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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Belle Ch. 06

group Belle_toujours 2018-09-07

The sensation of Belle's orgasm being triggered by Alexander's own was not lost on Monique as she felt his strong hands reach forward to draw Monique firmly against Belle. The threesome remained in a lover's grasp for several minutes before Alexander withdrew from Belle, and Monique shifted to the side onto her stomach. At the same time, Belle had reached back with her other hand to begin caressing Monique. As they boarded the Air France flight for their return to New York City, Belle quickly scanned the First Class cabin, half wanting to see Monique among the crew. As it was, Belle could almost reach orgasm immediately each time Alexander entered her, as the joy of being stretched and filled completely overtook her whole body.

Photo Fuck Ch. 03

group buttcheeks777 2018-09-07

He was still pressing tightly against my ass cheeks with his little dick crammed up my tight hole and when he finally pulled out I also pulled out of the woman's pussy and I plunged my cock into her slippery, sweaty asshole and bottomed out up her shit chute just as he did the same thing to me. Speaking of come, or cum, he stabbed his cock into me all the way and started shooting his little 18-year old sperm deep into my ass, I could feel every spurt as it shot in again and again. I started unloading my cum up into this strange woman's tight little asshole, shooting and shooting, spanking her jiggling, big, sweaty, already-raped-and-cum-filled ass as I continued to fill it with my own sweet sperm.

The Start of a Swinging Life

group tonyjosie1 2018-09-07

And again, because Julia was unbuttoning my wife's blouse, and as neckline became more visible Andy's lips took advantage of that skin, too, moved down, into her cleavage, then below her bra to her exposed belly. Can you imagine my emotions when those fingers move a little deeper, as that wedding ring moved under the fabric too, hiding the ring, hiding the promises, and when the motions under the pants leave no doubt what those fingers are touching, especially when the man being touched sighs, and says "Yes, do that," and your wife lifts her head to recapture his lips? Julia, just as my own wife did, tilted her pelvis for me, spread a little wider, and said "Look at that, isn't that beautiful?" as my own purple head moved mostly inside those lips, followed by my shaft, until my dark pubic hair was pressed against her.


The hunger

group StraightAnal 2018-09-07

My mother forbade me anything even remotely sexual growing up, a picture of a girl in a bikini, magazines or comics were the girls looked to sexy, extreme guidelines that amplified my sense that something was not right with me. I haven't done all the things I fantasize about like, two girl threesome on just blow job, midgets, getting fucked by an actual guy and not just a dildo, this I'm actually not that eager to try because I'm not actually attracted to dudes but am curious of how a real warm throbbing cock and come would feel in my ass. Whatever the case, I now have been able to finally let loose and not feel bad about enjoying fucking myself with dildos.

Seema and the Truck Drivers.

group amaspat 2018-09-07

I put my hand around her pussy pressing her flowing hole hard and told her in the ear “Tonight you have all the fun you want, tomorrow I have bigger plans!” and pinched her nipples as I pushed her towards the men. The man with his dick up Seema’s mouth(whose name I later found to be Ahmed) pulled her face completely into his huge cock with her nose buried inside his pubic hair and slapped her across her face. Now two more dirty looking men with yellow teeth at least in their 50s moved down towards her pussy and started slapping her cum dripping hole. You go take care of her cunt.” Rahim promptly pulled out from her mouth spat on her face and slapped her a couple more times and went behind her.

The Vacation Ch. 6

group wild_jay 2018-09-07

Vanessa was reading in her lounger, her friends Ann and Brandy having left to shop at the nearby fashion island, and Lisa, her bisexual lover, off visiting Melanie and her boyfriend. After talking with Vanessa for a short while Lori and Jen accepted the invitation and agreed to meet them in the hotel lobby around 11 p.m.. Vanessa shook her head as she noticed Lori slide her arm casually down Jen's back, and pat her gently on the ass. Tina paused as the women looked into the spa area, two couples were casually chatting in the hot tub. Ann and Brandy, and Lori and Jen as couples, while Vanessa and Lisa agreed to go separately.


Lots of French in London!

group Catmoore 2018-09-07

"You are even more beautiful Cat than I remembered," Guy said as Roget slid the dress down my body and let it fall in a pool around my feet. The nuances of the English language baffled them until I explained that the way Roget had said we want to make love to you with them on could be interpreted as meaning the panties and stockings would be on them. "Oh Cat," Guy moaned as I saw his hand slip round Roget and caress his waist. "This is amazing," Roget sighed as his face moved closer to Guy's and as his hand reached out and stroked the other man's arm.


The Story of O

group jim313 2018-09-07

"I'd love to watch you fuck Rob. I know it's going to really turn me on to see the expressions on both your faces and watching two men have sex is something I enjoy very much" O said to me as Rob slid his organ inside Gerri and she lowered her crotch to Gerri's waiting mouth. Gerri brought us some cold drinks and we sat around on the bed and talked about how well the evening was going and O told us that she was more turned on watching me fuck Rob than she's been in a long time and loved every minute of it.


