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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kindred Sluts Ch. 01

group sexagenerian66 2018-09-08

I realized this when I felt Donna push my hips over to roll me away from Wendy and crawl in between her legs, licking all the way up to her pussy lips. Taste our sweet sister cunt on this beautiful prick!" She gave Mark access and I heard Donna grunt and realized Mark had slipped his mushroom headed cock into his wife's cunt as he took her place feasting on the fuck in front of them. I saw him watching me as I looked from him to his cock, to Donna and her hand in her pussy stroking her clit, to Wendy's eyes and to her beautiful tits and pussy.


A Great Friend

group Asswhipped 2018-09-08

He was 6ft 1', and this pleased Megan very nicely as it meant that he had a nice size cock which she had enjoyed ever since that started dating 16 years ago. "Sleep the other side of Megan, she won't mind" Ian said in an exciting way. Megan said it was fine, and Martin jumped into bed and started to drift off. Ian then said "Martin, you've been my best friend for years, it's time you joined in our sex, time for a threesome which we've mentioned in the past." Martin had got Megan's pussy very wet, now she told them to fuck her. Megan led there on the bed to see the men's cocks dripping with cum, which dripped onto her face.

Double Stuffed

group outforfun65 2018-09-08

She pushed her mouth down around his dick as I continued sucking her sweet wet pussy. She slid to the edge of the bed and hung her head down so I could feed her my dick as he began pounding her dripping hole. I rubbed her clit and spread her long pussy lips as much as possible to let his dick slide into her easier. I pulled out 2 or 3 times to keep from cumming from the intense feelings his cock and her pussy were causing. I sucked her wet and swollen pussy for a few minutes, enjoying the taste of her freshly fucked hole. Fucking my girl while my mouth was full of cock has been a fantasy for a long time.

The Circle Ch. 17

group SteveWallace 2018-09-08

Tracy's first day at a regular, full-time job at Visionix Tech wasn't that different from how she'd started each of past three summers as an intern. Tracy's new colleague, the head of major account sales, was Doug Mayes. Doug said, "OK, now before we get too involved in social things, I want you to tell me what happened today with our client." "Oh, I understand now." She paused and asked, "Doug, what did you mean when you said 'we'd both make some good money on it'?" I know that Matt had a good time being a 'starter' with you, but he said it was a bit of a revenge fuck because your husband wanted to fuck some other woman.


A Day in the Life

group susanBarker 2018-09-08

I opened my mouth to say that we usually didn't order dessert and before I could get a word out Alex reached down inside my blouse and began fondling my breast. After about five minutes of sucking cock and getting fucked hard Bill tapped me on my thigh and told me to turn over. Alex pulled out of my mouth and said, "I need to fuck that pussy." He walked around the table and they turned me up on my side, each holding a leg to support me. I was sitting at my desk like a prim and proper secretary when Alex finally walked out of Bill's office.

Bi Friends: Labia From Planet Yummm

group 99PercentStraight 2018-09-08

In all our various couplings and combinations and dares and rolls in the hay and poolside coits, I couldn't remember actually having MY face below Margaret's belt, though I'm sure I'd been with Anarkali while she headed south to Margaretville, and I'm sure I'd been present while Annie and Jo had gone there, as well. Anarkali loosened my robe and slid her palm up and down along my body for a long moment, then stood away while Annie and Jo took my arms and pulled my face towards Margaret's mid section. Annie and Jo pressed me forward and I pressed my lips, like the softest kiss, onto the rosebud that was Margaret's flame red surprise.

Breaking Point Ch. 03

group Big Gunz 2018-09-08

Before they had even had a chance to order drinks, the group's idle chit chat was interrupted by the arrival of a buxom young lady named Marina, who worked under Jeffery -- and who Kari was fairly certain had been fucking her husband for quite some time. After shaking hands with Carl and Nathan and offering them one last apology for his early departure, he gave Kari a quick peck on the cheek and thanked her for taking care of his two clients the rest of the evening. Pulling her mouth away from Carl's saliva slicked knob, she peeked back over her shoulder with a wanton look in her eye and a wicked smile on her lips.


Opening Z Ch. 03

group polaris_flight 2018-09-08

"You know it!" I called back; I washed one butt cheek and stroked my cock with my other hand and looked back at Dale at the urinal. Brett looked just past me and his girl, Quinn came in the room, said hey under her breath and took the spot next to me. The yoga teacher called, "Brett, you've got the clean up today?" He waved and nodded, blushing for no reason as people turned to look at who she called to. I pulled my cock for the first time, and tilted my head back for a sec, the next song came on and I jumped a little, Brett snorted, but didn't move.


