondie lowered her hand into the large opening in the front of the chaps and stuck that long finger Spike had been licking right up inside her. He comes over every night about this time to clean the place." Spike let his grandson in and Woody looked at us like he was looking at "Penthouse." "Here, Woody," I instructed, "put this dolphin tattoo right here on the inside of my thigh." He was going wild right about then and his squirming under Blondie's touch made it clear he was eager for a little faster hand action than her slow stroking and fondling.

Jenny Ch. 1

group Easy Street 2018-09-09

Mike got off the bed and untied her, then led her to the bathroom, where he started the shower and washed her all over, By the time they left the shower he had lathered her pubes and shaved them completely, following it up by rubbing her newly bald pussy until she leaned against him and groaned out an orgasm under the rapidly cooling water of the shower. When he opened the door for her she knew he could see her swollen pussy as she gout out, and when he kissed her standing next to the car she felt his hand slip under her skirt to squeeze her ass before walking into the restaurant.


So Big, Baby, So Big!

group libidinal 2018-09-09

One thing led to another and they found such a man, Yvette thrilled to be able to watch that man suck Don’s cock, to see Don fuck him up the ass. Though Yvette loved nothing more than handling and sucking a massively oversized cock -- and Tommy’s thick, steely ten-inch tool would certainly qualify – what aroused her almost as much now was seeing Don do the same to Brian’s. “Here, baby, take them both,” Yvette said, pulling away from Tommy and pulling his shaft over to Don’s face, having Don hold him with his other hand, holding on to both young studs now while sucking one. That’s it, baby, suck those cocks!” Yvette hissed, watching closely, pushing back on Don’s head as his mouth ravenously engulfed the two stunning penises.


My Girlfriends Mom

group zimabean 2018-09-09

Her mom had gone out with a few friends so Sarah and I thought we could sneak in some one on one fuck time. I had just got in deep in sarahs pussy when we heard her mom come thru the front door. A bonde was on her back on the floor with her cunt facing us and a fat guy plunged in deep and banged away, Sarah and I got very turned on by watching this cock slide in and out of her pussy, he soon creamed in her pussy and withdrew his dick. The third woman was getting it from behind, watching her boobs sway to the mans rythym soon sent my nut juice flowing into Sarah as that guy filled that womans pussy with his cream.

Playing With Balls

group Mike W 2018-09-09

Within seconds naked men are peering into the fog, accustoming heir eyes to the sight of Lisa under the shower stroking her hair back under the cascade, her tits perfectly round and erect as her hands caress the back of her neck. Lisa slides a hand down across her taut nipple and snakes it down her stomach, through her v of thick glistening hair, and opening her legs continues her exploration between her thighs, smiling as two fingers stroke her engorged, oily clit. "I want you both." says Lisa and guides Alan's cock towards her swollen lips, "but you'll have to share." Before the men know it their shafts are rubbing together inside Lisa.

Katie & Jack's Road Trip Adventure

group KenLukin 2018-09-09

She massaged her own boobies for a few seconds, then Katie grabbed her hands and pulled them back toward her breasts so she could play with Brittni's. Katie turned toward me and pulled Brittni with her, then gave me a kiss and slipped down onto her knees. Katie leaned in and massaged and suckled Britt's lovely tits, then slowly kissed her way lower until she was on her knees in the shower. She pulled away to regain her balance, leaned way down to give Katie a firm kiss, then said, "Now you." Katie squealed in delight as Britt finger fucked both of her lower orifices enthusiastically, and soon she shuddered with an intense, quivering orgasm.


Trucker Fucker Ch. 03

group Master_Supercock 2018-09-09

When he comes back you are just starting to awaken from your orgasmic pass out, and feel my soft cock against your cheek, the truckers cum deep in your cunt mixed with your own, dribbling down your thighs. Coming round and begging us now to stop, to please fill your ass and cunt with cum and let you rest, we quicken our pace building towards filling your willing holes, we both explode inside you, pushing you over the edge one last time, and again you pass out, partially with pleasure, and also partly through sheer exhaustion.

Biker Bitch (Part 1)

group albertaman24 2018-09-09

My wife came out of the bathroom and I told her that we had to go and see these guys boss in room 118. The biker who we later found out was named Rick reached over and pushed me away and told of the guys sitting on the couch to come over and strip her. I said come on please give me a few minutes so they left the room and i finally calmed my wife down. Rick and the 3 other came back into the room and he moved over to use and said well "are you going to strip or are you going to need assistance". My wife went to get dressed and Rick said "Hold on babe there is the payment for staying in our motel".

