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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amber's Pool Bang

group Axeltheswede 2018-09-08

Each of those guys were checking my body out from head to toe with lingering stares at my chest and that tiny triangle that covered my pussy. I let it announce my orgasm as my body trembled like an electric charge had exploded from my hot pussy. I looked up at Hugh as I felt Rory slip his dick inside me. Just as I was getting a rhythm going with Hugh’s cock I felt Rory starting to really slam into my cunt. The thought of having Hugh come in my mouth at the same time Rory came in my cunt suddenly hit me. When I finally felt his body pressed against my pussy the realization hit me that he had pushed that huge cock all the way inside me.


ex wife and girlfriend have anne summers party

group glasgowhorny 2018-09-08

it was ten years since me and mary got divorced after 18 years married as we were still mid forty,s and had other partners who got on well and when lara offered mary to come to her girly night mary called me to tell me and said she would try convince lara to let me fuck her old mate ali if she would let me knowing me and lara fantasised of it and i told mary she was so horny for her aafter there bit of girly fun i went out that night and got a txt at 11 saying lara said that i wanted sex with me from ali i txt back if only she txt back saying if it was true lol would you be up for it i txt,d then lara called saying i could come home

Three Way - Some Way

group maxxxxxine 2018-09-08

Steve took the lead, and planted his head in my vagina, whilst Dane lay at my side kissing my breasts. Dane tried slowly to rub the head of his penis on the reluctant opening, but a centimeter was all that was going anywhere. Steve's penis was firm for me to grip, but unfortunately from that position I couldn't quite make out Dane's hole. The first time you have anal sex, you can't imagine how a penis of THAT size is going to fit, but somehow your body not only accepts it, it wants it. This morning, Steve asked me an interesting question; "I thought having someone come in your mouth would taste better than that?"

John & Jill Ch. 01

group JWTove 2018-09-08

Jill stood up, holding John's cock in her hand and stroking it, feeling the hard tissue under the baby soft skin. Jill looked at him, over her shoulder and said, "Jim needed help to work out an obsession, and I had a really sexy dream and woke up horny as hell. John spread the lubricant on the tip and first couple of inches of his cock, and pressed his rock-hard dick against the pink, puckered star of Jill's anus. From the amount of jizz I feel leaking out of my well used asshole, I think you need to recharge your batteries." Then Jill got a sly smile on her face, and said, "We could invite Jim and Mary over for supper and a game of cards this Friday.

22nd Century West: Apple and Citrus

group kurtrellians 2018-09-08

"I thought I might stay in and do some painting today," said Apple Juice, a little flustered by her friend's suggestion. The last time Citrus came over, after they had spent a couple of hours working on their art projects, she had suddenly decided she wanted Apple Juice to paint her in the nude. Hearing that Citrus wanted to go to the beach gave Apple Juice a pretty good idea of what Citrus probably had in mind. "Malcolm and Speedy are going to be there, and some of their crowd," said Citrus, who knew that Apple liked both of those friends of hers. Any woman would be stirred, she felt by the sight of Malcolm's fresh manly body, and Citrus was a perfect young beauty to behold.

The Size Queen & The Punk Pt. 02

group SexualWitchcraft 2018-09-08

"She is going to cum, the fucking slut" Mark groaned between clenched teeth as he thrust once more fully into her and felt the walls of her tight asshole begin to quiver and pull at his cock, almost strangling it. Josh was also fighting to not cum but Katarina felt his load trickle deep in her throat, he pulled her head off his cock and continued to shoot his load into her face and open mouth groaning with an animalistic grunt. Mark glanced at Josh and nodded and before Katarina had time to think she felt the full force of Josh's hand smacking her cum covered pussy.

Emma with More

group lustyem 2018-09-08

One pulled out some toys and as I was laying there sucking one of them, I felt a vibrator or something smooth and smallish being pushed into my bottom, I had fingers in my pussy as my clitty was being licked and teased. Then the guy I was sucking stopped me and moved so I was sitting on top of one riding him, easing myself all the way up and back down till I had him in me completely, I was pushed forward and I felt the toy being removed only to be replaced with a real cock. "This is the slut we all just fucked silly and now we will show you how much of a slut she is." One came to me and began feeling me up, his fingers pulling my lips open so they could film me up close.

Sex on the Beach Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-09-08

She moaned into the comforter as I slowly fucked her ass but April was just standing there, wide-eyed, so I suggested that she get down between my legs and put her tongue to work on Kate's pussy. As Kate started moaning louder under all of the stimulation, I was considering that if she was enjoying having her ass penetrated so much, she'd probably be able to pretty easily convince April to give it a try, too. They took turns licking my cock and balls before Kate looked up and said that she assumed that I had eaten April's pussy while she'd been in the shower.


