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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Strangers in the Night Ch. 2

group Marezmare 2018-09-07

"Oh that is easy" he said without hesitation "I want you and another women to work on my body together" I smiled, I knew I was right. I was sitting over his body just above his ass, my hands still moving over his shoulders as I motioned Molly to join us on the bed. Using her hot mouth she worked her way down his body kissing and licking him all over until she reached his cock. My brief whimper at losing Louis turned into a sigh of happiness at having Molly pussy back. After a few minutes of working on each other, we all came like dominos, falling one after the, Molly, Louis.

The Birthday Girl Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-07

When her mouth left my legs, I felt a momentary twinge of disappointment, which was quickly replaced by a sheer pleasure as her tongue suddenly swirled around the head of my cock! Shelly took the opportunity to cup my ass cheeks in her hands as her mouth quickened its tempo on my prick. I could hear Sully's fingers sloshing through the sodden folds of her cunt and the sexy slurping sound of her lips and tongue as she sucked me off. With Sully firmly embedded in her mouth, she reached behind her to pull my ass cheeks into her hands, tugging them to her while her own hips gyrated back against me.


Who Dat Girl? Ch. 03

group ReggaeMan 2018-09-07

Erin, in turn, slid her hand up the back of Tia's blouse, her long arms able to reach around and caress the sides of Tia's bra-encased breasts. Her nipples felt like they were about to burst, and Erin captured them between the thumbs and index fingers of both hands tugging at them gently, eliciting a groan of apprehension and excitement from Tia. Erin continued to kiss her shoulders as she slid her right hand down the flat plane of Tia's stomach, and into the waistband of her skirt. Erin's tongue was now probing deeply, and she slid down Tia's slit to her opening and thrust her talented tongue into the other woman's pussy, using it like a mini-penis.


Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 01

group oldhippie1949 2018-09-07

Sheila began to explain the invitations and our relationship with Didi and Ken. Cheryl sat wide-eyed the whole time, you could just sense what was going on in her head and around her body. Sheila finally asked her if she would like to join us and she smiled, nodding. "And here," I added, "I was going to ask you if you had someone that you wanted to bring as we have one extra guest invite." Sheila pulled Cheryl's tee up and over her head. Cheryl got off Sheila and dropped her shorts showing off her ass wrapped with a pink thong. Sheila slipped her hand down and pulled Cheryl's thong aside.

Pimp Whore Contest

group Johnsexlife 2018-09-07

After being married for ten years Linda and we had discussed swinger clubs and our sexual fantasies which always lead to some pretty hot sex usually ending with me coming in her mouth as she masturbated with a vibrator in her pussy. We would engage in sex as others watched but would not participate with us and maybe what they called a soft swap which involved kissing foundling but no penetration if we found the right couple. The following week came and the winner was Linda with a new club record of $20,300 which consisted of 10 blowjobs,7 double penetrations, 8 triple penetrations and 6 singles.

A Gangbang for Jess

group neon_dreaming 2018-09-07

Never breaking eye contact with me, Jess' shaking hands slid off my belt and pulled down my zipper. Returning to the situation, I hooked a finger through Jess' collar loop and led her back over to Rob and Tom. I pulled her forward onto Tom, and she reached her hands up to massage Rob and me as she bobbed her head back and forth on the first of her three cocks. "Switch off!" Tom exclaimed gleefully, reaching across Jess' back to high-five Rob. They moved around her as she gasped, trying to catch her breath. Tom pulled himself out of Jess' mouth, and for the first time I heard her moans full-force as another man fucked her.


Sex At Work Ch. 1

group JenJo 2018-09-07

We all looked at each other and said " why don't we just go for it we all want it." Jerry went and locked the door to Rick's office so we wouldn't be interrupted. Rick tells me to get on my hands and knee's in front of Jerry so I suck his prick while he watches. Jerry tells me to lie on my back so I do; he starts to massage my body all over and finally came to my neglected cunt. Rick decided to join Jerry my cunt was very happy and I came in no time. Rick wanted me to suck his prick and Jerry decided to fuck my ass. I got Jerry hard again and he wanted me on my hands and knees again.

On The Beach

group DreamerKitty 2018-09-07

After a few rolls over each other, locked at the lips and hands fully engaged, the man is finally close enough that they hear his feet kicking in the sand. She now has Charlie's cock in her mouth and Arthur's cock in her hand causing the men to raise eyebrows and don big smiles. The moans she allows to escape are from a combination of her enjoyment of tasting Charlie cock as well as the hands of Arthur on her breasts. Once Arthur becomes fully erect, a slight hand job is not sufficient, so he makes his way around to her backside.