Cuckolded By A Couple

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-09-09

Then she said, “did you notice how big Adam’s cock was?” We talked more and I told her about my conversation with Lisa about Maria playing with the two of them on her own while I stayed at home. Once again it’s sort of hard to remember exactly what happened but after we hung up on you I started to suck on Sir Adam some more with Madam Lisa and got his cock really hard again. Maria sent Adam and Lisa an email to let them know what a great time she had and to let them know that she wanted to meet them again soon.

Will and Lynn Share the Friend

group willandlynn 2018-09-09

Uncomfortable, Gabe turned towards a showerhead, but undaunted, Lynn approached his back with a handful of shower gel, and began lathering and massaging his back. Lynn quickly began gasping and crying out in pleasure as Gabe both gently and relentlessly fucked her with his mouth and tongue. She began an obscene litany, which was music to Will's ears as he enjoyed the way that Gabe sensitively and passionately made love to his lover. Declaring herself to now be the most out of control person in the room, Lynn began panting, then demanded in a most unladylike way that Gabe penetrate her with his penis. Obediently, Gabe gently placed the leaking head of his cock within Lynn's wide open pussy, and began to gently ease it within the silkiness of her sex.


Friday's Sleepover

group ForbiddenLust18 2018-09-09

We took it in turns to suck and play with him, stopping to kiss each other as he watched, we both looked into his eyes while we shared him. I learnt over and kissed Jasmine, our tongues dancing together, she was moaning as we kissed, her breathing was getting heavier until she eventually grabbed hold of the bed sheets, I rubbed my pussy as I watched her cum on his face, bringing myself to orgasm too, my own pussy tightened on his dick as I had the most intense orgasm of my life. "Lay in front of her, baby." Tyler said, so I did, with my legs wide open she licked my pussy, starting with my wet hole and moving onto my clit.

Breeder Slut

group Girl Friend 2018-09-08

The cute guy introduced himself as Jim and Josie asked him what was a cute-looking guy like him doing parked right behind her car on Saturday night. Alex and Kyle climbed into the back of Jim's truck taking turns stroking Josie's pretty red hair and groping her breasts from behind. And with that said he inserted his cock all the way deep inside Josie's pussy. "I'm next!" Alex exclaimed as he inserted his cock all the way deep inside Josie's pussy. "Nice!" Kyle exclaimed as he pulled apart her pussy lips to watch the two other men's cum pooling onto the bed beneath Josie.

My First Threesome

group BluSkiez 2018-09-08

With my eyes closed, I can imagine someone else sitting in the corner, a stranger, a man, naked, secretly watching us, getting harder and harder as my groans grow louder, watching my husband's shaft as he pulls almost all the way out, my pussy wet, waiting for the plunge, then hearing me sigh as he fills me again. He lifted his mouth off my nipple long enough to say, "I know you want my hard cock inside you," then returned to his work on my throbbing tit. It felt like it went on for hours, clit throbbing, cunt hot, the muscles in my asshole clenched around his two fingers, zaps of energy coursing through my whole crotch with every pulse.


Rachel and Patricia

group DVS101 2018-09-08

As Rachel slithered into my lap I looked over at Len and Patricia and my good buddies cock was out and in her hand, one of her amazing tits was exposed and he was sucking on the nipple of the other. Len was sitting on the couch, legs out; Patricia was straddling him, facing towards us, and riding up and down on his cock, groaning in pleasure, as her big tits bouncing up and down. I looked to my right and Patricia was doing the same thing to Len, her hand a blur as her mouth was firmly closed around the head of his cock.

64-Year-Old Finds Fantastic Sex

group UOFAKRON44 2018-09-08

She said had spent a lot of time on her computer, playing games, shopping on line, writing emails, but she never thought to look for stories. "Mary, you know, telling you about college, writing stories, gives me a whole lot of ideas for some more good erotic stuff. "You read the story, that's the way I like to have sex, build up to it, slow and easy, I want this to be a great experience. "I'm so hot I want to get in bed and screw NOW, But if you insist, let's have a glass of wine on the back porch and sip wine and kiss and you can finger fuck me and talk and have that as our foreplay and then fuck, screw, suck and lick.


