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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Goldeniangel 2018-11-28

Beth was still sitting on the couch, her eyes wide as she watched Meg take my cock in her hand and begin licking it like it was a lollipop, wetting the length of my shaft. Cindy's bare pussy lips were swollen and glossy with her cream, spread wide open by the way Emma was holding her legs, and I wasted no time lining my dick up with her body. As I got into position, Meg moved closer, obviously wanting to watch as I fucked her friend, her skirt lifted up so that I could see the landing strip of red pubic hair for just a second before her fingers covered it up as she started playing with herself.


If You Go Down in the Woods

group JacksonLee 2018-11-28

A couple of minutes later John left the room again and she turned to Michael and placed her hand on his cock and slowly began to massage it through his jeans. Surprised she looked up for an instant and, taking Michaels cock in her right hand she pulled at Johns zip with her left. Michael pulled back until her hand let go and he continued to stroke at her lips with the head and slipping his cock into her a little further each time. She wanted to see the look on their visitor’s face when she entered the room but thought it would be more impressive if the first thing Nicola saw was her being fucked by Michael as she sucked at Johns cock.

Fucking father and son together

group cindy_4u 2018-11-28

He came around and I stroked Devin's cock as Joe fucked me hard and good. Once there, Devin lay down first so I could go doggy style and suck his cock while Joe fucked my ass. Once Joe pulled out, I moved up the bed and sat down on Devin's hard cock and took it in my still wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck them quicker as he got close and soon had his cum spraying deep in my tight wet pussy. I knew he wanted to cum quick, as watching his son fuck me and have my mouth around his cock for the last few minutes, had him wired.

Happy Birthday to me!

group PUSSYSAURUS120 2018-11-28

As we enjoyed our drinks, my hubby started stroking my thigh, moving his hand slowly upwards under my dress. I leaned over and gave him a deep sexy kiss. I leaned over and kissed my husband and started to stroke his cock through his pants as he continued to finger my pussy. He was long and thick and I could barely fit his whole cock into my mouth. My husband pulled off my panties and was working me into a frenzy, licking and sucking my hot pussy. Kevin stood up and pointed his huge black dick toward my husbands face.As my husband continued to slam into my pussy he took Kevin into his mouth and started sucking his big cock.


group MindsEye 2018-11-28

“Well then you should have us both,” I said, and with that Leslie and I got up to give her a big group hug while Jules sat on the stool giggling as she stuffed another piece of pizza in her mouth. Leslie opened up Jules computer, and said she wanted to see the dirty pictures. Leslie and I looked at each other, “We couldn’t agree more Jules, this is probably the first Friday night in months when Jeremy and I have worn clothes” said Leslie. Leslie sighed, as she engulfed me, “I’m just getting her sweet little buds nice and wet for you.” She then turned to Jules and purred, “ I really want him to go inside you, you’ll love it.”

82% ffm

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 1

group GreySessed128 2018-11-28

I scream, I’m going to cum baby and you pull your fingers out, locking your lips over my pussy and sucking hard. I suck hard, playing with your balls as once again, you’re finger fucking my pussy and sucking me off. I want to clamp my legs around her head, but you hold them apart, leaning in to watch her tongue lash at my pussy. She shoves two fingers into my cunt and starts fucking me with them, using her other hand to flick at my clit as she looks up to you. I don’t want to move, I want to watch you fuck her ass so she leans forward, pulling you with her and once again buries her face in my cunt.

The Island - Newcomer and Uncertainty

group DarkSide 2018-11-28

Steve was about to plough his cock into me from behind anyway and I was really looking forward to a good fuck when Karyn whispered in his ear; loud enough for me to hear everything she said. As Brian left to go to the loo one evening, Jenny matter-of-factly said to me that she needed to feel a few more cocks in her before she goes mad. Brian was busy preparing the pig pen, I would imagine that Jenny had him up early, though it looked like it would take another couple of hours to complete it. I let Brian spurt about three times up my arse before I pulled off him and sat down on him with his cock between my legs.

Feels Like - 6. Tales and Guests

group JM_fantasy 2018-11-28

“I think we should invite some guests,” Benito said. “I don’t want to invite anyone,” Jonas said. I know you want her,” Riva said to Jonas. “So you want her bad, do you,” Riva said leaning in for what would have been a sloppy-wet kiss. And, she has been wanting to do something with me before school’s out,” Benito said. I try to get up with Benito on top of me to follow the girls, but Jonas leans off the bed and stops me anyway. “Sweet story,” Benito said with excitement. What the fuck is that about,” she said as she pushes Jonas off the bed on top of both of us, following the other girls to the living room.