Three On A Beach

group Paul44 2018-09-07

As she enjoyed the sun her hands slipped over her body and caressed her nipples and she felt her pussy grow hotter and juice ran down her thighs. The feel of his cum covered cock seemed to revitalise her tired body and she began to suck slowly on the flesh in her mouth. As she sucked on John's cock that was sliding back and forth between her lips there were fingers opening her used pussy touching and manipulating excited flesh. Gagged by the flesh in her mouth all she could do was hiss harshly as a mixture of pain and pleasure shot into her body as he pushed his cock firmly into her pussy. Swallowing the bitter liquid Christina was feeling an intense pleasure overwhelm her body as she was taken by Mark's cock.

Unexpected Behavior

group Endymion81 2018-09-07

Katrina began to kiss Jason more deeply, and his own gentle fondling of her grew more insistent, making Mike feel decidedly uncomfortable, let alone Shannon. To Mike's surprise, Katrina began to kiss her way down Jason's stomach, and pulled his trunks down, exposing his engorged dick. Shannon immediately looked the other way, but Mike sat, mesmerized, as Katrina wrapped her lips around his pulsing cock, helpless to resist his own growing excitement. Katrina began to moan and reached down to stroke his spasming cock, she rubbed the cum into her skin and reached around his neck with one arm and kissed him deeply on the lips, hugging him close.

Gangbang Movies Ch. 01

group R. Richard 2018-09-07

There was a photography studio in town the guys in juvie said took nasty pictures of the rich ladies. Finally the guy shot his cum into Arianna's pussy in living, heaving black on white! The fourth black guy worked poor Arianna into a total frenzy and then finally shot his cum into Arianna's long-suffering ass hole. The black guys sort of disappeared from the picture and the camera moved in to catch the cum oozing out of Arianna's ass hole and pussy. We got to a hot pillow motel some distance from town and Annette walked in, took off her coat and kicked off her shoes and said, OK pervert, let's see what you can do.

Legal Issues

group m_storyman_x 2018-09-07

The recorder though seemed to be much less able to focus on her work, frequently having to ask me to repeat as she watched my dick slowly grow back to size, the two assistants now laying on the table in a sixty-nine licking each other's pussy's eagerly. "Ok now we're going off record." Janet said as she got up and walked around, pulling me slowly out of the pair. I lay back and watched her crawl over my body, finally reaching a point where Janet could rub the head of my dick around her wet pussy. I quickly found her sitting in a chair with the other attorney kneeling between her legs, her head bobbing up and down as she licked Janet's hot pussy.


A Helping Hand

group majfred 2018-09-07

Neither my wife nor myself were particularly keen at the time, but as the weeks passed, the thought of watching my wife being shagged by another bloke increased my sex drive no end and it became a bit of a game. However, now the game had almost come to its natural conclusion and my wife was keen to get on with the evening, she went to Mike and began massaging his neck and shoulders before slipping his shirt off. She cried out that she was coming and as soon as she had finished, Mike pulled out and stroked his cock a few times before his spunk erupted from the end and spattered over my wife's back.

CvsN 17: Sisters and Friends

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-09-07

I was still sporting most of the hard-on Amie had been so kind to bestow on me before heading out, and as I lowered myself onto her, I felt Beth's intervention, as she held my cock and rubbed the head up and down Debbie's sticky slit, before guiding me home. I watched a huge grin envelope his face, before he leaned over and gave Debbie a kiss on the cheek. She looked like she was going to try to get me hard again, but she pulled away suddenly. All week Jim had been working on the house with Robin and Debbie helping where they could. I ended up with Jim, Robin and Karen working on the addition, while Eric, Beth and Amie worked on the garage and Debbie started dinner.


Gang Bang Champ.

group YeahBoy666 2018-09-07

She wanted to make sure the right Black guy fucked her. Short black guys with tall blonde's usually have huge cocks. I told him that Gina really liked him and wanted his number. She said that Gerard didn't want to have sex with her because she couldn't handle it. I wanted her to get with a better guy, but now I have to make it my duty to convince Gerard to accept her. She has to blow 2 guys each for 1 hour, or until they cum. I slap her ass as she walks out looking like a woman on a mission. Her hair looks like an elderly woman, and her eyes are covered in cum.