Pool Party Voyeur

group rj_mcdonnell 2018-09-08

I resolved to stay in her room stoking my cock faster and faster until I came, all the while imagining fucking her mouth, tits, pussy, and ass. I was getting a side view now and could see the man she was kissing fondling her tits with both hands, while the married man moved her hips and ran his hands over her legs and ass. The married man leaned back and watched my half-naked stepmom pleasure him with her mouth. I couldn't believe that my mother would allow two men - one of them married - to fondle, strip, fuck her, and cum inside her the way she did, then so nonchalantly rejoin the party.

Sex and the Office Ch. 02

group sarahloveitt 2018-09-08

When Tony joined the office team, having moved from Manchester, Penny ignored him, until she discovered, almost by chance, some time after he had joined them, that he was involved in the Amateur Theater movement. Whether or not Tony was aware of his wife's adultery, Penny wasn't sure. Tony wasn't the sort of man who usually attracted her, but Penny admired him for his fine direction, particularly of the classics. Penny had never felt the need to make suggestive advances to Tony for the purpose of getting a part. Penny looked round imperiously as she spoke, but Tony wasn't there. Over the past few days Penny had thought of nothing else but Tony; remembering his kisses, his roaming fingers.


I Lost a Bet to My Friend

group Norwayadventure 2018-09-08

The woman who I want to marry moved her eyes up to Frank, she looked up at him as her small hand wrapped around his cock. "Play your card right and I might ask my little whore if she wants to suck your cock more often." I explain with a small smile on my lip as he nodded eagerly. "Let me help you there." Frank said, grabbing the thong and pulling it to the side so that the head of my cock would easily and slowly slide into my bitch. She eagerly started to ride me as Frank stood next to her, holding into her hair as she looked up at him, riding me and hungrily sucking cock for me to watch.

Best-Case Scenario Ch. 03

group Xenolan 2018-09-08

I knew I could probably accelerate the process by pulling out the envelope with the cash, but it was a substantial investment and I wanted to be as sure as possible that these were the right women to spend it on. "Mmm, like this?" Sylvia asked, as she closed her eyes and brought her lips up to Erica's. On another wall stood a large cabinet with glass doors held all manner of devices and adult toys, some of which I'd never seen or heard of and couldn't immediately tell how they might be used (just as an example, they later said that one of the more mysterious items was a strap-on for a man that was specifically designed so that he could satisfy three women who would all straddle him in a row).


A Weekend Away From The Office Ch. 03

group RubieRed 2018-09-08

"We'll be right there." Lana and Jared are going over the reports together and Sandy nods and returns to her desk. "Excuse me, but I'm afraid I'll have to climb onto the table to do this." she looks quizzically from Jared to Lana and they both nod their approval. Mr. James is looking up directly at her pussy now, while his hands run up and down her legs over her stockings. Jared is smiling as he watches his new client licking and sucking at his partner's ample tits. Lana walks closer to him and as she does she pinches Sandy's nipple without taking her eyes off of Mr. James. You've already got my check." Mr. James wraps his hands around Lana's waist and brings her onto his lap.

Welcome to the Resort

group Argonaut_1975 2018-09-08

"Welcome, I'm John Prester, this is my wife Sophia." They took his hand gingerly in turn, trying to look into his eyes, aware that the dampness of his fingers may have come from their female relatives. Watching, John could see that Anna, Lisa and Monica followed their mothers' lead in waxing their bikini area, while Isabella and Josie had trimmed and shaped pubic mounds, Isabella a small triangle of hair, Josie a landing strip. Sophia had turned Anna, and was kissing her deeply as her fingers stroked the young girl's clitoris. Although small busted, Anna had lovely long nipples and Sophia paid appropriate homage to them before licking her way down the girl's belly to her virgin pussy.


Three for Fun

group bi56 2018-09-08

Dotty flicks her tongue over your cock-head, her hand teasing, stroking your length into her luscious mouth. You are both on your side now, your cock buried deep in her lovely, sucking mouth, my face immersed in her splendid ass and pussy. Your mouth engulfs my cock, and it feels like a magnificent, drenched pussy! Now she has two fingers deep in my ass, urging my mouth to suck your beautiful cock deeper and harder. We are bouncing, trembling, twitching on the bed like satyrs and nymph, smelling, tasting all the delights of cocks and cunt. Dotty, with your face in a vise-like grip between her legs, is filling your mouth with gushes of her cunt-cream.