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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rosie lured me in with offers of her sister

group DAVESITFC3 2018-12-04

Things then got even better as Rosie removed Sophie's Basque as she continued to suck me giving me the first real view of her monster breasts. As Rosie continued to suck my cock I summoned Sophie over to me and took her huge breasts in my mouth and caressed them with my hands. Sophie was not as tight as Rosie and I was soon banging away giving her a massive orgasm in seconds as Rosie watched. I was now so close to coming I pulled out and told the girls to kneel on the floor in front of me and wanked a massive load into there open mouths and over there gorgeous breasts, and offered my cock to each to suck to clean it up

Bank holiday camp - Part 4 - The fun continues

group BiUKSwinger 2018-12-04

I felt something brush against my balls, I looked over Mandy’s shoulder and saw Dan on his knees, he was playing with Mandy’s pussy and she was quietly moaning in my ear. Mandy’s lips found mine and gently she bit down on my lower lip as her breathing became more rapid, “I can hear your balls slapping against each other babe, that is so fucking hot,” she said, and then she was kissing me with her tongue dancing around my own. Mandy leaned in to me and kissed me on the lips, “That is so unbelievably hot,” she said, and then she started kissing down my neck and chest, and she took a nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on it, this sent shivers through me.

christy's day

group sexyboobs36c 2018-12-04

He said all he wanted was a blowjob, but the next thing I know, he's holding out his freckled, uncircumcised prick with his right hand and soaking my blond hair with a jet stream of warm yellow liquid; Buddy had been drinking beer for six straight hours. I was sitting on Hank's cock (it was up my ass), while Rick was leaning over me fucking my cunt; and just for the record, Buddy pumped his cock in-and-out of my mouth--not one drop of piss involved. But Rick was quiet about it (all he did was pant a little bit and make a face that suggested he was struggling to control his orgasm) and I admired him for it; nothing turned me off more than a guy (like Brad) who made a huge ruckus when he came.


Nearly Twins - Part 3

group OldGeezer 2018-12-04

One time, I had been slowly fucking Karen, pumping my length deep into her and almost out, both of us watching as her pussy lips gripped my cock head as it almost parted from her, before it pushed deep down again, feeling her incredible muscles grip me as it penetrated her. Easy was the catchphrase indeed, as I lay back and let Gerry suck and lick and grip my cock until I felt my cum rising, started to pull out, but Karen just gently held me there as Gerry’s lips worked their magic, and my balls emptied a heavy load into Gerry’s throat.

Life and Times of a Horny Couple - Chapter 6

group NCcpl50 2018-12-04

I pulled Kristen to her feet, moved my mouth down to her nipples, moved her dress aside exposing her vulva to their watchful eyes, and slid my hand to her pussy. As Kristen continued playing with Brad's cock, Lacey reached out, grabbed my dick, and began to check it out. Brad said he wanted to see Kristen and Lacey rub nipples and pussies like they did the last time we had met. The girls moved apart a bit and Kristen leaned up on her elbows and watched as Brad slipped one end easily into Lacey's hot hole. Lacey slid the big dildo out of Kristen, and inserted first one and then a second finger into her wide-open pussy.

Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-12-04

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

OHGirl and Velvet together

group ohgirl1 2018-12-04

Three of the guys had already fucked my mother, Brandy, filling her up with warm, sticky spunk and one had cum in my mouth before I went down on her. Marvin was driving his cock into my cunt as he told me how hot it was going to be to film me fucking a bunch of other guys. I had blown him while Dave filmed me getting a mouth full of jizz and then they had both fucked me in the ass, before filling me with two more blasts of cum deep in my rectum. My client blew his load in me and we laid in bed for a while as I sucked his cock clean, giving him a smoking blow job as he had requested and then riding his reawakened prick to another creamy, cunt filling finish.

The Holiday that changed my life forever (Part 3)

group NatureLover 2018-12-03

They both smiled at us, before Janine moved and began licking at Laura’s breasts, taking each one in turn, using her tongue to flick around the erect nipples, before moving down Laura’s toned and tanned body towards her tiny bikini bottoms, which she quickly pulled at the tassels on each side to allow them to fall from around Laura, As Janine’s tongue reached her pussy lips, Laura gave out a low moan of pleasure, we were being treated to quite a show and we were getting horny, I could see Mike’s bulge under his shorts, and he began to touch himself, I was in the same situation.

After Hours 3

group ColletteXx 2018-12-03

I took the cock out of my mouth and raised my head, Tom pumping a stream of cum over my face, across the bridge of my nose and over my eye.  The two guys took turns fucking my mouth, holding my hair and penetrating my throat with their hard cocks. I kept talking to the camera, saying things like "What do I have to do to get a pay-rise?" and "You are the worse boss I've ever had, making me suck your cock." A combination of the dirty talk and the expert blowjob made him cum pretty quickly, I looked into the lens and took his cum on my tongue like a good girl, swallowing and showing him my empty mouth.