Enjoying an Afternoon

group stephwriter 2018-09-07

Sandra wanted to take Stephan's cock into her mouth so she stopped working with the man fucking her and let him take over, setting his own rhythm and pumping in and out of her whilst hold her hips. The combined sensation of being fucked from behind, working on Stephan's cock and hearing Carol's screams as she started to come, brought Sandra back to the edge. Mark, Bob and Dave had moved so they could watch from Carol's end of the sofa and Sandra was aware of everybody's eyes on her as her lips made contact with Carol's pussy. Stephan, in his excitement, was pushing Sandra hard but she used her hands to part Carol's lips and finally placed her mouth right over Carol's clit.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 23

group Reindeer58 2018-09-07

We deeply love each other, and are constantly communicating that to each other through touch, look, and words." At that Veronica reached out and touched the back of her fingers to Marty's cheek, saying, "As you consider yourself special, so then will those around you. As Marty stood, Veronica took both her hands in her own and said "I've enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you again. I noticed Veronica's eyes kept drifting to Dave's ass as he walked back and forth looking at the two foot high wall that separated the pool area from the patio.



group No Panty Girl 2018-09-07

"You know you want to see Dana don't you?" Keith said as he drove his cock into my open pussy. Dana greeted us at the door and showed us into the living room where Sarah and Roger were already enjoying drinks having arrived prior to us. Keith watched with amusement while Dana finger fucked me and Roger played with my nipple. Keith had wanted to fuck Emily for some time. Roger is fucking me two or three times a week and Sarah has grown quite fond of Dana's cock. Yes, Dana and I still fuck occasionally but Keith no longer objects as he is usually dumping his load into Emily at the same time.


Carin's Continuing Adventures Part 4

group carin123 2018-09-07

Moments later, and not really in control of myself, I walked into his office, wearing a very supportive bra that did nothing at all to hide my extremely hard nipples, and the matching panty that showed exactly how excited I was as well. Of course, that just is an excuse for the naughtiness I was willing to perform on New Years Eve. Each year we go to the same party, with the same people, and my husband dances once with me and then gets d***k and I get a ride home with my best friend and her husband. Driving slowly, and taking the worst route on directions from Darryl, we moved down the bumpy road, my hand rubbing my body as I tried to drive, and not watch my best friend was taken in a moving truck by her husband.

Executive Platinum Ch. 07

group BenLong 2018-09-07

There've been a couple of times where we've met some special couples at nude resorts and played together, but we're more likely to find playmates at a Christmas or New Years party." Mary was maybe 100 feet ahead of Gloria and me when Steve, who had wandered off to the one side, called us back. Steve was showing off, he walked right over to the edge and sat down with his legs hanging over the cliff." I stepped to the edge and leaned out to look down, Gloria hanging onto my arm as I did. "Sometimes a girl's got to take things into her own hands, ya know?" Their back and forth had Gloria and me both laughing along with them.


Two Parties Become One

group Friskee_cpl 2018-09-07

"Sure is." I said as I watched Julie giving Sharon a good look over and then smacking Doug in the arm. Julie looked over towards Doug and seeing that his sight was blocked she put a finger under the halter neck of Sharon's top. I had a look inside the bar and saw about 50 people all in their late teens - early 20's dancing and drinking and generally having a great time. At about 10.30 I saw June, Sharon and Julie all talking over near the bar. The three blokes took off back into the club house and the fellow shagging June pulled his cock out, tucked it back into his jeans and took off taking the lad who had just shot his load over Sharon with him.


Tom, Helen and Kate Ch. 01

group sir_clackers 2018-09-07

Kate looked a little embarrassed and shy too but she smiled and said it was only fair that I get a kiss too. Still kissing Kate I felt Helen's hands slide over the back of my neck and down the front of my shirt. "This is all a little something we've been planning for you all evening," Helen whispered in my ear before nibbling her way down my neck and kissing my nipples. Once Kate had my cock totally hard, she pulled my boxers and trousers off in one smooth motion and started to lick and nibble my balls. As she started to slowly slide up and down Helen lent forward and started licking her clit and my cock and balls.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 01

group SteveWallace 2018-09-07

Too much posing and posturing went on, and when I expressed those opinions and some other negatives to Andy, he politely asked if I wanted to go to a 'normal' party with him before we got on the corporate jet to fly to Europe. Elsa apologized for being a 'dark force' at a happy party; I told her to forget about it and that everyone had such days. She laughed right along with me as I told her every detail I could remember about the night -- words, questions, looks, sounds around us, drinks and dinner, Mark's eyes, voice, manners, and scent. We confirmed the Saturday evening date -- dinner and dancing, again, only this time he promised we'd make the ballroom he wanted to try.


A dream cum true

group adel5000 2018-09-07

During the course of the party Amanda spent a lot of her time chatting with me and when we were alone on the sunny verandah where I sat on the day bed, she cuddled up onto my lap with the result that my body reacted and my penis became hard. My heart almost stopped as I realised she was reading the words just committed to the screen where I had stated that I wanted to fuck Amanda and Adam had said that I should. I put my head in my hands as Amanda watched Adam wanking on the screen his cock rock hard. By this time Amanda was sucking more than the head of my cock and I typed, "What do you think mate?"