I'm a true gang bang whore so read this if yo

group 2018-09-07

You remind meof my daddy taking me to the basement when mommy leftto go shop on Saturdays, O daddy, I love what youre doing to me, I still do, look at me, I want everyone to know Im the whore next door, I blow my landlord for fun but now Im getting fucked at the bottom of the fuck chain, fuck my husband if he reads this, he knows I was a whore and a bigger one now,I want any guy on this site to fuck me anytime, any guys who love tying a chick up and making her fantasies come true, please come do it to me, make me smell your armpit while you pound my tight ass, Ill lick up cum from the floor like a barn a****l, yes I love fucking horses, sucking them off, drinking the juices through that nice big cock, FUCK ME you pussys.....

Ménage a Trois Ch. 02

group phantasi 2018-09-07

Tony said he wanted to taste me again, so he dismounted, but the condom stayed inside my tight little pussy. She said no and he pulled out and began working her clit in such a way that w/in 60 seconds she was squirting her juices all over the place! Connie was working my tits, and Tony was bringing me off with his mouth and hands. Tony thought I was "right there" so he removed his fingers and began working my clit the same way he worked Connie's. I settled into place and rode him - grinding my hips, then jacking him off with my pussy...Connie leaned in to kiss him, then got behind me and rubbed her huge tits on my back while I fucked her husband.

Where Is My Mind? Ch. 02

group little_allie 2018-09-07

Keep it slow for now.' I basked in the feelings my boss's cock was giving me, the pleasure as it slowly pumped in and out sometimes a little more forcefully, then gently but never displeasing. I walked over to my boss's large desk and swept the various papers and files onto the floor, thus grabbing Mr Cole's and Shaun's attentions, Mr. Barker had been hooked all night. I reached around to where my hair was pinned back and let it loose, long blonde hair dressed my slender shoulders and bounced around my face as I rode Mr. Barkers cock. The cocks in my pussy and ass were filling me so completely and hitting the right spots every time, and the face fucking I was receiving from Shaun made me feel so dirty and turned on.

My lucky day!!!

group loverogbigtits 2018-09-07

I just came home tired and saw that every body in the house were wearing nice clothes the house was cleaned the dining table was stuffed with various food items and every one was very busy.I just asked my mom that wat the hell was happening and she said that my aunt from Switzerland was coming for time in India to meet us.I just started thinking that did i ever have an aunt who stays in Switzerland????My dad came to me and said that i should get dressed as she could be here anytime so i just had a bath got wore my favorite dress.

Sexy Cum Slut for the Night

group MelisandeVoilet 2018-09-07

Harry stepped away obediently and began tracing his own hard cock with his fingers. Harry looked interested, but Elise's keen eyes noticed the pleased grin that slipped from his lips. "I want to stuff your cock into my mouth or my ass and use your pleasure pole to make me cum. As Elise worked at covering his whole cock with saliva, she felt Aiden shift behind her. Elise began to use her mouth and her hands in a steady rhythm, cajoling Harry's penis. Harry grunted with delight and ran a hand through her hair, assisting her head to take more of his cock. She held Harry's cock in her hand a moment and wriggled her luscious ass on the dick at her rear.

A Little Wine

group standingstones 2018-09-07

Liz called her sister Betsy and gave her the news. We got into bed and in a few minutes I was fucking Liz. I had her legs up over my shoulders and I was slamming her pussy with my meat. My cock was hard as a rock and all I wanted to do was drive my pecker into Liz. I'm afraid my girlfriend gets pretty vocal in bed. Betsy crawled in between her sister's thighs and began to lick her cum stained pussy. Liz reached out and took hold of her sister's head. I know Liz was lost as she was having her pussy sucked clean. I fucked my girlfriend that night, but my mind was on her sister, Betsy.

cuckold hubby

group 2018-09-07

I slept until nine, and then I took a long hot shower playing with my big black dick thinking about how good it would fill to bust a huge load deep inside some hot white lady. Lisa told Chuck that it felt good to have a huge black dick inside of her pussy. You could see it dripping down her pussy Chuck wanted to clean her right then but I made him watch it drip first then I told that he had 30 seconds to add a load to it or he wouldn’t be able to fuck or eat his wife again tonight, in five seconds he bust a load that was also huge inside of her that cum was oozing down her crack.

Officer Molly Roberts

group Gina_B_33 2018-09-07

Susan and Jan had stood in their doorway and watch briefly, only because it was Bren's first time to go beyond their normal making out. "So, have any of you thought about going over there and fucking Cock Man?" I asked the four girls while we were having drinks and snacks under the umbrella in my back yard. I watched as Jan took a deep breath and reached down to pull Sir Galahad from my pussy. We all laughed when Jan patted and stroked the big, fat dildo before saying, "Okay, Sir Galahad, wanna fuck?" Jan had been at it for almost ten minutes before she'd finally managed to work about seven inches of Sir Galahad inside her.


