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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Real First Time with 2 Milf's at Once!

group hockeyc999 2018-09-08

This is especially true of a MILF friend of mine, big boobs, and the most incredible big, fat, white mommy ass :) Me and her met secretly and played together a few times alone. They asked me to lay between them and my friend climbed on me and rode me cowgirl style as her friend kissed me and licked my balls. After a while I erupted a huge load inside condom.....her friend ate my cum out of her pussy and tongue her ass. She then said "wiggle your huge cock in my tight ass baby" which I happily did! Her friend licked her ass and cleaned the cum off of her.

Teaser, Texas

group TxRad 2018-09-08

Bill's wife, a tall slender black woman, was sitting on the edge of the pool with a blonde female head buried between her wide spread legs. Carol bounced on the trampoline a couple of time and then pulled up her legs and landed on her pretty round ass. Carol was now sitting on the edge of the trampoline facing me, her legs wide apart, and leaning back on her arms. As she pulled my head down and forward, toward her inviting sex she whispered, "I think you'll find my number right down here, just use your tongue to do the dialing." When I flicked that hard little bud with the tip of my tongue, Carol yelled and grabbed my head.

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 06

group redkathleen 2018-09-08

Then she got talking to some guys she knew and, following her like little lambs, Jill, Lynn and I found ourselves being chatted up by them too. I spread my legs wider, so wanting to feel the wonderful deep penetration I'd felt before but, despite his efforts -- and he really was driving me upwards with every thrust -- it felt more like being jabbed with his little finger! I felt tears well up in my eyes as Karen's words struck me and also the guilt that, once again, I'd behaved like a dirty, cheap slut. I felt Karen's arms around me, giving me a protective cuddle and, without thinking about what had happened before, I buried my face into her shoulder, heaving great sobs while she putted my back and reassured me.


First Threesome

group traghip2003 2018-09-08

Raquel was watching Margie suck me and said "Hold her hair, I can't see." I held up Margie's hair with my right hand and slid my left down the back of Margie's shorts and ran my finger along the crack of her ass. Margie got a bit restless with me running my fingers down her ass to her pussy and said it was her turn to get some tongue and sat up and started pulling off her shorts. Margie said she was sure I'd be good with it and would do that if Raquel would watch while she got fucked by me, and that was how the plan came together.


Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 04

group Benny024 2018-09-08

When my cock was hard, I pulled my shorts over it, left the booth, and slowly walked by the couple on my way to the cashier. This time when I walked by the young couple, I looked directly into the woman's eyes. At one point, he pulled out completely and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him motion for the woman to look down at my gaping asshole. When he leaned his head over to suck on her luscious titties, his cock immediately began to swell and he began using my mouth the same way he'd used her pussy. The coating of sperm in my ass helped, as she ever so slowly, began to move her fingers in and out of my anus, gradually getting more of her little hand inside me.

Gold Card Ch. 14

group MungoParkIII 2018-09-08

I watched Janis grab one of Susan's breasts with both hands as she slipped her mouth on her nipple. With Susan coming, I watched as Janis moved her tiny body down underneath me and began licking my balls as I pushed my cock into Casey. Unfolding her legs from Allison, she leaned over and gave her a big kiss and then she looked at me, but before she could move, Casey and Janis moved in, Casey pushing her back on the bed and straddling her face while Janis splashed her face into Susan's pussy. When Susan and Janis finally pulled apart Casey looked over at a clock on the wall and said, "Oh my, I better get dressed here."


A Dream Comes True

group gen_man69 2018-09-08

Linda stood up and calmly walked into the shower cubicle and started to rub against Tracy kissing her cheek and hugging her tight, turning inside the cubicle to keep me entertained. Tracy moaned as she felt Linda's finger while closing her eyes and lifting her face up in ecstasy. I closed my eyes as I felt Tracy's finger probing me while Linda cupped my balls, squeezing them gently. I lifted my hips off the bed to get more contact and Linda must have misunderstood my intensions as she parted my legs to and I felt her licking me lower and lower moving closer and closer to my anus. Tracy lifted off my tongue and moved over trying to get a bet look at my cock. I felt Tracy suck my cock hard while fingering my ass.

The Bank Robbery

group angrymanatee1 2018-09-08

As Lilly continued to press her hand into her crotch and felt the piercing make her clit throb, she imagined herself getting up from her seat, making sure no one was watching her, and going into that conference room. She imagined Allison pulling her hands from Lilly's ass and gently putting them up her thighs, underneath her skirt and caressing the outside of her dripping wet pussy. Thankfully, there were no customers coming into the bank and Lilly imagined pulling Allison's jeans and underwear off, then kneeling down to lick her pussy as she remained sitting on that conference room table. Lilly imagined Kevin taking his shirt off with one hand, using his other to pull Allison's head hard against his cock.