Through the Apartment Blinds

group Cherism 2018-11-28

Steve told me that every time he had seen me he wondered what I was like in bed and always wanted to ask me, but he wasn’t sure I would be receptive. Adam told me that he wanted to fuck me while I sucked Steve. As I licked and sucked his cum, making sure to milk his cock completely dry, Adam came hard into my pussy. Steve’s hands on my hips along with seeing him in front of me while having Adam’s cock in my ass only fueled my excitement. Steve got into position and gently pushed his cock into my pussy. I dripped all over Steve as he and Adam continued to pump me full of cock.

Group Sex Disaster Stories

group Totem 2018-11-28

I know what's coming next: my wife will want to sit on his cock while I do her asshole at the same time. My wife broke away and re-positioned herself so that she could suck me off while the young lady ate out her pussy at the same time. We were in the hot tub less than 20 minutes when Mrs Smith said, "You know, water makes a crummy lubricant. I reciprocated by eating out Mrs Smith's cunt while my wife sat on her face at the same time. She looked back at me and gasped, "Get it in my ass, quick!" I started fucking her ass with the dildo, and she climbed on top of the man to get his cock up her pussy at the same time.

Contractor to the [porn] Stars Chapter 3

group oldrascal 2018-11-28

“Chad's Carpentry....Hi Dawn, what a coincidence, I just hung up with Hazel a couple minutes ago.....No, I didn't know that, she sure doesn't look that old.....Plastic surgery, huh....I don't know, they felt natural to me.....Yeah, they're bigger than usual, but so are yours, and you told me yours were natural, didn't you?.....Calm down, I didn't say that, they're beautiful, Why'd you call me?.....Sure I do cabinet work.....This week? Hazel, grabbing my arm, pulled me in the house while saying, “I want you to meet some of my friends and co-workers, Chad.” She pointed and rattled off their names which I'm sure she had no intention of me remembering.

The Basement, Part I (Chapter 12)

group Vacheron58 2018-11-28

We did that as I said for about a year and then I had the incredible idea to tell Gabby that she could not go through life without tasting a pussy. Gabby says that she felt very sexually satisfied of the orgasm that she was producing on Nancy . Gabby says that she felt sexually rewarded with the orgasms Nancy had. Well Nancy would bring another girl from the bar from time to time to either be part of a gangbang on me or simply another mouth and pussy to be eaten or fucked. I told the girls to go and to be ready in case I felt brave to go up to the stage and they, Gabby and Nancy, would fuck me for the show.

The Topless Club

group mranonymous7 2018-11-28

With a foot on either side of her head so Marie had a perfect view up at her pussy, Rockett squatted down and plucked the bill out of Marie’s mouth with her clinched butt cheeks. And I continued to watch as Linda sank slowly to her hands and knees on the foot of the bed and started crawling towards Marie’s wide spread legs. I watched intently as Linda moved between her open thighs and started to gently stroke the hot flesh of my girl's legs. Then Marie slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slid down my length, filling her mouth once more with my velvety hardness.


The Hostess (Pt2)

group silkpantygirl 2018-11-28

My left hand released its grip on her tit and I slid it around her ass and up between her legs, pushing three fingers hard up into her wet pussy. I pinched Jane's wet pussy lips with my finger nails and pulled them apart, then pushed two fingers of my left hand inside again, and resumed rubbing the clit with my other hand. Sammy moaned softly, and I cupped the other breast with my hand, gently kneading the firm but yielding flesh, and stroked the nipple, teasing, twisting and pinching it until it was as hard as the one I was sucking.

Her Toy 1

group Hisb 2018-11-28

“we were just playing dressup a little, baby” you whisper to me as you pickup a pair of bright red satin panties and touch them lightly in your hands. “Have you explained to your little toy the rules, kitten?” idly tip my cigarette against the ashtray as I watch her tease the bright red little satin fuckme panties behind your ear. Playfully her eyes meet mine looking for permission as her hand slips from your hip to the panties strewn about the bed. I whisper hotly as her hand rubs red satin down the front panel of your little black panties. Her eyes wide watching in intense sexual curiosity as her hand lightly pulses a slow teasing panty rub of your delicate little pussy.

Down on the Beach

group AlessiaBrio 2018-11-28

Slipping it all the way into her mouth, Chloe buried her nose in the bristly thatch of hair at its base and inhaled deeply, murmuring her enjoyment of his taste and his scent. Jack groaned and wove the fingers of both hands through her hair, holding her head as he pushed himself even deeper into her throat. The guttural sounds coming from his throat told her that he'd passed that point of no return, and she moved one of her hands from his ass to her clit—hoping to join him when he came and knowing it wouldn't take much of an effort to push herself over the edge.