Pretty Damned Good

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-09-08

PD grimaced and said, "I haven't been with a woman in eighteen months, You are the sexiest things I have ever seen, I have a raging hard on and these shorts are killing me." Amy looked at his crotch and said, "Here silly man, let me help you." She started unbuttoning his cut offs. Martha said "I think he is about to shoot his load, get ready to help me suck him off." Martha moved out and down and took his pulsing cock in her hand, she put it to her lips and reached to pull Amy's mouth along side her's, their mouths moved up and down over his cock, he grunted that he was cumming.


Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 11


When Jimmy walked in the living room still wearing his elephant underwear, the women again stopped singing this stupid Earth Day song, Celebrate Earth Day Every Day to stare at his half erect cock hidden inside the grey satin elephant underwear. It was like that for the next hour with each woman taking turns mouthing Jimmy's cock, first Elaine, then Sue, then Betty, Laura, and June. "Happy Earth Day," she said before taking their cocks in her mouth and blowing them. While his neighbors, Laura, Betty, Sue, and June, his cousins, Audrey and Brenda, and the Green Earth Clothing Company representative watched, he stuck his cock deep in his mother-in-law's mouth.

Unexpected Autumn Discovery

group be24you 2018-09-08

For me it was enough to think of a guy, Oscar, who Sarah had met before we were married when she worked at a construction company office. We looked at each other and Oscar laughed and said that Sarah seemingly had made a good choice. Oscar said it had been a wonderful time having Sarah as his own secretary. Oscar explained that he got the briefs as a payment when he had to rescue Sarah from a bad hiding position at the attic of the office house. We didn't notice being filmed until we heard a man's deep voice: "Having had a good night?" It was Nils who with an arch smile looked at us.


Shweta: A new Whore In Town Ch. 02

group sajit 2018-09-08

She moaned, sucking the entire cock head into her mouth, kneading the shaft with her lips while her tongue went to work on the dirty balls hanging just below, by the look of the cock-skin, Shweta was prepared to believe Rajnish- Guru was a virgin and this gave her some hidden thrill, after a long time she was going to taste a virgin, suddenly she thought of Raj- he must be landing at Delhi by now, he was the other virgin in her life who did not even bother to ask her or even find out if she was one.


Performance Related Pay

group joeqt 2018-09-08

"Don't rush Joe, I'm going to need your help to make sure that we get all the paint washed off her, you'd be amazed just where it can get to." She had made short work of the t-shirt, exposing Imogen's rosy tipped little tits and had knelt down, hooking her fingers in the waistband of the short clingy skirt, beginning to tug it down; my heart began to race and I was glad of the water washing away the sweat I felt breaking out across my body.


Bi-curious Ch. 14

group KY ridgerunner 2018-09-08

The next thing I knew Tom's cock was lying on my leg and he was laying next to me stroking me and asked, "Was it all you hoped for?" I pulled him to me and we kissed and rolled over and over on the moss. I pulled Tom to me and said, "Of all the things in the world you could have given me this is the best and the last thing I expected." Then looking back to Sandy and Dale I said, "If you two don't mind I'm going to take my husband inside and thank him properly." I walked over and was patting Dale's ass and kissed Sandy and said, "You two can fuck in my woods anytime, that was beautiful."


I Star with Sarah

group Boxlicker101 2018-09-08

Later, when I viewed the tape, I saw that Pete had done a great job of catching the action, zooming in for a close-up of Sara's fully exposed shiny wet clit, showing my fingers holding back the hood just above and the big dildo plunging in and out of her love hole just below. Now I want to concentrate on you eating her pussy." Sarah continued sucking on my cock for another minute because she was enjoying it but then she stopped, took it out of her mouth and licked all around the head.



group ronmat2435 2018-09-08

“Today is the day my cock is going to paint the insides of your tight little cunt, and if that goes ok I just might jam it up your shit-hole as well! Mom’s cunt wasn’t loose and her muscle control was amazing, but Bec’s fuck-hole was gripping my shaft like a clenched fist despite Mom’s efforts to loosen her up with the strap-ons. Bec had stopped fingering Mom’s cunt and had a glazed look on her face as she savored the feeling on my fuck-tunnel invader. Mom was now kneeling behind Bec, watching our filthy fuck-juices boiling out of her shit-hole and running down her flaps. Mom was furiously rubbing her own cunt and thrust her face into Bec’s greasy ass, licking and sucking up all the fuck juice she could.

GB Club Ch. 05

group Merlin_6 2018-09-08

"So, do you know what Joan wants?" Cory asks me. "Look, there's Irene and Joan!" Nancy says as she waves her hands over her head. "That is so sexy!" Nancy and Irene can not remember Joan's fantasy and prod her to tell. "OK, so who wants to be invited if they can stage it for me?" Joan asks getting the group back on her agenda. Joan confirmed that Irene and Arlene had accepted their invitation as member of the club, that I had been invited as her male guest and that she utilized the club's rules on female participation to invite both Cory and Nancy. We sit silently and wait for Sarah, Arlene, Irene, Nancy and Cory to return.