Two and Then Him

group irishabastard 2018-09-08

Her back arched and abruptly both hands came up, down, to grab at Tyler's head and hair as she came, and Michael continued to suck for a moment, but as she began to flatten back out, he pulled back from her breast and stood up to untie his shorts and let them fall to the ground. Michael was moaning, his hands in her hair, she was moaning around his cock in her mouth, and sounds were coming from Tyler as well, as he continued to lick at her with increased intensity again even as he fumbled at the knot that held his shorts.

Another Night Out

group LolaScott 2018-09-08

I'm in heaven with Brandon 's cock in my mouth and his big hands on my chest, but I feel Jack suddenly stop eating me. I'm so wet its pathetic; I realize how wet I must be getting as Jack starts to rub his cock around my ass making us both moan, using my own cum juices as his lubricant, while his pal keeps fucking me - still going painfully slow. I reach up pulling Jack's face to mine and kiss him softly; I feel him still rubbing his cock around my ass. I kiss Brandon, one arm around his neck, the other behind me around Jack's and I feel him lift me up again and positioning his cock directly over my asshole - this is it, no more messing around!


Tonight is Different

group RobHammer 2018-09-08

I win, and dare Lori to take an ice cube in her mouth and run it over Dave's body. With her hands still behind her back Lori says, "Look Ma, no hands," and takes him into her mouth, fellating him briefly. Finally, Dave wins the hand and dares Ann to masturbate while I help. I ask Lori again, "Truth or dare," and this time she says, "Dare." I whisper to Ann to go get her vibrator and make sure it is clean. When Ann gets back, I dare Lori to masturbate vaginally with it, then lick it off afterwards. Ann is still holding it and says, "Here, let me show you." Just meaning to be instructional, she moves towards Lori, and places the tip between her labia, just below her clit.

A Day At The Beach

group Good Burger 2018-09-08

Jamie finished up lotioning Lacy, and took care of herself on the other side of the blanket, where Aaron really couldn't watch without being obvious. Jamie pulled her sister's top off from behind, saying "Now we're all naked!" Aaron was obviously shocked, and Lacy reached under the water and gave his seven incher a quick squeeze. Jamie reached around Aaron and began toying with the head of his dick as she let her other hand fall between her legs to massage her throbbing clit. Jamie saw her sister begin fingering herself, so she aimed Aaron's cock down, rubbing the tip against Lacy's wet slit, teasing her clit and his cock at the same time. Jamie scooted towards her older sister, and began sucking her clit as Aaron fucked her pussy from behind.

Breeding Ever Think Of It

group bonnietaylor 2018-09-08

With five men it would mean 10 hands, five mouths and five tongues all working on your body to prepare it and stimulate it for the fucking that is to come. You can feel the fingers begin to spread your vagina's outer lips and then hold them open exposing your pink insides to the rest of the men. You feel him begin to gently lick the open cunt slit and then his tongue enters the hole! And as you enjoy the licking and sucking of your pussy hole you begin to feel another mouth licking over your pelvis and going lower. You watch and feel as your body is held secure, your clit fully exposed and lips cover the clit and begin to suck.

More Fading Vanilla

group danihughes99 2018-09-08

"You have a lovely house," she said after a while and Bill asked if she would like to look round it adding. "And here Lyn," he said coaxing her into the room in front of us, "is where Dani and I have our fun and where hopefully you and her are going to." It was actually fascinating to watch them as they started to move and I remember thinking 'she's going to touch me' as they, so slowly it seemed, moved upwards I closed my eyes still feeling far from sexually aroused, but certainly excited and intrigued by the situation. Would it prompt me to go with other women when he wasn't around and first and foremost in my mind would it end up with me having an affair or affairs with a man, or a woman?


A bigger bed...

group maverick3489 2018-09-08

After we'd enjoyed our rare pizza treat together and had watched the movie I'd brought home along with it, Both Bonnie and Gwen had headed out on "dates" leaving Penny and I alone in the house which had also become a rarity. So the problem for me at the moment was my s****r sitting on the couch next to me with what I'd discovered a short time ago, as her hard little nipples had peaked, pressing against the tight form fitting tank top she was wearing anyway as the movie continued and obviously had aroused us both.

Sexy Seniors Ch. 06

group sex4u4647 2018-09-08

"That looks like a lot of fun." Said Ralph, while Sandy played with his hard cock Kathy was slobbering away on Franks cock while Sandy watched her nude husband fucking her from behind, pounding his lovely cock into her willing cunt. Pulling his dripping prick out of Kathys filled pussy, Ralph and Frank switched to give Frank a chance to fuck her. Ralph, enjoying the great blowjob from Kathy noticed that Sandy was eating her pussy at the same time. Finished with cleaning out one pussy, Sandy approached Grace as she lay in a stupor, her legs spread, cum dripping out of her cunt and ass. Grace had sucked a cock, been fucked and cornholed and was now having her pussy eaten.