My Birthday

group cmt 2018-11-28

After dinner is over Mike tells me to go into the living-room and sit by the fire. He seems to read my thoughts and looks right into my eyes and says, “Darling, this is your birthday present.” Chad is squeezing my breast as Mike slides his hands down my body to my pussy. Mike pushes his fingers into my soaking wet pussy and starts moving in and out. Mike starts licking my clit while his fingers are going in and out of my pussy, hitting my g-spot and making me moan. As he does, Mike moves up my body and shoves his eight inch cock in my pussy fast and hard. Mike fucks me so hard that every thrust pushes Chad's cock deeper in my throat.

Chastity play

group woreout 2018-11-28

When I went in the house I'd usally find my wife and buddy out by the pool in the summer or in the den watching TV if it was cool out. I put my hands up and said hold on a second , I took ahold of her hips and turned her ass toward me. I put my hands on her hips and starting kissing her neck , the thoughts going through my head of her being fucked by my buddies was driving me wild with lust. After a full minute of kissing she said lets fuck, she steped back and took ahold of his cock and started leading him toward our bedroom. Never looking back my wife said cucky are you going to watch me have sex with his man?

Black Masculinity

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

First, Alicia sucked my cock while Lolita licked my balls and fingered my asshole. Lolita came and licked Alicia's asshole before applying some lube on it, then she guided my cock into her best friend's asshole. Alicia moaned, whether from Lolita licking her pussy or my thick cock in her asshole, I couldn't tell. I fucked her for a long time, loving the feel of her tight ass wrapped around my cock. Lolita told me that both she and Ricardo wanted to get fucked in the ass by my dick. Lolita sucked on my cock and Ricardo began to lick my balls. Ricardo lay next to her, sucking on her large breasts as my thick black cock went in and out of her butt hole.


Anita's secret drawer

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

The black guy immediately fed his pole back into my wife’s hungry mouth, as his companion began working his dick into Ana’s wet stretched cunt. He was grabbing her by the hair and fucking her face as the white guy slid his dick in and out of her pussy. The black guy in her mouth was thrusting a little faster, grabbing a handful of her hair as he fucked her throat and slapped her face. The black guy then took his turn between Ana’s spread legs, sliding his meat into her well-fucked pussy. The black guy eased his cock out of her ass and his companion pulled his dick from her throat. The black guy soon resumed his position up my wife’s ass, stuffing Ana full of cock.

Twins 1

group bad_mann_ers 2018-11-28

I smiled at Debbie and said, "Your beauty has blinded me to the point that I want all women to look like you." I offered her the flower. But as soon as my bare feet were safely on the floor, Kathy slid the head of my cock into her mouth and Debbie pressed her tongue up under my balls, and I lost the ability to think. Debbie looked up from between Kathy's legs and said, "I don't want to sound bossy, but one of you needs to make me cum now." I think she was going to give me a look to let me know where I stood, but she started giggling as Kathy nuzzled her way into Debbie's crotch in search of more flavor.

Black BBW & Bisexual Black Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

These days, I am a Bridgewater State University student-athlete ( my sport is wrestling) who is desperately addicted to hooking up with sexy bisexual black men. I'm on my hands and knees, sucking on Curtis big black dick while Jeremiah is pounding his big cock into my asshole. While I licked Curtis dick clean of every drop of his cum, Jeremiah rammed his cock up my asshole like butt-fucking was going out of style. I love getting my butt hole filled with cock but I seriously think Jeremiah's hardcore butt pounding is going to leave my asshole permanently dilated. Especially when it's two sexy black men with really big dicks doing the fucking. I love fucking black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo.


group Trixipixie 2018-11-27

Kean held Pax's face staring in her big worried brown eyes and kissing her deeply on the mouth, stopping the flow of endless chatter, his tongue sinking into her. Pax was sitting between Trulie, who was rubbing her left thigh slowly, and Kean who was kissing her right shoulder and arms.  Pax felt Kean's fingers pinching her nipple gently, while she watched Trulie try to control herself as she came.  Pax closed her mouth on Trulie's clit the way Kean normally did to her, rubbing the little hot button furiously with her tongue. Trulie took his cue, pulling the toy she had been absently pumping into herself, facing Pax straddling Kean's mouth; she lowered herself on his tongue as he licked her hungrily.

Boat ride surprise

group ftanwguy 2018-11-27

I was slowly slipping my cock in her going as deep as it would go and could feel the cum building up in my vein so I told Coni, "Your wet hot pussy is making my cock so hot and hard it is about to blow a massive load of hot cum inside her tight hot pussy."  So I told Lea, "Get ready because I am going to blow a load of cum all over Coni's tits and want you to watch it explode." With a few more hard fast rapid penetrating thrust deep in her hot pussy I grabbed her, spun her around, and told her, "Go for it."