Mistress May I

group bryan0578 2018-09-08

Kevin standing behind her was kissing the back of her neck, while Brad and James were kissing and sucking each of her voluptuous tits, and Melody dropped to her knees and started tasting Mistress Ann’s pussy. Kevin slid his hands up and down her curvy body and reached around to Melody’s head grabbing it and pushing her face deeper in Mistress Ann’s pussy. Brad and James, sucking on her breasts, caressed her sexy stomach and rubbed down her thighs, as Melody grabbed their cocks and started to stroke them as she tastes Mistress Ann’s heavenly pussy. *“Cum for me you bi slut, cum all over my whore’s tits and then clean your mess,”* said Mistress as Melody pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it.


group RicknDeb 2018-09-08

I swallowed the creamy goo and then sucked her meaty pussy lips into my mouth as she ground her hard clit against my nose. "Did his cum taste good my love?" she teased as I continued to swallow drops of man juice that I licked from her lips. She started to stroke my hard cock fast as I savored the flavor of her cum filled pussy on my lips. I sucked on his spongy cock head as I pumped my fist over his smooth hard shaft hard and fast while my wife fucked my ass. My dick spasmed and pumped a tremendous load of thick cum into her mouth as my wife eased the vibrator from my ass.

The Contest

group MirageLM 2018-09-08

It started as a joke...Three women, Leza, Emily, and Bridgett, drinking tequila shooters...Bragging about their ability to give blowjobs. The next time she was with Emily and Bridgett, Leza mentioned her lover's "willingness" to serve as the judge of their proposed contest. They both glanced at Jack who nodded his agreement with Leza, "Okay, I guess you're right." Bridgett said as Emily nodded in understanding. Soon the conversation had turned to a variety of ribald jokes and stories and then Jack said, "Okay, ladies. "Okay Jack," Bridgett said as she watched his penis begin to lengthen and harden with Leza's continued stroking, "One last thing...When I stop talking there will be no further talking by us.

Co-Eds With A Plan

group kimmy81 2018-09-08

You start tonight; we can work with your school schedule and whatever else a little later." Then he got up and walked away "Damn hot stuff, you looked like you wanted to fuck right there!" The Asian woman said. I had one guy pull out his dick and try and stick it in my pussy, but politely told him I'm not that kinda girl and put it back in, but I did jack him off in his pants and I got good tip for it. As soon as he said that, Anna looked at me the way she always has when she was telling me to sit on a guys cock.


Handjobs Under Table

group Jenna2222 2018-09-08

Most of these seminars consisted of 200-500 people sitting in a room listening to a bunch of college professors up on stage, sitting at a banquet table talking about the various themes of each seminar. Once I heard him talking, I turned around on my hands and knees, and slowly crawled to the end of the table, where the first guy was. I did it slowly at first to get a nice good feel of him, then I started to stroke him faster and faster, as he got really hard and big in my hands. It was a very exciting moment for both of us knowing that while the crowd is out their watching him try to speak, he was busy sitting there pasting my face.

The Videocamera & the Camping Trip Ch. 4

group Digger66 2018-09-08

They pressed her for details; she said really big cocks were good for fucking, fun but difficult to suck, and impossible for anal sex. Half way through it, she said to me, "Boy Chris, you really like to suck cock. Kathy now had the camera in hand and was talking to Laura; "Do you like my shaved pussy?" When they finished, Kathy took a close-up shot of Laura's pussy-its lips full and spread apart. "You'll learn quickly." Mark chimed in, "Just like Chris learned to suck cock." Everyone laughed. Mark and Kathy started to play with me, while Bill and Lacey fondled Laura. Kathy started sucking on my cock, while I started in on Mark's eight inches.

The Happy Hour Game

group Twotooto222 2018-09-08

Brandi knelt in front of Mike and pulled out his hard 5" cock sexily purring she squeezed and played with it before she started sucking on it. As Mike undressed Dan got between her legs and started eating her out while Fred knelt by her face and positioned his cock at her mouth. Brandi releasing Freds cock from her mouth let out a low moan as she looked up lustfully at Mike as he fucked her. Mike saying he wanted some more of her fine mouth slid under her so she could suck his cock while Dan fucked her. Cum leaked from her pussy as Brandi expertly worked her mouth up and down on Mikes cock as she tugged and pulled on his balls.