Me wife and Husband have first threesome with his

group 2018-09-08

My husband lasted longer then his friend and his made me leak my cum and orgazim on there dicks with my mouth muffled by his huge cock. I don't think ether realized my hubby slipped out once and began double fucking my tight pussy with both dicks 1 only lasted 30 seconds with there balls and hard cocks tight together. His friend couldn't cum so as my hubby ate my taint he f***ed my head all the way onto his friends dick choking and gagging me I felt like I was gonna barf but I held it in so he could cum then his friend screamed im gonna cum and loaded into my mouth almost completely filling it.

Helping Out a Sick Friend

group Adalefin 2018-09-08

I got the camera and took a few good shots of Wendy sucking Rick's cock. "I have always wanted to try a cock in my ass and cunt at the same time" she said hotly, "Do you guys think we can arrange that?" I remembered that Rick had been in a bit of pain after the last round and asked him how he felt about it. "Thanks buddy for helping us out." He said "I thought that Wendy was going to go crazy if she didn't get laid soon." He laughed a little and continued "She's been telling me she wanted to fuck you for a long time now.


Share and Share Alike Ch. 01

group ken5121 2018-09-08

So here I am, laying across the couch, face down, watching as my wife Kate slowly and meticulously licked the head of his cock. So here I am, lying across the couch, naked, face down with the weight of his wife, Sheila lying across my back pressing my cock into the cushion as her hips rotating, grinding her pubic bone into the flesh of my ass. I clenched the muscles in my thighs and ass to grasp the base of the dildo and began to gyrate my hips, which caused it to actually rotate and pump upward into Sheila's pussy. Steve lowered himself onto the floor and together with his wife they took turns licking and engulfing my cock, cleaning it free of the juices of Kate and my cum.

Mums the Word

group Stonedancer 2018-09-07

I feel facial hair and warm breath moving up along my back and then the weight of a man on top of me, the hardness of him laying between my thighs all the while the other man is still kissing me deeply, making love to my mouth with his tongue. It's more just feelings; hands and nails running up and down my body, one man moving his hard cock up and down the slit of my ass, the other moving his teasing my clit, the mouth in front of me kissing my lips and the mouth behind me kissing the base of my neck.

Briget Ch. 06

group velvethammer 2018-09-07

he’s a good looking young man, and you, you’re a beautiful, sensual, older woman...” Under this honest flattery, Briget’s tongue again sought out the older woman’s, and this time when they touched, it was the end of Barb’s tears and the end of any resistance. As Briget nestled in beside Barb, taking her lovingly in her arms, Brian opened his mouth and took in all of my average-sized cock in one motion. Barb broke away from Briget’s embrace with a moan and lowered her face to my chest and belly and started feasting on my semen, licking, nibbling and sucking, even pushing Brian’s hand away to briefly suck my cock.



group JonnyD1 2018-09-07

As I leaned over to kiss Katcha, Susan took my cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. I wanted so badly to stick my hard cock into Susan's hot little pussy. So when she was on her knees and had her ass in the air while kissing the inside of Katcha's thigh, I placed my hands on either side of Susan's hips. I remember rubbing my hard cock in between Susan's pussy lips and over her engorged clit. Then, just as I let out my cry of surrender and lost all control, Susan pulled my cock from her mouth and made me shoot my cum all over her face.

Devshree's Gangbang

group FuckDevshreeBhardwaj 2018-09-07

Devshree writhed about on the sun-bed, trying to keep her mouth full of Rijoy and Girish's cocks, but not doing very well. When Satish was finished, Devshree experienced the third, fourth and fifth cocks of her life as Girish, Rijoy and Amit serviced my sweet, sexy girlfriend. Devshree jumped up from the sun-bed, and despite being a little unsteady on her feet, she took Sanat by the hand and led him into the apartment. None of us left the complex the next day, sunbathing nude the whole time, and Devshree got fucked by each of us over and over again for the rest of the week-long holiday.

Cumming on Set

group Pip81 2018-09-07

"Did it turn you on to watch me getting fucked?" Sara was leaning against me now, her breasts tightly pressed against me while she began to run her fingers through my hair. I moaned in Sara's mouth as Jessica slowly began to stroke my hard cock. I could feel my cock throb in Jessica's mouth, my horniness increasing with the taste of Sara's cunt. Sara seemed to sense that Jessica was getting close to cumming and she released my cock from her wet mouth. Sara's words seemed to excite Jessica as she began to fuck me faster, her hips expertly rocking on my hard cock. Sara took Jessica's breasts in her hands and began to suck on them, teasing her nipples with her teeth.