Slut Lessons Ch. 06

group AhMyGoddess 2018-09-07

When she'd licked up all of her little sister's juices Kate lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide, watching Renee's face pushing into her pussy. On the recliner Stacy had removed her shorts and panties and Marlowe fingered the hot wet lips of her pussy while she undid his shorts and drew out his long hard cock. Renee pushed Mark out of her pussy and moved to undo his shorts, she pushed them down his legs and off, staring at his hard cock the whole time. Stacy was there, pulling her up and kissing her, seeking the taste of Mark's cock and cum, pressing her naked body against Renee's, pinching her nipples.

After All, Tomorrow Is Another Day!

group Olive Hizklosoff 2018-09-07

My relationship with Jack wasn't quite as deep as my wife's relationship with Juli. I know from my own personal experience that a good political discussion can get two guys interested in talking to each other as they try to convince each other who's right and who's wrong. My wife took one of Juli's pierced nipples in her mouth and started sucking on it. Jack's looked like it was going to burst. If Jack was excited as I was after watching our wives have mad passionate sex with each other, we weren't going to last long. Juli and Jack settled in on their blanket and my wife and I got comfortable on ours. I wanted to nap for a little while my wife said she was going to read.


Street Stories: Fucking Sasha My Cousin's Gir

group webborelly 2018-09-07

Talima got up to get the door and Sasha entered wearing her signature head wrap she wore much like Eryka Badu did. Talima came over between my legs and started to free my dick from my pants and as she worked on my belt and my fly Sasha stripped down naked. I found some leverage and was able to lift her a bit and I zeroed in on her clit sucking it hard and flicking it with my tongue at the same time after about 30 seconds I felt Sasha tense up and grip my head tighter as her muscles froze and she moaned with her back arched.

A Personal Porn Show Comes to Life

group 247hornyboi 2018-09-07

The clincher was when Michelle told Mark that he looked like Enrique Iglesias, only sexier. Mark asked about why she watches gay porn, and she said, "if you were me, who would you rather watch fuck, you guys or Ron Jeremy?" Point taken. She first asked if she could just give us blowjobs, but then Mark said, "she's your guest, you should give her the fuck she's been craving all night." Then she chimed in with, "all year." She said, "I've been fantasizing and finger-fucking myself dreaming of a night like this." Then she asked us, if we could find the energy to do one more thing: a DP.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 07

group eidetic 2018-09-07

"I have no idea who she is or what she remembers," I told him cheerily, "but she didn't sit on my face when she answered the phone, so I think I'm dealing with a rather embarrassed Sandra. "I remember talking to the others about my problem with Sandy and them agreeing to let me deal with it and stay out of it," she told me as I pulled her into the shower and stuck her under the hot water. "The welts are almost gone," I told her, "and the bruises are fading, although you'll feel them for awhile." I guess I wasn't doing too good a job of thinking about how "conservative" Sandra was going to handle this information.



group pennyjustice 2018-09-07

During college, Megan, like Bridget, often stared the sunrise full in the face with sleep-deprived eyes. After meeting on the landing outside their doors, Megan invited Bridget over for a home-cooked meal and the rest, as they say, was history. "Hey, sexy," Bridget said, giving Megan a small hug and kiss on the cheek. "Trust me, if I really had my way with you, you would be flying high right about now," Megan replied, giving Bridget her best sultry look in return. "Well, since you guys can't take me at Sorry!, I think it's time for a different game," Megan said, shaking her glass, "and another drink." By that point, the girls were three drinks in while I was just about to finish my second Jack and Coke.


Gang Bang Nympho Ch. 1

group Jamie Ralph Gardner 2018-09-07

Larry and another employee, Mike Howard, collabotated in stealing the comic books and they came up with a phony story about the store being robbed. Mike knew that Paul would ruthlessly punish Larry for his stealing from Groovy Comics. When Larry arrived at his apartment and got in the door, there were 5 dangerous-looking men with guns. When Paul got there, he asked Larry when Kathy was expected to be back at the apartment. Larry and Mike stole from me and I want my revenge. Kathy started to walk out the door but Paul said, "Kathy's a virgin" said Larry." "She wouldn't be able to handle that many guys. just to make that there are at least 50 guys at the gang bang" said Paul.

Meeting a Couple Online

group pastmyprime23 2018-09-07

I guess I was still in business mode because at some point Carmen said to me something like, "You would never guess you are the guy who was writing those things." It made me realize how harsh they sounded but it also made me realize that I needed to close this deal tonight because she was having second thoughts. When her pussy stopped clenching my cock and she started to let down, she smiled at me and said, "Oh GOD that feels so good to have your dick in me. In fact she continued to suck and swallow and finally said, "I want to make sure I swallow every drop of your hot load." I looked her in the eyes and she closed them one last time around my cock before pulling it out, giving it a slight kiss and then winking up at me.