The Interview

group optimuspr1me 2018-09-08

The interview panel was made up of four men and one woman. One minute in a job interview, and within thirty seconds a very attractive brunette had slipped her hands inside her blouse, with four dirty old men looking on. Jo also noticed one of the old men wrapping her knickers round his cock, slowly stroking himself off into the silky material. She felt hands cupping her tits, a woman’s tongue up your arse, and at last the men can resist no more. At one point Jo returned the compliment to the female interviewer whilst having some dirty old man fuck her up the arse. She had a woman sit on her face whilst being fucked on the desk, the old men on each side holding her legs in the air…

Suspicious of My Wife’s Trips into Town

group magas911 2018-09-08

My beautiful, 30 year old, super sexy white wife was making porno movies, not just any porno movies but interracial ones, she was letting big muscular black men shove their extremely large, long and thick black cocks into her pussy, ass and mouth. The second nigger was watching intently, his dark eyes shooting sparks, his gigantic black cock throbbing and bobbing at the sight of his friend hotly fucking the hot lusty beautiful white woman. She kept telling him that she wanted him to shoot his nigger cum into her, that she liked his big black cock fucking her, that he was so much better than her husband.

Anna 2: Anna and the Morning Visitors

group cptfritz 2018-09-08

Even when he couldn't come any more, when he got hard watching that terrible video, he got oil and made his cock slippery and stuck it in my ass, not so he could fuck me and have pleasure, but like he was telling me I was only there for him to use!" Hardly recovered from the last orgasm, Anna was brought right back to the peak of her excitement and came again, one long shuddering continues series of spikes of pleasure as the second Mexican fucked her hard and fast. After the two Mexicans had both fucked her twice (to include two of them together, cunt and ass, for the first time), and the black man had f***ed her to ride him to her own orgasm and his own second climax, they took her into the living room.

Vignettes on Growing Up Male

group 2018-09-08

Maybe a unique part of my youth was that by age 4 neighboring farm boys and I were comparing our cock sizes, and were especially excited watching stallions mounting mares and bulls mounting heifers. As hard as we were (for as long as we wanted), and as cooperative as those “camper girls” were, we never got any deeper than getting our cock heads inside their vestibules. I remember two vividly – “The Cheyenne Husband” and “She Gave Her All.” The former was about a woman too ill to fuck her husband, and instead watched him fuck other women as she described in luscious detail their bodies, cock, cunts and the act itself.

Starting Over

group XTC29 2018-09-08

I then felt a second set of hands on my back and moaned with the realization one of the men from the showers was touching me, his fingers sliding down my back to the crack of my ass. The guy fucking me pulled out and gripped his cock tightly in his hand and with just a few pumps he was squirting a load of hot cum all over my stomach, a look of satisfaction on his face as he moved away from me, motioning the last guy to take his place. He obliged, flipping me over to my knees and ramming his hard cock into my still wet and eager pussy as the other men watched he bucked against me causing me to scream out as I continued to gush my own cum all over his cock.

Jim And Doreen Have A Secret

group Rnsbreeze 2018-09-08

Doreen left the office and headed to her car frustrated with herself that she could not bring herself to talk to Jim. She drove home thinking about that hunk of a man and worked herself into such a state that her pussy was dripping when she got home. Jim greedily leaned over to suck this cock into his mouth and Doreen thought she was going to faint. When Jim had emptied his cock, Frank got up and leaned over and kissed Doreen with his mouth full of Jim's sperm. "So do I," said Doreen and reached over to take Frank's cock from Jim and she sucked it greedily while staring at the man she loved.


Happy Santa

group m_storyman_x 2018-09-08

It wasn't graceful, but I got the hang of it and soon had not only Tina, but a number of the other girls around us dancing with me, changing partners ever little bit. I finally got Tina back as a partner and she started dancing a bit more bump and grind, rubbing her body against mine and causing a huge bulge to develop below the belt. I happened to be looking across the top of the partition, I guess, like any horny guy, hoping for a peek of tits or something, when I saw her pull her dress up over her head and off. "Feels like Santa is a bit turned on too." She whispered as I reached up and stroked her huge cloth covered tits.


June - Sexperience 02: The Beach

group DonaldDentley 2018-09-08

When Jacky stripped she went over to Sally who took her into her arms turned her round and fondled her breasts. Tom helped support Jacky and when Les stripped Sue leaned over to stroke his cock. June, with a little help from Jon and I took Les into her and started riding up and down him. When Sue came out of the water she came towards me, June, Jon and Les. She took her towel to dry her hair and then went to sit in front of me in a joga position. Jon and Les looked a little embarrassed, but only because at the time a group of three women in bikinis were walking by and couldn't have helped but guess, if not see, what was going on.


The Nurses of Waterford Clinic

group midnightfalcon 2018-09-08

The nurses at the clinic are already making plans and now I understand that our new head nurse, Cathy, was actually scheduling old Doctor Trieve's patients so he could fuck them in his office. I wanted to cum and my mind was going wild as I felt the womens' fingers toying with my body. Mary, her tongue dancing in my mouth, Cathy, making my nipples hot as her teeth raking up and down their swollen surfaces, Lisa, rolling my clit between her fingers as Blake fucked my contracting cunt. Blake stayed perfectly still as if trying not to help her, but it really didn't matter because she began to rock back and forth, up and down dragging his cock across her clit with each thrust.