It's Just Business - Part 2

group theotherwayisup 2018-12-03

"Mr. Hon has been in your office for fifteen minutes," she said to me, the stress in her voice was obvious. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back, Mr Hon was talking intently to my wife. My wife downed hers like a shot, and then took Mr Hon by the hand and sat him down on the couch. Mr Hon's associates all gathered around, casually taking seats with a good view of my wife like this was a perfectly normal meeting. After a minute it was clear Mr Hon was hard and she slid up so her panties rubbed directly where the outline of his dick was. "Good night, Mr Hon," she said as we were walking out the door.

US Navy Nurses Are the Best

group frogprince 2018-12-03

I was lying in bed and two of the nurses came into my room before their duty shift started. Sam was a light brown haired, big breasted, wide hipped farm girl. Sam turned to Kelly and lifted her t-shirt over her head. Hands were stroking my cock up and down while I was feeling breasts with hard nipples. Sam had taken my cock into her mouth and I was feeling like I was in heaven. Kelly was sitting on my face with her pussy pushed against my mouth. Susan had come once as she watched Kelly Sam and me playing. It took a long time to heal so I spent the next 6 months enjoying Kelly Sam and Susan the nurses.

Lunchtime Surprise

group motorcyclepilot 2018-12-03

Emma just smiled and began kissing Ashley on the neck and rubbing her beautiful breasts through her blouse. Emma couldn't resist either and was kissing Ashley's left breast; her hand now rubbing Ashley's pussy through her panties. As Ashley's orgasm subsided, Emma looked at me and said, “Would Daddy like to see me eat Ashley's pussy?” Ashley was a little surprised, at first, but then she smiled and began sucking Emma's wetness off my finger. I began to worry I was not going to last much longer when Emma's sounds of satisfaction intensified, sending Ashley into a frenzy that caused her to suddenly clench the cushions with both hands and she thrust her pussy into Emma's pleasing mouth.

Taking Celine Properly

group ByronLord 2018-12-03

Celine looked at Eve, her eyes opened wide with desire as her hands claimed my wife's body. But Eve clasped my hand, keeping me close to her side, squeezing harder each time Celine drew a little gasp of ecstasy from her body. But Eve was not content to be passive and slid Celine round to take her in a 69, parting the girls legs to show me her virgin slit, open, wet and available. Eve came hard and rolled Celine onto her back to work her tongue on my wife's clit. Then Eve was kissing the girl as she cradled her in one arm while the other hand parted the her legs to guide my cock between her virgin thighs.

The Birthday Gift

group ClarkRoberts 2018-12-03

Ashley began to move her fingers inside me and I pressed my hips back at her, opening myself more, giving her better access to my pussy. Moving my hips back and forth, I rubbed my clit against the edge of the sink while Ashley slammed her fingers in and out of my pussy. Ashley kissed my bald pussy then she laid the flat of her tongue against my agitated clit. After a moment, she pushed him away from her breasts and huskily said, “Doesn’t Melissa look beautiful and sexy, Lover?” When I felt his final spurt of cum, I reached between my legs and rapidly diddled my clit while Tyler’s cock was still buried in my pussy.

The Party Started After Labor Day

group oldhippie1949 2018-12-03

"I want to see your breasts, Carrie." Suzi sat up and reached around her, unclasping her bra and letting it fall. Suddenly, Suzi jumped up off the couch and said, "We have to move to the bedroom RIGHT NOW!" She grabbed Carrie's hands and pulled her up. I cumming." My hips began to bounce as Suzi stretched out on me placing her tongue on one side of my cock as Carrie licked the other side. Smiling and happy, I felt them go at it until Suzi placed her arms behind her and rocked backwards giving Carrie all of her, and let me tell you, there was a lot to give.

Bisexual Somali Man in Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-12-03

"Wallahi, I feel like I've known you forever," I said to Yousef as we walked around the University of Alberta campus together. "You're a beautiful man," Yousef said to me as we sat on the living room couch, watching my favorite TV show, Angel. "You're a unique woman," I remember saying to Josephine, as we walked through the basement of the church where the Christian/Muslim meeting was held, and she told me about her unique outlook on the world. "God doesn't want people of the book fighting in His name," Josephine Baxter said, with a confidence in those pale blue eyes of hers which astounded me. "Thank God for you," I whispered in the dark, gently stroking Josephine Baxter's long blonde hair.


A Future Hotwife's Basement Threeway Story

group KenLukin 2018-12-03

I even finally confessed to giving up my virginity, and told her that I not only sucked the two guys off a lot, but I’d enjoyed having them fuck me lots too. Rose quickly became openly experimental and within the next couple of weeks had sucked and fucked half-a-dozen different guys. Rose lay there smiling quietly so I responded and said, “Yeah, I hope we can do that too,” but my recent adventures had allowed me to become much more forward and confident, so I suggested, “Right after my sister watches me suck your cock.” Rose continued to date Ron, but since he had moved out she wasn’t getting sex regularly. As time passed, Ron would become my life-long fuck buddy, whether Rose was around or not.