Happy Coercion Ch. 02

group callmejack 2018-09-08

As they entered the elevator and the two men stood very, very close to her sides, she remembered her conversation with Jack before dinner, the one in which she had lied about her prior sexual experience: She heard the door to Jack's room open and saw him standing in the connecting doorway smiling. "As you wish, Jack" and she pulled the neck string of her green dress and it fell to the floor leaving her totally naked except for her sandals. As Morgan slipped lower, finally kissing and licking her enlarged labia and clit, Ralph reached around and massaged her breasts gently pulling on her very extended nipples. She had left open the bathroom door and she saw Jack coming toward her dressed only in his robe.

Urlaub in der Türkei

group lasse_Luft 2018-09-08

Als ich über den Flur wanderte sah ich das Monika vor ihrem Zimmer stand und die Tür auf war. Schnell hatten wir es geschafft uns gegenseitig aus zu ziehen und sie war schon auf denn knien und lutschte meinen Schwanz. Ich wollte ihr noch ein Zeichen geben das sie langsam machen sollte aber da kam schon die Sahne aus mir raus. Nach einer Weile, drehte legte ich mich auf das Bett und nur einen Augenblick danach ritt Monika schon wie eine wilde auf meinem Schwanz. Ich brauchte etwas um klar sehen zu können und erst dann merkte ich das es Jochen war der mir einen blies. Nach einer Weile wurde es mir aber zu langweilig und so stellte ich mich hinter Monika als sie gerade mal wieder Jochen fickte.


The Perfect Game

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-09-08

Caution - this is a long, highly detailed story about my effort to create the perfect party game, and how things went the first time we played it with my girlfriend, her sister, and another couple. While lying in bed, even in the after glow of our own lovemaking, I would think about what it would be like to share Denise with Dave, while Cheryl waited her turn, egging us on, knowing she was next. Two were additional Chicken-Outs, that Beth and Dave picked up, one was a Proxy that Cheryl pulled that would allow her to have someone else take her place as a "penalty partner", and finally I picked up the "Time Warp" which would allow me to change the duration of a Penalty.


Adriana Enters Our Lives Ch. 04

group silverfox267 2018-09-08

My hand touched your cheek softly and I kissed your lips softly at first, but my tongue began to explore your mouth. Adriana moved up behind you and began kissing your shoulders and slid her hands along your thighs. Adriana put a hand on each hip and began to suck on the lips of your pussy while occasionally exploring the insides with her playful tongue. Without any hesitation she grabbed my cock with one hand as her ass continued to be explored with Adriana's tongue. Adriana moved her head between your legs and began licking your pussy only in a way a woman knows how. As we removed our bodies from each other, we began to see additional guests come into our private (so to speak) room.

It's Just Sex Ch. 02

group showbizcard1 2018-09-08

Suddenly Dan takes me all the way in, I feel the head of my cock go down his throat, his nose buried up against the base and begins to suck for all its worth. He grunts, along with some other noises and his head pulls back and I can actually feel the muscles contracting as he shoots his cum into his wife's pussy. I am amazed at myself, and find I am on the brink; only having to look at Erika and begin to dump my load in Dan's ass. That fazes no one as, Erika pushes Dan around, so he straddles her in a sixty nine position, and they both begin to suck and swallow the leaking loads.

Carrie's New Life Ch. 4

group Tom Donner 2018-09-08

Tom's left hand slowly drifted up from Carries inner thigh to her tight stomach. As soon as Tom realized his cock had found it's target, he thrust his tool fiercely into the back of Carrie's throat. her cock sucking had stopped immediately as Tom's face was suddenly flooded with Carries hot cum. Wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure ran through every nerve of Carrie's body as she sprayed Tom's face again and again with her hot cum. Carrie began to moan again as Tom's tongue slid across her anus. He fucked his tongue in and out of her hole as she began sucking his cock deeper into her mouth. "Let me have it Carrie." Tom cried as he pulled himself away from mouth and began to turn again.

Laid Bare in London

group Lancastrian 2018-09-08

nay imposing his angry looking meat on to her sweet American mouth..."suck him you bitch,’’ ordered Alan, "suck that old fucking cock you cheap slut." She looked into Alan’s eyes as Joe began to fuck her mouth. "MMmmmmmmmmm babeeeeee," he groaned, barely audible as the three men collapsed on to Beth’s sweat soaked and totally used nubile form...she had streaks of cum on her lips and cheeks, her matted, now unkempt hair affording a delightfully dishevelled look as she turned to Alan and smiled sweetly, that smile of the damned, a wanton smile that screamed, "I’m a wicked bitch, but you love me for it."