Sex and sympathy

group pandsal 2018-12-03

The door had scarcely closed behind Miles when he left for the golf course before Dee came to me, took me by the hands and said, “Jane, I’m so sorry. Usually we would have taken our time over the foreplay, but - as Miles had guessed - we were both in a state of febrile anticipation, eager to have our turn with Dee. I guided Miles into me, allowed him to thrust a few times for the pleasure of both of us - nothing quite compares with that moment when a hard phallus opens your inner folds and steadily presses its way to the inner depths - but then I tightened my legs, holding him in position, letting him bask in the warm wetness while concentrating his mind on control.


Fantasy Night - Part 2

group blin18 2018-12-03

With his hands now on her hips where they narrowed into her waist and that monster nine-inch cock poised just an inch away from her pussy, I leaned back towards Rupali’s ear and breathed, “Fantasy night, Babe. When their spasms abated, Mr Gallows left his cock inside Rupali and ran his hands over her waist and shoulder blades, then down to cup and squeeze her large breasts, silently thanking her for what they had shared as they basked briefly in the afterglow of sex. The other girls remained blessedly silent; Mandy presumably allowing Rupali to enjoy Rawhide as she had, and Trish trying to decide whether she wanted a fucking from her best friend or just guess Rawhide and end the game.

Night of the Voyeur Returns

group Forbiddenwriter 2018-12-03

Last week I had an amazing encounter with a crush of mine, Alex, who had decided that rather than confronting me about how much he wanted me, he was going to be shy and watch me clean my house naked from my window. “She says she'd like to suck your cock right about now.” I bit my lip, looking at the bulge in his pants, “And so would I.” Just like Alex, it was barely a few minutes before Alisa started panting hard and whimpering. I moaned at the amazing familiar feeling of his cock and Alisa was getting very turned on watching the ecstasy in my face as Alex kept pumping his cock into me.

Razia, The Horny Divorcee Ch. 04

group sahebji 2018-12-03

Meera this is Uncle Saheb Sahebji' Shabnam said. 'No this is not possible Sahebji is occupying the guest room on the ground floor' Razia said trying her best to suppress a smile, 'poor Meera will be scared to death sleeping alone in the upstairs guest room. 'Come into the bedroom my choot is impatiently waiting to meet your cock again' Razia said with a smile. After a quick shave and a shower as I approached Shabnam's room I spied Meera, dressed in a flimsy light pink nightie, knocking on Razia's bedroom door. 'Auntie uncle Sahebji's laurda is so big, it is much bigger.....' Meera exclaimed but stopped feeling embarrassed. Last night you said you could tell how much it will hurt by just looking at the choot and you did look at Shabnam's cunt' Razia smiled.


A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-12-03

The sexy Arab mama knelt before me and grabbed my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick. Johara sucked my dick, giving it long licks with that wicked tongue of hers. Time for this sexy Arab mama to get some good dick. I put Johara on all fours and caressed her big sexy ass. I wish there were more ladies like her in the Arab community of Toronto. Jericho gripped my hips tightly and shoved his dick up my ass. I screamed in pleasure mixed with pain as Jericho gave my ass a serious pounding. Jericho began drilling his cock into my ass like a miner looking for gold. A total ass fucking by a strong man with a big dick.


Might As Well Be Swing

group FantasyFiction 2018-12-03

Steve looked me strangely as Lucy giggled. “You look very handsome,” Lucy added, as she escorted the two men in her life to the car. “Remember Steve said they usually don’t let single men into these parties. I’m Corinne.” She gave Lucy a light hug and air-kiss. Lucy positioned herself on top of me in such a way that she was able to place her ample tits around my throbbing cock. While I was titty-fucking Lucy, Corinne dove under her and licked her pussy. I didn’t know my dick could get this hard, and it felt like it was getting harder by the minute. She got plenty of my cum in her mouth, so I moved back to Lucy for the last little drops.

The Party

group OpenMindedGuy 2018-12-03

Rachel decides to join them and comes to my side; rubbing her breasts against my arm….she kisses me, takes my hand and guides me to one of the large chairs facing the action just a few feet away. With a gentle push he easily enters causing you to gasp as you all watch it slide in…your mouth open…Jennifer and Dani’s hands caressing your warm supple body….Jake pulls back ever so slowly and plunges deep inside of you once again, you cannot contain yourself, letting out a passionate gasp …he quickens his pace…in…out….short slow strokes….alternating with deep, plunging, thrusting ones as Dani edges him on with dirty talk and whispers in your ear.